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  1. yamato6945

    Dunkerque as a cruiser

    I don't see why not hell at this point Renown or Repulse could be classified as cruisers since much like Seigfried they have six 15 inch guns
  2. HSF Harekaze 1,025,844 would've been more but spent some to finish getting Ostergotland
  3. yamato6945

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Awesome review Mouse +1 but hold up AL Littorio is one of our collab boats for the next AL crossover ?
  4. Really then why are CV's still borked why did 8.0 go through when so many said it WASN'T READY why did the armor rework go through despite being one of the worst ideas Wargaming's ever had. And do I need to mention Submarines NOT ONCE with any of these was player feedback acknowledged even once. So again I call
  5. No it's not this company has repeatedly shown it has no clue how to balance any aspect of the game. Do you want to drive your players away because this kind crap is how you do it. the game is broken and warfailing keeps showing it has freaking clue how to fix it spreadsheets don't show everything. Again as someone who owns his own business happy customers are PAYING customers you wanna keep your customers happy so they want to pay you but wargaming apparently wants to drive players away.
  6. yamato6945

    IFHE All Night Long

    Awesome thanks for this Mouse
  7. yamato6945

    A sad morning

    I have to wait till I get off work but I'm prepared to be devastated over the nurturing of Atlanta,Flint and Boise
  8. yamato6945

    My plans after 9.2

    No they won't. Wargaming doesn't know how to fix anything tell us then Hapa what changes have you guys done about your CV rework your stated reason as to why you removed odd tier'd carriers was "to increase CV play and make them easier" yet now nearly 12 patches since the opposite is true there are LESS CV's and they are far less easy to play. So why and I want a straight answer @Hapa_Fodder WHY SHOULD WE WAIT this company's track record is abysmal every single decision made about this game since 8.0 has taken the game in the wrong direction and worse Wargaming refuses to admit when you guys make a mistake you go full ostrich and pretend the games okay you wanna make more money here's advice from someone who owns his own business keep your customers happy something Wargaming should learn
  9. yamato6945

    Where are we with submarines?

    Oh they will they're testing is about as solid as the construction of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  10. yamato6945

    WG: just for your information

  11. yamato6945

    WG: just for your information

    Yes thanks where the player numbers have fallen to an all time low and they have to remove a vast majority of the Tanks in the game to "fix" the bloated mess of a game they're far to incompetent to save. It doesn't bode well for warships
  12. yamato6945

    WG Can we address the Elephants in the room please

    Shinano and the odd tier carriers will return when WG pulls its head out of its rear ]and undoes 8.0 as for Yashima she's now Shikishima is coming for steel
  13. I hope your right but i was optimistic about wargamings changes before so I have absolutely no faith in them
  14. From your own dev blog Part of the issue tier 6 and 7 cruisers 357mm plating did you guys forget Arizona,Fuso,New Mexico,KGV,Duke of York,Poltava,Izmail,Scharnhorst And all of the Tier V's have 356mm guns or smaller so they become incapable of fighting similar or higher tier'd cruisers. There's some Data how much more does wargaming possibly need do some of us have to fly to your headquarters and stage a sit in before someone understands that this is a bad idea. This is the same thing you all were told during the CV rework and you still went ahead with it to a point the only way to fix Carriers would be to return to the RTS gameplay or remove them entirely and this is just as bad what happens when this fails miserably. You guys could've just said the CV rework was a mistake and returned to the pre 8.0 version but you haven't each patch makes it worse well what happens after this fails do you ignore it's failure to and move on to something else that shouldn't be in game like submarines all the while making it worse for players and hoping we ignore it Then there's Salem and Des Moines that are basically immune to All but Yamato,Musashi,Georgia,Ohio,Kremlin,Republique and Thunderer thats a pathetic 7 Battleships so basically I can drive my Salem up to a North Carolina go broadside in and be Immune to all return fire how does that make the game fun for anyone. Especially the poor NC driver All this is going to do is drive more players away
  15. Why not just adjust IFHE itself not make these unneeded armor changes any battleship with below 16 inch guns will be rendered impotent same with the tier 6 and below light cruisers. This is shaping up to be CV rework MK2 and why do guys need this to go live to "get data" shouldn't you know what's going to happen