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  1. 40902nd

    New supership suggestions

    Currently, I am toying with a couple of USN Superbattleships, specifically Tillman IV-2 for Vermont and one of the Maximum Battleships from 1934. While working on that, I'm also thinking about throwing in either Tillman II or IV, because Hextuple turrets make me laugh.
  2. I think you might end up taxing WG's servers, since they don't want to upgrade them. Another idea would be to split Co-Op into two: An Easy and Hard mode, where the former uses the current AI and the latter uses Scenerio Battle AI (or some other form of improved AI). If they want to get fancy with it, they can even tweak the economy of the Hard Mode a bit, to compensate for the extra time. I'd play it with or without the extra compensation, though.
  3. As Behemoth is a land-dwelling mythological creature, might I suggest it's waterborne equivalent, Leviathan? Also, iirc, the maximum amount of horsepower you can safely put through a propeller shaft without destroying it is ~70,000 horsepower (do correct me if I am wrong). So, that give a guestimated shp max of 420,000, which about 50% more than that on USS US, while displacing a little more the 6 times as much water on a design more than half a century older. Ya, no. Also, what is up with that funnel placement? Why are the boilers so far forward? Based on the looks of that thing, if it really was designed by Vice Admiral Hidetaro Kaneda, it is obvious that someone had described to him in passing what a warship looked like, and he was very interested in maybe seeing one for himself one day. As for the H-45, it's obviously the result of a wehraboo, ah, 'self-pleasuring' one's self with the blueprints of an H-44 and positing it to the internet. It has all the historical realism and thought as a Tillman X. Zipang at least has the benefit of being designed by an actual naval commander. Further, the Schwere Gustav had a reload rate of 30-45 MINUTES. Damage (based of Fr0ty's formula) would be 30,300 for AP and 7,850 with HE, with a ~250% fire chance. As for the secondaries, the 24cm died with the Kaiserliche Marine. The Kriegsmarine produced either 20.3cm (8-inch) or 28cm (11-inch) guns. They toyed with the idea of 30.5cm (12-inch) guns, but didn't that was for the P-Class, and progressed even less than that ship design. So designs even had 33cm (13-inch) guns, but those were inherited from the takeover of France. As for 'being designed by Hitler himself', Hitler ordered the surface fleet scrapped so that all production could be focused on submarines (this is rescinded, but not in time to save Gneisenau). H-41 was the last serious Battleship design in that series. H-42 to -44 were the German equivalent of the USN Maximum Battleship, a thought experiment, not an actual proposal. If someone told you H-45 was a real design, they lied to you. If you just found it, you found someone's fan fic. If you made up the backstory, you lied to us. World of Warships has just started introducing 'Superships'. It'll be another 5 years or so before WG starts looking at SuperOmegaUltraShips like these.
  4. I found mention of it in "U.S. Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History" by Norman Friedman, on page 61, left-hand side, last paragraph. If you are interested in USN ships, I highly suggest trying to pick up any in the series that peeks your interest, though they can be a bit pricy. I have the Cruiser and Battleship books, with Destroyers, Carriers, and Subs prior to 1945 on the way. The following is from the next paragraph, on the top left of the same page. --- Japanese Gunboat Destroyers, USN Heavy Cruisers (Tier 6), British Heavy Cruisers, ect. But I get what you are talking about. Destroyers start at Tier II and Battleships start at Tier III (except for Italy at Tier IV). You can really look at this as just another cruiser branch. I think only adding a tier 4 would be viable (read below). The main issue with using the earlier armored cruisers is their age, speed, and guns. The Pennsylvania-Class cruisers could work as a tier 4 with a fantasy engine refit (22-kts in real life), as they only had 2x2 8-in guns, but USS Brooklyn had 4x2 8-in, with one each fore and aft and 2 on the wings, meaning you would have a 6-gun broadside. USS New York had a similar loadout, except it only had single guns on the wings, and USS Maine had 2x2 10-in. Also, the oldest ship currently in-game that I know of is USS Albany, which was commissioned in 1900. ARC-1 USS Maine was commissioned in 1895 and would be in service for 3 years before exploding and causing the Spanish-American War. ARC-2 USS New York was commissioned in 1893 and went through 2 name changes before being decommissioned in 1933, struck from the register in 1938 and scuttled in 1941 to prevent capture by the Japanese. ARC-3 USS Brooklyn was commissioned in 1896 and was decommissioned and scrapped in 1921. ARC-4-9 Pennsylvania-Class were commissioned in 1905-1908 (and not necessarily in numerical order), and were all sold for scrap (or sunk) by the end of 1931. I'll look into stating up the Pennsylvania later. I might write up a short program to help me with the calculations, since it can get kinda tedious doing that for multiple guns (8" Marks 5 and 6 for Pennsylvania). EDIT: This is from Wikipedia, and it says this is from Friedman's book, so I will look into it. Helpfully, the article's citation says that it's between pages 50 and 60.
  5. I'm actually already working on a couple new cruiser lines. One is a more traditional cruiser line that came out of the research for this one, and then the one after that is Panzerschiffes, but with a twist I haven't seen anyone go with before.
  6. Here we go! This is a complete rework of my previous USN CB Line, this time starting from tier 5. The only ship to not be reworked is the Tier 10, USS Guam. Tier V USS Memphis Last of the Big Armored Cruisers, the Tennessee-Class were the largest and most powerful class of armored cruisers built by the USN. The four ships of the class were initially named after states, but were named after cities in those states in the 1920s, when they were reclassified as heavy cruisers to free up those names for battleships. The ship, as presented stock, is based off of the Memphis (ex-Tennessee) as she was commissioned. In this configuration, she’ll mostly play as a battleship, except with fewer guns and weaker armor, those with subsequent upgrades, she will start playing close to a battlecruiser or supercruiser. The most visible change, of course, would be the Hull B upgrade, which would reduce the funnels for 4 to 3 and change the bow from a ram bow to a flared bow similar in design to the one found on the Lexington-Class Battlecruiser (modeled in-game as Constellation). It would also eliminate the lower 6” casemates and 3” sponsons, while adding some of those 6” guns as open mounts on the upper decks. It would also add in at least some anti-air in the form of 5”/25 and .50 cal guns. While I’d want the funnel change to be reserved for the engine change, I do not know of any ships that have such a feature. Speaking of engines, it was found that they could install a power plant similar to that found on USS Ranger into the 3 remaining ships of the class without having to reshaft the ships, which would give the ships (USS Memphis having earlier being destroyed by a tsunami) a speed of 26 knts. This was never carried out. As part of the various modernization plans, where was discussion of replacing her aging twin 10”/40 main battery with newer triple 8”/55 guns, which I believe would appear similar to the B and X turrets of the Pensacola. Tier VI “Reciprocal Cruiser” USS New York City [Picture Not Available] A follow-up design to the Tennessee-Class, this ship was proposed by the Naval War College and was favored for a time, before losing out in favor of the battlecruiser. The idea of the “Reciprocal Cruiser” was to trade armament for speed, as opposed to the battlecruiser, which traded armor for speed. This cruiser was supposed to be powerful enough to fight through a screening element and survivable enough to comeback to report what intelligence was gathered. At this moment, I have been having difficulty getting hard numbers for this ship, but what is known is that it would have been similar in size to the Tennessee, but would trade the latter’s 6-inch battery for heavier armor and 12-inch guns. For armor, I looked to period USN battleships and used their upper belt for the main belt and the casemate armor for the upper belt, while the deck armor was kept the same (meaning a vulnerability to plunging fire). The turret armor is off of the USS Connecticut (1906), which also used the same guns. The speed is based off of the fact that the USN wanted ships 20% faster that battleships to handle this role (this was shortly after the battlecruiser won out over the reciprocal cruiser, but they were two different ways to do the same job, so I thought it appropriate). The upgrade from Hull A to Hull B will follow the same idea as the previous class, with a more modern bow being added, as well as sacrificing the lower casemates and sponsons, which would be wet, anyway, for better compartmentalization. Tier VII Heavy Cruiser Scheme 3 USS Sacramento One of the designs leading up to the Alaska, this scheme was rejected, as it was seen as "unbalanced". That is, this design was meant to stand up only against 8" gun fire, and not 12" guns. I feel that the Sacramento would be a good transition from the Armored Cruisers to the Large Cruisers, without being too over powered. She introduces the three turret layout and the speed, while missing the overall heavy armor of the preceding ships. Tier VIII CA2-E USS Samoa While at first glance, the Samoa might look like a Congress with one less gun, but the Samoa follows the armor profile of the actual CA2-E, meaning that the main deck is 51mm, as opposed to the 38mm of Congress. Overall protection from bombs should be the same, as the main deck is thicker, the armored deck is thinner. This is will give some protection from HE spammers. Tier IX CA2-G USS Philippines While the CA2-G lacks a barrel when compared to the Alaska, she makes up for this in armor. The turret layout has a 3-gun turret fore and aft, with the two-gun turret superfiring over the forward turret. Tier X USS Guam Instead of trying to pare down the Alaska to a Tier 9, it seemed easier to push her up to Tier 10. Increased reload, better range, better turret rotation, and increased health are some of the things that have been improved. CA2-H would be a more consistent choice with the line, but the Guam was a 'Real Steel' ship and so I chose her. Premium Tier VIII “Improved Wichita” armed with 12” guns USS Madison [Picture Not Available] The “Improved Wichita” would eventually become the Baltimore-Class. There was discussion on what it would take to equip this ship with 12” guns. Mostly this entailed increasing the length by some 6 feet in order to make room for the ammunition. She should handle much like the standard Wichita, for the most part, just with bigger guns.
  7. 40902nd

    Radar needs to DiaF

    Hydro is not too much of a hinderance, and while Radar is fairly common, I've had tier 10 matches with either no Radar or 2 on either side.
  8. It would be an interesting mechanic, but it would be better if it was an Axis vs Allies sort of thing, and then only in a special mode. Otherwise, there are some nations that would never get it.
  9. The Dutch ships DO NOT have aircraft handling facilities, for the most part. The aircraft launched are also land-based twin-engine medium bombers. Also, Ise was modified to launch both reconnaissance planes and dive bombers. Tone was only designed to launch reconnaissance planes. Kearsarge was designed to be a blend of carrier and battleship. The scope of what can be defined as "Hybrid" is pretty wide. I can think of only 1 other ship that could be defined as a Hybrid while not have attack planes, historically, but I can think of at least 4 groups of designs that would, meaning that ships like Tone and Ooyado would be in the minority.
  10. Ships can exist with same name, especially if the year modeled is appended to the name. See: Belfast '43 and Tiger '59.
  11. 40902nd

    Alternate purse

    This guy complains often and takes any differing opinion as a personal insult, for some inexplicable reason. I've largely been ignoring him, but he posts sho many nonsense and pretty threads that's kinda hard to.
  12. 40902nd

    Switch to HYDRO on NO-CV

    Depends on how their code is structured and how the game handles consumables. If they load all the assets for the consumables when the game loads, then ya, it's easy. If they only load what is required, it could get complicated.
  13. 40902nd

    Switch to HYDRO on NO-CV

    I wouldn't mind some time from when we're first picked it off the queue for a battle and when the final countdown for the battle to begin to see what you're facing off, ship-wise, to select consumables, but given that even on a good connection, sometimes I load in with only seconds left, I think it would cause unnecessary frustration when those bits of lag happen. I also don't know what is easily mutable once a ship is loaded into the map. I like the idea, but I don't know enough about the engine to say it could work.
  14. True, but remember that the planes both she and Ise are also fantasies based off of submarine launched planes, too. Without the gimmick, people won't be as interested in her. Personally, outside of a few notable exceptions, I find spotter planes to be of limited utility. The cool down just kills it for me.
  15. Hybrids are fine as they are. I think it'd be either ro give them limited carrier strike capability, like they have now, or give them both fighter and spotter planes. As for the Dutch, the bombers the Dutch have are too large to be launched from ships (aside from special circumstances), those ships lack aircraft handling facilities, and the planes represent flights that are loitering until called in, much like the ASW planes some battleships will be getting soon. Plus, 15 seconds should be enough time for you to not sail in a straight line and constant speed.