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    SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

    I love how when someone points out that a ship like the Saipan is OP, the only argument anyone has is "But a bad Saipan player will get [edited] by a good CV player no matter what". Yeah, well what if the Saipan is a good player too...... More often than not I see our CV get clubbed by Saipan who just never let them catch their fighters but then come running back in when the strikes need an escort. And the ability to strafe out of a fighter lock without losing anything means you can't strike anything near the fighters, and with that fighter squadrons many they can essentially be everywhere. Good ol WG at it again.
  2. 3 years late I know but I absolutely adore this idea as a huge fan of World War II ships, but the problem is there is no money in singleplayer so WG probably won't do it. Not compared to the time they could instead devote to creating more premiums, like the Prinz Eitel for 160 bucks.
  3. GeorgePatton_86

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    This is a joke ... TWENTY FOUR MILLION CREDITS? Right after winter break ends too? Holy crap.
  4. GeorgePatton_86

    Base XP Missions and Premium Account

    The Prinz Eitel and Steel Monster base mission xp are horrible. Of course WG wouldn't even let me use my premium... allowing me to use something I paid for in full would be way too much.
  5. GeorgePatton_86

    Musashi and Kronshtadt to be removed

    Typical WG: We're removing these ships to force you to spend money on them now or play an assload, but don't worry, if you miss the deadline, you have an infinitesimal chance to get it from a supercontainer which you have an infinitesimal chance to get in the first place.
  6. GeorgePatton_86

    Shokaku vs Lexington

    Well wait no more, now they're just gonna make all CVS braindead and stupid instead of just IJN ones.
  7. GeorgePatton_86

    refunds on CV

  8. GeorgePatton_86

    refunds on CV

    Thanks a bunch man. Any idea when the rework might be coming? I'm honestly excited to ditch my cvs since I've lost interest in them.
  9. GeorgePatton_86

    refunds on CV

    Silly question I know, but how exactly will this work? Will it allow me to select whether I want all the cvs converted, or do I have to have the low tier ones in my port for it to convert all of them? Say for example I have only the Lexington in my port, will it convert the Lexington and its modules into credits and free xp and the rest below it into the free xp if I so desire? Or will I have to have all of them in my port for them to be converted into free xp?