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  1. hi, i couldnt find anything about any upcoming sales on tech tree ships on the website, are there lines that will be on sale the next few days?? im sitting on 18.8 million after selling the Shchors, Yorck, La Galissonniere and Aoba . thanks
  2. SRB_Red_Bandit

    2018 Secret Santa!

    skip me .... but good on all of you for participating!
  3. hi, i have 107k ship xp, is gold the only way to convert it?? how do i turn off my ships from getting elite xp? WOT has that option but i do not see it on WOWS thanks
  4. SRB_Red_Bandit

    50 doubloons and no more Sovereigns????

    hey guys thanks for the replies, im gonna hold on to it, will try to get some more by trying to 5 star an operation and then buy some slots ( got 1 in a more credits container 2 days ago), ill hold on to my sovereigns until a week before they expire (i missed out on using my sharks vs eagles earnings to get free commander and ship, didnt realize they expire)
  5. hi so i logged in and got the free 50 doubloons, what is the best thing i can i do with this? IVe been playing for a year or so and this is my first doubloons in the game (WOT gives you gold a whole lot more often) Also I have 180 sovereigns and it looks like the game has stopped rewarding them and now rewards different prizes for completing the Royal Navy tasks. should I just spend my sovereigns on either the Bert Dunkirk captain or the union jack camos?? i only have 13 guineas, i doubt i will get up to 50, can this be used to purchase anything else?? thanks
  6. SRB_Red_Bandit

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    logged on the forum for the first time in ages just to say the same thing, mine happened playing ranked battles in my cleveland, 2 of the 4 matches did not register