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  1. Damn that pic is bright. I'm content I got to NO by the line split, by bigger thing, if IJN is anything to go by, is trying to rush train some 10 pint captains. at least.
  2. Wasn't able to finish it as far as I wanted before submitting it the other day, was going to put a Fleur De Lis in the blue section of the turret tops and there may be some unintentional colour gaps in the super structure because of time and issues with gimp.May have also missed some of the deck between barrels. Only way to fix some would have been pixel by pixel recoulour and well... I would have gone into insane perfectionist mode at that point and never finished. I had to have a teacher tell me that a line was fine because I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to where I wanted at 800% zoom in illustrator because it was 3 degrees off and I could see it and knew it was there even in the final product, minor as it was. Anyway, I based the design off the colours (historically) of a Musketeer Uniform, those who guarded the king outside the royal grounds. The upper hull red being the pants/under colour that were red and the Blue with Silver trim of the well known over part, with the turrets meant from the side to replicate the hats with the feather(?) in them. With the turrets following with the red and Blue with Silver trim (edges of the turret top for those that can't see it) because no, I could not resist the nod to "The Three Musketeers" as it was my favourite book as a kid. And movie. I could have more easily put the cross in in time (because free handing a Fleur is at best hard for me due to damage to my hands/wrist and I refuse to copy/paste one from elsewhere, wanted it 100% my own work) that was in fact used on the uniforms but uh, yeah, wasn't sure what the ruling would be on that seeing as it was a bit more overt than the Fleur is on symbolism and might start issues/disqualify it. Plus, unlike my New York Camo, it's far simplier and easier for them to implement design wise with or without any liberties taken. And yes, had there not been any potential trademark/copyright/etc issues I'd have marked the Turrets as Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, and if thing somehow wins I'm definitely referring to them as that in game.
  3. Captain Skill - Catapult Aircraft

    Yep, exact same spotting but can debuff the TB's/DB's if the fighters aren't around to take them out.
  4. AP penetration power?

    Yeah, it loses power, why what I'm in, what I'm shooting at, and what the range is determines what I shoot at it. Occasionally other factors as well such as "Does it have torpedoes?". Cruisers I likely switch ammo types the most because generally, not going to be citadeling a BB and unless they are on fire, better to start some, most cruisers AP will pen at range and generally doesn't overpen, unless I'm bouncing rounds, then HE, and DD's I switch rounds over to HE. BB I usually stick to AP unless the angles bad, it's a bit undergunned (Scharn) at range, I know I'll be fighting a DD soon, UK cruisers/Atlanta/etc at close ranges (too many overpens at point blank on that thin armour have cost me, especially thinking I just nuked the citadel and learning that can be overpenned too), or if certain opponents are getting close and know they likely intend to use torps to try and disable the torps as they go to fire.
  5. That is me and Lex right now and why I stopped playing it for the time being. I'm dealing up to 168k right now, with almost no manual TB drops and half or more of the damage done with her, as some would say "useless" or "too inconsistent" to be a primary damage source, HE DB's, but can't get a win even if the other carrier is basically a non-factor. Hell, I can't tell you how many teams I've seen the last week because the carrier ends up AFK the whole match (once was me because it loaded, crashed, and the game was over by the time I got back in) or destroyed earlier and still the team that has basically been CV-less has won.
  6. Secondary Battery

    Do you have the manual secondary skill? if yes, you have to hold ctrl so you can select the ship by clicking on it. If no - check the range of your secondaries, you may not be close enough, at lower tiers the ranges are particularly short. If they are in range look to the left of your shell selection and consumables bar, is there a little yellow icon with "off" there, if yes, you have accidentally hit the P key, and disabled secondaries and AA If you are in range, and have secondaries turned on, check the after battles report and look under "secondary battery" for "Shells fired", if there is a number indicating shells were fired, but no indication they hit, it means just that they fired but missed, secondaries unless your in a tier 8 with manual secondaries tend to be highly inaccurate. It's also rare they even actually cause damage on hits, in most cases the damage of secondaries comes mostly from fires other than against DD's, maybe some light cruisers.
  7. How did you chose your clan?

    Buddy I made over in Warplanes, to which now a lot of them have fled Warplanes to here.
  8. This, I only use it on ships where I'm trying to get every last bit of XP or credits for the grind, rapid captain training, etc. Or when I'm wayyyy to low on credits. Otherwise, I fly whatever I feel right with/want for the ship. Most German BB's have the "Talk like a pirate" Jolly Roger as I haven't got a regular one, Belfast I'll usually toss up the St. Patrick flag, run a few others, I forget which ship I put my "Corgi" flag on (for winning a community contest)
  9. Flag update / DD correct flags?

    That assumes it goes well. If it goes as well as say, the CV rework, positive CV balance changes, etc - We'll be lucky to see it by 2021. Since, Y'know, we can't even get a third CV line or the two we have fixed.
  10. . No, they just need to Remember the first lesson - "Always mind your surroundings". While there are certain changes I do feel the game may need to be "easier" in the minds of some, I think there are other basic issues a player needs to tackle if they don't realize they've been sunk on their part, not Wargamig's.
  11. Scotland? Ancestry?

    Aye we are, just happens mine is a more recent mix of somewhat more recent immigrants. What get's really fun though is just how while I don't always sound "right" coming from the general Philadelphia area, because of all the Irish and all, I still sound "American" - Except for times I slip, get angry, or am around other's from Ireland and all. Best reaction was working U2 this year where my Supervisor knew I was Irish, but I'd gone back to that sound and she looked at me like I had two heads because she never heard me speak with an accent. Always throws people and is great for a laugh for me. Europe in general though does tend to have a lot of mixes between borders changes and all that.
  12. I do think we need less immediate explosions and some other way, beyond our ship exploding, that we've been killed besides, y'know, paying attention. I do feel like we have less variety than we used to. I can't remember the last time I saw a ship just sink. It's almost almost always been roll, break in two, sink. I miss when sometimes BB's and cruisers would just go down bow/stern first (ala Titanic in "A night to Remember") without rolling, like when they were rammed, or the same but more like Titanic asyou see in James Cameron's version, when BB's would have their bow/stern ripped or blown off or ships in general, the closest you get is the occasional DD ripped in half after a torp. I wanna see BB's killed by torps/citadel/etc where the ship breaks in two at the middle and just sinks.
  13. Scotland? Ancestry?

    There's no doubt on their being Scottish ancestry in my family, just where/when is lost. I know my paternal grandfather had Scottish origins, but well, dad doesn't talk about him, since he left when he was young. But my maternal grandmother was from Belfast (why I was hell bent on getting the ship before it was pulled), and somewhere long ago in a distance past, there was intermixing with the Scottish, part of why red hair runs strong in my family (that's right, I'm a soulless ginger ), with my grandmother's name being McKnight. Then you have the other grandparents and their parents where, to my knowledge no Scottish blood, but dad's side Italian (I can't even try and spell the name, but it's one of those almost stereotypical ones with a ton of vowels that can't get more Italian), and on my mothers side you have Austria/Hungry (some debate because of my great grandfather and changing maps) and Alsace-Lorraine, or just Alsace. Two different stories because, as my great Grandparents put it at the time "We were whatever based on who was controlling it at the time (German or French)" which is why a lot of that part of my family, including my grandfather spoke German till WWII started except occasionally in the house, despite them ending up with the more French spelling of the name "Scholly" and I think "Schollie" was the German spelling (despite being the same family coming through Ellis Island some of them ended up with different spellings). Which all makes things kinda weird for me because while born here in America, inside the house, there was a lot of Irish influence (Grandmother and Mother) and some German (Grandfather) as well as a lot of my childhood spent in Ireland considering. Which really was a hassle with school at times because a lot of words/phrases I've used are not used in America as well as in particular getting points off for spelling all the time because I use UK spellings on a lot of words. And because sometimes despite being born and raised here, I don't always understand certain things within the culture and all and certain mentalities.
  14. Fire starting question

    This and shatter/no pens still start fires, why a Mahan just started 4 on my Warspite while taking 0 damage hits from it after starting 2 before that.
  15. Fiji is a Kraken generator!

    Generally, I do best playing it close to an oversized USN DD sans HE, that has Hydro and a heal. The AP is surprisingly good against a DD, broadside cruisers, especially Atlanta and the like, will regret being broadside if your dialed in, and you just have to watch BB's as you have to aim at the superstructure. Edi can be even better. Just got a Kraken and Dreadnaught after a Super late load. Not much damage, tore into 3 DD's, finished a Belfast with a torp and was the only one in gun range to kill a Kutuzov with barely over 1k HP left for just under 60k damage (and thankfully was on the last "Winter Mystery" mission). Bet what I love best about Edi - with a full stealth build, you have a narrow band with which to stealth torp. About 1 km, same as some of the lower IJN DD's now have. It can be priceless for some cruiser/BB to think they are trying to run down a DD that's launching torps only to eat 3 torps grouped fairly tight roughly every minute till they back off and see AP flying from smoke or killed going "What the " cause a cruiser just stealth torped them.