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  1. Puerto Rico's American skin has the sailors all lined up and the Admiral Graf Spee's and Odin's camos from the Odin Dockyard event have some lined up on the port side by the A turret.
  2. Alright, I've done one of these before, but it got lost when they changed the forums, and it needed an update for Agir, Seigfried, and Odin, any how. The first two (or three) ships in this list are Große Kreuzers (Large Cruisers), followed by a proto-Deutschland, Deutschland, a small battlecruiser, and then a split into a heavily armored line and a larger, faster, harder hitting line. Tier III Victoria Louise Displacement: 6491t max (Vineta and Hansa topped out at 6705t) Length: 110.6m Breadth: 17.4m Speed: 19.2 max Slopes: 100mm Citadel: 150mm Armament: 2x2 21cm SK L/40 8x 15cm/40 QF (casemate) 10x 88cm/30 QF (casemate) Hull(B) Armament: 2x2 21cm SK L/40 6x 15cm/40 QF (casemate) 10x 88cm/30 QF (casemate) 1x 88cm/30 QF Consumables: (Same on Hull A and B) Damage Control Party Victoria Louise, with her heavy armor, slow speed, large health pool, and heavy guns would serve as a good introduction to what players could expect from the first part of the line. Her two turret configuration would also serve as practice for larger ships, as well. She should allow for some low-tier supercruiser-esque gameplay. Tier IV Furst Bismarck Displacement: 11,461t max Length: 127m Breadth: 20.4m Speed: 18.7 kts Belt: 100-200mm Citadel: 200mm Armament: 2x2 24cm SK L/40 QF (actual bore diameter is 238mm) 12x 15cm/40 QF (casemate) 10x 88cm/30 QF (casemate) Consumables: Damage Control Tier V Enturf I/26 Displacement: Length: 186m Breadth: ~20m Speed: 28kts Belt: 100mm Citadel: 0mm Armament: 2x3 28cm SK C/28 4x2 12cm DP (unknown 40mm and 20mm can be added) Consumables: Damage Control Spotter -or- Fighter A draft of for the Deutschland-Class latter in the design process, she'll play much like the finalized Deutschland, but with less tools in his tool box (ie missing the torpedoes, hydro-acoustic search, and repair party). I still expect him to be a strong ship at tier 5, though he'll be vulnerable to strike craft from carriers, due to the lack of non-flak AA. Tier VI Deutschland Basically as Admiral Graf Spee. If you want the raw stats, I can list them. Tier VII Battlecruiser Design 1928 Displacement: 19,192t Length: 206m (waterline) Breadth: 25m Speed: 34kts Belt: 100mm Citadel: 0mm Armament: 4x2 30.5cm QF 3x3 15cm QF 4x1 8.8cm DP Consumables: Damage Control Hydro-Acoustic Search Fighter -or- Spotter Repair Party I included the 1928 Battlecruiser Design more out of a lack of anything else suitable for the spot. While the design was criticized for lacking staying power, in WoWs terms, she should have plenty, with a good chunk of health and repair party, though her weaker belt means that broadsiding will be punished severely. If anyone has any better suggestions, I welcome them. D-Line Split The slower, heavily armored line. Tier VIII D-Class Displacement: 20,000t Length: 230m Breadth: 25.5m Speed: 29kts Belt: 220mm Citadel: 50mm Armament: 2x4 28cm/52 QF 4x2 15cm/55 QF 4x2 10.5cm/65 DP (Various AA can be added) 2x4 Torpedo Tubes Consumables: Damage Control Hydro-Acoustic Search Fighter -or- Spotter Repair Party The mounting of quad turrets was discussed if there were any available. Using them in this design would provide a slightly different flavor, instead of using turrets from a ship 2 tiers lower. This line is about survivability, not firepower, so I think it is fine. Tier IX Neuentwurf II Displacement: 30,950t Length: 223m at waterline Breadth: 29.3m Speed: 28 kts Belt: 300mm Citadel: 45mm (Turtleback: 95mm) Armament: 3x3 28cm QF 8x1 15cm QF 5x2 10.5cm Consumables: Damage Control Hydro-Acoustic Search Fighter -or- Spotter Repair Party Neuentwurf II is distinct from Agir by have smaller, slightly faster firing guns, sacrificing speed for armor, a slightly beefed up secondary armament, and a lack of torpedoes. If it is felt that more firepower is needed, the triple 28cm turrets can be swapped for quadruple ones. Tier X Wargaming Fantasy Design (unless someone has a better alternative) P-Line The faster, harder hitting line. Tier VIII P-Class Displacement: 25,689t Length: 230m Breadth: 26m Speed: 33 kts Belt: 145mm Citadel: 60mm Armament: 2x3 30.5cm QF 2x2 15cm/55 QF 4x2 10.5/65 QF 2x4 Torpedo Tubes Consumables: Damage Control Hydro-Acoustic Search Fighter -or- Spotter Repair Party Tier IX O-Class Displacement: 35,400 max Length: 256 m Breadth: 30 m Speed: 35 kts Belt: 180mm Citadel: 80mm Armament: 3x2 38.1cm/47 QF 3x2 15cm/48 QF 4x2 10.5cm/65 DP 4x2 3.7cm/83 AA 20x1 20cm AA 2x3 Torpedo Tubes Consumables: Damage Control Hydro-Acoustic Search Fighter -or- Spotter Repair Party Tier X Wargaming Fantasy Design (unless someone has a better alternative) Let me hear what ya'll think.
  3. I think Panzerschiffe like Graf Spee (or more likely the Deutschland) are better in their own class. It is relatively easy to do if you have the right resources.
  4. Blucher would be better at tier 4, I think. She has 9.4 inch guns, iirc, so she can't be too far down.
  5. Remember, this is more of a ship arcade than a ship sim. Having the planes just land on the water, explode, or fly up would all work. She's premium material, for sure.
  6. For some reason, I feel the I400 should be around tier VIII or IX. They are more gimmicky than anything, like Surcouf. I'd say give it a spotter aircraft or a fighter consumable (spotter being more of for spotting ships than helping with aiming). I also believe, given her gimmicky nature, that she should either be a gold or coal ship. As for the tier 10, I think the I-201 class would either be the tier 9 or 10 (depending on if they want actual severing ships or paper for tier 10).
  7. I'll need to get back to my place and fire up photo shop to show mine. Would yours show movement after deep or only when the arm passes over the target?
  8. I think StrixKitty was more referring to my idea for a radar change. His idea is, I believe, but I could be wrong, is that when active radar would only ping or highlight a sector on the minimap if a ship is in the. My idea is to place a... token, for want of a better word, where an unspotted ship is when it is hit by the ping. For added complexity/ information, the icon placed could either reflect the ship type or probable type (ie, Khaborosk would show as a probable cruiser, Moskva would show as a probable battleship, ect). The token's position would be fixed on the position where the ship was pinged, not on the ship itself, so it only shows you where the ship was, not necessarily where it is. The frequency of the ping can be adjusted, so as to fit flavors or adjust for tier. An interesting mechanic can be for ships that are pinged to get a direction indicator towards the ship that pinged them, similar to RDF. Either it could be standard, like the spotted icon, or it can be a piece of equipment. If so desired, the game could easy cast from the radar antenna to all the enemy in range and if the ray is interrupted by terrain, it's not marked. This makes the above mentioned racon plane more useful, as it would allow you to spot over cover. This type of radar would be fair in tier 5, I think, though the USN would be the only ones to be able to make use of it at that tier.
  9. Begs the question: do I use german BB or Panzerschiffe for accuracy? Ah, consumables are fun. Also, there are so many variants out there that you got look around. It's just when doing it for such an odd duck like USS Samuel B. Robert. I am working on one right now that is an offshoot from my idea on how a radar rework that would allow for detection of hidden ships, but only puts a token where they were when the pulse hit. Additional pulses can let you get an idea of speed and position, and maybe what je read playing. Since this radar would be able to magically agree through mountains, there is the reconisance planes, which will fly out around your ship at, maybe say 10km. He doesn't give you a top-down view or extend your footing range. No. He flies out to a set distance and begins to orbit you. Radar? Sonar? Get those widgets and doomaflickies outta here. Put a bloak in a plane and have him use his simulated Mk1 Eyeball. What can I say? I like the French, with their options, rather than the british with their zuper-heals.
  10. I used the O-class in my panzerschiffe line as the tier X, since she's pretty much a 3-turret P-Class. But other than the O, I don't of any other paper BCs from WW2. I'd love to have pure designs, but there is only so much I can find. By 'fantasy' I mean a 'modernized' design. So, maybe better engines, maybe hydro, and definitely an AA upgrade. I tried to keep the mount placement the same, just with DP guns. I I looked at L20e alpha, but she's too slow, at least in my opinion. I'll definitely look into GK 1, 2, 3, and 6, though, especially if they build up from Ersatz Yorck. Thanks for the advice. Also, any ship descriptions will look 'sparce' compared to yours :p I did get my hands on an HP formula, so I'll probably (eventually) add estimated hp, and I can at least ball park some detection range figures, but I am iffy on main battery range, dispersion, sigma, reload, turret traverse, ect. Consumables shouldn't be too bad (famous last words).
  11. First off, curse you for making me buy another book. Secondly, nicely done with the write up. Now, if you would allow me a shameless plug, my Grosse Kruezer/Panzerschiffe line has some additional information that I didn't see in your write up, specifically handling. It'll be on the 3rd page, posts #56 and #60. Shameless plug number 2, I made a German BC line that I'd like your opinion on. Also, does your book contain any info on the GK designs, specifically GK 4531, GK 4541, and GK 5041?
  12. Brummer (1918). 4 single 15cm/45 guns, 1 fore, 1 midships between 1st and 2nd funnel, 2 aft, superfiring. Hull looks similar to Kolberg. Could make 28 kts. 2 single 50cm torpedo tubes. 5868 t. Fleet Cruiser FK 1. 5 single 15cm/45 guns. 1 fore, 2 flanking bridge, 2 aft (one superfiring over a casemate gun with wide arc). 4 single 60cm torpedo tubes. FK 2 gets 4 double launchers. 32 and 33 kts. 3800 t and 4850, respective. Emden. 4 twin 15cm/55 (designed, actual had 15cm/45). 2 superfiring fore, 2 superfiring aft. 4 twin (as designed, actual had single) 50cm torpedo launchers, later 53.5cm (typo? number is repeat). 29.4 kts, 6990 t M-Class- 4 twin 15cm/55. Same setup as Emden. 2 Quad 53.5cm TT. 35.5 kts and 10,400 t. Q and R were 36 kts and 9300 t, despite being longer and wider. Armament the same. KH-1. Original Ersatz Sumatra and Ersatz Java. Ex-Dutch. Same guns as previous. 2 triple 53.3cm TT. 32 kts Leipzig was a reach. Trying to move away from dual mounts. Lutzow as described.
  13. You could make her tier 9 and she should do great there. If you do a German Light Cruiser line, it could be as follow Tier 3 - Brummer Tier 4 - FK 1 or FK 2 Tier 5 - Emden Tier 6 - KH-1 Tier 7 - M-Class Tier 8 - Leipzig Tier 9 - Lutzow Tier 10- ??? To differentiate them from the heavy cruisers, you could give them a speed boost, torpedo reload, or some other type of consumable the regular cruisers don't have, to compensate for their lower firepower. (Speed Boost comes from the fact some of the cruisers had a 2 powerplants, a steam turbine and a diesel engine). If ya'll want, I can put together a more extensive proposal.