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  1. sulghunter331

    WG I want the WG clock from the Azu Lane port.

    Torpedo plushy!
  2. sulghunter331

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    Don't forget the ARP Myokos.
  3. We already do that (sort of) by having to pay a service cost after each battle. If you mean premium ammo that has superior performance characteristics versus normal ammo, then the game would die in minutes if such ammo was brought in.
  4. sulghunter331

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    Rule the Waves 2 came out very recently. 7
  5. Before the DD mafia comes in and fits you with a pair of concrete galoshes, I'd just like to say that I agree with you, as well as bring up how open water stealth firing used to be a thing.
  6. sulghunter331

    Old school premiums that still work in CV meta?

    Arkansas Beta. No AA = pre- or post- rework, you're screwed anyway if there's a CV. Still a blast to play. For some actual clubbing, I'd wouldn't know, I just usually run around in my Omaha when I'm feeling a tad bored to do some reverse seal clubbing.
  7. sulghunter331

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    If we count that, should we count carrier craft landing hits with bombs and torpedoes as long range shots?
  8. sulghunter331

    A Forboding Result

    Just got this result in my Kitakaze, I wonder if it's trying to tell me something.
  9. sulghunter331

    I can't believe I ever defended the Azuma.

    Cries quietly in the corner with my Des moines.
  10. sulghunter331

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    Considering that Yamato's shell seriously damaged White Plains' hull, knocked out her starboard engine and all of her electrical power, I think it should count on the basis of the damage that shell caused.
  11. sulghunter331

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    Doesn't Yamato hold the record for longest range shot? Managed to put a shell underneath USS White Plains, at ~34Kyds, which detonated under her and knocked out the carrier's engine and electrical power.
  12. sulghunter331

    Submarine Tech Trees

    *Obligatory necromancy memes*
  13. sulghunter331

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    DDs ninja torping BBs ring any bells? Using smoke screens or islands to shoot at enemies while perfectly shielded? Nothing? Try again.
  14. sulghunter331

    Bring CV vs CV fighting back

    The biggest issue that I see with CVs now, other than the rework needing to get deep-sixed, and go back to the old system sans strafe, is that the CVs getting gated into one, or two CVs per team. This just magnifies the skill differences between the players involved, because they have no one else to cover their [edited]when they drop the ball, where the BBs, DDs, and CAs/CLs have the rest of the team cover their skill shortfalls/mistakes.