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  1. Is anyone else tired of being penalized for days to not be able to talk in chat, because you put someone in their place for THEIR crass remark in chat? Someone who was about to get sunk, takes the time to type in chat, to 'keep hiding'...well, I had to maneuver around an island after having already sunk one ship that was after him, I had no choice, but came right back to the fight after passing the island to attack the Scharnhorst in my tier 5 Italian BB, ...so I defended my self by stating that he needs to quit blaming OTHERS for his own poor choices, to take responsibility for his OWN actions, after all, I wasn't aware my sole objective was to protect him. After the battle ended, I saw that he had 'reported me'(lol, like the child he is, logging off entirely after doing so), so I made sure I returned the favor. Then, I private messaged him(knowing the next time he logged into the game, it would be waiting for him to read) to let him know he has a screw loose, and advised him to seek out licensed professional help, to feel better soon, and to check out his OWN negative Karma earned for that battle( I didn't appreciate his feeble attempt of trying to embarrass me in chat, especially since it wasn't true - my stats speak volumes). So, I know this must have upset this little man so much, he spent the time to initiate a ticket with Wargaming, and they (in their infinite wisdom) decided to spank me by not letting me type in chat, instead of telling this twerp to deal with it,....... which I think is unfair, but it is what it is, and rest assured, although I won't lose a wink over it, I think Wargaming needs to better define their penalty procedure, and what truly warrants it, be it shells in the air just before a BOT races in to catch them, resulting in their sinking(we all know how brilliant the bots are, right), or malcontents like this individual I happened to have the misfortune of being in battle with. Well, there it is, I have vented, and I suppose the bottom line is....if I don't like it, I don't have to play.