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  1. "I had no support!" The Potatoes Lament

    Here's the thing from my point of view - it is a team game, so there should be at least the most basic level of support. And I have admittedly lost my temper in chat and made usually a single comment. However, It's not like I see 5 ships at map start by me and assume they are going say, A with me It's when my 28 knot BB, getting close to AA, has two nearby cruisers, a DD that for some reason may be falling back from cap at the moment, and 2 more BB's are right there. Get engaged by sometimes a smaller force - and then they runaway. As Lert says I understand that BB's are slower, lord knows I've been yelled at when my game loaded 20 seconds late and my top speed is maybe 20 knots. I even understand some BB's have armour that's not very strong and need to stay further back. But there's a difference between "I'm slow to the fight" and "My armour means I need to sit a bit further back" and BB's that are sitting at their max gun rage the entire battle scoring at best the occasional hit. Same goes for especially IJN DD's that even if there is no radar and the enemy DD is dead, are say, 8 km behind my BB launching torps at the enemy, ones I usually have to dodge. Me saying it is usually an outburst of frustration, partially because I'm a more aggressive player, why of non CV's German BB's are my most played, and while I understand a certain level of passive play for saftey, it feels like I get teams that are overly passive. Teams where the enemy starts with/gets most of the caps early and now we have to play offense but no one will. DD's running cause of BB AP and Radar. Cruiisers running because of BB AP crushing them. BB's running because of fire and occasional torps. I had a tier 10 match where NO ONE captured a point, or even tried to contest them or spot the enemy team, with CV's unable to spot thanks to AA ships blanketing the caps/entire map center behind islands, for over 10 minutes. With super sporadic gun fire. It's the over passivity that drives some of us up a wall. Thing is, if I can draw fire for my team, use myself as bait while the team rips them up as they focus on me, I'm good even if I'm sunk in the first 5 minutes if it means the team breaks through. Ideally though, I prefer not sinking. And when I've had more aggressive teams that push with me, done that much better. But when I've had 5 back to back games where I'm getting 60-80k spotting damage in a BB - tend to think there's a bit wrong and start getting frustrated that I'm spotting ships. As a CV player even more so because the team working together can make a huge difference. Case in point - This was the other day when they had the tukey shoot mission up and I decided to lift my rule on not overly abusing strafe and manual drop. Two things the CV I faced clearly had no clue about and while he managed to get 2 ships while my fighters were down, about 6-7 minutes in, he basically had no planes left. But, his team stuck together, making attacks on them more difficult, while also destroying my team. Who despite a strong start, fell apart. And I gave seen some blue/purple players cry about support too. Usually though, they are raging about the unwashed masses beneath them that aren't gods at this game about any decisions they made, or a mistake, or any number of other things. Hell, I had one BRAGGING that he was why we were going to win a match, as he took his Scharnhorst completely out of the battle, over at C, and only after the rest of the team had weakened the other ships, about 12 minutes in, finally actually got in the fight and picked off some low health ships. He was only able to out score 3 ships, two of which were early dets long before the 75% threshold was added. They may not always throw the same crap, but some of the elite players throw crap too.
  2. Fighting Fridays - On Fire!

    Relative when you consider the fact that fire damage is a %, not mostly fixed like AP. Tier 1 or 10, you still lose 9% in a DD or cruiser, a slightly too high 18% on BB's after IFHE was introduced, and a way too high 24% on CV's when you consider they also lose the ability to attack AND have no repair. And what I do is pray I can somehow limit it to one fire if I'm in a BB/CV and can et it out without getting relt right after. Especially when I get two out, and then the same damned cruiser in 2 salvo's starts 3 more that can take away up to 54% of my HP. When at best my repair party recovers I think it was 14-16%.
  3. Favorite tier 4 BB?

    Ark Beta - it's freedom enhanced shells pierce even Nikolai's stalinium armour.
  4. spotted by planes

    Unless I missed a change back -all aircraft are spotted 8 km from your own ship, or any other thing like other aircraft, unless you have help from another ship closer to them. Other than in a storm where they can't see you either unless they are right on top of you. So, other than a couple cruisers, and BB's that are spotted forever away anyway, Most ships otherwise, are spotted under 8 km from the air meaning that they will see the planes before the planes see them, especially DD's. To which the handful of ships, which again, is mostly BB's that are easily spotted anyway, even IF they know where the planes are that are spotting them beyond 8 km out are, are never going to get unspotted by them anyway unless fighters or another ships AA chases them off. To which also the 8 km thing makes sense as the limit because aside from as I just said about BB's trying to move, which honestly there should be ships or other aircraft spotting/dealing with them, there are maybe 5 ships in the entire game that have an AA range over 7.2 km max, so, your AA is going to do nothing anyway. Not to mention 8 km(5 miles) away your trying to spot an aircraft, generally painted to loosely blend with the sky, at an altitude of between 10-20k feet, that's got a wingspan under 60 feet, assuming you can see at a angle that gives you the full side, or maybe 20-30 feet long from the side and a few feet high. Or from the front where the biggest, easiest to spot section is maybe 5 feet across.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    I actually agree with you it should be hitting the base ship itself or fix the issue of it going through islands, why it's trying to fix it without actually fixing it. Sorta like 90% of the changes made to CV's like when USN players said "Hey, our DB's aren't cutting it especially after all the AA buffs, can we get a bit of a buff on them" So instead of buffing their HP a bit or improving accuracy slightly they gave our fighters even more ammo.
  6. All IJN CV's can use cross drops, and in fact, are recommended to due to the large gaps even a BB can get through (yes, not timed right and all even a BB can dodge these). USN cannot (except Midways broken as hell setup that should have never been returned, Saipan that has similar drops to IJN, and Enterprise that has a weird pattern), but for it gets a more solid wall of torps. And thankfully manual drop was removed from those tiers. It is unfortunately an issue at low tiers that AA is wholly inadequate to deal with planes, while, opposite end of the spectrum, AA is too good at mid-high tiers. Your best bet, barring a half decent rework which I wouldn't hold my breath for, is to find tier 4 or higher ships and try to stick near them. A lone ship is a grat target for a CV with very rare exception. That said, 2 CV's coordinating their efforts, while rare, is a terrifying force, especially at those tiers. Also, ignore the "rating" as it can be misleading, especially when you have DF AA. It's better to look at the weapons themselves and what they do. Typically speaking - any MG - pretty much useless, token DPS 20 mm/2 cm auto-cannon - useful against DB's (Dive Bombers) limited/no use vs TB's 40 mm pom pom/vickers - slightly more use against TB, usually a bit low on DPS 25 mm - 37 mm - usually fairly decent, average DPS, but range to be effective vs TB's. 40 mm Bofor/STAAG - typically melts planes with high DPS and good range DP guns - vary. AA calculation is your AA DPS/plane HP for the chance every tic/second you'll down a plane. So, you can actually math out your chances of any build with any ship vs any CV. Some with "high" ratings have surprisingly useless AA while some with "lower" ratings do better. That and just the RNG factor. Part of Why UK has actually surpassed USN for AA at high tiers is the fact a lot of USN's AA especially on the BB's is locked in 20 mm auto-cannons. Which, is problematic against a DB, but rarely against a TB. While it may be lower overall once you take the 20 mm's in, UK generally has more at mid/long range, as well as generally longer range in areas, That is effective against both aircraft types in a big way, as they are in a higher damage area longer. Lion with nothing has 528 DPS at 3.5+ km. My AA built (sans slot 6 AA buff) is 598 at the same range. Add the flag and BFT, Lion jumps to 696, about 150 less than Iowa overall you add in the 20 mm guns. Sure, there's a brief moment where my DB's would have to deal with a bit more DPS, but despite Iowa having a higher rating it's potentially easier to attack than a lower rated Lion. Especially for IJN TB focused CV's.
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    Hurts the one abusing it for nearly a minute long run time. But I agree, it's on the list of "Trying to fix a problem without fixing the actual problem"
  8. Taffee 3

    DE-413. It's a John C Butler class destroyer escort. Don't think anything even close to the type exists in game. So, to be accurate on that one it would require a whole new ship. That said, 2 5 inch guns and only a single triple tube I think it is, could be interesting in lower/mid tier with a high reload rate to compensate lack of actual firepower. That said - the Fletcher class ships well, we have Fletcher in game. Part of why we see "duplicate" ships (Kami clones, Tirp/Bis, Prinz, Loyang, etc) is the fact that they are essentially done and simply need some cosmetic changes or minor alterations. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the idea, in most cases, where this would be a thing to use camo's that maybe have different bonuses and all, Especially on ships like DD's where, quite frankly, it would be absurd to actually make all 100 or so of some classes as individual ships in game. However, for one like Johnston, well, the ship is made already basically, they just need to make her armament accurate to that ships configuration that day, change appearance, maybe add a tweak to it (repair party?) they don't sell 9's but if changes made make it an option as a tier 8 Fletcher well, now they have a ship that cost a fraction to make with lower dev time that instead of making the price of a camo (maybe 12 dollars) is making the price of a tier 8 DD (that's what, 40-50 dollars?). And first and foremost, they are a business, and money is the goal. I'd say your more likely to see a full ship of Johnston than a camo.
  9. Eventually, the question becomes "where to put it" because I honestly think some people oversell it as a tier 9. In terms of firepower, her guns are slightly bigger than Scharn, but otherwise the same. Kron has 15 inch guns. Ranked as a BB, her AA is roughly tier 7/8 material, as a cruiser, maybe 8. Her weight class is closer to Scharn (so likely more like it's HP pool), Kron is heavier. Scharn has better belt armour, Kron has similar max, but Alaska's tapers to 5 in. Alaska has better deck armour. Scarn and Kron have better turret protection, and better conning tower protection. Speed is about the same. What I can find of dimensions she may have slightly worse spotting range. That and just some of the discussion stuff seems to lean more toward her being placed as a lighter armoured BB, a fast BB, wgich honestly, is likely more suited to tier 7/8. They could have her as a cruiser, which not sure how I'd feel about that, even Kron doesn't really seem like it should be, but even then, I still think it really tops out around tier 8. And before anyone jumps on me for implying such - no, I do not feel Kron is a superior ship, honestly think it belongs a tier lower and have a lot of issues with recent premium ship tiering (Hood, GZ, E, DoY given she was made an inferior clone). The stuff I find on it, Alaska falls in the same general realm as the fast BB's/BC's we see around tier 7, and the Balti that is at tier 8, And that's where I think she should be, tier 7 or 8. Rather see her there, where she is sure to suceed, then up tiered to 9 where like many other ships she's doomed to mediocrity at best because she should be a tier lower.
  10. Wisdom Wednesdays - Commander Air Group

    Depends on line and all. If I had my way - aka when I'm not dealing with super OP AA BB's, my go to weapon even with TB's now as a former USN AS player still is and always will be the DB's. With HE. Come in with group one, hit, usually start a fire or two, wait, then hit with two is ideal. However, I almost always seem to get the finger from MM and have a ton of AA on the other team (even before the cruiser split) Meaning I've had to rely on TB's a bit more even though I can, when AA permits, do as much or more with DB's. However, with IJN the DB's are so utterly worthless I have to go with TB's on them. Realistically, even USN's DB's are far from ideal consistent damage dealing. I've had a Saipan manual drop along the deck on a parked enemy CV miss. Yesterday/day before my Kaga DB's, that have an even smaller dispersion circle than that, missed a parked BB, down the deck, dead center of the ship. I would gladly trade alpha for better accuracy/reliability and they seriously need an HP buff to counteract all the AA buffs some that were meant to counter manual drop TB's. Some people - they want immediate gratification and think TB's are the only good damage source and that DB's will never be useful. Me - Well, I just want to watch the battleships burn. And the CV's. And the cruisers.... and the DD's. Yeah, somewhere between Ronald from "Backdraft" and Joker from Dark Knight.
  11. Just one of those nights....

    except when your about to ram a still mostly health German tier 9 BB with your almost dead one as you've closed in a brawl, only to suddenly here "torpedoes to port" and find out that your team DD 8 km out with 9.2 km torps fired them when you still had half health and were obviously closing in, and hits you and not even the enemy just before you ram him.
  12. only if it's on some of the WW1 era tier 4 and 5's that have little if any AA because once you hit tier 6 they start having stupid amounts and don't need anything else given some are deleting entire attack groups alone, and should be using this OP thing called "teamwork".
  13. oo, oo, I have a gimmick - properly balanced CV's, that's one we've never seen. Stealth ships - reduce the spotted by radar range Barrage ballons - tied to BB's to further frustrate CV players trying to attack them Ghost ships - can't be hit, can't score hits, spot everything though. And before anyone freaks other than balanced CV's the other three are a joke.
  14. The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

    it's inconsistent at best, some people see no CV's, others see them all the time. And the first mission at least could be done in a CV. Used my Inde to knock it and the Indy mission out.
  15. Faith

    I have never gotten a ship from one still, usually modules, occasionally flags I don't need in bulk, last one had some dubloons, and despite some people apparently getting all the misson's, I have yet to get a single mission for a ship from the crates that are suppose to have a chance of dropping between the one from Halsey and the several from all the Indy missions. Care to spare some luck?