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  1. I understand about the flags. I'm just trying figure out if there's a reason why it says I have six of one award when I only accomplished it twice - I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something somewhere. Let me draw you a picture:
  2. I have been playing for a couple months, mostly in the PvE since I had my fill of cornball teams in WoT (either trying too hard or not enough depending on whether they're going to win or lose according the almighty "self-fulfilling" prophets of XVM). Only recently have I decided that Random Teams here might be interesting, since the bots are rather predictable. Consequently, I have been playing PvP for a couple days. I have hundreds of battles in PvE and about 34 in PvP. Today, I got "First Blood" twice, one of which was due to a lucky one-shot kill on a destroyer at the start of the game. However, the game and the website list these awards as First Blood 6 and Devastating Strike 2. How does this work? I only got awards for 2 and 1 respectively, so, is it only a glitch? I played the test server at the beginning of the month and got a "First Blood" in a 1v1, so if somehow that's being taken into consideration (I thought the servers were wholly separate), that at least would provide some clue as to a doubled amount - rather than trebled for one and doubled for the other. Otherwise, I don't know. The hits don't add up and I don't see any references to this on the forum or wiki, therefore I come here and use too many words to say very little. ;)