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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I will always love Missouri and for those curious the credit takeaway was 609,050 that's clan facilities flags and premium time affecting them
  2. Hood's alright but if you want a Royal Navy BB trainer Warspite is a great ship or save up for Nelson Duke of York is just awful the Free King George V is a better ship in every area
  3. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm really liking Helena all of those Citadels were on a Ranger at 12km with HE and I only have an 8 point captain in her
  4. The music thread

  5. To my knowledge no Roma and Kii with the Kobayashi camo's are the best tier 8 credit earning BB's
  6. Nueve de Julio

    I'd rather have her as Boise not Nueve de Julio as others have said her history with Argentina is horrible. They could've picked any other Pan-American Vessel to Release but in my opinion chose one of the worst possible
  7. Awesome review Mouse +1 as someone from Boise I hope she comes out and with her own review
  8. Another stellar review Mouse +1
  9. 1 SMS Viribus Unitis Tier 4 (my most wanted premium) 2 HNLMS De Ruyter Admiral Doorman's flagship at Java @Lert can explain her history far better then I can 3 Akagi 4 Yahagi 5 Shinano 6 USS West Virginia 7 USS Nevada 8 USS Johnston 9 USS Gambier Bay 10 HMS Prince Of Wales 11 HMS Repulse 12 HMS Ark Royal 13 HMS Exeter 14 HMS Dreadnought 15 HMS Vanguard 16 Pola 17 Aquila 18 Libeccio 19 La Fantasque class 20 Mogador class 21 SMS Seydlitz 22 L20e a class 23 HMAS Canberra 24 HMAS Australia (World War 1 battlecruiser) 25 USS Alaska Plus 1 new port per Nation IJN Kure USN Bremerton RN Scapa Flow KM Wilhelmshaven RM Trento MN Brest USSR Vladivostok
  10. Tier 1 none Tier 2 none Tier 3 St Louis Tier 4 Clemson Tier 5 iron Duke Tier 6 Farragut Tier 7 Nagato Tier 8 Amagi Tier 9 Buffalo Tier 10 Yamato
  11. The music thread

  12. The music thread

  13. Haida

    5 games small size I know but quickly loving this ship beginning to eclipse sims as my favorite tier 7 DD