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  1. Don't be offended that that the operation mode suck.  It is a measure of how much YOU suck at this game.  

  2. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    Yamato’s Final Mission: Operation Ten-Go

    男たちの大和 2005 movie
  3. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    Just another day of playing *gacha games*
  4. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    You are clearly not making any sense here. DD being in radar range is only one factor, lack of advanced map awareness (hugging an island and staying out of enemy LoS while being radar is not considered lack of map awareness).
  5. your name looks familiar  :o

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    2. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      Welp...long time man.....still kancolle'ing with Mutsu and beyond? 

      Mutsu k2 adds on to more yoshinori coat memes kek

    3. RyuuohD_NA




      I'm a happy ttk indeed.

    4. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      I have ASIA account as well Krappa

      never touched since early summer-2015

  6. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    This is literally the point, but whoever downvoted that must have one's head checked
  7. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    Balance Torpedoes

    Yeah, no Once they are spotted, we are already been alerted by the torpedo spotter. There is no point of letting them back to stealth.
  8. meme vs arrogance meme WINS!
  9. I was in the middle of this and the meme war happened
  10. You don't deserve even an iota of respect. I am superior - there's no falseness about it. I'm more intelligent than 99% of the human race; I have seen and done things that you couldn't even fathom. My entire existence is singularly elevated above your own. You are an insect compared to me.