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  1. fang_cloudeye

    How to become a super tester?

    They look for ST members once a year or if there is a need to replace ST members that leave the program, ST is a small but active community that give up a lot of time to do the work the program asks for. Just keep an eye on the forums and every now and then they will announce they are looking.
  2. Yup, welcome to Bikini bottom for Operation Crossroads.
  3. Hmm, it helped quite a bit when I added it on. may go back and look at it again.
  4. steering mod is your friend, just like I use on the Hood to very good results. But like anything else it has it's drawbacks, you just have to learn to work with in them and the ship does just fine.
  5. You have to run it like a battlecruiser, fast and agile. mine is a secondary build and I have a blast with it. it just takes some time to get use to the play style for it.
  6. fang_cloudeye

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    Xbox Live and PSN will not do cross platforming. they tried to do that with ESO and a number of other games and the console ( live and PSN ) would not even entertain the idea.
  7. Did I post in the wrong thread about the Grinch kill? I posted in the thread from Dec 19th as that was the link Jolly6969 had posted in chat


    1. fang_cloudeye


      your fine, I got you credited for the kill and there is no issue. I just got people posting things all over the place and having to play hunt and find.

    2. Texshi


      Ten Dash Four!

  8. Hmm, I got 12 ships including the Missouri out of the 35 boxes I got. No complaints out of me.
  9. Thanks for the Scrooge contest:  Got me JollyRoger6969

    scroge kill DR 20181225.jpg

  10. fang_cloudeye

    Operation Scrooge

    Team killing him does not count, but feel free to abuse him all you want.
  11. fang_cloudeye

    Operation Scrooge

    it sort of is and sort of not, it was more giving something extra to do on WoWs over X-mas. Every grinch gave up their time to do this.
  12. fang_cloudeye

    Operation Scrooge

    Operation Scrooged Date: Dec 24th & 25th The grinch fleet is here to steal your holiday, each one is carrying a chistmas crate and your mission is to get it back. Grinches will announce their being in a match by saying in open chat "Time to grinch your X-mas" Grinches can appear in any random game at any time between 12/24 and 12/25, players will just have to pay attention to in game chat to see if a Grinch is in your match. If a player sinks a grinch that player will need to take a screen shot from the battle results screen showing they sunk the grinch and send that screen shot Highlighting the grinch to fang_cloudeye on the WG forums. Prizes will be a Santa's crate per grinch sunk. Rewards will take a day or so to be sent out as a code to be claimed on the forums. Grinches will only be seen in random battles. Rules: teamkilling a Grinch is not allowed, this is naughty and the Dark lords of WG WILL cast an unkind eye on those that TK event members. Grinches are allowed to Div up with minions (minions count for nothing) or other Grinches. Should there be Grinches on both teams they will not engage each other unless, Should they be the only ships left in the later stage of the battle they are allowed to fight each other. If a Grinch is is the only ship within 10KM and protecting a capital ship (CV) and the attacking ship is a grinch then the grinches are allowed to shoot at each other. Players must send in their screenshots by 12/27/2018 to claim their prizes. Any screenshots sent in after that time will not be honored. The members of the grinch fleet are the following players Fang_cloudeye, Hellish Yoda, Hellgrunt, Broken Gamer, Skraeling, Potenkyn, Hadron Collide, Sinboto, Malarkey_, Ghost_Raven75, Vasuba, Flagship_Zao, Calvin Range, Jollyroger6969, Hutch07
  13. fang_cloudeye

    The carebears have broke the game

    It is not lost on some of us.
  14. fang_cloudeye

    It's time to consider Port Slot 75% off discount.

    Port slots were on sale for a few days around thanksgiving, I got 30 at that time.
  15. fang_cloudeye

    Dropping Complement Bombs

    Thank you for the nice words. I will let the community know that I am going to be running some events here and there, they are my events and not WG so the prizes will be small but goodies are goodies. Another thing is if I see someone in game doing the work as a team member, being polite and not being a pain in chat you might get a goodie. The last goodie I passed out was for a Marblehead, port slot, 1000 Doubloons, a few camos and crates. I don't do it all the time but I do keep an eye on the players in game and will do a random act if I see that what I look for.