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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 20, 2018

    More Bathtub boat like April fools events
  2. Bork.

  3. Bork.

  4. Sweet this cool thanks.
  5. The music thread

    For fellow Skyrim fans
  6. I saw that video this morning congrats man
  7. The music thread

  8. Switch Speed Boost on French BB

    Already have one with Defensive AA her names Hood
  9. The music thread

  10. The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre my Dad had the wonderful idea of having me watch it at 6 years old
  11. French Battleship Missions

    Just unlucky I got 3 so it appears to be RNG
  12. @Pigeon_of_War Will we be able to buy flags from the ship bundles in the Premium shop again there are a few I'd like to get my hands on. Also any chance to buy Kii or Ashitaka's Kobayashi camo like we can Roma's. Also what about a Kobayashi camo for older tier VIII ship's like Tirpitz and Alabama you could make them buyable with doubloons like Roma's so current owners wouldn't have to re-buy a Premium we already own