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  1. Turbogerbil

    Premium Ship Review: California

    IMHO WG are simply pumping NA for revenue. They seem to think that NA will snap up anything with a Stars and Stripes on it, and they're probably right. We've even got another US dockyard event coming up for everyone to throw money at. If this is their marketing programme, then it makes perfect sense to create a lot of "meh" content - no point in adding to power creep if the ships are going to sell (or attract xp conversion, etc) anyway.
  2. Turbogerbil

    No incentive to buy consumable camo

    RU has had a shopping cart for a couple of years(?), so clearly its not any sort of issue with programming or functionality. My only guess is that there is some legal hitch in one of the jurisdictions that are covered by EU and NA. Having said that, though, anyone can have an RU account and purchase items in their national currency from their non-RU locations. Edit: Just checked, and i can indeed add multiple sets of the 10x Commander cammo to my shopping basket on my RU account.
  3. Turbogerbil

    0.9.7 news?????

    Its not a poppy, its the Red Rose of Lancaster/Lancashire. So, either an RN ship - or a graphical and historical snafu from WG. Which is more likely......?! Edit: only two of the six HMS Lancasters served in the game time period, a 1902 Monmouth class cruiser, or a WW2 US Wickes destroyer transferred to the RN under the base/ship swap deal.
  4. 1. Years back, the servers did have different events and promotions/ discounts. WG has now mostly coordinated the server offerings, although small variations are allowed (E.g. USS Texas appeal on NA, various soviet events on RU - such as availability of Makarov); 2. Accounts are entirely separate. I play on NA, EU and RU for various reasons: a. Legacy. I played WoT beta on RU, and lived in Russia/KZ (Brit expat); b. Different playstyle between servers; c. NA is a better server for anglophones, so communication, team chat and even WG employee contact is better for English speakers; d. (Some tinfoil required here) If you are having a bad day on your main account, you can just switch to an alt account and have a different experience; e. EU has many more players than NA or RU, so in theory there is more team variety and MM should work better; f. Occasionally its fun to complete an event two or three times - especially if there is a nice reward ship. However, recent events have tended to be very much more grindy, so not so appealing. g. If your alt account(s) is F2P or stands dormant for some time, you can get spammed with "welcome back" offers (Last year RU offered me a list of 40+ premium ships , each with up to 40% discount). h. (more tinfoil required) Similarly, if your F2P account is a bit dormant, the "luck" in Xmas boxes can be spectacular... 3. IMHO, it can be fun to have another account in a different region. For one thing, it does show you the stark difference between Premium play (assuming your main NA account) and F2P play (assuming you don't get tempted top spend money on your alt account). Particularly if you are from US, then an EU account can give you exposure to various international gaming cultures (ahem).
  5. Turbogerbil

    9.5 UI changes not an improvement

    Is it just me, or is the UI even slower than it was before? Everything seems to take an age to load.
  6. Turbogerbil

    Do you have a Vanguard?

    I do ok in Vanguard, but you do get WASD cramp in your fingers. Mine (I have them on EU and RU) seem to suffer a disproportional amount of T10 games, so rare to have much fun when even some DDs can gun you down. Vanguard is a sad travesty of what it could/should have been in game, given that it was probably the most durable and advanced BB built. I'd have preferred to see it as a strong T9, with its heavy armour, high speed and radar-controlled guns. However, entirely typical of the way WG airbrushes out historical reality where it conflicts with their marketing meta.
  7. Turbogerbil

    Bots in coop still shooting after undetected

    My favourite bot cheat is when you become spotted at the beginning of a match and find that the bots are already pre-aimed at you - even the BBs with slow turret traverse. If you zoom in on them before you are spotted, you can see them pointing at you. Mind you, its also weird to see bots leaving their spawn with their turrets "fore and aft", which isn't possible on a human-played ship. I guess bots don't have a camera or the code that links turrets to camera/mouse.
  8. Turbogerbil

    British King George class battleships

    Look what WG did to Vanguard, IRL arguably the most durable and advanced BB ever constructed.
  9. Turbogerbil

    First Match Against FDR Impression

    Perhaps they want to force people to play subs...
  10. Turbogerbil

    Shells falling short: Lock-on bug is back with a VENGEANCE

    A similar problem is trying to aim at ships that are coming into range - and will be in range by the time your shells get there (e.g. typically when you are in a BB engaging ships advancing from their spawn). The client won't allow any lock-on or aiming calculation for a target thats outside of the nominal gun range. This effectively trims the gun range by the distance that the enemy ship travels whilst your shells are in flight. Ergo the quoted "max gun range" is actually the "max aiming range". A separate and possibly deliberate issue is that the client won't let you take predicted shots on an unspotted enemy - i.e. when you try to lob shells to the rear of an island. The shells just "snap" to the island instead of following the trajectory that would apply if the enemy was spotted.
  11. Turbogerbil

    Submarines in 9.4? (May 2020)

    Oh well, gives me a timeline in which to burn off all my credits, doubloons, FXP and coal.
  12. Capital ships didn't really need 360o turret rotation. Engagements tended to be planned in advance (course, speed, relative to enemy target, etc), the engagement distances were very large, and course alterations slower than the traverse speed of the turrets. Hence gross changes of angle that might require the turret to switch direction by 180o+ were rare. About the only exceptions would be ships trying to flee a fight by "kiting" (e.g. Scharnhorst) where the front turrets might have to switch sides of the blocking superstructure as the ship zig-zagged. For most ships it was probably assumed that it was sufficient to turn away and reposition under cover of smoke.
  13. Turbogerbil

    Canadian ships

    WG just needs to stop subdividing the RN into non-historical separate factions and allow it to stand in the game as a single entity - including its integrated Dominion branches. Empire and Commonwealth naval assets acted under a single unifying organisation during the game time frame. In game it would thus be a simple matter of adding in as many notable Dominion ships as required - either as RN premiums or as silver ships within RN lines.
  14. All dead for me. I wish codes didn't have to be such a lottery; does everything in the game depend upon RNG?
  15. Howe, Anson, Prince of Wales - but as a proper BB like Warspite, armour and AP and no gimmicks. Town class/ Colony class CLs - ditto. Cmon, lets have some mid/upper tier RN CL premiums, and with HE this time.