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  1. Is this going to be the season with submarines? 👀 If it is, can't wait
  2. Ironside136

    So I bought the 40k Pre-Sale Pack

    You mean the slot machines?
  3. Ironside136

    Serious submarine exploit

    There are so many things wrong with this post, but the reason you couldn't hit him with guns is cause you just flat out missed or he was deeper than you thought. Pretty straightforward actually
  4. Ironside136

    Serious submarine exploit

    I believe they already addressed it. Don't quote me, but I believe they said in one of the PTS streams that's it's not an exploit it, and that at the moment they don't feel the need to address it (hence why it's still here), BUT they did say they would monitor it to see if it became a wider issue and address it if needed.
  5. Ironside136

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    You know, it kind of sucks that we had to wait for 3 updates to able to use the New Years permanent camo to be able to be used on carriers.... especially when there was no mention that you would be adding to them later on: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0811-new-year/ There is no mention of the camos being available at a later date for carriers, and no mention that there even a possibility that they could be added. I wasted them by linking them to useless ships. And by that, I mean on tech tree ships that I had equivalent premiums to so that I didn't need to waste them on tech tree ships. But I had to anyway, because I waited for 2 more updates, and no word. This sucks, and I wish this had been communicated better
  6. Personally, I am sick and tier of tier X competitive play. Not because I hate tier X (although it has many issues), I'm mostly just tired of it. Season 10, 12, and 14 (and now 15) were tier X. Clan battles season 7 ran at the same time as ranked season 14. I'm just tired of tier X, but I am curious what the community thinks? What is the general consensus (of the forum at least) on how much focus on tier X there has been. Should they diversify it or should they stick with it?
  7. Ironside136

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    IDK if anyone has pointed it out yet, but Alaska/Kron/Stalin 305mm guns overmatch (~22 mm , can't member if you round up or down) her bow and stern very nicely without the overpen. Whenever I see an uptick of Smolensk in the MM. I just pull out either of them (preferably Alaska for slower more accurate shells, less overpens) and i have a ball of a time. I'm a firm believer of playing the counter to the meta
  8. I love the visual components (especially the shadows from the clouds). I don't understand the "standardization" of gun sounds. It just sounds like destroyer gun sounds are really quiet or almost like there's a noise gate on the back half of them and the sounds just feel quiet. I really like the rain/snowy wind you hear when you are in binocular view. I also noticed that when you are in binocular view, if you move your mouse all the way down (aiming as close as you can to your ship), you can hear the rear turret traverse as if you were in free look zoomed in to your turret and you hear it traversing. Those were the only bugs I noticed as of posting this.