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  1. Commonly, players determine the difficulty of citadeling by just looking at the side armor values of the citadel and the protection.  Total misconception.  You have to look at the citadel deck armor values as well.  Wonder why is it hard to citadel a Zao even if you aim a millimeter above a waterline, her sloped deck and the flat deck is more than 32 (100mm or 80mm).  Why is it fairly hard to citadel Henri IV despite her citadel is above the waterline? its because her citadel deck is 80mm thick and in that case you have to aim even lower to their side belt....if that deck armor were to be less than 30mm armor, then she is massively easy to citadel, even in angles. If the USN BBs attained the old deck armor values after the lowering of the citadel, they would have been a massive pain in the [edited]to citadel.  more than 70% of the citadel hits you perform are mostly plunging fires in such a bad plunging angle you want to overmatch their citadel deck.