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  1. sulghunter331

    Premium Ship Review: California

    So, a complete lemon of a premium BB. Why would WG waste time, money, and manpower creating a product that would flop on day one? They had to have known that CA wouldn't sell well if she didn't have stellar performance or a gimmick to counter-balance the fact that she's painfully under-gunned and painfully slow for tier 7 premium. They clipped their profits by essentially repelling any players other than the die-hard collectors, which I can't imagine make a particularly large segment of the player base. From a business stand point, CA as a product makes no sense, as she has virtually nothing going for her that would make her more appealing than the free option of the tech tree ships to justify a price tag, or the other premium tier 7 BBs to attract the eyes of as many potential customers as possible. The only conclusion that I can draw from this boondoggle of a release is that she was intentionally sabotaged as a product, and that some employee(s) is(are) supposed to catch heat for this failure.
  2. Really wish Steel was easier to farm, because damn it, I want the Shikishima! Unless anyone knows if she's going for coal soon, Shikishima is going to stay out of my hands for the foreseeable future.
  3. sulghunter331

    ZAO's ap is surprisingly decent

    This is what happens when players get so fixated on hugging islands in cruisers and sling HE for fires. They almost never realize the finer points of using different shells for different situations.
  4. sulghunter331

    Welp, I understand why people play CV, now.

    Stress? Try sneaking up to a high tier BB in an IJN torpedo destroyer with the reload booster instead of smoke. Now that's stressful.
  5. sulghunter331

    Welp, I understand why people play CV, now.

    With the old RTS style CV play, your friendly CV could take a far more active role in defending the team against air assaults by actually directing fighter squadrons to intercept attack planes. Now, it's just dump a static CAP and hope that A: the enemy is dumb enough to run into the CAP, and B: that your team mates stay under the CAP. This whole CV rework just stinks of the CVs being hammered into a console-friendly format.
  6. sulghunter331

    Team Mates! I need your help!

    "Ship mate" is used in more normal/formal situations, or when a chief is dressing down a sailor that he has found lacking, often mid-knife hand.
  7. sulghunter331

    Team Mates! I need your help!

    When you hear stations, that is the ship's announcing/internal communication system addressing positions manned by sailors (a.k.a. "Watch Stations"). In this, it is a singular ship. For multiple ships, you would say just say "ships" or squadrons, divisions, or even fleets (i.e. Seventh Fleet, Battleship Division Five, Destroyer Squadron Seven).
  8. sulghunter331

    The Nagato and the Colorado...

    As op as Sinop is, have you ever seen a Sinop do anything other than bow tank and reverse? I honestly find them as an annoyance rather than a threat. However, should I see a Sinop actually be mobile, and frequently change positions, that's when I would consider them as serious threats.
  9. sulghunter331

    A Question on the Yoshino

    A simple question for the denizens of this forum. Do you consider the Yoshino as a deluxe Atago, or as a diet Yamato?
  10. sulghunter331

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    I didn't say clump together into unmanageable mobs. This is the purpose of proper formations, and giving a bit of distance away from each member of the formation. Also, given that gun ship DDs are the popular DD type, encountering a DD captain that is even vaguely familiar with stealth torpedoing is an uncommon occurrence. Also, it would be one of the goals of the CV player and screening units to spot incoming destroyers and torpedo waves, to give advance warning to the main group.
  11. sulghunter331

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    Counters to CVs in order of general effectiveness: 1. Sticking together. I cannot emphasize this enough. Do not go gallivanting about on your own when there's an enemy CV on the map. Lone ships, especially BBs, are the single most desirable targets for CV players. If you stick together in clumps, especially with USN cruisers, your ships' AA fields will overlap, reinforcing your defense against air attacks, and may even discourage the CV player from attacking your group in the first place. Even if a determined CV player attacks your group anyway, the overlapping fields of AA fire will exact heavy losses on the squadrons, reducing the CV players power in the long run. 2... 3. Playing USN anything. This is, believe it or not, one of the USN's in-game strength. Thus, if you really feel like sticking it to CV players everywhere, focus playing USN ships. 4. Playing cruisers, especially AA-focused variants. AA-Defensive fire boosts the power of the ship's AA batteries, and putting up more flak clouds per burst. How to dodge (a.k.a. How to give the worst target profile to the CV player possible): For all plane types, you'll see when the squadron commits to an attack run when a small portion, two to three planes, break off and fly lower than the rest of the squadron. At this phase, the maneuverability of the squadron is drastically reduced in comparison to the normal flight mode. This is where you'll generally the best chance (albeit slim by normal measures) of out-maneuvering and dodging the incoming ordnance. For torpedo bombers, the preferred target profile is on the beam (ahead of the direction of travel to account for lead), giving the best chance to land all torpedoes on target. Most CV players I have observed begin their attack runs at ~5kms away from the target ship, so when you see the torpedo bombers at that distance, begin to turn in or away from the bombers, giving them the narrowest target profile. This will give you the best chance to thread the incoming torpedo wave. For dive bombers, the preferred target profile is along the center line, either from ahead or astern, with a preference for approaches from the stern. When the planes approach, start a half-turn to one direction. Once the squadron begins it's attack run, where they will fly up and then dive, throw the helm to full in the opposite direction. This will hopefully spoil the aim of the bombers as the CV attempts to track the evasion, and will swing the ship's mass out of the center of the bombers' aim. For rocket planes, There is little you can do against this type, as they can approach from the beam or the center line and still be effective. If you can position them onto your center line however, using the same maneuver for dive bombers, you can actually dodge some of the rockets. In general, play the CVs as well. Once you get accustomed to what works well and what doesn't for them, you can learn what to do against CVs as surface combatants.
  12. sulghunter331

    So I bought the 40k Pre-Sale Pack

  13. sulghunter331

    What Would Cause Ship Self Destruction?

    Disgruntled crewman with a match in the magazine under the third turret? Mutsu jokes aside, I have no idea what it could be. In the years I've been playing this game, not once have I seen or even heard of a ship self-destructing without a cause. I have heard of CV players dropping ordnance on themselves, and I have heard of some DDs that had torpedoes so slow that they could shoot a spread and then turn into the torpedoes. Unless you can post the video clearly showing the occurrence, the only thing I can think of is that an enemy ship landed a lucky shot detonating you, and that there was some sort of play-back bug on showing who or what killed you.
  14. sulghunter331

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    Shimakaze torpedoes should have much better stealth figures. Whole reason the IJN risked putting pure O2 on warships made the torpedoes hard to spot.
  15. sulghunter331

    It's not like WG Cares but...........

    I look at this and see people who mainly play WoTs, come over to this game, and think that WoWS is just like WoTs, but with boats.