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  1. So are you actually for battleship volleys having less RNG in them?
  2. Think about just how much the planets have to align to allow for the RNG to let a BB to land such shells on a target as small and agile as a DD, as well as the circumstances necessary for a single AP shell to do so much. Also, if a DD is spotted long enough that a BB can shoot and land effective fire on a DD, one must start laying blame on that DD.
  3. Paper Ships anyone? A-150s

    Anyone up for Tillman IV-2. I'd love to see 15 18" guns running around at tier 10. Possibly as the crown to a USN Standard BB line, while Iowa and Montana lead a battle cruiser/fast battleship line (if/when WG ever does a USN BB line split).
  4. DDs are good at hunting battleships lead by incompetent players. Even Asashio's torpedoes are defeated by simple random maneuvers. Think about it, a battleship has to stay on a particular course for a little over for a minute to be hit by even close range stealth torpedo strikes. It takes a combination of torpedoes, shell fire, and team work to efficiently bring down a battleship piloted by a competent, or God forbid a good, captain.
  5. Seriously, why does every single DD player I see come up to the forums think that their DDs are the next Taffy 3? As I have seen people already throw statistics around, I am going to try to take this conversation towards a thought exercise to examine the nature of battleship and destroyer interactions. Firstly, lets get the low hanging fruit out of the room. DD players, I'm sorry, but when an AP shell, that's heavier than a VW Beatle, that's meant to take down battleships, manages to detonate inside your tin can, you're lucky if you get away with it taking a third of your health, not to mention when a HE shell goes off on your thinly armored hides. A destroyer is simply out gunned, and out armored in every way by battleships. The only thing they have though is stealth and agility. Using those two things, destroyers walk a razor's edge to gain the upper hand. Secondly, lets examine the nature of the interactions between battleships and destroyers. The destroyers obviously almost always leverage their advantage in spotting range to stalk the battleships. They use this advantage to do two things: Sneak up as close as possible to maximize the chances for a successful torpedo strike. Get into a position to set up a smoke screen and melt a battleship down with rapid volleys and fire. Thirdly, lets examine what happens in the event should the destroyers misplay, and lose their advantage of stealth via blunder or assistance from the enemy battleship's allies. Assuming the battleship's team are magnanimous and allow for a one on one duel, there are two ways it ends: The destroyer escapes to regain its stealth advantage. The destroyer is caught by battleship's firepower, whether it be the primary or secondary batteries. This is not even assuming when destroyers use smoke screens or when the battleship is accompanied by cruiser or aircraft support. In summation, whenever a battleship and destroyer fight, the destroyer sets the tempo of the fight. It is only when the destroyer makes a mistake when the battleship has an opportunity to even fight back. When a destroyer is in a situation that a battleship can shoot at it, then it has made a grave mistake.
  6. I am disappointed that no one has pointed this out: F6F-5N, Hellcat model OUTFITTED WITH RADAR. Flying radar ! Let those destroyers and RN cruisers burn in their worst hell!
  7. Need Oil for your Clan?

    I'm surprised LWM hasn't appeared. I feel as if she'd get caught in one of those things.
  8. Nevermind me, just a rage thread

    Rule #27 of online gaming: Never trust anyone on your team unless you have a direct line of voice communications with your teammates. Rule #373 of online gaming: Assume the worst case scenario in respect to allies, and plan accordingly.
  9. You're all towels.

    Sorry, I don't work in Aviation Ordnance.
  10. You're all towels.

    Your IQ is 100i only radicals would ever use this one.
  11. Remove BB HE

  12. Will the Missouri come back

    Considering how the Mighty Mo broke the silver economy, one would imagine that what ever plans the devs have, it will certainly involve hammer nerfing the credit modifier
  13. Had one enemy player report me for hitting him with my MO's AP shells when his cruiser was ~20km away, in a turn. Blapped him for a dev strike, started yelling at me accusing me of using an aim bot or some other cheat.
  14. Nature has had millions of years to hone sharks, to make them the perfect ocean predator.