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  1. And....my relative who shaped part of my life in the past passed.  Rest in peace my old man... it never gets lively without you.  It's a pleasure playing Mahjong with seniors....  

  2. I will always remember Shirohime, the white cat, who always camp at my front porch for treats.  May the sweet princess rest in peace.   

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      Aww, thats so sad T.T

  3. Taking quits from ships and became a Navy SEAL in Gun Gale Online...

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      Nice! I got FB too. what class are you rocking? 

    2. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      @Mental_Model_ZaoEngineer.   I am sad that MGs are considered AR....

      lol I already got Kirito mode.  and Death Gun is threatening me....but too bad I'm across pacific ocean so he can't threaten me Kappa




  4. Glitter effect mastered

    Chinese Umbrella never drew before but hey....

    Waifu Yamato 2018L WIP.png

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Who is she gonna hit with that stick? ;-)

  5. I am going to get triggered if someone says Yamato's AA is not the worst of all Tier X Battleships

  6. Remove Missouri pls

  7. Just got reported for fail carrying the game in a BB...

    1. Mental_Model_Zao


      file a ticket and move one. false reports are acted on most of the time from my personal experience

    2. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      most common issue, DDs commiting suicide then blame on BBs

  8. Queen Elizabeth needs buffed

    QE has the best accuracy out of any tier 6 BB along with Warspite... 2.0 sigma wut are you smoking? Coming to think-- if you ever got into a match where you face Lexington/Enterprise, you are screwed at this point, gotta stick with AA cruisers. Don't just rely on yourself.
  9. image.thumb.png.653d6c8667fcfc51bcea42cc516962aa.pngFour years ago, Marriage system is implemented in dis game...

  10. Trip down to memory lane...  more than 4 years of KanColle...

  11. Penetration Graphs for all current BBs

    And that is why I love the North Carolina
  12. 寒凪 乃絵留

    No・le Kannagi.png

  13. Burst Stream of Destruction intensifies

    Waifu Yamato Battleship Girl Alt.png