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  1. Ain't no thang, brotha! And seriously don't be intimidated by randoms. There are SO many players with no [edited]idea what they're doing, I bet you'd do better than you think! Smooth seas, Devil.
  2. Semper Fi, killer. And no, If I recall correctly that was something I found years ago after a number of Marines died in an awful helo crash. I can't recall exactly where or when it happened, and I just left it up. The modern Marine Corps is a different animal for sure. And I've been out for 16 years. But as long as they produce effective warfighters, I guess that's all that matters in the end. And glad to see I'm not the only madman still rocking the German brawlers on a daily basis.
  3. 237 game update posted. Played 10 games since the commander rework came out and I put my thoughts in the OP. The Kidd is still a ton of fun, especially when top tier. In any case, this is an exquisitely designed premium ship, built in steel, that at least if you're a DD main or fan of the Fletcher class in general, is well worth picking up. Good hunting, Captains. 07
  4. Alright, full disclosure: I'm a massive fan of these two ships. Combined I have 450+ games between the two of them. They are responsible for some of my best memories of WOWS since Open Beta. Despite the awful things WG has done to powercreep these two ships into oblivion, I refuse to not take them out from time to time. Do these ships perform like this all the time? Of course not. Neither of these games were easy, and the Bismarck game was a top-tier game that thanks to potato teammates was a HARD carry in order to win (Tirpitz was T9), but damn when these ships work they're still some of the most fun I can have, and remind me why I've been playing this game all these years. In any case, I guess my point is that if you enjoy certain ships, just play them. You might just have a good time. The build I'm running is a 21 point maximum meme secondary build, for anyone curious.
  5. Falls_USMC

    USS Hornet aka Doolittle Raiders when?

    Announced was probably the wrong word. It was mentioned on Reddit, I believe. I forget the exact context. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Falls_USMC

    USS Hornet aka Doolittle Raiders when?

    As soon as they announced the USS Hornet and skip bombing this was the FIRST thing I thought of. WG, seriously. This will absolutely print money on NA. I haven't bought a premium in years but if they did this my credit card would melt I would buy it so fast.
  7. Falls_USMC

    How do Captains take their Coffee?

    Black. If black is not available, I'll take it black. Also black is acceptable. And as a last resort, I guess black is a reasonable substitute.
  8. Falls_USMC

    Asymmetric Battle Discussion Thread.

    Just played my first few rounds. Two as T5 and one as T7. It's tough on PTS because there's so many bots, but I think this game mode has promise. Low tier games we completely wiped the high tier teams with maybe 2 losses on our side, but again, the high tiers were 2/4 bots. My one T7 game it was me and 3 bots, so yeah we got wiped badly. But fun to smack a Kongo around in a Gneis and melt T5 DDs with manual secondaries. But I can't emphasize this enough. CVs should have been kept out of this mode. As is, it could be a 7/10 on the fun scale. Without CVs? 9/10. WG missed a GOLDEN opportunity here to have a 'CV-free mode' that the community has been screaming for, but they obviously blew that one. But again, I'll really really look forward to playing this more on the live server with all humans and access to all of my ships. At the very least it's a fun and different way to revisit my T5 and 6 port queens that have been rusting for the last 4 years.
  9. Falls_USMC

    Got Coal to spend

    Of those I'd say Moskva would be the most competitive choice. If you want a good French DD, the T9 and 10 are spectacular. Yoshino I'm sure is fine, but not my cup of tea personally. Moskva you get railguns, soviet radar, great AP, incredible tankiness. As long as you don't show broadside, you're essentially a battleship. That said, the new T10 Petropavlovsk is very near to a tech tree version of Stalingrad, so that's worth a hard look too.
  10. Posted stats for 227 game update. The Kidd is still a lot of fun. The speed, heal and guns still keep it competitive, especially when top tier. But make no mistake, this is not a ship you can carry easily in, and you are extremely disadvantaged in T10 matches, especially when there's a CV. You can make them pay, but you can't stop them no matter what you do. When you're top tier though, you can still cap bully with the best of them.
  11. Falls_USMC

    Halland captain skills?

    Very legit point. I run RPF on Black for exactly this reason. I think when I finally have the free XP for Smaland, that'll be my RPF Euro boat.
  12. Falls_USMC

    Halland captain skills?

    This is the build I've been running with the Halland and has been working very well, but I spec mine for pure torpedo power, which I think is what this ship calls for. The guns are good enough on their own for your basic needs. Averaging 74k damage through 38 games so far. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=4,12,17,18,20,23,25,28&ship=Destroyer RPF I think would be, not a waste, but maybe a misuse. Halland isn't really a DD hunter in the role you want to play it as, though torping DDs in smoke would become a bit easier. AR is definitely a solid choice. SI is absolutely one you want, especially for speed boost to make up for what I think is Halland's biggest weakness; sluggish speed. I would much rather have AR over BFT, since it affects your torpedoes as well. Your AA is pretty damn strong as is.
  13. Falls_USMC

    FXP = Alaska or ANY 3 tier 10 ships

    Depends on if you're really a cruiser type of player. If you're a cruiser main? Holy crap, get Alaska. It's fantastic. Super tanky, great AP, decent AA, I mean it's really Tier 9.5. It uptiers extremely well. But if you're not a Cruiser main? I mean there's tons of good tech tree ships to get. If you love BBs then of course Yamato is great. If you're a DD main there are many better options than Gearing. Great ship 2 years ago, its average these days. Halland is better in pretty much every way as a torp boat, and Daring is better as a gun boat. Good luck with your choice, but Alaska is very, very solid. I'm honestly surprised they haven't removed it yet.
  14. I'll get on this train: 1 Million XP Club: Kidd: 1.07M Atlanta: 1.21M Fletcher: 1.24M Des Moines: 1.39M Gearing: 1.15M Other Notables: Bismarck: 974k G. Kurfurst: 828k Friesland: 783k Z-52: 531k Hipper: 442k Eugen: 691k Tirpitz: 773k Belfast: 801k Blyskawica: 690k Republique: 461k
  15. Fair winds and following seas, Sailor. Thanks for your service.