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  1. I don't know enough about Ashitaka and Kii to weigh in on those, Mutsu - given all things, I'm actually fine with, especially cause I enjoy playing the ship. Not to mention I don't recall any real outcry, at least on these forums, over those 3. The ONLY reason I have an issue with WV is the fact that she had the complete rebuild after being raised and, unlike Mutsu which is the second of two ships, there's a Colorado class, that was not as heavily modified, that can be used for a stock hull Colorado. While it would make for a need of clarification if I think it's NC's Sister ship was added, there was actually a 4th ship started, USS Washington, they were forced to abandon and sink the hulk, which add the designation at the end of each or something (USS Washington (BB-??)) and you solve that issue, especially cause they have had to go steal ship names for some ships and there is a bit of an issue in names being reused and at some point, we may need some way to ID them other than "quick find a new name". I personally miss when the hulls had years, corresponding generally to the upgrades during those refits (part of how I know Lex is really Saratoga), and rather than just make up a name, pick a ship that didn't get a newer BB, etc, and I know this will drive some people insane to suggest to Wargaming - add a year to the ship. I still think they should change WV to the other sister (Tennessee I think?) but, lets say they continue down this road, make this WV (192x) and the tier 7 version WV (194x).
  2. CV Rework addition: Manual Control of AA?

    That and the team needs to use there heads as the CV can't be every with fighters all the time. Your example might as well have chosen Ark Beta that has no AA at all. Where as the new IJN gunboats can do decent damage against planes, not even getting into what USN DD's can do to them as they go up the tiers. Myoko, one of the lightest AA cruisers at the tier is 150 DPS stock, and jumps to 450 at the press of a button against planes with around 1500 HP max, while lowering their accuracy pretty well, especially DB's. KGV useful base is around 200 DPS. This doesn't get into things like Iowa with a 450 DPS base line on top hull. Or the 20% that BFT adds, the 10% the flag adds, the 30% from selecting a target, the 100% to any gun 85 mm or more, and at tiers where an option 25% to AA from slot 6 upgrade. I think the removal of actual fighter control in the rework is stupid, most of the rework actually is cause it's not really going to fix any of the issues Wargaming's even trying to, but only no ability to steer the ship is dumber. And I'm actually the guy saying we need to add later, higher AA hulls to the lower tier ships, albeit, something like Fujin is a bit more debatable. But there's a certain point a team needs to play like a team. Cause if the CV has to baby sit you, that means his planes are likely not harassing the enemy the same way. And if the fighters are having to rearm and come back, or worse shot down, or you've gotten into a red ships AA that's knocking fighters down, they can't cover you. Most of the useful AA is ranged base line at 3.5-5 km. So even without taking skills or upgrades to improve that, with most maps being 42 km x 42 km, meaning a square is 4.2 km by 4.2 km, all you really have to do is be withing 1 grid square of another ship, and both your AA, and his, are shooting at planes. Not to mention that while I'm all for actually lowering aerial spotting ranges some, something like Fujin, before adding any stealth, has a base of 3.12 km from the air meaning on that 4.2 km square, I can actually fly past it without ever seeing it. Turning AA off, if you have long range AA unlike Fujin, can help make it that the planes you can see at least 8 km away if nothing else spots them, never even see you. Not to mention that while it may not help Fujin planes can't see anything in smoke, not even a Des with DF AA running, so planes can be pecked away at by the usually slightly better AA of other DD's. Or buy time for fighters/something with AA to get in range. Fujin running off on it's own with CV's about? He better know his when it comes to dodging. Cause even if the CV wants to help them, may simply not be able to. Especially given at tier 4 and 5 all the enemy CV has to do is lock your fighters as strafe, and exit strafe, do not exist there.
  3. Outside of grinds and Captain training (that second one I'm going to be doing a lot of thanks to 200% xp and well.... I was way behind on training them in some lines more than I thought) Scharn, Arizona, Kami clones, Musashi, Gascogne, with a few others occasionally mixed in based more on "eh lets play that". Namely because when I play them, and someone comes after me, my mind goes to - Namely cause my stats aren't that great to be full Terrance Stamp Zod. Other than maybe Arizona that has over 60% after 100 battles.
  4. UK carriers coming soon?

    They said after the rework, if the rework happens because it only happens if it works, the balance is right and they can actually get the community on board with it.
  5. New Bote: USS Wichita

    Last I checked, still how it works, the only one that doesn't add is AA aura of another ship. Still why UK ships shred planes near as efficiently as USN at high tiers. And has always been a percentage based system based on total DPS/plane HP. "Once again using the Pensacola as an example, a squadron of enemy Martin T4M torpedo bombers (800 survivability) enters the range of its 40 mm Bofors and 127 mm DP guns (total DPS of 153). Every second the bomber stays in the AA aura, a roll is made to determine whether the squadron loses a plane. In this case, the probability of shooting down a plane would be equal to 153/800 = 0.191 = 19.1%/sec. " Directly quoted, from the Wargaming wiki.
  6. Depends on the situation. HE should not be the default answer, part of my issue right now with IFHE rapid fire ships, lesser extent something like Conq mainly cause the lower RoF and accuracy usually not an issue. There may be scenarios where it's better to stick with AP. Unlike some players that will tell you "AP24/74life" as a BB - HE is a tool to be used. Scharnhorst making an obvious torp charge, HE to try and knock out his torp tubes. Spotted DD, fire the AP if you got it but if you might get another shot HE will do more damage than an overpenning AP hit. That UK or USN CL got so close AP rounds sail through the citadel for minimum damage - HE won't punch through the entire ship, best case scenario you have enough pen you citadel with HE, worst case, likely just regular pens or module destruction.
  7. Reasons I don't trust overmatch mechanics unless it's areal light cruiser. The 419 mm guns have a 7200 damage HE shell with 48% fire chance, that regardless of angle as long as the target has less than 104.25 mm of armour where it gets hit, auto pens the target. That's over 2000 damage per hit, 1000 on saturated areas if I recall. Even if a round doesn't pen, a good chance it starts fires. 6 full hits at 2k basically gets you your 1 citadel hit. Less if you hit a spot that HE can pen the citadel. Not to mention the blast radius which can knock out steering or propulsion, preventing a ram, and damage secondary guns and the turrets, and even the HP pool that leads to detonation. Sometimes it's about several decent hits, not just one or two amazing ones. Ask the Myoko that reported me in either Hood or KGV because at 3 km with him spotted on the other side I hit pretty much every HE round into his side as he came around the island and took away all the health he had, with was pretty significant still.
  8. CV Rework gameplay

    No real thinking or planning needed cause planes all now move at super speed and no real need as you have only the one group. Alpha is still high and with everything being manual attacks now, things are still getting wrecked. Only difference is now, instead of it being one attack from several angles it's several passes from one group. Which, instead of the CV likely hitting you and being done for 2 minutes, are now just constantly bothered by it. The planes still at best look "meh". It looks like you get no actual choice with what you use, you use whatever the game says you have up. You have no control of the ship forbid you fall under attack. Seriously, the RTS version is far more interesting because aside from something different, because I'm not just sitting on my thumbs as my planes head over and then just circle as I pound away at something same as I would pretty much anything else. Much like choosing a shell type I'm choosing what group attacks what target in what order. Do I attack from one side or both. Do I change targets to a different ship that just got spotted, or to help a teammate. Where do I focus my fighter cover? Not to mention because I don't spend a ton of time in plane/CV view, it bothers me less that the planes look like toys. What I see here in this video, much like Wargaming's is really dull and monotonous. Nothing about this new version really seems engaging and really just goes against what a CV is. And here's the thing, cause I can almost sense the "go play an RTS game comment" - I DESPISE RTS games. For all the ones my friends said "oh, you gotta try this one", I have hated them all except for 1 - Halo Wars 1. I hated Artillery in tanks, more so in playing it than dealing with it, that rework was... okay. And in terns of "less alpha, more accuracy, more debuff/dot based" - the right idea on what CV's need to be, which so far this rework does not appear to be. But CV's here - I actually enjoy them. There's stuff that needs fixing sure - lower tier ships need better AA, later war hulls that have it, like Colorado getting a post rebuild WV setup or even something like Maryland's. Conversely, higher tier AA, need to take it down a notch per barrel. CV alpha is far too high, namely torps combined with manual drop and AP bombs. CV's losing all their planes is an issue. Strafing is broke and needs to be fixed, especially because it's most of the skill gap issue. USN fighters are way too strong and need a nerf, while their slower attack planes need an HP buff so they have more HP than IJN's, and HE bombs need to be a tad more accurate and consistent. I like CV's because they are different, just like most BB's, CA/L and DD are different from the others. DB's and rockets look and seem like attacking with a spotter plane up, and TB's like using torps on any other ship. Just with enhanced zoom and guidance like a damn missile. That and CV's shouldn't be about reflex actions and all, it should be more mental. I play Warships to command a ship, and all it's weapons and resources. Not one turret at a time. Not just 1 tube at a time. Not just the spotter plane. All of them, in unison, a symphony and orchestra of destruction.
  9. Yikes! Another West Virginia thread

    This, part of my whole thing of upgrading AA tiers 5-7 was Colorado getting a new hull to the standard of Maryland or West Virginia. There's a 4th sister that was never completed fully, USS Washington, they could use the name for, unless they actually want to put NC's sister in for whatever reason. Also falls under whey I think Wargaming needs to adopt a system to differentiate ships beyond "pick another ship in class" - like calling the Lexington class Battle Cruisers, if in a line, Saratoga. Which, given the fact Lexington is actually Saratoga would rather see it called such. Go back to hull years and have ships with duplicate names have (year) next to them. Or the hull/plan designation (As in there was another FDG at I think Jutland or a sister of it, which would have whatever designation, where as the tier 9 has FDG (H-44), or USS Washington (BB-47) and USS Washington (BB-58)).
  10. Sorta similar with Richelieu. Learned the hardway when in a last act of spite an NC about to sink used his last 2 salvo's to destroy both turrets.
  11. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Fair enough, why I gave best scenario's because even I don't have the high point captains for some of it. Listing them separate also made my life easier instead of digging through the game through all the ships or the wiki to go do the numbers real quick because I've memorized what order to avoid ships in just not the numbers. Between my Midway/Hak, my partial AA Iowa, and my troll Neptune and KGV with a full AA spec, I know the benefits of range and damage combo on AA. Again, why any time I bring up AA, either that needs to be buffed or nerfed, I focus on mid-long range cause most anything under 25 mm doesn't have the range to be useful enough to factor. Exception is Hood because of it's auto delete button that makes strafe look balanced.
  12. New Bote: USS Wichita

    The literal long range, sure, it's 113 vs Baltimore's 120. but when you consider that 40 mm guns that reach 5.1 km can be considered long range as well, 252 on Baltimore 40 mm guns, 172 for Witchita. I mean, once you pop DF AA your talking near 300 DPS difference. That's the difference of 48% chance to down a plane (Witchita, flags and BFT) and 63% (Baltimore, same deal) Then again, while I don't know what all was done in the ships design I'm still trying to figure out a hull modified from a tier 7 ship, with the guns of a tier 7 ship, equates a tier 8 ship. Unless it's the 27 mm armour they gave it. Which, I'm still not sure that alone is gonna be enough for "oh yeah make it tier 8".
  13. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Clemson and below has 0 access. Nicholas, Farragut, Mahan, and Benson all have to give up a main battery gun, and those last three also have to research a third optional hull, not just the next one you need for the next ship anyway, and you have to trade speed boost for it. Only the last two in the line don't require a special hull that loses a gun. Though if you mean for this operation than yes that is true. And even then, DF AA is only on 25 mm and higher weapons. The other reason why I mention "useful" AA. Typically anything under 25 mm is just so short ranged or so low damage, sometimes both, it might as well not be there. Other than USN 20 mm guns vs DB's, because they are forced into that range, and opposite side the 40 mm "pom pom" that while it may be 40 mm, is just bad. And trust me, as a CV player, Sims is the top of this particular threat list in terms of you can drop a AA commander in the ship, which shoots it's AA well past Monaghan's seeing as it's effective AA is doubled with manual aa. Part of what makes something like Minotaur more lethal than Des. It's basically proto-Worcester, as you add manual AA, her 152's deal more dps at a longer range, full build should be something like 3-400 at 8+ km. A high number a long range is extremely good. Case in point there, Mino still has a 15% chance at downing a plane every second just with the 152's. Once you get to mid range sure, Mon closes in or beats it without manual AA, but it has negligible long range AA. My list would be - Sims Monaghan Minsk Mahan/Farragut C hull with DF AA Rest of list as is. Maybe Sims and Mon as a tie as it partially depends if you have a AA captain with manual AA or not to drop in. Albeit Sims still has the edge in range it's DPS starts at that sort of helps as it's actually decent DPS (unlike Mahan and Farragut's paltry 13 or Mon's 6). Also never saw the original post you made, I saw the question and typed up the answer though got distracted several times. But there is a little more to it than raw DPS. You could give say, Arizona 2000 DPS, but if 1900 of it is on those .50 cal's that have a 1.2 km range, odds are other than a DB headed at you, your not shooting anything down with it. Same as how Hood dissolves DB's over it, but, for a scenario like this that is as much or more so about keeping other ships safe, pretty much useless. What's always made Cleveland and Atlanta a nightmare is the long range with high DPS combined, especially in Atlanta's case when her Mid-range AA is at best lack luster. Rangers planes only have 1500 HP, BFT and the flag alone brings it to 159.6, call it 160, that's 480 with defensive fire, not even selecting the target, 960 at minimum with manual AA and popping DF AA on Atlanta.
  14. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Of those two, Sims. Her useful AA is 42 DPS at 5 km, meaning AFT and the range mod makes it 7.2 km. BFT and the flag are another 10% a piece, brings it up to around 50, and if you use a AA commander off a USN cruiser with manual AA, 100-130 (it is still unclear if manual AA is the long range guns deal 100% more, and the rest 30% on selected target, or if all get 30% and DP's get an extra 100%). If they have HP similar to USN TB on Bogue with 1210, gives you 8-10% chance every second to down a plane. Assuming 36x36 map, and take the same 10 seconds to traverse 1 square would mean if they single you out and try to attack you 20 seconds in the AA on the way in, maybe 18-19 on the way out. Personally, since it's T7 DD's and I don't have funds for a Sims, I'm going with Minsk. Despite what people may think it actually has better AA than Mahan. It may only reach a bit over 4 km max, but it's 53 DPS before BFT and the flag. Mahan has 1 point more, 54 DPS, on it's C hull, but 18 of those are in 20 mm mounts that max out around what, 2.8 km? Her truly useful AA is only 36 DPS, 23 in mid range and 13 in the DP mounts. Even trying to buff the long range to max damage, you'd get 44 DPS best case scenario (100% and 30% both counted) making it 44/1210. About 3.5% chance. With mid range adding another 39 DPS for 83 total. 6.8% chance. Much as it opens up around the same time as Mahan's mid-range AA, Minsk goes up to 94 DPS, 7.8%chance. Without needing an AA dedicated captain, just BFT and AFT. Oh, and without compromising the ships anti-ship ability. Why against a DB USN is the king of AA - because DB's HAVE to fly in to 20 mm range, and when USN has higher AA, it's 20 mm guns that push it over. However, a lot of other nations are catching up having equal or higher mid-long range numbers, which are by far the more useful AA. Only other thing with building Mahan to AA with Man AA and all would be every 2 minutes, you get a 30 second boost that would take the DPS high enough for a 27% chance every second. But me personally, rather have the speed boost if needed, the improved firepower, 4 extra skill points for the captain and more consistent better AA than 30 seconds of, for a DD, god AA.
  15. Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    Kami Clones - despite all the crying of "It's OP" it's really only a matter of it's the only IJN DD you guys didn't over nerf. It still has the 1.4 km spotting range all other 66-70 knot+ ships have and so only has a 7.6 seconds reaction time between being spotted and hitting the target, as opposed to the roughly 9.5+ seconds pretty much every other IJN ship has been nerfed to. Which for reference - every other ship nation, other than some torps on French Cruisers at 8.07 seconds, are all under 8 seconds as well, within two tenths of a second of Kami clones. Minekaze is still decent, as she's one of the few not overly screwed in time to react (her torp speed should put her torp spotted range at 1.1, which would shave around half a second), but it takes a week for the torpedoes to even reach that point and only someone truly foolish enough to sail straight for like, a minute is getting hit by them, or has a super predictable course change. German DD's T-22 and up/Fletcher and Gearing - basically have old IJN torps. Shinonome - still nerfed a bit, but still more effective than some of the mainline ships. PA DD's - Because if IJN, and a ship like Kami, is considered too powerful, a line of ships with similar stealth, better guns, and torps with half the spotting range and reaction time is less OP. I get 10 km range at tier 5 was a bit much, and yeah, Shima needed some changes to the skill wall, but what they went with was, as usual, overboard. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/88238-info-torpedo-spreadsheets-incl-reaction-time-and-chances-of-flooding/ A nice thing to look at to see what Vig and all that does - and the numbers he has are based on the ones found on the Wargaming Wiki and their formula.