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  1. Turbogerbil

    San Francisco Port.

    Get rid of London (which has never been a naval base), or at least move it down-river to the historic splendour of Greenwich. Give us instead Portsmouth, Plymouth, Clyde, Scapa Flow, Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, Simonstown, Mombasa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Stanley, Kingston, or Trincomalee......
  2. Turbogerbil

    Can you hit below the waterline in this game?

    Thats real life shell behaviour, but is it accurately modelled in game as well? I've seen streamers claiming that you can turn "overpens" into "pens" by aiming short and letting "water drag" slow the shell sufficiently for a pen, but I've never seen any evidence that this actually happens in the game. As posted above, game observation is that shells hitting the water at the side of a ship register as a miss and simply vanish. Perhaps this mechanic is masked or negated by one of the bugs in the game? I had "one of those games" last night in my Gascoigne (EU server) where three successive salvos fell into the water short of a broadside target in clear sea (e.g. not the island proximity bug) at c.6km range, despite the point of aim being in the superstructure. Even with Gascoigne's terrible sigma, the salvo group was clearly not being sent to the point of aim by the server. Even if these salvos had been an honest "miss", the several of the "highest" individual shells were close enough to the target's waterline to have registered as some sort of hit - if an underwater mechanic existed.
  3. Turbogerbil

    Musashi or Kronshtadt (unable to get both)

    Same dilemma here. I actually have both ships on EU, but even with practical experience its still a tough choice. Who knows if either, neither or both of them will re-appear in the future? On balance, I decided to go with Kronstadt. Harder to play well, but probably a bit more OP than Mush in randoms. Mush often has a miserable life as a focus target, and over-extending even a little bit invites HE conflagration and/or citadels. At least with Kron you go out prepared, with your squishy cruiser hat on.
  4. Turbogerbil

    Musashi or Kronshtadt? Help Me Decide

    I have both on EU, and I have the same dilemma about which one to grab on NA before they are withdrawn. My problem is that i think they are both excellent. I wish I knew which was the "least likely" to come back on sale again in the future ("never say never" in a WG game). I personally don't think its wise to ignore both and wait for Alaska, as (a) Musashi/Kron are 750k vs 1m of Alaska, (b) Alaska should be around long enough to have time to rack up another 1m FXP, (c) who knows if the released Alaska is going to be the same as the CC's final review Alaska?
  5. I've done it two or three times for a CV in randoms - those occasions when a DD has got all the way through to the CV and just wont die to gunfire. I can't recall ever getting thanks for it, though. Probably because so many CV players completely lack situational awareness around their own ship.
  6. Turbogerbil

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    I think in this case you have to add in the absurdity of the Russians deploying a battle fleet. The other fighting navies have some credibility to support paper ships, whereas the Soviets during the period of the game do not. E.g. when Royal Sovereign, Murmansk and the other loan ships were returned, they were in scrap condition. The Russians had clearly been incapable of even operating the ships, let alone fighting them. Same with the various trophy ships they acquired as spoils - most of them fell to pieces or suffered catastrophic accidents.
  7. The mission crates are giving rewards like 4x cammos or 5k free xp - so a severely gimped version of the shop crates.
  8. Turbogerbil

    Captain for Mass

    I run a full secondary build on my dedicated Mass captain, and I did give up CE for manual secondaries. My rational for this - which seems to bear out in game outcomes - is that Mass needs to be about 8-10 km from the action in order to maximise both main and secondary effectiveness (its particularly suited to hugging an island to provide close support to DDs in a cap). At these ranges, the ship will be perma-spotted anyway, so CE becomes redundant. Incidentally, my Mass (on EU) currently has about 90% heavy tier 10 games so far, and so you really need to get to a 19 point captain asap just in order to be able to invest in some of the tanking/survival skills as well.
  9. OK, looks like I'm first up. 6x crates: 50x cammo 28 days premium 35k FXP So, complete and utter waste of money for me. At least I'm altruistic - I've just part-subsidised the game for the rest of you....
  10. Turbogerbil

    PSA: Black Friday Crates (7.11)

    Black Friday has been forced on us in UK as yet another heavy marketing promotion to spend-spend-spend. BF lasts for about three weeks here, before the real Christmas sales campaign kicks in. Unfortunately, the "bargains to be had" part of the US Black Friday tradition wasn't brought in at the same time, so pretty much everything is pure marketing scam - e.g. you can buy that "bargain BF TV set" at the same price or less at any other time of the year. Examination of much of the BF offers - such as on Amazon, for example - reveals that its just obsolete outdated stock thats mostly being cleared out and dumped. Hence in UK at least, BF is seen as a buying frenzy for idiots. Sadly, much of society is composed of in-debt idiots, so I guess the retailers can hail it as a success.
  11. Arena is a separate (-paid) premium system, which adds to the large number of reasons many people have abandoned it. I wonder if this will backfire on WG? E.g. I have several well-developed WoT accounts (my main accounts are on EU and RU). Although i mainly play WoWS, I do occasionally jump back into WoT. If I have to disadvantage my mostly-played WoWS account by sharing "standard" premium with seldom-played WoT, then there is little incentive to return to WoT - I might as well just burn up the credits and gold there and then abandon the account. Same goes for WoWP. The Arena issue is a good example. I have friends there who would like me to play, and I have an account levelled to tier6/7 or so. However, its quite a grind without premium time, and so I've abandoned the game. Why should I pay two or three premium rates when i can only use one at a time? Its bad enough having three different WG "real cash" gold currencies, let alone multiple in-game currencies to manage.
  12. Turbogerbil

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    Well, "support" tell me that there are certain criteria for receiving the coupon, and that i and others didn't meet them. I guess 3 years' of playing and a 56% WR are not among the criteria. Oh well, look on the bright side - thats 70% of a purchase price saved by not spending any money at all...
  13. Turbogerbil

    Not getting any discount coupons?

    A lot of us apparently just never received one. Maybe it was just a random distribution, or maybe the system is broken; however, I doubt that WG will ever comment on the issue.
  14. Turbogerbil

    Thanks for the 30% Off coupon, but...............

    Looks like a lot of players don't get the coupon at all, regardless of games played or duration of account. Not a particularly amicable gesture for those who have missed out for whatever opaque WG reason.
  15. Turbogerbil

    where's the coupon?

    Its the 30% one I was thinking of, which I assume is the anniversary one, rather than a random. Think I've been on WoWS NA since shortly after open Beta (my profile date is same for WoT and WoWS, so can't differentiate). I've received 45x of the special cammos, which I think is three lots of 15x - one for each year?