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  1. MemeFlerp

    WoWs principles - Lack of?

    So you need to make special cases and exceptions to try to make a point? The idiotic claim was made that there is some mystical "risk vs reward". I pointed out that this is complete garbage. Every ship starts out the game with the risk of being sunk. "But CVs arent seen so they have no risk". So i pointed out examples of other ship classes that are getting rewards with no risk, the inviso torping DD the island hugging cruiser or the Bb completely outclassing a cruiser. If your dd has 10k+ torps it was very easy to invisio torp from the front (pre 8.0 abortion). Flanking is a complete strawman. Any ship can be flanked. Cvs included so saying the counter to a island hugging cruiser is to flank like it cant happen to any ship is just plain silly. A cruiser that doesnt have torps, will result in BB runs over cruiser especially a +2 tier. Kite away all you want, you will still get citadelled. Once you fire you are spotted. The cruiser counter play is hide behind rock and hope you can do enough fire damage before you get spotted. If you are a lone cruiser with no spotter you are dead plain and simple. Ps: good thing you point out how spell checker "corrects" words.
  2. MemeFlerp

    WoWs principles - Lack of?

    Wow really? Know what, a Cv can be spotted and becomes priority 1 for anything that can reach it. Seems pretty risky to me. You list all the ships that have 12km radar. Ill list the ones that can 12km or more torp. Guess whos list is longer. OMG a ship can be flanked. Wow what a concept. You mean like when a DD sneaks up on a CV? Its only a "PVE" mini game for trash players. I know its a difficult concept but WOWS is not PVP, it is not PVE, it is TVT. The team that gets 5 on 1 will win. In pre 8.0, a cv provided cover for his team from enemy planes, spotted for his teams ships, forced enemy ships to repair, so they could be lit up again by cruisers, and lets not forget, force a face on BB to turn broadside avoiding a torp, to then be vulnerable to friendly BB fire. Ala the team player. The team that thinks this game is PVP will lose in the vast majority of cases.
  3. MemeFlerp

    WoWs principles - Lack of?

    Well since your assumptions are incorrect, your conclusion is incorrect. How is a DD torping from beyond detection range at risk? How is a cruiser shooting over island at risk? Tell me how any t10 bb is at risk from a baltimore in open sea. The. Bb just drives over the baltimore. No risk at all. One volley from 1 set of turrets is enough to kill the baltimore, never mind secondaries. Please srop this whole "risk reward" nonsense. Every ship has the same risk every game. And the reward is based on well how you play the ship.
  4. I agree with most of what you typed, except "much despised". I never once thought "damn we have a good cv player, that sucks". Basically all the whining breaks down to a good player on the other team makes the game tougher for my team. And this is bad why? This should be changed why? The same can be said for any class of ship. I was always much more worried about a good DD player than any other ship.
  5. MemeFlerp

    How did I do 0 damage with 19 pens?

    Its another made up WG "feature" to mask how broken their coding is. Still would love to know how you can "overpen" a ship by hitting it in the rear. I guess there is nothing critical to hit in the entire length of a ship.
  6. Never once asked for a rework, never once complained about the way CVs played in the pre 8.0. What I see is a bunch of whining apologist spouting "give it a chance". The answer is no.
  7. I guess you missed the actual facts Year to year player participation up, until 8.0 alpha. Then massive drop off. No feelings, no opinion, just fact. The game will hit a critical point where even die hard fanbois will walkaway when there are not enough players for MM and you wind up waiting 5 minutes for 3 on 3 battles.
  8. I guess you missed the posts showing players are down 30% and so are the number of games played.
  9. No actually you dont. The new CV is a slap in the face not to mention just plain stupid. Wowp failed miserably. But hey completely destroy wows to incorporate it. Gameplay has gone from ~100 games a week to zero. They can take their 8.0 alpha and stick it.
  10. No really, learn how to read. There were 3 types of planes pre-abortion, fighters, bombers and torp. The last 2 types are attack planes. When did I call rocket planes fighters? See that little word "now" that means post abortion with rocket attack planes doing 3k damage + fire and module damage.
  11. And used against Ground (read STATIONARY) targets
  12. And then what? Bomb or torp them and miss 80% of the time? Then waste 2 minutes getting back to CV reloading and coming back out? Or you meant with fighters? Ah yes good play to keep a DD lit by fighters as your less maneuverable ships get torped and bombed, or your attack aircraft get shot out the sky by the enemies? Now rockets, 3k damage + fire, rinse repeat. next game.
  13. MemeFlerp Patch Seems to Work!

    The "rework" sucks. It dumbs down CVs and destroys every other facet of ship play to "balance" the game. What aspect of the game wasn't destroyed by this Amazing patch and hot fixes? What, was a "lateral transfered" WOWP VP assigned to honcho this patch? Free stuff huh? If you don't pay for it you are the product. Uncompensated alpha testers is what the player base became.