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  1. Te_Kill_Ya

    Ranked shout out

    i wouldn`t have done it without you, man!
  2. Te_Kill_Ya

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the tips. Were you referring to Jutland as cruier with 4 kills?It’s a DD. yeah...playing anything else than a BB in ranked is monumental effort when it comes to saving a star.
  3. Te_Kill_Ya

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    I feel your frustration. Just to give you an idea how bad is the matchmaking in current ranked season...I’ve been going btw Rank 5 and 10 for 6 times. I had numerous games where I was the only R5 in a R9-10 team vs a more balanced team. Very unbalanced season, OP premiums vs average at best tier 9 tech ships...yeah. After current CV rework and this Ranked Season, I think I’m ready to drop WoWs for good, as I did with their crappy planes and tanks.
  4. Te_Kill_Ya

    Are Legendary Upgrades Worth the Detriments?

    Gearing legendary is AWESOME, man! Got me to rank 1 in no time, loved catching Shimas with their pants down:) In my opinion grinding the Republique was the most unrewarding. Sacrifying turret traverse and range for mere 2 seconds reload advantage?NOT worth it. Yama and Zao, Hindi?O yes!
  5. Te_Kill_Ya

    Kitakaze Captain Skills?

    Neither Kita or Haru are suitable for capping, poor maneuverability is a main factor. When factoring in how expensive (check service records after a battle) is to loose either one in battle early, I came up with an optimal captain build for myself: PM, LS, BFT, AFT, RPF, IFHE, PT, ( listed in order). Stopped capping in Haru, period. My win rate is better, contributing to the team is more substantial, yeah, occasionally I have to deal with nasty rants, but with everything said I can actually make credits on this ship.