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  1. Shinzon1

    Where is the Enterprise

    It's gone, reduced to atoms.
  2. Shinzon1

    Pan-Asian DDs...what happened??

    YY was buffed but it was woefully inadequate and in no way restored it to its former glory. Meanwhile, new DDs just kept coming out further marginalizing the PADD line.
  3. Shinzon1

    Pan-Asian DDs...what happened??

    I think people got the message after the Chung Mu got nerfed. We talked about how much better it was than the T10 YY and poof, it got clapped. Maybe thats why silence is wise for the Gadjha.
  4. With the new Pan-European line coming out it seems like the Pan-Asian line is now utterly worthless in its play-style. Save the deep-water torps (which reload way too slowly and cannot hit DDs) the Euro's seem to be better in every way while being quite similar. Heals, Radar, amazing torpedoes, reasonable gun DPM. No smoke but you couldn't mount Radar and smoke in either line anyway. I'm just left wondering what in the hell happened with the Pan-Asian's that they are being completely re-imagined in the form of the Euro line? Why would you completely cannibalize a line? Why was YueYang nerfed so damn hard that many were left scratching our collective heads. I can back a nerf when needed but the YueYang and then Chung Mu nerf were just too much for me. I like many others completely abandoned that line.
  5. Shinzon1

    Graf Zeppelin OP?

    Are you seriously suggesting the worst performing T8 CV is OP because you got clapped trying to be greedy? I guess hell has frozen over.
  6. Can’t/won’t ever feel sorry for DM. That radar super chad of a ship is the bane of every DD.
  7. Shinzon1

    Should a DD fear a CV

    Thank you for an honest appraisal. More often than not this what happens. In anything except the Graf Zeppelin if a DD gets close your planes aren’t going to save you. The RNG and constant nerfs have worn down CV striking power to a nub. If I’m in a DD late game against a CV I’m never worried unless the player is really good. A CV just can’t stop me in time if I play it right.
  8. Shinzon1

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    The ship is fine. Unwarranted grandstanding is unwarranted.
  9. Shinzon1

    T8 Ranked: seems hopeless for DD

    Sooo, in the last ranked season where there were no CVs and DDs took over the entire meta. Often 1 BB on a team and the rest DDs. What could a BB do? You guys need to stop complaining. Everyone gets a turn to be on top. I don’t feel sorry for DDs one bit after T9 ranked.
  10. Shinzon1

    CV players have unfair advantage

    This is the most uninformed thing I’ve heard about CVs in a while. This deserves a damn award. The ignorance displayed here is off the scale.
  11. Shinzon1

    WG does not care- why should we ?

    You can’t think of anyone you know who has found that word offensive?? Christ man, what kind of people do you socialize with? The word is not trivial.
  12. Shinzon1

    Flamu first test on Subs

    You can choose to be cynical about it. That’s up to you.
  13. Shinzon1

    Flamu first test on Subs

    If you focused on that aspect then you kind of missed my point. There always people against progress or bold changes. But the analogy is congruent. The spark of innovation whether it be in a video game or something else starts the same way.
  14. Shinzon1

    Flamu first test on Subs

    This forum in a nutshell. If society listened to the negativity of half these post we wouldn’t have the internet, broken the sound barrier or have landed humans on the moon. The glass isn’t always half empty people. It’s almost like the beta has only been out for a few days or something.
  15. Have you actually seen/played world of war planes? It’s nothing like WOWS at all and it’s not very good. Go try it yourself before you tell someone else to do it.