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  1. sulghunter331

    A Simple Request

    I was very curious because the Tiny Tims were purpose built as anti-ship rockets, basically being old oil drilling pipes stuffed with rocket fuel and explosives. Although I agree with the idea of quantity over quality in some cases, but I'd like to argue that it' be pointless if none of the rockets can do lasting damage, no matter how many fly true.
  2. sulghunter331

    A Simple Request

    Really?, if so, how do they perform? The missiles were designed to take down ships.
  3. sulghunter331

    A Simple Request

    Seeing as the CV rework is well under way, I also know that it is at the stage were many adjustments and changes are being made. I just want to ask for the USN rocket planes to be able to be equipped with Tiny Tim rockets instead of what appears to be HVARs. Would certainly give the rocket planes more punch.
  4. sulghunter331

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    You know, every time I see people [edited], gripe, or moan about how a match is decided on the single match up between the CVs of each team, I wonder if they remember at all that the the one-to-one CV match-up currently was because people bitched the Devs into fixing MM into that. No one complains nearly as loudly about the quality of the players of cruisers, destroyers, or battleships, because those types have multiple counterparts per team. If MM limited BBs to one per team, we would start seeing threads all over the place about how matches keep getting decided over which BB of either team had the balls to push a side. When the MM was fixed to have just one CV per side, there was no other way for this situation to spiral into. When MM wasn't fixed to limit the CVs, there was often the case that there were two CVs, per team. With such a case, there was at least a better chance that the team wouldn't be stuck with an incompetent CV player.
  5. sulghunter331

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    To all the players that are saying that this fine according to the rock-paper-scissors balance scheme, where the hell were you when everyone and their damn dog kept saying that cruisers shouldn't be hard countered by battleships?
  6. sulghunter331

    Can't unsee this

    When you think about, it could be considered as a tramp stamp, though not nearly as blatant as the neon paint on the aft of each of the ARP ships.
  7. sulghunter331

    Why I Find Submarines Disagreable in this Game

    Evidence, among a staggering preponderance of the same, that the devs are completely unwilling to ever back track on a single action that they've done.
  8. sulghunter331

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    We could always have a battle set in one of the Great Lakes in North America...
  9. sulghunter331

    Why I Find Submarines Disagreable in this Game

    Arcadey game mechanics, and getting one-shotted. Wow, the worst of both worlds! At least the graphics are a little prettier, I guess.
  10. sulghunter331

    Why I Find Submarines Disagreable in this Game

    Knowing WG, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the subs hit the main stream. Such an introduction will take away the very last thing the main IJN DD line has that makes it unique in comparison to all other DD lines.
  11. When I first heard that the WG devs, announced the arrival of submarines, I immediately remembered the countless threads, memes, and the famous video denying the inclusion of submarines into the game. The countless arguments against submarines, why'd they would be terrible in fleet battles, why they would only be good against un-armed freighters and such. I then became truly furious when I realized the whole premise of the submarines: stealthy torpedo launching platforms. ONCE AGAIN, the developers have created a line of vessels whose main damage is tailored towards a specialization with torpedoes, again leaving IJN torpedo boat DDs to rot in the ditch, AGAIN! If the developers really wanted to create a line of ships whose specialty was stealthy torpedo delivery, why did they AGAIN go to the trouble of creating an entire group of ships, this time even creating a new layer to the game to accommodate said ships, when they could have simply tweaked a few numbers on the IJN DDs and their torpedoes?! WG, either you need to share the drugs that made you think this whole venture was good idea, or simply come out with the truth, here and now, and say whether or not you hate IJN DDs.
  12. sulghunter331

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    And that would actually put us closer to the scale of the more famous naval battles of history.
  13. sulghunter331

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    How about further restrictions on classes, how about raising the number of players per team? Clearly the developers are capable of changing the number of players per team, with ranked teams being smaller than regular random teams on the same maps. More players => more targets => more damage/kills to farm.
  14. sulghunter331

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Do you DD mains really want to cap the number of BBs in each team? That would limit the amount of exp/silver pinatas per team, cutting down on your rewards at the end of a match.
  15. sulghunter331

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Yeah, that's because those DDs aren't the only DDs on the map.Multiple DDs can and often do pickup the slack of the few mediocre/bad DDs.