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  1. Fresh off the PT, playing as the cruiser and battleship, I can say that it is difficult to gauge the waterline on enemies I'm shooting at a distance, especially if they're being shot at by others. I have the feeling I am looking through the "water" plane rather than onto it. I also seem to get a lot of straddles, but that may be down to the usual battleship shot spread. Incidentally, on the PT announcement, the Commanders listed are Cybermedes, Golden Konung, Queen Bee, and Hzrzngh (the Great)... but instead of Golden Konung I got Pete Earthling. Are these commanders randomly set to each ship, and are there more than these five?
  2. 1. In the "after battle" reports, several times the Detailed Report did not come up until after I had cycled to another report screen (no "DATA LOADING"... just blank where the info would be - reference below screen capture). 2. Suggest on the Signals overlay and screen an option be made to "demount all" - might be less work for your servers if someone wants to remove everything at once, rather than reload the screen over and over. 3. Suggest standardizing all screens when not in battle to include the Port, Modules, &c button strip, rather than using ESC as an option to get to Port from some screens and not others. 4. I like the battle music at the start of the matches (not sure if this is new to the patch or was pre-existing)... reminds me of the Dune (1984) soundtrack. Probably be decent to listen to while writing my stories. ;)
  3. Question about Achievements

    I understand about the flags. I'm just trying figure out if there's a reason why it says I have six of one award when I only accomplished it twice - I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something somewhere. Let me draw you a picture:
  4. I have been playing for a couple months, mostly in the PvE since I had my fill of cornball teams in WoT (either trying too hard or not enough depending on whether they're going to win or lose according the almighty "self-fulfilling" prophets of XVM). Only recently have I decided that Random Teams here might be interesting, since the bots are rather predictable. Consequently, I have been playing PvP for a couple days. I have hundreds of battles in PvE and about 34 in PvP. Today, I got "First Blood" twice, one of which was due to a lucky one-shot kill on a destroyer at the start of the game. However, the game and the website list these awards as First Blood 6 and Devastating Strike 2. How does this work? I only got awards for 2 and 1 respectively, so, is it only a glitch? I played the test server at the beginning of the month and got a "First Blood" in a 1v1, so if somehow that's being taken into consideration (I thought the servers were wholly separate), that at least would provide some clue as to a doubled amount - rather than trebled for one and doubled for the other. Otherwise, I don't know. The hits don't add up and I don't see any references to this on the forum or wiki, therefore I come here and use too many words to say very little. ;)