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  1. I hope your right but i was optimistic about wargamings changes before so I have absolutely no faith in them
  2. From your own dev blog Part of the issue tier 6 and 7 cruisers 357mm plating did you guys forget Arizona,Fuso,New Mexico,KGV,Duke of York,Poltava,Izmail,Scharnhorst And all of the Tier V's have 356mm guns or smaller so they become incapable of fighting similar or higher tier'd cruisers. There's some Data how much more does wargaming possibly need do some of us have to fly to your headquarters and stage a sit in before someone understands that this is a bad idea. This is the same thing you all were told during the CV rework and you still went ahead with it to a point the only way to fix Carriers would be to return to the RTS gameplay or remove them entirely and this is just as bad what happens when this fails miserably. You guys could've just said the CV rework was a mistake and returned to the pre 8.0 version but you haven't each patch makes it worse well what happens after this fails do you ignore it's failure to and move on to something else that shouldn't be in game like submarines all the while making it worse for players and hoping we ignore it Then there's Salem and Des Moines that are basically immune to All but Yamato,Musashi,Georgia,Ohio,Kremlin,Republique and Thunderer thats a pathetic 7 Battleships so basically I can drive my Salem up to a North Carolina go broadside in and be Immune to all return fire how does that make the game fun for anyone. Especially the poor NC driver All this is going to do is drive more players away
  3. Why not just adjust IFHE itself not make these unneeded armor changes any battleship with below 16 inch guns will be rendered impotent same with the tier 6 and below light cruisers. This is shaping up to be CV rework MK2 and why do guys need this to go live to "get data" shouldn't you know what's going to happen
  4. Whats the point this company won't listen it's clear the devs don't play their own game and they're not capable of taking actual advice when it's given and they continue to wonder why players are leaving the game. Here's some advice wargaming for once listen to people who actually play the product since you don't cause guess what happy players means more players spending money. Either that or sell the game to a company that actually cares and can figure out what balance means
  5. yamato6945

    Thank you Jingles.

    All they had to do was remove manual drops and strafe from the RTS style CV's but no Wargamings far too incompetent for that now look where are
  6. You forgot Enterprise she Has AP bombs too
  7. A very Happy Birthday Mouse and Thank You for all you do for this community 


    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Thank you!  ♥\

  8. yamato6945

    Another ship setting sail...

    Good Luck and Fair Sea's Fem and Thank You As for the ask you anything. Any if you can give us on premiums that seem to have disappeared like Leone,California,Sigfried and Paulo Emilio
  9. Repurchased Kirov Already own Moskva and Have almost 3 million Fee Xp across all ships so I'm good
  10. Oh but this is Wargaming we have to change everything when we screw the game up
  11. yamato6945

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Fem does one of those include ending Co-Ops mercy Rule
  12. yamato6945

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    @Kalvothe@FemennenIy The issue is that the team's at Lesta have no idea how to balance any aspect of this game that's what has some of us concerned it's been made painfully obvious they don't play the game that alone mean's they have no clue how certain classes interact with each other. The CV "rework" is all the proof anyone should need they were told what they had was a bad idea and implemented it anyway right there proves they just don't care what anyone has to say they'll "balance" the game how they think it should be balanced and wonder why the game is bleeding players then overcharge for a bunch of pixels like PR to recoup the money they lost with they're own stupidity and arrogance at this point Wargaming is almost as bad as EA they've lost the trust of the player base. All I can do is offer advice as player and one who genuinely loves this game and wants it to be around another decade or two wargaming needs to actually work on getting player trust back there are 3 ways. One show us they actually listen and balance the RU cruisers don't just make them strong cause Russian or scrap them all together at least until they've won back player trust. Two undo that disaster of a Carrier "rework" lets be honest it was a stupid idea carriers could've been balanced in the RTS style just fine a removal of manual drops and strafe would've been a step in the right direction so along with a buff to AA but neutering CV's making them more difficult to play and for some idiotic reason removing odd tier'd carriers while simultaneously cutting themselves off from ever introducing a Tier IX free xp or coal carrier is beyond stupid.Fastest way fix it admit they were wrong re compensate players then undo it Three NO submarines sub's have no business in an arcade naval game when the games development team can't balance other classes ever hear of a wonderful game called silent hunter that's how WW2 Subs should be slow underwater and faster on the surface and far more vulnerable. There are other issues but this is longer then I'd hoped all I ask is show these to the people at Lesta or Suboctavian
  13. yamato6945

    The music thread

  14. yamato6945

    The music thread

    The Emperor Protects