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  1. Falls_USMC

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    @CaptainDemonic Still recruiting for Wolf G? If so, I'm in.
  2. Falls_USMC

    Alaksa Super Heavy AP?

    Yes same AP. And im assuming you mean penetration angles, which is also yes.
  3. That’s a hell of an AA build. No wonder you’re shredding everything! I messed around with this build right after the rework dropped but I found myself really missing survivability expert and concealment. Now with CV population back to tolerable levels, running the one AA mod that replaces main battery accuracy, and BFT, I find it a good middle ground. The Kidd is a great example of a premium done right. It’s stayed competitive through everything thus far.
  4. Falls_USMC

    What ship has the most secondaries?

    For realistic DPS against the biggest variety of targets, I'd probably say the Kurfurst equipped with IFHE. Notable mentions as well: Tirpitz/Bismark Massachusetts Jean Bart Republique
  5. Falls_USMC

    HMS Daring: Day 1 first Impressions.

    Just got the Daring today, and my, oh my what a fun ship. Had a slew of awful teams, but nonetheless, this is one of the more satisfying Tier 10s I've played recently. It's everything you love about the Lightning, Cossack and Jutland but with 2s reload on the main battery. Watching DDs melt and stacking fires with ease on BBs is fantastic. AA is weak, but at this point I'm used to it with RN DDs. That's why you have fast smoke. I will however, when we get the next free captain respec period, be dropping BFT for Superintendent. 2 heals is not cutting it. And I'll accept the .2s increase in reload for another heal. Adrenaline rush will negate that pretty quickly anyway. Current build for anyone curious:
  6. Falls_USMC

    Hows the kidd coping with the cv spam?

    I've played several games in the Kidd thus far and it's done very well. Averaging 16 planes shot down per match with a high of 33. This is running just BFT/AFT and non Manual AA, mind you. Just switching sectors as often as I can. Against T10 carriers it struggles unless you have DFAA activated AND the planes mistakenly fly through flak. I'd say it's one of the few DDs that can operate with relative freedom right now, but the perma-spotting issues are still very hard to overcome. That said, it's still a very strong DD and one that I always recommend.
  7. I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. So, well done, I guess?
  8. So, just so you know where I'm coming from. I have close to 6k battles in game, and a grand total of 63 CV games in randoms, and non played above tier 5. One of the main reasons I never wanted to play CVs is because they had such an impact on the game, and new CV drivers definitely cost people wins. If I'm potato in any other class? Ok, yeah it's not good, but it's also not game-breaking for my teammates either. As you play through the new CV rework, would you say that CVs impact on the game is more in line with other ship classes? I certainly enjoy the new CV style more than the old in what little I've played of it, and just curious if I start running in randoms if it's going to be the same way, where a potato CV is gonna swing the match one way or another. Let me know your thoughts! Thank you!
  9. Falls_USMC

    Which DD to choose?

    As others have said, they're both great in different ways. I play solo in randoms 99% of the time, so that's where my opinion comes from. The Z for me is far more consistent in dealing damage, thanks mainly to fast reloading, stealthy torps in addition to great guns. And 6km hydro is just ridiculous when it comes to fighting in caps and avoiding torps. The Gearing has become a boom-or-bust ship for me, but these days I don't play it enough to maintain consistency with it, so it's more me than anything I'm sure. However, the CV rework may breathe new life into it via AA builds and planes not spotting torps anymore, so we'll see!
  10. Falls_USMC

    To AP or not to AP, that is the question

    Don’t underestimate USN DD AP against BBS at close range. If you get a good broadside, aim for the upper belt and go to work.
  11. No attitude? I asked a question. I guess I was just confused because ‘Daring AP eats it alive’ comes across as a counterpoint to an argument that didn’t exist. Nowhere in this topic did I ever argue that the Kidd was better than the Daring. So it just seemed strange, and I was asking what your point was. if you were just stating an objective fact, then I agree. The Daring AP will absolutely eat the Kidd alive.
  12. Daring AP eats any DD alive until you angle. What's your point?
  13. Figured it was about time for another update with the CV rework looming. The Kidd continues to be a strong performer, even in the current meta, and with the release of RN DDs. I'm about 50 games in since the American Cruiser line split, and surprisingly, my rating, damage and win rate have all improved. With two huge changes coming in the game (Radar changes and CV rework), I'll continue to update this as I explore the new meta and how well the Kidd stacks up. However, if thus far is any indication, I think it will do just fine.
  14. Falls_USMC

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    In this order: - Kidd - Check out this Kidd review and discussion. (Shameless plug) - Cossack - Insane HE Alpha damage. God-tier concealment, good speed, hydro, speed boost. There's so little not to like. It's fantastic. (AA is basically non-existent though.) -T-61 - I don't play much at low tiers, but at t6 it is insanely strong.
  15. Falls_USMC

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    I think as premiums go, she's fine. Middle of the road. Not a beast and not trash. She has pros and cons for sure, but overall its a fun ship. I'm not upset that I got her at all. I'm a sucker for all German ships though, so I may be a tad biased.