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  1. Another Stellar Review Mouse +1
  2. What's even funnier is the ARP Anime and Manga had the Correct models for each Kongo sister and Wargaming STILL screwed up the models
  3. Proposal: Tier 10 Musashi

    So you essentially want Yamato without having to work for her how about no. That being said I'd love to see Shinano or another Idea when or if WG ever get around to updating their models they could add Yamato's total AA compliment it's funny their own Naval Legends video has the full AA suite on the CG Yammy but their in game doesn't
  4. The music thread

  5. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Second Game in my Des Moines I'm really liking her
  6. WeeVee-Gate

    Leave it to Wargaming to screw up something so simple Just change her name to Maryland and give Us WeeVee at tier 7 which would make this all go away
  7. Gonna be in DC for a week won't have much time to post see you all after the 14th

  8. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Can't wait for Alaska lets hope Wargaming doesn't mess this up +1
  9. SMS Viribus Unitis tier 4 Austro-Hungarian Battleship HMS Vanguard USS Samuel B Roberts Any RN cruiser to replace Belfast Exeter would be a good choice HMS Dreadnought
  10. The music thread

  11. The music thread

  12. Hey Pigeon what happened to being able to buy the Azur Lane camo's for certain ships after checking my Nelson,Hipper and Cleveland I see no ability to purchase them and am curious the update said they would be in the Premium shop well I can't find them there either
  13. Should be an option to buy with doubloons that's what I did after I bought Roma
  14. Special camo for Roma as bad as the beer can looks the bonuses more then make up for it -50% to repair costs and 20% credit income along with the standard tier 8 bonuses. still not Mo but it makes a lot of credits