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  1. They aren't already? As it is everyday I either eat team torps, or get killed trying NOT to get killed by team torps. At this point, least the matches I play, there are already too many lacking the cognitive ability in DD's AND cruisers who shoot from the second or third line, where in maneuvering I end up in the path because the warning doesn't happen till a certain range, they hit me because they aim at a target I'm engaged with, or, I pick it up, but am now forced to sail straight till they pass meaning I may be stuck broadside to a BB or to another ship/planes with torps that now have an easy kill because I have no direction to dodge without getting hit. More a matter do I die to team damage, or die to the enemy. I think after 2 years, we have established these people just will not learn. They will still just go "derp derp, 20 km torpedoes means fire from max range on widest spread with 5 teammates in the path". I've had people kill me/near kill me with only a range of 5.5 km. Your not going to fix the wiring in these peoples heads, penalties do nothing, the only one truly penalized is the guy getting hit by torps. Hell, even I'm not perfect, dropped them on an enemy with planes not expecting to see that 2 ships that had been on the other side of the island turned in to go around and come back to hit the guy I launched torps at (and who was almost dead by the time my TB's got there) and unfortunately there ship was fast enough and my torps had enough range the one ship got hit. He got pretty well wrecked, the penalty sucked, not that hard, more my pride in that I screwed up and hit him. The rest of these people lack that. Better to turn off friendly torp damage (and only torp damage) because they are just as careless anyway, strange things happen (like those guys choosing to turn back to go after my target which made no sense), and all the rest of it, not to mention the massive damage they do. Also makes it that the TK'ers are more obvious as they likely have to fire several rounds at a teammate not just go "uh, I accidentally launched cause my broken mouse" or the like. Make them work harder for the kills that get them banned.
  2. Nice. Took me having to do half decent in an Iowa and just enough that the last ship we had could secure the win to get it, nothing else worked, for various reasons. Still say 1600 base for a tier 5 BB is a bit much though.
  3. 1. "So with graf zep almost being finish and back on the market ," Ha, don't make me laugh. All they've done is give it 3 TB's that oh, don't hit DD's, and fighters that still put up no real fight because they are still really tiered higher than they should be still but that's besides the point. Stuka's still have some survivability issues and the reason WG scrambled the release before without what seemed to be truly proper testing - the fact they put 3 TB groups on it and made it OP a hell because of it, resulting in the change to DB's and THAT fiasco. It's nowhere near done. 2. "What next in the tube for premium cv how about an Italian one call the Aquila proble have a good loadout of fighters/bombers" - or better yet we not again pull ships from a potential line, that thing depending on view can be 8 possibly tier 9, and just integrate it in a line. 3. "next is frence with it FS Bearn a converted Normandie class battleship." again, another potential line, and this Navy actually got a couple made and fighting unlike RU, GER, and ITA that can all field lines, with only Germany and Italy having some physical ships at least started/conversion started. 4. "how about mightly Akagi as a tier 8 could be a decent match for a enterprise" - No, it wouldn't be. Premium ships are historical, GZ, even if the tiering on aircraft is wrong, in some truly horrific ways that hurt the ship, is using the right models and all (though the torps thing is a bit of an issue). Akagi when she went down was still using A6M's, likely 2's, maybe 3's, can't remember from the top of my head this second and the B5N and D3A, as I recall those are tier 6 planes, you MIGHT be able to skate a tier 7 version of the D3A if that's even a thing. But it'd be a tier 8 ship then, with tier 6 fighters and TB, maybe 7 DB, against E's tier 7, Lex and Shokaku's 8, and tier 10 AA which there is just no way those planes survive. Even tier 9 planes can't get through at times. Hell, I had a Kaga attacking my Iowa that's still stock hull, 10-12 point captain and a couple modernization's and might as well been playing "Can't touch this". It'd have to be a tier 6-7 premium. At which point IJN has enough other designs and projects the made (Akagi, couple other classes I can't remember names of and the Yamato conversion that was the 3rd of the Yamato's made to a CV) as a partial or full alternate line. 5. "and perhaps some the mightly british royal navy cv ships. there a bunch on them like the ark royal." - Considering more than a year ago a vid showed "the ice carrier", and the fact the UK is the last "Easy" CV line in the game (the other 4 nations that can field CV lines have limited planes, far as I know, on Germany can I come up with a full list, and tight on ships maybe needing 1-2 stretches like Germany's BB tree and I think even UK BB has a couple) with also the fact we were told we'd get 2 UK lines, and we haven't gotten a new CV line since launch. And talk was it'd come with the rework, that they desperately need, but haven't heard anything in months, and have had 3 premiums released even though they said that they would only do that after the rework. Also, at this point, it feels less like they gae up on them, more that they are incompetent and don't know what they are doing, running around like chickens without heads, when all GZ needed was all her planes made tier 7, increased her reserve, increase planes per squadron, give it the tier 9 slot to up bomber HP and make it specialized in this way as a DD hunter/killer, maybe cruiser, the ships that would typically be escorting a commerce fleet and was actually built around engaging DD's (hence her heavy secondary guns), while having to burn down BB's and other CV's, not totally relying on Alpha, or, give it 2 HE, 1 AP because you an't tell me you can make AP/HE rounds for ships, make TB's and DB's a seperate thing, but can't program it that say slot 3 is "AP DB ammo" (because planes are counted as ammo) and 4 and 5 are HE, with a difference similar to AP and HE shells to tell them apart till you memorize them.
  4. Except the part that radar defeats smoke, part of why it exists, and goes through islands in game which even if the radar ship is on the other side, his teammates across the map that have an angle hammer you. Which is the problem, The radar ship can be completely unseen behind an island 7 km so no one see's it coming, you start to cap, it pops it, your toast because you have no defense. They don't have to have LoS so you can at least spot them for retaliation, And when your entire survival is based around smoke and not being seen, something that spots you no matter what, with no repercussions or real drawback, kinda not fair. Also, CV's don't need a consumable to deal with DF, they just need AA balanced right, because 110% chance per second to down planes in some cases is a bit much.
  5. If true it's hard to say. French DD's would likely be a next year thing at the earliest. Also comes down to design. Then again, the "gimmicks" of premium/reward ships often end up being test beds for potential future ships, changes, and mechanics. Before UK cruisers ever came out they had data on ship performance of cruisers with smoke, or rather, one - the Iwaki Alpha. E is a test bed now for AP (which needs reworking, or rather, the bombs do), where as Saipan was a test of non uniform groups it seems (beyond the +1 that only fighters/DB's get). Kaga the first to have a none standard formation. Perth has alternative smoke screen that we could see more in the future if it works, the list goes on. Maybe it ends up being a test bed to buffing DD HP pools given some of the recent changes.
  6. Look, so far, I only have a couple games since patch, but so far, really not digging the change. Look, I get not wanting super stealth for Non DD's, I'm not against it. But I think we need a better answer. Like I said before, I think cruisers are way too high. The generic idea is cruisers hunt DD's, That sometimes means getting close to a DD to better hit it, or some DD's will rush into it because short range torps, and now what cover you had from the 3 BB's behind it is gone, and a good chance your toast. Not to mention you balanced a whole line because it had smoke and what I've seen isn't pretty. And I can't tell you how many times a DD dropping smoke as I got hammered saved me, or me as a DD doing the same saved someone else in a BB. I would say that ships with torps and CV's should be driving them out of smoke, problem is Only IJN cruisers (if they turn to run basically), High tier UK, IJN and some high tier DD's, really have torps that might be able to do this, some of them being backed off of because of Radar exceeding or matching some torp ranges, and CV's will lose everything before they drop if there's to or more ships in it, also assuming they have the torps to drop in the first place. So far, about the only idea I can come up with would be something akin to the artillery alternate view in WoT, something at a bit of an angle similar to when using the spotter plane that allows you to see a large ellipse (bigger/less accurate than normal gun fire as the idea would be cover a somewhat bigger area to try and hit) to generally aim at the smoke to try and hit a target still. Ships can go back to stealth, but aren't as immune because while not super accurate a ship/ships might dial in where they are in the smoke from the new view.
  7. Mine may well have been before the last wipe. Either way, yes, steps were taken to minimize it - but sometimes things have a way or working out as such still. Last ships go together (one of mine was a last ditch suicide ram into a higher tier enemy BB that I was not about to win the gun fight with in mine), points max out or hit 0 at the same time, anything else I can't think of off the top of my head. And he answer is no, their should not be more safe guards. Sometimes, 2 teams are just equal. Most of the time, there's a winner or loser, but sometimes, no one wins or loses.
  8. You guys really need to scramble out a repeatable mission for this thing. A camo per win, 1000 captain xp per win, something. Last year you could use it to get some extra camo's (been using them sparingly as I need to) for grinding ships and all, but without that yeah, once you manage a 5 star game (I haven't yet) there's no point other than lol's and the fact it should be, like Dunkirk, making the commander XP elite commander XP but the rewards by comparison even for a win seem low. And this is actually harder.
  9. But that's the thing, you can have flavour without getting stupid about it - The four lines I know ships and planes for: UK make it a BB hunter, they didn't really use DB's IJN becomes mix BB hunter, they have DB's that are better for hitting things like a DD, but not great. USN Mix DD hunter, better than IJN at DD's, but having jut the one TB at most (or more accurate than now BB's) makes it less efficient at BB hunting. German CV's - DD hunters that rely on fires to burn a BB down over time if they have to. Then you have ship differences, IJN stealth, USN AA, German secondaries (all their designs are pretty secondary/DP heavy) and UK has armour. Even fighters can be differentiated with IJN being glass cannons (high DPS), USN being a brick wall (high HP, low DPS and ammo), to which I note, that being done RIGHT, as it is now USN has higher ammo, HP AND DPS because what is shown is DPS for 1 aircraft. And UK and Germany somewhere in the middle leaning one way or the other. The other 3 nations with potential lines, I'd have to see what their planes were like, all that jazz I have basics, not enough. Far as branches, maybe the USN alternate uses AP bombs only, or a mix of say, 2 AP 1 HE (if they can separate torp planes and shells, they can separate them into 2 different types) geared at hammering BB's more but losing some of that cruiser/DD hunting ability. Maybe IJN gears more at DB's like the Kaga set up no one really uses using many more planes with smaller bombs instead of a few with heavier bombs.
  10. Depends on the ship. Bismarck, Tirpitz, Edi, Hipper are all under, hipper pretty badly. Kagero slightly over. Takao and NC are under. Ognevoi slightly over. Iowa and Freddy well under. But Iowa and Freddy well, my first 3 of the the couple matches I had I was deleted early due to being spawned basically alone and not able to join the lemming train as the whole enemy team came down on me and things like that. Also stock grinds always suck. The matches after... weren't much better in luck (shima fired a skill wall at a DD that ended up catching me broadside angling against a BB with no time to mitigate enough damage) The rest well, various reasons for it with the funny part being that as much as I'm not doing as much damage - most of those ships, if not all, my MBH and TH are actually above the server averages. I'm hitting things, just apparently not hard enough. Or I don't get time to actually deal damage as one team steam rolls the other. Either way in a match, my minimum goal is either A: my HP dealt in damage or B: take someone with me.
  11. 1. Usually not biased or minimal part of why I play all the ships. 2. 9/10 I think so. 3. It really depends on the situation. You wanna talk history and accuracy on DD's and cruisers, eh, definitely not some place I know things. Skills in the game, eh I'll debate on that one. Aircraft and CV related things, much as I can admit when I'm wrong when shown new info (number of aircraft GZ could historically hold) there's a reason I laughed when GZ failed as I said it likely would when announced at tier 8 and I usually dedicate a paragraph just to my gripes on the Stuka still being tier 8, because I've studied second World War aviation for more than 20 years. School, or rather, back when I was in school.... yeah ego and all was about on par with Q from Star Trek TNG. Even teachers were puzzled why the kid that could do physics calculations in his head as the question was asked wasn't in honours or some more advanced class.
  12. Yeah, anything smaller than a BB I stay the hell away from a German BB's secondary range, I know the damage they do without manual sec, they actually opt for it well - I believe the late Bill Paxton said it best: That said, I do love the DD's that pop out at 5 km and think they have my Bismarck, only to miss the predictable torp attack then drop smoke while fleeing thinking it will save them. By which point I've likely swapped to HE already if I wasn't before and pop hydro nullifying the smoke. German BB's are like an old "In Soviet Russia" joke. That or the DD/cruiser that sits in smoke thinking their safe till they realize I am crazy (and usually good enough at dodging) enough to charge the smoke with a German BB. Good job and may you encounter more foolish DD's that assume BB's will be food for them. This time for the Kraken.
  13. Pan-Asian destroyers and the torpedo bombers of the German carrier Graf Zeppelin carry torpedoes that can hit any target in the game except destroyers Why is this still a thing? Could someone, anyone, from your company explain what the logic behind this ship in game is supposed to be? What is it supposed to be doing cause it seems like you have no bloody clue with the flip flops. I still see tier 8 attack aircraft and seriously, what is possessing you guys that those planes are tier 8? Drop them to 7 where they belong, along with the 109 that was made around the same time you already dropped, and if you are this hell bent to give it torps, make it a 2,1,2 set up and increase the number of fighters if needed so they stand a chance on the numer of DB's per group so they can actually hit things, namely, DD's. Because GZ was meant more as a Commerce Raider or Commerce Raider support, meaning it'd likely engage more often - cruisers and DD's. That's part of why it has so many heavy guns for self defense. Drop the AP bomb shtick, right now E with the way those things are balanced is bad enough. Make it that it's better at hammering away at DD's given everything that it has going for it. Make it burn down larger ships with HE bombs unless you want it to be different from a potential line that would be somewhat lacking in CV launch-able planes that can carry torps. Also, I still think the ranges for cruisers getting spotted in smoke is a bit high still.
  14. 0. It's not "A new version". It's a bold face lie at worst, at best, an exaggeration. All it is is 1.9 with a new game mode, near impossible to get bombers, GT's as/more frustrating than when they botched them in the 1.5 change and a crappier UI. 1. Am I all for +/-1 MM, yes, at least as a stop gap till Wargaming addresses certain issues between ships separated by two tiers. DD's are for the most part fine, issue is more Radar needs to be fixed, Same with BB's other than a couple that need tweaks to better handle being up tiered. But it seems several cruisers up tier poorly and CV's is a massive issue, especially at mid tier. That said, the only reason Warplanes has +/-1? is the fact that 50% or more of the planes in a match are advanced bots, that may well have ended up laying the ground work for bot's here. Difference is - they had to impliment them on live server after driving their player base away with every patch from 1.5 on. 2. We already have that to a degree - just a matter of it still needs some refining. 3. Yeah, that might last oh.... 2-3 months IF they actually seem to be communicating. They promised more after the debacle of shoving 1.5 down our throats it lasted maybe 2 months. We get not only far better communication here, but we don't have to pull answers out of people, and they actually EXPLAIN changes when asked. We rioted when they removed rockets from the P-51, underwing gondola's from 109's, and bombs from the A6M, all things they historically had. The only answer we got was "Balance" and none of them would explain what was the issue because not a single player said they were unbalanced, only a small minority crying they felt players weren't playing planes right because they might use them to hit a GT before dog fighting, or use different tactics. That was 2 years ago. And they still didn't bring them back but well, most of us that wanted them back IE the majority of the player base left so stopped bugging them likely. Not to mention "Bombers are too big and terrible at maneuvering"- when at the time some fighters and GA were bricks and huge by comparison IL-2's were like freaking light fighters in mobility, and the Ju-88 being given a 7.5 cm gun instead of 8.8 "we have no targets that require that kind of firepower" which if that's the case WHY DO WE HAVE 1000 POUND BOMBS. Ships gives a general start of the year "what we look to do" because sometimes, things break down. Like the CV fix apparently. The last time they tried accurate was Saipan, that ended up delayed. Trying to meet an expected deadline is why GZ launched as it did, why Warplanes rammed 1.5 down our throats, and look how well those turned out - full blown rage and riots. Careful what you wish for. At this point the only two "positive takeaways" that are WoWp only that this game should take - Ship Birthdays - till 2.0 If you had a plane x months, then x years, also depending on tier, you got various rewards that could be a chunk of credits or multiple matches of XP/Credit multipliers, some free xp, even at some of the highest rewards some gold or a day of premium. A little something to dust off that tier 4 you used to love flying for a few matches or that tier 6 premium gathering dust after getting to tier 8. Implement it here that maybe it leans more a chunk of credits, free xp, commander xp, some dubloons or day of premium (note like Warplanes, it should be a few days to complete a match/matches in the ship so you can line up the premium hopefully to a weekend or day you can use it more), or maybe some of the unique signals (Red Dragon, Kraken, etc). Stuka tiering - they put the thing at tier 5, against 109E's and Wildcats and all. And while tiering is slightly different here - it should be clear the Stuka IS NOT TIER 8 MATERIAL. Pretty much everything else about that game, that isn't shared with Tank's - is a lesson in what NOT to do.
  15. Depends on match up and all - -USN fighters basically always beat IJN, even out tiered. -if they have aircraft servicing expert (the skill that adds 5% to survivability if I have the name wrong), DFE (depending on their plane tier or even just the extra ammo helps), or Air superiority (additional plane that adds DPS), these can have some to major effect. -upgrade level - are you stock vs same country higher tier fighters, higher tier basically always wins. -Modernization's - There's one that adds 10% to DPS, that can make a pretty big difference. -Any AA - if your anywhere near the AA of enemy ship, it adds up against your planes. You may think you are, but sometimes your not. Things like this are why long time CV players have been getting worked up over some of the recent issues (*cough*GZ*cough*) and want the rework we were promised. You have no real options, you have to build a certain way or you stand no chance. Some people have their high point captains in lower ships because upper tiers AA is too damned insane. So you might be up against ships with maximum ability. To give you an idea (math ahead) The F4F-4 of the Bogue has 43 DPS stock, and 1090 HP stock. vs the same fighters, it has a 23.6% chance every second to down planes from the start - the calculation is (43x6)/1090, though every plane you lose lowers that, 1 plane lost lowers it to 19.7%. However lets take bare bones vs full spec. The full spec get's 5% to HP, 10% to damage, and an extra fighter - thus, the equation for chance to shoot down the stock plane becomes (43x1.1)x7/1090, and the chance the stock plane shoots it down becomes 43x6/(1090x1.05) - the upgraded planes have a 30.3% chance to shoot down stock F4F-4's, the stock F4F-4 has a 22.5% chance to down the upgraded F4F-4. Meaning it gets the edge in likely to down a plane first which, remember, drops the chances that group downs a plane because of DPS loss, which in this case would be 18.7%. It's why at times if you lose a plane or two it can seem to cascade out of control for you. Basically, you ever want to figure out shoot down chances, been thinking of making a chart but no time at the moment - Aircraft - (Aircraft DPS x bonuses)x number of planes in group/(target HP x bonuses) Bonus multipliers - fighter damage modification is 1.1, Dogfighting expert is 1.1 for 1 tier lower, 1.2 for 2, 1.3 for 3, ASE is 1.05 to HP, upgrade in 3rd slot (Tier 9 CV's, Enterprise, maybe GZ) is 1.15 to HP. AA is usually a little simpler albeit it has more bonuses that can stack. AA x bonuses/plane HP x bonuses. Bonuses to AA are - BFT - 1.2 multiplier -Flag that adds 10% to AA damage - 1.1 multiplier -Manual AA - 2x 85 mm or larger AA DPS (do this first if you have it) -Focus target - 1.3x multiplier to damage - AA mod 3 (tier 9+ ships, E, maybe GZ if they choose not to get attack plane HP) 1.25 - Defensive Fire consumable - Cruisers, USN DD is 3x to DPS, USN CV's 1.25 on USN CV, 1.75 IJN CV, supposedly on only the 25 mm or larger guns. So, let's take an Iowa as the most extreme example of what the formula looks like having all that and focusing planes from an upgraded Essex, namely, the DB's - ((151x2)+302+195)x 1.2 x 1.1 x 1.25 x 1.3/(1910x1.15x1.05)=1713/2306 = 74% chance per second a plane is downed of anything that enters the range of the 20 mm guns. For a similar ship in terms of tier but with Defensive fire (keeping these numbers so I can copy paste) it'd be - (((151x2)+302)x3)+195)x 1.2 x 1.1 x 1.25 x 1.3/(1910x1.15x1.05). It can be a lot of math, but it can help on why your losing fighter battles and why it might be you get close to certain ships you lose planes fast even if you normally don't expect to. You'll also start to see how much of an edge USN truly has in fighters.