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  1. KazakArkov

    Subs do not fit in, Just like CV's

    I know that a good customer base is a long term commitment to your paying customers; however without sounding salty, please just hear me out. From a business perspective they have to grow and if you aren't able to grow and adapt to a continued game and it's evolving game play, then you are no longer a customer and therefore no longer going to continue to have as strong of a value to them. Again I know this sounds driven by the sole perspective of money so allow me to introduce some economic principles by what I am saying and then follow it up with some social aspects as well, and if you don't care; it's simply my perspective your allowed to do so. Your statement that you have sunk thousands of dollars into this game firstly puts any customer service rep on the defensive and any manager on the same platform; simply stating "I have spent money here, so my opinion is more valued than others" is a "Karen the Baron" statement right out. If you want your money to speak for you, even from a perspective of a high roller; coming from someone who has seen money "talking". Then don't flaunt how much you have dropped, state that you have made an investment and wish to see a return that represents the money invested. Since we can tell you haven't "paid" your way into a chair at the stock holdings meetings then we can assume your a paying customer, with about as much invested or more (giving some leeway to to provided context) than your average player. You have even added that time; as an investment tool, has been granted to the game as well. This is also a negotiation tactic that is often over played by people seeking compensation, for time that they willingly spent on their pleasures. Your grumbling about how your time spent in the present and future. Is effected somehow, by the time you have spent in the past. As a value; this is only on the table if your opinion is high enough on holdings to make people listen from a leadership perspective. This is because it's leisure time, that you spent playing a game. You would have more room to speak from if you were actively developing the game, adding content to the game, supporting staff for the game and it's community, and etc. My point is here that both your time and money spent on enjoyment, is little more than going to the local coffee blender and asking to be seen first simply because you are a customer "that comes here all the time and spends a lot of money here". It sounds a little conceded and we see that you want to be heard, but instead of trying to make a point you defeat yourself right from the get go by devaluing your opinion. All by trying to throw around metaphorical chips on your belt. Again perspective so don't take this as a jab against you personally, I want to help your argument so please understand that while my opinion is just mine, it's something to consider when trying to put validation behind legit complaints. Your complaint dives further into your opinion about the mechanics of how the game is played, and personally I feel that you greatly underestimate the skill it requires to play both classes. (Sub and carrier) It is done with the statement that; "you won't play them because they are over powered". Well then; objectively you beat your own argument to the punch line. If you haven't put extensive testing into the game play mechanics and skills it would require to play them, then your opinion means very little to anyone who has spent countless hours in refinement of them. You have only seen results, and data from your perspective shows "insert your findings". Then further; your using other peoples documentation to expand your findings is like any college slacker proclaiming to be a subject matter expert because, they too have looked at statics, and based on those findings they show in favor of your opinion. Any knuckle dragger can find an OP piece about how terrible these additions are to the game, and I'm sure there is an argument to be made about the stats and numbers people are putting up on the boards. I will concede that playing a sub or carrier requires a different skills set over playing "3D shooty botes", but hear me out, content is lacking over all with this game because it cannot just keep coming out with paper boats, and rehashing similar gimmicks with ships; and keep the majority of it's player base filtering in. Eventually people will grind those ships and go RIGHT back to playing their favored ships without content being used. So your argument here falls slightly short of the mark, mostly because if you don't use them (Subs and Carriers), well you cannot complain that you understand the full depths of them. Neither can I. Which is why before I even say one way or the other I would want to put more time in each, to make sure I don't eat crow. Trying to lambast and blast them with the "listen to your CC's that quit". Again they are a company, with employees that they have to pay so that you can sit here and complain about that too. Servers, people, development, and so much more costs money. Money that in a free to play market you were willing to pay, but now aren't, because they took a direction you don't like. One could offer that the CC's didn't like either, but a direction they took. In this light; please explain which part of your argument did you think would win them over with threats? The threat of them loosing more content creators that created just as many headaches as the next set? From a business perspective; they have less to worry about in costs and more to focus on the future CC's. Did you perhaps think; because "I am a vet player that has spent money and therefore I have clout with CC's and the community far enough to fart in an elevator without them saying it smells?" Honestly neither sounds reasonable and even further this just sounds like legit "complaint without real solution" - better known as whining. This has the horrid smell of old timey; "I'm the old player base and therefore I know best" stench that drives new players away from the game. Then in turn forces vet players to counter complain that the game is not fresh anymore and therefore lacks content. Summary your argument stinks, and if your going to give context to something valid fine I'm willing to entertain that thought and so are most people. However we tire greatly of the "high roller old vets" attempting to tell a company that has been in business longer than they have been playing, what, where, and how this company should be creating their game. If your so upset then please do take your complaints and your game play else where, please spend your leisure time doing something you enjoy, rather than blasting all of us with negative attitude. If you have continued to read this far, without completely being drained of will to have good conversation then allow me to double down; your last comments are honestly the whipped cream topping to the delicate deification shake your trying to serve us all. You ended your argument with the threat, psychologically that shows a couple things to everyone reading. 1: You don't have honest intention of listening to the other perspective because you have already resorted to making claims about your intentions should they not meet your demands outright. 2: You have no honest intent on hearing what is good for the greater subject matter because you already consider your opinion the end statement and cannot foresee anyone having valid arguments against your statements. Thus enforcing your "right" above everything else, which assumptively is why you feel justified making threats. Not to sound brash here, but do you really think that the representatives of a profitable company are going to see your threat at the end of a statement that is held together by very thin arguments, and suddenly their will breaks. You already brought up; "30 CC's left them". Do you think possibly that the CC's you mention might have had the same arguments in there too? Among other complaints, and yet they are no longer sit in the seats they held astute above near the CEO and heads of office. I'm not "brown nosing here" I'm simply pointing out the 120mm holes in your flatulency given text. Also please allow me to point out; I'm not stating at any point here that what they are doing is somewhat vile to players who have been playing for some time. Further; I'm not stating that I feel like the game is changing positively and even possibly not towards the direction the majority of players want. However start by seeing things outside your own self entitled bubble first when calling out for change because otherwise it sounds a bit more like crying at the top of your lungs. When crying is heard there is a couple reactions your going to get right away; because it's unbecoming behavior of grown adults. Crying is reserved for the youngest of our species and for when emotional response dictates. This is not one of those cases because your trying to aid a company's vision / direct a companies attention to flaws that you deem highly visible and a nuisance to your leisure time you spend in their game. To follow up everything I have just said; we have heard this side of the table talk in great lengths about how if things don't change they will simply pack up their bags and go. I wouldn't like to see player base leave. I think I speak for the majority; no one wants to see player base leave, and when that player base has experience; it's nice to have players that have seen the ebb and flow of this game give their valued opinions on things that could impact the gameplay for the rest of us. However when the players decide that they can out vote the direction that a company is taking and has shown that it is taking through multiple occasions, it's either up to the players / customers to continue riding along and try to figure out how to make their time spent playing enjoyable again, or cease and find more productive time spent with their leisure. You act as if by the money and time you have spent, will magically accumulate more than just time and money spent on things that you enjoyed in the past and no longer seem to enjoy. So if they don't harken unto your words then everyone will surely suffer the wrath. Yet players are still logging on still playing their game and still spending time and money on their product. Please take note; if your going to make an argument for the sake of time spent playing an enjoyable game, don't beg, demand, or barter. If your argument makes sense and it's the direction the company wants to take they will listen. For the time being, they haven't. With time and study we will see what this new course will have in store for everyone. As of this moment; Subs and Carriers are in the game, and there isn't any sign of turning this around. I hope that I see you on the battle field and you don't take your time else where. If you choose to though I would rather you do it briskly as well as many of the rest of us. We tire of hearing the same argument brought up like some bad news baggage that people continue to drum on. Until next time Cpt, sail reckless.
  2. KazakArkov

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    Please update mine to Mature! Thank you very much, Ka3akArkov Twitch.tv/ka3akarkov.com
  3. I might just take you up on that offer, I'm already down with my break anyways.

    1. KazakArkov


      Outstanding I have of recently picked back up the game from a break myself!

  4. KazakArkov

    Inconsistent matches

    I think with this kind of influx of new ships, the high availability of ships that fit outside the box on so many roles it's hard to "find the angles" required to play those ships. Many people are going to experience the new ships and the newer mechanics. I have been dabbling in new ships finding my niche that I both enjoy / don't get tired of AND trying to figure out newer strats because of new ships / module layout / meta / maps the list goes on. You're going to be in that cycle A great deal I feel, but pushing through the rabble is what I am going for. I don't even consider a ship experienced until I have put 500 games behind it...and I barely have enough games for that to even come close. SO I have a lot to learn too; but this is my observation from some of the more vetted players in my clan. More games = more understanding of ships limitations and abilities, but also give you the ability to function against multiple opponents of a wider variety knowing what THEY are capable of doing to your ship / what your able to mitigate. Just shower thoughts though :D Hope it helps the OP some! Ka3
  5. KazakArkov

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    I will throw my name in here too; I didn't know there were so many of us! Time frames are just wild. I see a bunch of people streaming other games but didn't know that the Warships community had grown so much in streaming! Think i'm start raiding people and following from off this list just to give the love back! Anyways www.twitch.tv/Ka3akArkov is me and looking forward to following a bunch of people from this list :D Also seena bunch of requests for youtube...I support this 100 percent would like to know who has videos and stuff out there because JUST searching "world of warships" on youtube the algorithms don't really allow for much diversity. They want you to watch what everyone else watched, and if we can start looking for content by name. We can really aid each other; at least I feel it would be more aid than hindrance. Ka3
  6. KazakArkov

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I know this may seem silly to ask; but are both youtube and twitch taken into account separate of do they also get combined as some / most content creators really to and maximize the audience. Also for those of us really trying to achieve this what recommendations would you have aside from stream as often as possible and create as many videos as possible. IE where can we go to really tap into content availability for others to view outside our own communities that won't be frowned upon sharing, where can we go to really converse with other community creators ( because most of the time each content creator has their own community that orbits them to include my small group :P ). Where can we go to seek other information regarding bridging that gap between new views for new upcoming content creators without just stepping all over everyone else's toes that has worked so hard to accomplish getting CC. Think I am being a bit repetitive here so I will stop :) Anyways thank you for your time and efforts CC's look forward to more of your content. Ka3
  7. KazakArkov

    Clan battles maps

    Oof; it's still early my dude. :P
  8. KazakArkov

    Important dates for the Community

    Thanks for the update: using this to keep my clan informed of all the stuff :D DID however have some questions on the Black Friday deals and then of course dates for some of the other sales coming up as well; missions that are after the Italian Cruisers; but it's pretty bombarded sooo any updates are appreciated. OH did have a question about the sub missions for Transylvanian quest line; are we going to see those again :D loved those missions and are they going to have a harder difficulty setting like the rest of them if so. Thanks a bunch sorry for the wild inquiry posting.
  9. KazakArkov

    The Youtube thread

    Just as a question am I allowed to post my ShipMeme videos here as well? Was wondering before I just start self promoting like a giant jerk...Would really like to get some community feedback on what I can do improve my videos too so? Either here or where would I go about posting them? Thanks y'all!