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  1. BrownAndProud

    Serious submarine exploit

    There are so many things wrong with this post, but the reason you couldn't hit him with guns is cause you just flat out missed or he was deeper than you thought. Pretty straightforward actually
  2. BrownAndProud

    Serious submarine exploit

    I believe they already addressed it. Don't quote me, but I believe they said in one of the PTS streams that's it's not an exploit it, and that at the moment they don't feel the need to address it (hence why it's still here), BUT they did say they would monitor it to see if it became a wider issue and address it if needed.
  3. BrownAndProud

    Some notes on Submarines

    Another thing that I thought of while reading some other posts here (and listening to some CCs complain about the burden on DDs); if you think about it, DDs don't need to cap anymore. subs can, and they are waaay better at it than DDs. They get an "instant smokescreen", if you will, in the form of diving to have a 2.4 detection from the surface. I think having subs as the main capping force (DDs will still spot since subs have a limited spotting range), and that will greatly alleviate the pressure from them. CV's might be less inclined to go after DDs all the time since it is so easy to reset them.
  4. BrownAndProud

    Some notes on Submarines

    I agree with all your suggested changed except for the proxy spotting subs. They should do it so that only the sub proxy spotting sees the enemy it is proxy spotting. Like the radar change they did a while back, except the enemy ship never fully renders unless spotted by other means. Sure, people can blind fire, but since when has that not been the case (firing in smoke). The only reason I don't think the surface ship should proxy spot the sub is because trying to run away at the slowest speed in the game, while being invisible, might be the only way to counter something like a very maneuverable heavy cruiser or BB from permaspotting the sub. Every single ship (even Colorado) outruns a sub at max depth, it would never be able to get away, and there's no counter play. I think the best way around that problem is to make it so that only the sub is the one that can its proxy spotted ships. Another solution to the point blank torpedoes on the surface would be to increase the activation timer on the surface torps, and only on the surface. Most sub on sub engagements were within 2km anyway, and being able to out posiition the enemy sub and fire torps point blank feels like a good interaction. It felt good to out-maneuver and out-position an enemy sub, and it didn't feel unfair when someone got the best of me, Every time I died in that way, it never felt unfair, it just felt like they played better than I did. I don't know if there's is a way to program surface torps so that they have a longer activation timer. It would be similar to trying to torp a ship closer than 1km - 1.5km at "detection depth" at 6.0 m down. It takes a few hundred meters for the torps to rise up so that you can't shotgun a (fast, small, and maneuverable) ship while being immune to damage. Overall, I'm excited
  5. BrownAndProud

    EU DDs not available

    It's just the EU DDs
  6. BrownAndProud

    EU DDs not available

    The Pan-EU DDs are not available and labeled as "Soon". Considering the whole tech tree is available on live, shouldn't they be available on PTS?
  7. BrownAndProud

    Unity, Service, and Navigation

    I will take this moment to plug a video I made a little while ago
  8. BrownAndProud

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    You know, it kind of sucks that we had to wait for 3 updates to able to use the New Years permanent camo to be able to be used on carriers.... especially when there was no mention that you would be adding to them later on: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0811-new-year/ There is no mention of the camos being available at a later date for carriers, and no mention that there even a possibility that they could be added. I wasted them by linking them to useless ships. And by that, I mean on tech tree ships that I had equivalent premiums to so that I didn't need to waste them on tech tree ships. But I had to anyway, because I waited for 2 more updates, and no word. This sucks, and I wish this had been communicated better
  9. BrownAndProud

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    Ok I thought it was just me. Also will there be any indicator that we are "in the lottery", so to speak?
  10. Personally, I am sick and tier of tier X competitive play. Not because I hate tier X (although it has many issues), I'm mostly just tired of it. Season 10, 12, and 14 (and now 15) were tier X. Clan battles season 7 ran at the same time as ranked season 14. I'm just tired of tier X, but I am curious what the community thinks? What is the general consensus (of the forum at least) on how much focus on tier X there has been. Should they diversify it or should they stick with it?
  11. BrownAndProud

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Wasn't talk to you originally anyway, so cool beans
  12. BrownAndProud

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Nobody is forcing me to go to the casino either, but that doesn't make lootboxes any less predatory, unethical, and unhealthy for the game
  13. BrownAndProud

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Oh boy, another month of gambling lootboxes
  14. BrownAndProud

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    Just left click and "Download" at the bottom left....