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  1. I loved the italian BB tech tree. and thanks for all the help with the hornet article. I had a question that i didnt think i needed to add to the post but i might later: what was the aircraft complement Hornet had during the raid? i think you said JUST wildcats and Mitchells, at least in any significant number. I wanted to confirm that this would make for a logical "american Indomitable" loadout. torps would be nice, but i want it to be special because it is an odd duck.

    1. WanderingGhost


      Everything I've ever found only stated she had her Wildcat's below decks and the bombers on the main deck - which generally makes sense as in order to carry the planes and ordnance they would have had to leave some of their usual compliment of planes behind because of weight. They also had Enterprise with them as they got closer to the Japanese Mainland to provide cover and any needed offense. I have no info on the exact number of fighters though, that seems to have been left out of most things as an inconsequential detail. Best guess - 10-25 of them. the only thing they really focus on were the 16 B-25B's she had on deck. 

      And a quick note that I kinda addressed in my post response - when you look at making suggestions, you kinda have to be aware that Wargaming when it comes to this game is TERRIBLE at telling us what REALLY happens. Case in point that any 'max' damage from a shell or bomb is actually only IF it hits the citadel, which for anything but AP is exceedingly rare so max damage of HE bombs and shells, on average, is 33% of the listed max damage with the equation used being (max damage*0.33). Or that the Bow and stern of all ships, and the center of DD's, have an automatic 10% damage reduction to torpedoes so the real damage of torpedoes is usually (listed max*0.9)x hits/number dropped and that anything torp protection that is say 33% would actually be (max damage*0.77) instead of (max damage-33%). Same applies to rockets - 100 rockets with 1000 damage would really be (1000*0.33)x100 so 33k max damage, barring miracle citadel hits if you hit with them, not 100k damage. It's taken a lot of us (many of whom that have since left) to dissect the actual ways things work or basically forcing the answers from Wargaming staff to learn some of this and then get it on the wiki.