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  1. WanderingGhost

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    Easiest solution there is - change the booster prices. Change them to at most 2, 4, and 6k dubloons respectively. At that pricing, you get 3 boosters for what it currently takes to get 2, 2 for what 1 would cost, and 1 for about the same price as a month of premium. For those that already bought the boosters at the higher price, give them the dubloons back (they already paid for them) that they can then spend on other in game ships, xp conversion, whatever. Is it still bull that we'll have to pay for PR - yes. But at least those prices on boosters are far more reasonable and in the holiday spirit (given most should be able to complete this with 2 boosters, let alone 3, which is a tier 10 premium for the price of a 6-8). And we'll actually get all the other goodies too. Unless they straight up fork out 14k dubloons to everyone to either buy the packages, or if they have been driven off even doing the PR grind for good to go get other ships and all. Because even if they can change the numbers on missions, I'm not sure they would. The only solutions where they win even a little is at this point the Dev's and possibly even Lesta's founder just keeping their mouths shut and either giving us a ton of dubloons or at least a very deep discount that would allow far more players to beat the grind. As it is statements made by them have only added fuel to the fire, and a simple apology won't fix this one, and to in no way compensate for this is the dumbest thing they can do after the way this year has gone, because this won't go away then. Even with things discounted or dubloons given, this won't immediately go away, it'll take time for the shadow to recede to just a black mark - but they have to never screw up like this again or it will be dug back out like Benham and Humble Bundle Gate - HBG being very similar to this. After a year that had the CV rework and how poorly it was handled, stuff with GC, Benham, and others now ending in this - Wargaming just got caught with a stick of dynamite in their hand when the fuse ran out. The hand is gone at this point but at least can try and stop from bleeding out.
  2. This about sums up my thoughts on that He has now contradicted statements made by his devs trying to deescalate the situation, even if poorly shown that in all likelihood no change will come of legitimate outrage - cause that's what needs to happen right now Goes 'pay for it like I did' - when he makes what a few hundred thousand dollars probably, when many families and people are working to just make ends meet 'plays a lot because of work schedule'? Who you mean CC's who are even complaining they can't do it - is he that out of touch? Know what even if I wasn't in the middle of moving, I tend to play the game a lot while job hunting online, the jobs I can even apply for are partially limited by how bad my asthma is and part of why I spend most of my time in a room at a very specific temperature range because that and a dozen other things will set it off. And even I - who meet the criteria he puts forth basically, would not be able to pull it off without dropping 2 boosters worth of cash on it - which I can't. This to me, if accurate - proves that just like the CV rework launch stream (there is no way that was preplanned if they didn't have the footage and the people doing it never saw it before) and the rework in general with it's changing stories, them desperately trying to spin this anyway they can to be a positive, and apparently their PR department is on holiday already because if they weren't - they'd tell them there is no way to spin this that ends well, and just apologizing and trying to push us to buy it won't help either which both his and Sub's statements basically do. All they have to do is lower the booster price to 2, 4 and 6k respectively, and refund the extra gold back to players who already bought it at the higher prices. That's at least a more reasonable price and all to get the 2 boosters you must have to get the damn ship, and maybe get a handful of sales and a little less rage. As opposed to now where no one is buying, and are in fact demanding outright refunds. But hey, they wanna not do damage control instead well then like the guy in game who doesn't use it when 4 fires are on their ship they can sink too.
  3. If you got the money - good for you, most you'll hear from me is the same as Bruce Wayne from Knox "Can I get a grant". Yeah - I am royally ed the frack off that I'm not gonna be able to get one, not without the 56 dollars to make the grind anything close to reasonable. I was going to try, but having a seasonal part time job, I don't have that money to spare, and with moving and all, I can't even try and just use excess time because I can't play this game 8+ hours a day unless it makes me money. I'll be a little jealous, a little salty - in my opinion understandably so given all the nonsense and I'm someone who collects ships, I want all the ships. But my hate, my rage - I know where to target it, at Wargaming's Dev team, the mission designers, the people involved in creating this nonsense scenario, who did it with Benham, that made the requirements on Hill way higher than they should be for a tier 5 DD, that made the French DD captain just as unobtainable, on down a line for the last year of missions for ships/captains way harder than they should be - not even to get in to the CV rework and all the rest. Fem and other community people may end up seeing the brunt of my ire as they are the messengers (ala the Sub's statement on PR thread) but it's actually not meant for them. The people who caused the problem and anger deserve my rage to be taken out on them, some guy that bought the ship - not so much.
  4. WanderingGhost

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    We were told we could earn the ship FOR FREE. It would be hard work, but free. I knew it was going to be a little harder for me because in all this I'm moving, but I've overcome setbacks before. This - is practically impossible. And good for you if you have 56 dollars to make this stupidity doable. I love my job at Lincoln Financial Field - I really do. But it's the only one I have, and it's 'Seasonal Part Time' - translation: I only work when the Eagles play home games, games like Army/Navy tomorrow, concerts, and occasionally things like Monster Jam. So I get paid for exactly 2 more days of work this year and basically till April/May have to use that to pay for my phone and maybe occasionally food while stuck living in my what sill soon be my parents apartment instead of house. I don't have 56 dollars to put toward this, I likely won't even have the 20 something for the first booster. I was told it'd be a hard grind but that I could get it for free - reality is the only way it becomes a possibility for most anyone is to drop 56 dollars on it - 56 dollars I don't have. So no - I will not be calm and quiet, not after the crap they've done the last year and a half. And I sure as hell will not be calm about this unless you, someone else, or preferably Wargaming gives me the money/dubloons for the boosters, or Wargaming backs down the challenges to a doable level. And even then - I'll be calmer but still call them out we never should have hit this point, we should not have been mislead, at all, and it shouldn't even have been made this hard to get. Especially after making a special captain only obtainable by being in the top 5% of players if you completed all those ridiculous directive missions - which we all were ticked off at them about for doing for many of the same damn reasons.
  5. WanderingGhost

    How do I aim torpedoes?

    Speed, range, angle - using TB's is like using a ship gun with big, slow rounds. Depending on ships speed/acceleration I find 1-3x the width of the cone is the lead you want. But overall - it's going to take practice.
  6. WanderingGhost

    Please No One Get Hurt--WG pull the event

    That or give everyone sufficient dubloons to get the first and maybe even the second boosters so that it's actually a manageable challenge. Which is 10x simpler, causes way less issues, and actually better shows they actually give a damn what we think.
  7. WanderingGhost

    Puerto Rico and YOU!

    More like the 'free cars' Oprah gave away - it was free - until you had to pay taxes on it while for her it was a tax break. So instead of getting it for free like you were told, you actually have to pay for it. They said we could get it for free, what they really meant is that pretty much everyone would have to pay them for it, but less than the normal price because of the missions. If anything it falls closer to false advertising than bait and switch and snake oil. Equally scummy and bad, just different.
  8. WanderingGhost

    Puerto Rico and YOU!

    No the problem isn't that they dangled a hard to get to carrot, it's that they told us with hard work we'd get the carrot, but even THAT won't get us the carrot. Only shelling out money to them gets you the carrot. If they had been upfront, like on Cossack - you'd see less complaints. But they intentionally wasted an idea a lot of us liked on making it REQUIRE you not only be a skilled player - but a skilled player with a stock pile of special flags/signals and a stupid amount of time. And for a lot of us we weren't happy and fine last week, we weren't happy the week before that, or the one before that - I've been saying for months the challenges presented on multiple ships was far more than the ship warranted compared to other ships in game or that they out right give away. More still were simply tolerating things like the still broken 11 month later CV gameplay, still annoyed by Benham, NTC and other things, but just dealing with it. But PR is the straw that broke the camel's back. And this is not the first time they have been vague like this, Humblebundle back around beta that cost someone their job basically for the miscommunication is the best example, people shelled out 6k in dubloons thinking it'd be enough of a jumpstart, turns out the only way to make it reasonable is to drop 56 dollars - which is bull. And they keep not learning after every freaking apology. We players don't need to change our mindset to be good little sheep - Wargaming needs to change it's practices, or at this point more likely both that and it's personal, or there will be no players, and therefore no game.
  9. WanderingGhost

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    So in short - the response is the same as when your Wargaming gave PvE and players that left GC, De Grasse (or some other French premium cruiser) and a ton of other stuff worth more than 100 dollars and shafted the rest of us - "Woopsies, just gonna have to deal with it". Yeah, well here's the the TLDR of my response: Your response is PATHETIC. And right now this may come off as rude, insulting, etc - but I am incredibly angry and saying what I feel, minus what tempering I can do of my rage as to avoid long lines of expletives and the number of insults I really wanna say. My usual ability for diplomacy here is officially spent. Now lets break it down. Tell him no - we aren't 'upset' - were livid, we are angry, we are at 'if we could we'd be outside their headquarters with torches and pitchforks'. Think this - You guys have been making these grinds way harder than they should be as it is - this is just he final fracking tipping point. Some of us understood it'd be a CHALLANGE, not a fracking Herculean Task. And more importantly THAT SPECIAL SIGNALS AND CAMO'S IN A MASSIVE STOCKPILE WOULD NOT BE A REQUIREMENT.. That is absolute fracking [redacted]. People who are skilled and in some cases it's literally their fracking job to play this game can't do it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the objectives require flags and camo's, especially when were not going to get any notice on 'hey may wanna save those instead of boosting xp in a grind or for extra FXP towards a ship', and everyone that approved it are lucky someone like me or my father doesn't run the company because they'd be getting pink slips for Christmas. And it'd be very public as part of damage control to show it won't happen again. Moreover how many man hours HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY WASTED because of this farce? A lot of us were excited for the ship building/drydock concept. You just ruined it and burned it - it's liable to never recover from the taint of this [redacted]. How many people are just not even gonna bother, all the time animating, the time on challenges and modeling - when we still have CV's that need balancing and model work, when ships need work, with all the other stuff how much did you people seriously just waste? Many? Some? Try almost all. It definitely ruins the Christmas spirit of the event - period. Because even the ones who figured they weren't going to get it now have to deal with the rage and toxicity in general chat this has helped fuel - great job. Dedication required? No, it doesn't require fracking dedication, it requires a bunch of fracking signal flags and camo's we can't easily get in large quantities and are basically gone once used. Dedication most of us could find a way to pull off not this garbage. As for 'Sincerest apologies' - this is directed not at you Fem or the other community people but at Sub and the devs and all responsible as well as whatever money man likely had a say in pricing - they can shove the apology. We are WAY past sorry here, after the CV rework disaster, Benham, and so many other things it is hard to fracking keep track even just the last damn year let alone 5 - WE ARE TIRED OF EXCUSES AND APOLOGIES. Mainly cause you people never seem to learn. How many times have we had these 'communications issues' - cause I remember all the way back to 'humble bundle-gate'. How many times have we heard 'We won't do staggered releases anymore' after Eugen, but then it happened on Graf Spee, it happened on Hood - in a manner that screwed many of us out of being able to do some of the Bismarck missions. I thought you would have learned about releasing unfinished things after Saipan and DoY instead we have GZ twice and the abomination that is the rework. THE LAST 10 EVENTS HAVE BEEN GRINDY, VERY, VERY GRINDY - WE HAVE BEEN PRACTICALLY ON AN ENDLESS FRACKING GRIND FOR THE LAST FRACKING YEAR. Lets go over the combined objectives just for the Gorizia - sink 227 ships 40 base cap/defends 380 hits to citadel/fire set/flooding/torp hit 165000 damage by setting fires 4-28 million credits around a million XP - which is enough to be at tier fracking 10 or were it free xp to get a damn tier 9 like Friesland Have nearly 40 million damage thrown at you - FORTY MILLION And I'll stop there because I think by now I should have my damn point across - this is WELL BEYOND EXCESSIVE TO GET A TIER 7 SHIP. Which is salt in the damn wound to the garbage with what your people have done with Puerto Rico. And that has been my issue with the last several 'giveaways' - what is required just in xp and credit grinds well exceeds the tier and type of the ship. I should not have to earn enough xp and free xp, in 4 classes of ship - to basically go from tier 1-8 in USN DD's to get a tier 5. See above for the irritating pain that is Yeah and some of us have all 4 already so that does what for us, credits? Wooo. How many more would we get long term if Gor was easier and PR actually fracking obtainable? Not to mention Furious? Seriously? People will be selling those first thing they get them because of the hatred of both CV's and the rework. Also not like we even get a port slot for it either. Premium time is locked behind construction and insane objectives and even then, no more than what I have picked up from less insane and infuriating events. Yes the one thing that's right even though it's more an extra infusion given what we typically get for doing dailies and taking resource containers. Only if you have a tier 8-9 on steel and even then at 75 a go - not much And yeah, RNG containers, which some of us hate as prizes, if we have tier 10's and beat some of these insane missions. So far a handful of NYS camo's and some more commander XP flags cause I already had almost 600 of them. And not even the good ones, but the bare bones dollar ones mostly unless again, you beat the insane things. And and all those are predicated on you unlocking or buying Gor, having ships that award coal/steel/containers for snowflakes, managing to complete these insane directives, and be the person who is in a clan for clan brawl, and who can deal with the toxicity of ranked and assuming it doesn't take away from the PR/Gor grind. The number of hours even averaging 1500 base xp on directive 4 makes that pretty much impossible so why not just come out with it - it's basically impossible to get the damn thing for free. Is only a little more realistic And this is what the company you work or is trying to strong arm us in to doing if we want it. Sod that garbage. It's what 14000 dubloons for those 2? 56 dollars worth? Lets say this is where I'd be using a lot of words and phrases that'd earn me a ban as a reply to that notion right now. You think any of us are going to fork over that kinda money after this? Frankly in my current level of rage I hope pretty much everyone cuts their spending to zero and the game is all but dead in the next 6 months unless it's closed and relaunched with a new dev team. The apology is not accepted, and simply an apology is flat out inadequate at this point after the CV rework, NTC, and all the other stupid garbage this year that really has me wondering why the hell I'm even still here. Or anyone for this matter. And quite frankly at this point I hope this post takes me out of consideration for ST and if somehow it doesn't then consider this me withdrawing my application. Cause there's no way you listened to ST members on this, you didn't listen on the CV rework, and their already seemed to be trouble listening back when I was an ST member around game launch, and if Wargaming isn't going to listen, or doesn't care enough about the game and players, then why the hell should I take the time and volunteer to test it? You wanna make this right - drop the booster prices by 2/3 - preferably more. Or at least give us one of the boosters free or just 6000 dubloons - compensating those that bought it, and the rest of us can either get the first booster, or if were not doing it now something else. Lower the fracking mission requirements. Guilo and Mo's for all - I don't care at this point - you guys need more than just a Mea Culpa here if you want some of us to even consider accepting the apology. EDIT: and before I forget - there is no damn excuse for PR to be so hard to obtain - Ohio, Colbert, more importantly Yoshino, Smolensk and Thunderer that you get for coal over time. It's not like other tier 10's are this fracking insane to get.
  10. WanderingGhost

    Requesting Penetration Stats for Bombs and Rockets

    I think you mean USN - IJN didn't have AP under RTS, only USN and GZ. That aside - AP bomb pen appears to be variable, much like a shell. Angle of impact, drop height, etc. To date when playing IJN CV's (as now only they, GZ and I think E have them) I have yet to find a ship that is 'bomb proof' when dealing with them. Even USN and other ships I had issues with under RTS I can citadel now. I don't have a full handle on it with some of the weirdness and the fact it can change, but generally seems like higher drop = higher pen, or the reverse of what shells do. The 'holding up better' is I think the result of players still adapting to new gameplay and AP bombs are nowhere near as damaging as they once were (a citadel hit now is closer to a penetrating hit or two under RTS from USN). As to HE - that's actually listed in game. The numbers I can give you 5" FFAR - 27 mm AN-M64 500 lb bomb - 42mm 5" HVAR - 33 mm AN-M65 1000 lb bomb - 53 mm AN-M66 2000 lb bomb - 67 mm Tiny Tim - 68 mm 3" RP-3 (18 lb) - 20 mm 40 lb GP bomb - 18 mm 6" RP-3 (60 lb) - 26 mm 250 lb GP bomb - 32 mm 6" RP-3 SAP (60 lb) - 27 mm 500 lb GP bomb - 41 mm Type 3 no 6 - 28 mm Type 5 no 6 - 30 mm
  11. WanderingGhost

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Let's also not forget staggered release of Eugen that caused a fuss that they acted on - for a handful of months before doing it again on Graf Spee, and on Hood, with people up in arms each time. The carrier rework on several fronts. The toss up on Arizona's inclusion, WV '41 vs '44, Mo going from 'Permanent' to 'yeah these are getting rotated out', Boise/Nueve if only briefly, the humble bundle debacle, Ceasere, the 'incentives' where PvE and returning players got 2 premium ships - including Ceasere, 3 10 point captains, FXP, credits, premium time and pretty sure more all totaling well over 100 dollars worth of stuff - just by logging in, and the rest of us who played more consistently got the shaft and a response summed up as 'well, were just not gonna do it again and do nothing to compensate those of you incensed by this and who have stayed playing like at least 1 of the ships with a captain'. You have the Benham earlier this year, and while still doable the missions for Hill went well beyond for a tier 5 DD and for the last year I and a scant few others have been going on about the fact the mission time frames are way too tight, the requirements are going up way too far, not to mention throwing them at us so often is making the game more like a job than a game. Throw on this and Kami R and the ones I'm forgetting - I've attempted to be polite and respectful as I can though typing angry makes that harder - but with how many of these are within even the last year, let alone two, respect is running low as is my ability to be more civil because frankly - it's feeling like civility is getting the community no where at times and it's only when were short of marching on their HQ with torches and pitchforks and more like an angry mob things get done. Though I could just be too bitter and jaded at this point and it just seems like we have to riot. And what actually annoys me the most is I saw it coming. - You can't do more than 1 in 24 hours - The dates are differently timed but still - a directive every 4 days, only really off by 1. - Turns out my 20k prediction on directive 4 was actually still too low as they went to 27k. - most likely anyone that completes it - barring them listening to us - will require dubloon bonuses but oh wait they are 6000 for the first not 1000. Because I went with the worst case scenario, because anymore if it's a bad idea, if it's the wrong fix, if it's the wrong position or the worst thing to do - they do it. We get moments like with subs, that have seemingly been back burnered now, where they seem to listen but then were back to this - a pattern of predictable things liable to tick off any number of us off.
  12. WanderingGhost

    Constructive Feedback on Puerto Rico Grind

    This better sums up the bulk of my issue with the PR grind - It's not the Herculean Task level (or a more modern/easy reference the equivalent of Wargaming giving us John Wick's un-doable job) but the fact they said that it'd be a challenge, but you could get it for free. I'm fine with a challenge - as long as it's fair though. Some of these are actually to me fair in that they are hard, but doable - 130 citadel/torpedo hits, 4500 hits with secondaries, etc. 48000 base XP, 320k commander XP, Destroy 72 - SEVENTY-TWO ships, all on a timeline where you HAVE to be knocking things out in 4 days or less - and these are still just for the tier 7, forget the PR. The only way these two ship justify this insanity, and even then just barely - is if BOTH are immune to anything but a straight, 90 degree shot at 5 km from a Musashi/Yamato, only burn/flood for 5 seconds, have laser accuracy and trajectory on a 3 km spotting range from air and sea, with god tier AA that makes Wor and Mino look like Ark Beta, and will citadel any ship from almost any angle.
  13. WanderingGhost

    Update 0.8.11 - Feedback

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure several of your directive objectives have typo's with extra 0's added in or weren't changed from a test environment with enhanced xp earnings because otherwise - What the hell Wargaming? I get it's meant to be a challenge but this is bull, plain and simple and I seriously have to ask does anyone use a calculator and numbers when they do this stuff? Not an insult a serious question at this point. Directive 4 alone you realistically have 4 days to complete it, and averaging 1500 base xp, not earned BASE, is 90 matches, at a 15 minute average, is 22.5 hours or roughly 5.5 hours a day IF you can maintain that. 350000 free xp? Even burning what few flags I have left could take as many as 35 matches, in very specific lines/types. Not to mention assuming that the number in port, assuming it's fixed to the start date - leaves at best 8 days from the last objective. Even with the free xp ones 202020 would at least be a little more fair and reasonable (and follow the theme for other missions) but as is this is looking to be another insane, down to the wire burnout grind. If you even have the ships and all to do it. If you don't have signals - and a lot of us have very few of the kind needed here, even that 202020 number is insane when you get maybe 500 fxp a match, 1000 if your lucky and all. Still would take at 1000 203 matches, even if they are all 5 minute blow outs that's 17 hours for one. If your basing all these challenges on people having a ton of these signals - STOP. Because plenty of us don't have some unholy 500 Wyvern flags or the like to burn. Only because I was rationing a bit do I even have 30 of each to try and knock any of this out. 20 million credits - a hard grind in that time frame - but fair when you can manage 2-500k a battle. 2700 hits in CV's in 4 days, on top of 130 citadels, 7000 DD MB hits, 7200 SB hits, and 1 other challenge - hard but fair. But some of these - you guys went way too damn far on them.
  14. WanderingGhost

    WG didn't think the directive requirements through...

    Yeah, actually, I do - Tier 10 may not be my favourite - but I like and do well in Alaska, and PR is that except it's based more on the version meant to be more like a battleship. I play pretty much every ship I have when I can - issue being the stupidity in directives and all of late has prevented me from trying to take them out at least once a week as far as premiums/not quite premiums. There's also just the flat out issue I have of if your gonna make something free - make it damn free, a FAIR challenge is fine and if unable to do it, well than plan B is money. KGV, Hill, Graf Spee, etc - these are great examples. Cossack is a good example at least of 'look, it's not free but you get a big discount' - they were up front you'd have to put in a couple bucks - at which point I'm fine with it. Be upfront that it will cost us a bit of cash, and the challenge is just for a discount. But don't say 'here's a free ship' when what you actually mean is 'here's a ship you have to pay out the for unless you are a god tier player with no life'.
  15. WanderingGhost

    WG didn't think the directive requirements through...

    See people thought I was crazy and that I was wrong there was no way that the directives would be this bad with a 3 day time span - I was off by them giving us an extra day, and it's actually worse than I imagined. So if any Wargaming staff actually see this and actually want to respond - We get it, it's supposed to be a challenge - but this all qualifies as to the technical term 'absolutely ing insane and near impossible'. And I was afraid you'd waste the great concept of the dockyard on something as stupid as this where even the damn best players stacking every possible bonus are gonna struggle. Average 1500 base XP, that's 18 matches - 5 times, which is 90 matches, at a 15 minute average, is 1350 minutes, otherwise known as 22.5 hours. Over 4 days because you have to be on to the next directive - that's 5 1/2 hours a day IF you can manage 1500 base xp average every game. Right now I'm going 'thank it doesn't really start till the 16th' because I have to work the Army/Navy game which is nearly a 12 hour work day for me. And even then still have to move and all. And I'm sorry - but there is ZERO excuse for it to be THIS HARD. Ohio and Colbert - tier 10's that yeah, require regrinds but are, as of yet, permanent and actually have time to do, Bourgogne, Somers, and Stalingrad for steel - which hey it's a lot but again, time to get it through ranked or even events like the snowflakes, but the real shots to the damn foot are Thunderer, Yoshino, Salem, and Smolensk - tier 10's for fracking COAL just playing the freaking game over time gets you these, and again, you have a really long time to get the resources. Cruisers, DD's, fracking battleships some of which are way more unique and different and are way fracking easier to get. Y'know, you guys keep taking small steps forward that slowly bring me back to considering supporting the game as I once did - and then you do something so patently fracking stupid like this.