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  1. Turbogerbil

    where's the coupon?

    Its the 30% one I was thinking of, which I assume is the anniversary one, rather than a random. Think I've been on WoWS NA since shortly after open Beta (my profile date is same for WoT and WoWS, so can't differentiate). I've received 45x of the special cammos, which I think is three lots of 15x - one for each year?
  2. Turbogerbil

    where's the coupon?

    No coupon for me (sniff) A few hacked off people over on EU. For the first 48hrs or so of the JB release, the coupons wouldn't work for that ship, or any of the usual exceptions (i.e. everything except full-price ships or premium time). Hence lots of people picked up a cheapo DD or a bit of premium time. Then, from some time yesterday, the JB packages suddenly became eligible for the discount - far too late for those who'd used up their coupon!
  3. Turbogerbil

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    As a short term obvious solution, reflect historical reality and merge the RN and "Commonwealth" lines.There will never (at least not in years) be a Commonwealth full line, so the current ships and captains are all dead ends anyway. That would make Perth an RN-compatible premium CA, and provide a decent variety of DD premiums for players to use as preparation for the forthcoming RN DDs.
  4. Turbogerbil

    Doubloon bonus this weekend, Jul 12th-Jul 15th

    Over on EU it was only 250g per £/€10 spent, so to get 1000g you had to spend £/€40. I guess WG gave up the idea of common events and offers across the servers.
  5. Turbogerbil

    Best tech tree tier 6 cruiser?

    IMHO, Leander and then the Budyonny. Leander can fight and contest caps; it also has very usable 8km torpedoes. Budyonny is an excellent long-range HE spammer, but without smoke it is too vulnerable to fight close in, and its 4km torps have very rare opportunities for use. On my main account (EU) (all solo randoms): Leander: 60% wr; 1504 av XP; 7 max ships destroyed; 37% gun accuracy; 18% of kills by torp Buddy: 62% wr; 1404 av XP; 5 max ships destroyed; 26% gun accuracy; 3% of kills by torp Another consideration might be what ship comes next. After Leander you get the mighty Fiji, and big jump in stats performance. After Buddy you get Schors, which is a very good ship, but increasingly vulnerable in the game meta.
  6. Turbogerbil

    Fighting Fridays - Enter HMCS Haida

    What's Twitter?
  7. Turbogerbil

    Did they nerf the Montana's dispersion?

    Can you data mine the actual servers? Presumably if WG want to make certain changes, its not necessarily a matter of patching clients. I imagine that there are a whole raft of game management tools built into the system that they can tweak unobserved, if it so suits them. WG does have previous form for making unannounced changes.