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  1. Possible CV fix?

    As hard as a team may fight, if the other team hoards enough points such that the last surviving member just has to hide and run down the clock to win, than that other team had earned that win. It may seem unfair to the first team, but think about the second team, and what it had to do to put itself into the position that running down the clock is the winning move. Another thing that you've failed to consider is that if one team has one CV, then the other team has a CV. Your CV would've been key in finding/spotting the last surviving enemy ship, although, if you left your CV hanging in the wind as destroyers ambushed him or let the enemy CV snipe him, then the loss that you suffered is your own fault.
  2. This I can agree on.
  3. World of Warships retro version

    War hammer 40k for me.
  4. As much as that would be throwing a bone to DDs, I feel as if, for the radar ship at least, should be more accurate on account of the radar giving a better targeting solution than optical systems.
  5. World of Warships retro version

    Ever heard of battle fleet gothic? And I don't mean the PC game.
  6. Possible CV fix?

    It also still has secondaries, Kaga's and GZ's secondaries are no joke.
  7. Possible CV fix?

    A CV sits so far back because it has to. It has no armor, no useful guns, can be spotted from ranges that make battleships look stealthy by comparison, and even one fire can either negate their strength entirely or seriously hamper it. Also, the CV is more akin to a queen in power. Have you ever once considered counter tactics against CVs instead of simply bemoaning them?
  8. May our lord and savior, RNGesus, protect us, his APostles, from the HEathens, and may he guide our shells to the enemy' citadels.
  9. My hope would be the ability to track enemy radar ships via their EM emissions, a possible accuracy/spotting buff against ships using radar.
  10. Possible CV fix?

    Well, yes. The CV/DD duo played smartly. By sacrificing himself, the DD distracted the enemy DD and allowed the CV to survive long enough to run down the clock.
  11. Possible CV fix?

    I meant in proportion. If an Iowa lost a turret, for example, it would lose the same amount of health a CV would if it were to lose a third of its air wing.
  12. Possible CV fix?

    If a ship loses a turret, should it lose a portion of its hp, on top of whatever damage it had received in the volley that destroyed that turret?
  13. US CV vs Japanese CV

    First time I've seen social justice be used in resurrecting an old thread. Alright, just let me get my hazmat suit on. Ok, "Jap" was indeed used a slur to refer to Japanese people in a derogatory manner, in a similar manner in how "kraut" was for Germans. Also, you mentioned how the Japanese Americans were innocent, to the point of playing baseball in those camps, but you never mentioned the 442nd regiment, the most decorated military unit in American history, composed mostly of Japanese Americans. On a last note, considering that I am personally of Japanese descent, I can say that "Jap" is indeed a rude term, certainly not as rude as some slurs, but still derogatory. In closing, I find the term offensive, and I would appreciate it if you would please stop using the term "Jap" from now on.
  14. musashi or kronshtadt

    Musashi, the Izumo replacement. An advantage few people note with the Musashi is that by taking her into battle, you are forcing the enemy team to have a tier 9 ship instead of another tier 10 ship. Your team now effectively has one extra tier 10 ship on the enemy team. Also, 9 extra 46cm guns never hurt
  15. Can we turn Nelson voice-overs off?

    Never thought of it that way to tell you the truth. Although, I still feel as if this is some poorly disguised attempt of being self-righteous in being against anime.