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  1. Renown and Rooke are horribly tragic ship to play...

  2. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    shocking that it took you this long to come up with this message..... What are you hiding?
  3. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    Shikishima AA?

    Hello, Shikishima has been my favorite ship to play. This patch however: Is this a sort of naming issue?
  4. uhh Remind me on Scharnhorst's HP vs Odin's HP 

  5. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    Rekka_Yamato's illustration postings -beta-

    Peeking corners
  6. The Tallinn sucks
    The Riga is also pretty bad for a tier 9.

  7. I hate holiday warriors

    1. Navalpride33


      I love them, they help me in padding my stats..

  8. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    Rekka_Yamato's illustration postings -beta-

    Richelieu x Groza clothes swap -- Fun fact both characters from different games (Azur lane and Girls Frontline) are drawn by same artist and voiced by a same voice actress. https://twitter.com/rekka_yamato/status/1278632385743970311
  9. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    Rekka_Yamato's illustration postings -beta-

    When a former creator of Battleship Girl (2009) manga series (now works for KanColle fletcher class) gave a positive impression of my shikishima shipgirl design....
  10. Yamato_Rekka_ProjektA150

    Rekka_Yamato's illustration postings -beta-

    Having finally getting out of retirement partially in World of Warships and after graduating from undergraduate (Bachelors of Science), I have decided to revive my platform (esp my twitter and my pixiv) where I start to get serious with my works while applying for various jobs related to my field (totally unrelated to drawing). In the past months, I have been drawing to curb my stress and kill time. Currently, since Shikishima made her debut in the game, I answered Shikishima's call to rescue her by joining a competitive clan part-time... About myself: I mainly draw girls with various weaponry. 👀 If you think my works are interesting, you can find most of my works and support me on my twitter: https://twitter.com/rekka_yamato , and secondarily, FB/dA: https://www.facebook.com/Yamato.Rekka/ Some of my works are on pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/15258919 1st: My original battleship girl design for the Tier X Premium Japanese battleship, Shikishima --- Anti-Rain Girls Frontline 4th anniversary --- Sailor moon redraw --- Art contest submission for Bach Do's Azur Lane yamato class concept art, in which I lost (battling pro illustrators of visual novels btw) --- Battleship girl (shipgirl) at day, tactical operator at night --- top works are drawn after end of my school semester and my undergrad--- Art trade with my cousin in the middle/near finals week of a heckin busy semester. --- M4A1-M303 --- Russian rifles sisterly love --- New years 2020 -- even made a card out of it for my fam, relatives, and my gf --- Some past Azur Lane works (some under my old pen name) EDIT: some images are broken....
  11. 396098850_GirlsFrontlineDallasSWAT.thumb.png.a44f546cee148b778eae506e77ebf247.png

    1. Atomic_Manatee


      I don't think I wanna go to whatever party these ladies are going to....

    2. Rolkatsuki


      Very nice! /^.\\ b