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  1. There is little or no correlations between xp gain and impact factor

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      from what I understand its the % done to enemy ships HP per ship, how many ships, total cap and defense points, and distance traveled. can't confirm if spotting damage or damage tanked/avoided adds to the total base exp

      from my personal experience I get a lot more exp nearly/killing destroyers/cruisers in my Zao than farming fire damage on BBs. Idk... kinda wish WG would just release what goes into exp earnings. Sorry.. I couldn't be more useful T.T

    2. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      Cruisers and Battleships generally have lower impact than DDs and CVs together.   DDs have the mobility, stealth and size advantage enabling them to spot without being seen, and CVs have airpower which really dominates the battlefield.  They truly have their impact in the entire game.   The main point of this issue is SPOTTING.  It is clearly a number 1 factor to winning games.  The only way to give impact to the team as a BB main is to get in good position and bully destroyers when they are spotted. Patience is also a key. 


      Farming BBs for damage like an idiot for the entire game, no matter which class you are in, clearly gives little or no impact to your teammates.  That is called being a useless prick, unless if you are being matched with a battle entirely full of BBs.

  2. inb4 everyone is gonna spam Musashi games to honor Paul Allen, who discovered the wreck in 2015.
    May he rest in peace.

  3. Very stupid question, but why do salty players have high blood pressure?

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Must be because of the sodium part of sodium chloride (salt).

      That's why I switched to Potassium Chloride salt

  4. WG forums pls stop tampering my photo

    KagaAzurLane retouch.png

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      thats really cool ^.^

  5. 1.9 sigma is already equivalent to a grade of C- in my standard...

  6. So far the dumbest thing I ever did is firing full out HE in my Montana.

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      it happens, my friend.

  7. one second difference is such a big deal.

  8. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    NC nerfed?

    2.0 sigma :)
  9. Yamato_kai_BBY_01

    Sea Worthy Wednesday - New Ships

    Yamato actually took me the longest time to learn after getting out of izumo...
  10. Commonly, players determine the difficulty of citadeling by just looking at the side armor values of the citadel and the protection.  Total misconception.  You have to look at the citadel deck armor values as well.  Wonder why is it hard to citadel a Zao even if you aim a millimeter above a waterline, her sloped deck and the flat deck is more than 32 (100mm or 80mm).  Why is it fairly hard to citadel Henri IV despite her citadel is above the waterline? its because her citadel deck is 80mm thick and in that case you have to aim even lower to their side belt....if that deck armor were to be less than 30mm armor, then she is massively easy to citadel, even in angles. If the USN BBs attained the old deck armor values after the lowering of the citadel, they would have been a massive pain in the [edited]to citadel.  more than 70% of the citadel hits you perform are mostly plunging fires in such a bad plunging angle you want to overmatch their citadel deck.