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  1. There is a certain hatred that I have expressed in my life, one in which every fiber of my being is used to hate, when I hate the very existence of something, and everyone that is even associated with that something. Until now, there was only one thing that I hated to this degree, and it's Teemo. Now, there is a second object of this hatred: the Khabarovsk, and every single person who plays this abomination. If it weren't for the fact that I'd damage myself, I'd sink every single Khabarovsk on my team, the fate of the enemy team's own needless to say.
  2. If WG really was dancing to the tunes of a Chinese boss, then how in the name of hell were they able to get away with letting Kaga keep her Hinomaru on her flight deck?
  3. Tier 8 for me.
  4. And they're both cruisers. I wonder where that puts Alaska.
  5. Graf Spee has 11" guns, but we don't see her as a battleship.
  6. His point is that the Alaska isn't meant to stand in a battle line with the rest of the battle wagons, going into a slug fest trading blow for blow and keep on going. Alaska is meant to be swift, and fight other cruisers. Her designers expecting new enemy cruisers to be just as big and heavily armed as Alaska, if anything, Alaska is to cruisers as Yamato is to battleships.
  7. When I learned how to land citadel hits consistently on a Tenryuu in a Clemson, back in CBT.
  9. Stop, I think you might give issm an aneurysm with that. You have to think in these terms: how hard will an idea screw over DDs? 76mm auto-loaders that can fire at DDs will wreck them hard. Keep in mind, I am fully supporting your suggestion though.
  10. My reaction: Why go through all of the effort, use all of the time, resources, and manpower to come up with the code to make these torpedoes to work when they could have simply tweaked the spotting range of IJN torpedoes?
  11. Quoting Lincoln: "You can please some people all the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all the time."
  12. Just a quick question. Just how OP would it be to give Shimakaze the torpedo reload booster consumable?
  13. You don't dodge the torpedoes, you dodge the planes. Were you alone in a German BB, or were you in a USN BB with several cruiser escorts? Also, WG painted themselves into corner in making AA an automated system, along with the dumpster fire that is the balance between CVs.