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  1. Turbogerbil

    The game could use a few more mid-tier British BB premiums

    I just wish there were some decent RN high tier CA/CL & BB premiums that aren't behind Steel or RB walls. Shame about Gibraltar going to RB. Belfast 43 is rock bottom of the stats tables, Tiger is highly specialised. At mid tiers, every interesting upcoming RN ship seems to be farmed out to a different nation.
  2. Turbogerbil

    When is Missouri coming?

    Its going to be somewhat embarrassing to play "old" Missouri, without any way to distinguish it from the mega-whale version. Why on earth couldn't they just sell the new ones with a slight change in the listed name?
  3. This is pretty much how every co-op game goes. Surface bots get killed quickly (there are two less to deal with anyway). Game stops for long minutes whilst everyone waits for a bot sub to show itself. Players cruise slowly around last known bot locations just to try and get them to rejoin the game.
  4. Turbogerbil

    PSA Commander Reset Link

    I wish there was a "demount all equipment" button as well.
  5. It looks like WG just shot themselves in the foot, in legal terms. At a minimum, they'll have to offer refunds to anyone who bought containers before the change of terms - or perhaps even afterwards, if a legal argument can be made that people made purchases based on what they'd read earlier in the day.
  6. I suppose one response might be: "because its a WG game, and the ship may well be obsolete/nerfed by the time you have saved up for it".
  7. Given how "meh" most of the recent RN and Commonwealth additions have been, perhaps its not a good idea to encourage another RN line. WG doesn't seem to see the RN as a core player market, and so it'd be a shame to just end up with more mediocre content designed to make other lines look good.
  8. I wish they'd spawn some BBs in the south, when your team-mates start the game by heading for the "H" line, and then loop up to hide behind the islands near the anchorage.
  9. Turbogerbil

    Hannover and Satsuma for steel?

    I'm sure its a trial run for tiers 11 and 12. New content has to come from somewhere, and the current tiers are becoming an overcrowded and gimmick-jammed mess.
  10. Turbogerbil

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    None. I declined to hand over all my doubloons, FXP and Capt XP just because WG moved the goal posts again. I have 300+ captains across my three accounts, and had about 20x 19-pointers, mostly on EU. WG's resource grab has instead caused me to largely abandon the game altogether.
  11. I confess that I don't ever use the Priority Sector. Too slow, negated by WASD and/or competent CV players, detracts from concentrating on the situational awareness of greater threats.
  12. Turbogerbil

    How to Kill a Game....

    Give them time, and it will come. Did you try playing Total War Arena before WG killed it? That was a wild rollercoaster of game changes and rebalancing.
  13. Turbogerbil

    Best Prem European Destroyer?

    Friesland is quite handy for a variety of mission grinds in co-op (main battery hits", "fires started", "caps defended", "ships spotted", etc).
  14. Over on EU I have one more token to grind to get Hyzen, and then I'll reset my account (c. 300 ships and captains). I've already reset and abandoned my NA and RU accounts. I'll then just play a bit of co-op without captain skills for a couple of months - until its clear whether or not WG are going to move the goal posts again. I'm not going to be suckered into wasting cash, doubloons or XP in more rounds of bait-and-switch activity.