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  1. Turbogerbil

    European/Russian/Asian reactions to NTC?

    EU has about ten NTC-related forum threads locked by moderators so far....
  2. Turbogerbil

    how much free xp is required to unlock the kreml?

    Its a WG game. If you don't get the T10 the day it unlocks, then you won't get to enjoy any OP-ness. By the time you grind out the XP, its likely to have been nerfed into oblivion. (Q: when did I finally grind the T110E5? A: on the very day it went from No1 to absolute rock bottom in the stats league...)
  3. Turbogerbil

    What happened to the Viribus Unitis and Leone?

    I expect these ships are being held back until the Russian event is squeezed dry. Then we'll get: - yet another in-game currency - yet another event for a freemium where its not possible to win enough of the new currency to actually get the freemium for free - yet another set of premium loot boxes at $5+ each that contain the missing currency - yet another $$$ shop bundle that gives you the new premium and a set of missions - etc
  4. Turbogerbil

    Transferring gold from World of Tanks to WOWS

    Gold is still shared between WoT and WoWPs, and you can buy "standard" (old type) premium with gold in-game in WoWP. The old type premium stills works in all the games. As far as i understand, any "old type" premium you buy will only be used in WoT or WoWS after any "new type" premium you have in those games - the new type has priority. This was weird decision by WG, as it means that "old" premium is going to be hanging around in some accounts until the games are finally switched off. I thought that the whole premium time "upgrade" was profoundly dishonest of WG, as it will eventually nullify huge amounts of gold that players have in legacy accounts. I have about 30k gold in my various disused WoT accounts (EU, NA, RU, Asia), but have effectively lost it because I have a chunk of "new" premium in WoWS.
  5. Turbogerbil

    Why aren't map boundaries solid walls?

    A solid border would probably create its own exploits - such as people deliberately bouncing off in order to achieve a sudden change of direction. Border hugging can't be punished too heavily because the maps are far too small and obstacle-ridden, and the gameplay too contrived, for many of the ships that have large turning circles and/or very slow rates of turn. E.g. if you want dynamic BB gameplay, its no use restricting them to a few areas of open water where they have turning room. I do wonder if the 75% engine power reduction shouldn't be swapped for 75% firepower reduction, though. In some slower ships (e.g. Colorado), hitting the border is akin to being stuck there with velcro....
  6. Turbogerbil

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    If you want to be that qualifying, then perhaps we should consider that poor old Glorious had a huge profile similar to a city block, and thus was an "easy" hit compared to the compact and low-profile GS at a similar range... Maybe the "record" should be calculated in terms of range divided by the dimension of the exposed target relative to the shell trajectory?
  7. Turbogerbil

    Pyotr Velikiy is drama waiting to happen.

    My PV must have come off the production line on Friday afternoon before the May holidays - I'm not seeing the effect of these armour values at all. I just had a game (on EU) where my PV went up against a Texas at medium-ish range. I tried three different bow-in angles against him, but he citadelled me on each of his three salvos. Given his dispersion, he was probably getting a citadel with nearly 50% of every actual hit. Likewise, in a dozen or so other games, I've not noticed any particular durability about this ship - it takes plenty of AP damage from all ship classes (albeit not quite on the scale of HE and CV damage). Maybe the reality is that the armour model offers too many flat surfaces that act as shot traps - or the model is plain bugged?
  8. Turbogerbil

    Port: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

    The RN doesn't even have one of its actual historical ports - not even a collage of one.
  9. We obviously play different versions of WoT. Widespread use of premium ammo may have been superficially cheaper, but it negated the armour modelling around which all of the tanks had been balanced to that point. Hence the hundred plus completely obsolete tanks in the game, the wild balance swings and other forms of P2W that have occurred in that game ever since. In WoT, WG chose to monetise the problem (OP premiums, XP dumps, et al) rather than change premium ammo to a less disruptive form (e.g. more damage/less pen, etc). In WoWS, if the current form of CVs and aircraft density are to stay, then something will have to be found to replace the entire spotting and concealment mechanic which previously formed part of the balance for the other ship classes.
  10. Both games introduced a step-change that hugely increased the distribution and effect (of CVs and premium ammo), despite the issues being obvious at an early stage.
  11. Turbogerbil

    How are RU BBs fairing in game?

    The T5 armour model feels bugged or ineffective. I went up vs a Texas at mid range. I tried three different (bow-in) angles, but he citadelled me on each iteration - in fact about a 50% citadel per hit rate. Other games have felt similar - the T5 BB doesn't seem to have any positioning that mitigates incoming AP fire.
  12. We'll probably all have to agree to disagree. In my view, CVs have fundamentally damaged the WoWS game in exactly the same way that premium ammunition damaged WoT. Briefly, both WG titles came out of Alpha/Beta with a carefully derived balance between units (tanks, surface ships) based on core mechanics of armour modelling, shell ballistics & penetration, view range/visibility, and an RNG system (dispersion). This system enabled new tanks or ships to be easily balanced into tiers through minor tweaking of parameters - armour thickness, gun accuracy, speed, etc. - in WoT, introducing premium ammunition with extra penetration immediately wrecked the core armour model that balanced the tiers. The effects run on in the game to the present. - in WoWS, CV aircraft spotting has wrecked the concealment mechanic, a mechanic around which ship classes (particularly DDs and CAs) and the gameplay itself were balanced. IMHO, it has been obvious since Alpha that the short-range, arcade, FPS model chosen for WoWS would be difficult enough to balance around just three types of surface ships. This had more or less been achieved with smoke, islands and concealment values. CVs punch a hole straight through that, with the evident effects in the game.
  13. Turbogerbil

    Are premium camos worth it?

    I must admit I have never seen the point of paying $$$ for perma-cammos. Without really spending any money, I've acquired thousands of single-use cammos on my three accounts (NA, EU, RU). Most of these are significantly better than the perma-cammos for FXP, Capt XP, XP, and a sizeable chunk (eg Gamescon) have the +50% credits if required. Ditto for economic signal flags. If someone was forcing me to spend $30 on the game, there are a lot of things that I'd choose before a perma-cammo! Maybe I'm just the odd one out...
  14. CV complaint threads on EU are routinely blocked by moderators, which is why the forums don't appear to be as vociferous as NA.
  15. Threads about ghost shells on EU and RU, so possibly a real bug.