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    201knots achieved in the big hunt mode

    Now go play vermont or kansas directly afterwards in random or co-op and report back here with your findings! You will want to quit the game!

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    looks more arcadey than before plus the AA tracer intensity is anemic which I hope is fixed in the final release?

    Quick comment on the PTS Graphics...

    I haven't noticed any port abnormalities, but I noticed they tweaked the Big Hunt textures with a patch yesterday for round 2. There was some stuttering in round 1. Now the textures look blurry and not as crisp, they probably scaled them down to fix the stutter but now it looks less visually impressive.

    PTS Update 0.10.1 Bug Report

    brawl mode is glitched! After you finish a game your ship still says its in battle and you are unable to re enter or play any mode with said ship.
  5. Something is intentionally different, you can tell which direction a ship is moving at what power by its smoke stack and the angle of the smoke of the stack. What I have noticed now is a ship can be in slight reverse but as soon as you fire salvo it's suddenly going in the other direction at full speed not a gradual acceleration of speed like it used to! Also now there is a lot more disappearing of ships once you have a fired and its about to hit its target, meaning no damage points or citadels.

    Special captains being nerfed to the ground.

    I noticed the Smolensk has been nerfed with its maximum battery firing range reduced from 19.2km to 16km.

    PTS 0.10.0

    I noticed the smolensk has been nerfed with maximum battery firing range no longer able to configure above 16km. used to be configurable to 19.2km

    Horn Sound Bug

    I agree it is too loud and grating plus it seems to be of a lower quality sample where on some ships you can actually hear the distortion.

    So. uhh.. when does 0.9.11 go live?

    Well considering The Big Hunt event is due to end on Dec 2, I would assume the update would remove this and hopefully get rid of all the crashes and bugs it brought with it! All I can say is that i played round 1 and 2 of the PT 09.11/0.9.12 that just finished and I had ZERO CRASHES and ZERO issues so hopefully back to normal come Dec 2!

    Is Server Down?

    Technically you're logged in via game centre by proxy but not the actual server which re-establishes and 2nd authentication once you attempt to login to actual game,

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    Good news that your not having any issues so far... keep your fingers crossed and let us know what the outcome is. Re-install will be my next step once I get time to download again.

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    Has anyone tried deleting the whole game then downloading a new installation to see if it fixes the problem. Every time I check & Repair it says repairing and when i run it again same thing, like it cant repair whatever is broken. Additionally I downloaded the public test 0.9.11 and have been playing that the last 2 nights with ZERO issues. Its got to be something to to do with the Big Hunt Event... it all started after that was added to the game mode.

    Critical Error

    I think it's probably due to the big event add on which is causing these issues due to poor integration, i.e. port switching issues etc. After the event ends and the next update things should go back to normal. WG aren't gonna spend time optimizing/fixing a temporary game mode when they could be working on future updates.
  14. 1. open game center 2. click on game settings 3.click on check and repair and when prompted hit continue
  15. I'm also experiencing "critical errors and crashes" since last update.. well the 0.9.10 public test actually, they seemed to have fixed the issues with PT round 2 but since the official release it's back with a vengeance! Did you try a check and repair? Every time I run it it gets to about 97% and then starts repairing. But when I run it again it stills needs repairing and same even after 3rd attempt.