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  1. sulghunter331

    Smolensk thanks you for your Puerto Rico outrage

    Every time I see people talking about the submarines, I'm just thinking to myself "Just go play Cold Waters or Silent Hunter if you have such a hard-on for submarine games".
  2. sulghunter331

    Okay, so what are our chances?

    Just wondering, how hard would it be to just extend the deadline for the PR? Nothing else gets changed, all of the missions and directives stay the same, the only thing that gets changed would be the deadline for the event being pushed back. How hard would that be? I know that WG would not extend it so far that getting PR becomes too easy, but would giving players more time to grind help?
  3. sulghunter331

    Puerto Rico

    I think the right amount of difficulty would be something in the neighborhood of what the first round of ARP ship missions were. IMHO, those missions seem like a good model for moderate-high difficulty missions, striking a balance between having the tasks be difficult, but not so difficult that it couldn't be accomplished in a limited time-frame. I will admit that I have said this in the forum many times now, but I just personally think WG got it it pretty close for difficult missions that didn't just equate to mindlessly grinding one's [edited]off for exp or raw damage when they made the missions for the ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko the first time around.
  4. sulghunter331

    ST: ARP/Dragons ships will get a premium bonus

    Nice, I have all of the ARP ships, though wasn't really around much when the Dragon ships were available. Damn, thinking back on how I got Kongo and Myoko during the first time around, makes me wish for those types of missions again. The campaigns are a lot of fun, just wish that special ships were offered more.
  5. sulghunter331

    What's Happened?

    Now that I think about it, these Italian cruisers sound a lot like IJN cruisers, being effective at DDs, but unable to find them. And the torps.
  6. sulghunter331

    What's Happened?

    Interesting, the Italian cruisers might be rather interesting.
  7. sulghunter331

    What's Happened?

    Hello, sulghunter331 here, been off the grid for approximately four months (for those curious, sub deployment). Back now, just curious as to what has happened in the interim. As far as I can tell, CVs are still a dumpster fire, Italian cruisers, and Subs had a test run in the game. While I go check for any flying pork, would anyone tell me what else I missed in four months?
  8. sulghunter331

    WG I want the WG clock from the Azu Lane port.

    Torpedo plushy!
  9. sulghunter331

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    Don't forget the ARP Myokos.
  10. We already do that (sort of) by having to pay a service cost after each battle. If you mean premium ammo that has superior performance characteristics versus normal ammo, then the game would die in minutes if such ammo was brought in.
  11. sulghunter331

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    Rule the Waves 2 came out very recently. 7
  12. Before the DD mafia comes in and fits you with a pair of concrete galoshes, I'd just like to say that I agree with you, as well as bring up how open water stealth firing used to be a thing.
  13. sulghunter331

    Old school premiums that still work in CV meta?

    Arkansas Beta. No AA = pre- or post- rework, you're screwed anyway if there's a CV. Still a blast to play. For some actual clubbing, I'd wouldn't know, I just usually run around in my Omaha when I'm feeling a tad bored to do some reverse seal clubbing.
  14. sulghunter331

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    If we count that, should we count carrier craft landing hits with bombs and torpedoes as long range shots?
  15. sulghunter331

    A Forboding Result

    Just got this result in my Kitakaze, I wonder if it's trying to tell me something.