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  1. RN Cruiser Premium?

    As a short term obvious solution, reflect historical reality and merge the RN and "Commonwealth" lines.There will never (at least not in years) be a Commonwealth full line, so the current ships and captains are all dead ends anyway. That would make Perth an RN-compatible premium CA, and provide a decent variety of DD premiums for players to use as preparation for the forthcoming RN DDs.
  2. Over on EU it was only 250g per £/€10 spent, so to get 1000g you had to spend £/€40. I guess WG gave up the idea of common events and offers across the servers.
  3. Best tech tree tier 6 cruiser?

    IMHO, Leander and then the Budyonny. Leander can fight and contest caps; it also has very usable 8km torpedoes. Budyonny is an excellent long-range HE spammer, but without smoke it is too vulnerable to fight close in, and its 4km torps have very rare opportunities for use. On my main account (EU) (all solo randoms): Leander: 60% wr; 1504 av XP; 7 max ships destroyed; 37% gun accuracy; 18% of kills by torp Buddy: 62% wr; 1404 av XP; 5 max ships destroyed; 26% gun accuracy; 3% of kills by torp Another consideration might be what ship comes next. After Leander you get the mighty Fiji, and big jump in stats performance. After Buddy you get Schors, which is a very good ship, but increasingly vulnerable in the game meta.
  4. Can you data mine the actual servers? Presumably if WG want to make certain changes, its not necessarily a matter of patching clients. I imagine that there are a whole raft of game management tools built into the system that they can tweak unobserved, if it so suits them. WG does have previous form for making unannounced changes.
  5. A better place to play

    Yes, RU is for when you want to play hardcore mode. Pick a tank or warship, identify yourself as an EU/NA citizen, and see if you can survive a game without being TK'd.... Actually it was pretty crazy around the time of the Crimea invasion. As many WoT players are Ukrainian, many of the games over on RU used to dissolve into massive TK-fests. I think the racist hate language in chat wildly exceeded WG's chat ban rules, but then again there seem to be very different rules over on RU anyway!
  6. A better place to play

    Well, my main accounts are on EU (I have accounts on all of the servers), and I'm a UK-based player. For me, its the other way around: If you play WoT or WoWS on EU, then there is a very high probability that there will be no other native English speakers on either team. Although many northern Europeans use English easily, the overall effect is that there is usually very poor team communication. E.g. your team may be mostly Turkish, Greek, Hungarian and Polish. Sadly, teamplay itself often seems to split into separate nationalistic groups, with divisions from a particular country simply playing their own private game. Because of all this, I actually often choose to play on NA so that I can enjoy a bit of team chat and coordination. P.s. Transatlantic ping from EU to NA is very good. The game quality is often much better than playing EU to EU. I suspect that the reason for this is that there are fewer "hops" as the connection goes through a major transatlantic link from Europe to US, whereas within EU internet providers have endless hops and contention on their overcrowded retail internet systems. EU to a RU server is also far better ping than from EU to EU.
  7. I've got DoY over on EU. I do ok in it, but its hard to play well. I don't know whose idea it was to try hydro on a BB, but its quite ridiculous and useless in practice. You have to be suicidally close to something to use the hydro (are you really going to contest caps vs Tier 9 DDs in front of their tier 9 supporting BBs?!) or, if you try to use it for torpedo detection, its largely a waste of time because the ship responds so slowly that it cannot make use of the extra warning time - if you are experienced enough to anticipate torp drops, then you will be ahead of the hydro anyway. IMHO the KGVs ought to have been the ultimate tier 8 brawlers - tough armour, good repair, usable AP, maybe some secondaries. Its very sad from the historical perspective that these advanced BBs are relegated in-game to being weird Tier 7 gimmick ships.
  8. I'm not sure that WG boxes count as "gambling" under the current controversy, because they are advertised up front as containing a specified minimum value content (doubloons, premium time) - so you are paying for a known quantity. The premium ships and large packages of special flags - if you receive them - are additional "bonuses". I bought about 30 Christmas boxes last time around, and received just about every premium ship in the game. I certainly wouldn't be complaining about "gambling"!
  9. MM methodology

    Thats not logical, though. If the teams are picked at random then the chances of each team having players that are "smart and work together" will be the same on both sides. Ergo, the team that fortuitously has the best equipment is more likely to win (obviously over a large sample size). If WG state that MM is working as intended, then it probably is - but then WG most likely has a game management strategy that does not necessarily align with players' assumptions or expectations. WG needs to keep the majority of the playerbase within a certain WR band, and uses certain techniques to achieve this - the obvious one being in-game RNG of shots. "Bad MM" would be advantageous to this process, as it is essentially a different application of RNG.
  10. Lol, I bought a few Christmas containers whilst, er, relaxed, and ended up with fifteen 10-point Emden commanders.... oh yes I'd like to liquidate them for their XP!
  11. IMHO, WG should quit the gimmickry altogether and just make the RN ships "normal" for their class. The primary role of BBs should be to brawl other BBs; for that they need good armour and good AP. Currently, the RN BBs play like soft heavy cruisers somehow reskinned as BBs. People probably come to the game expecting the likes of Hood, Nelson, KGV to be supreme gun ships, not the down-tiered hybrid fantasies presented. Same goes for the RN cruisers; these are supposed to be the most flexible, free ranging and multi-role ships in the fleet. In this game, they have the most stupid and contrived gameplay niche imaginable.
  12. The RAN (and the other Dominion naval forces, such as they were) was specifically set up to operate as a division of the RN in time of war, and thats how it operated throughout WW1 and WW2. In fact the RAN operations remained largely integrated with the RN until the 1960s, sharing the same logistics and command structure operated out of Singapore.
  13. So if the Arpeggio, Dragon and Japanese captains can be interchanged from 0.6.9., then why not RN and "Commonwealth"?! Why should one line benefit so much from some fantasy nonsense, when another line that actually existed for 60-odd years in the real world gets split into immiscible parts?
  14. Thread bump. New customer, new question, etc: From today's WoWS update, the WoWS RU client apparently no longer supports English language - now the client options in the launch menu are Russian, Belorussian, Kazakh and Ukrainian. If I use my NA or EU account, and then use the Region Changer mod to switch it to the RU server, will the NA/EU selected client language of English also be carried across?