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  1. Two Hair-Brained Ideas

    Idea 1: Allow for torpedoes to go undetected once no one is spotting them. As it says on the tin. The idea is so that in case the torpedoes are spotted relatively early in their travel, they can still surprise targets further down range, unless someone decides to tail the torpedo salvo along the entire course. For example, a Fubuki launches a brace of torpedoes which get spotted quickly after launch by an enemy Mahan. While the torpedoes are within their detection range around the Mahan, they can be seen by all and sundry, including an enemy Colorado. As soon as the torpedoes leave their detection range around the Mahan, they will become unspotted, now only the Fubuki's team can see them. The torpedoes travel on until they're nearly on top of the Colorado, becoming spotted again by the BB. Idea 2: Have aircraft spotting torpedoes reveal them to only the owner of the aircraft. If a torpedo is being spotted solely by aircraft, then the torpedo is seen by only the player who had launched the aircraft. The hope is that the player would call out torpedo salvos to warn their team mates who can't see the torpedoes. For example (1), a Ranger's fighter squadron spots a wave of torpedoes heading to his team's pod of battleships. The CV player can see the torpedoes, but the BB players cannot. It will be up to the CV player to warn the BBs of the incoming torpedoes. For example (2) a cruiser's fighter aircraft spots an incoming brace of torpedoes, and is able to dadge them in time, but a friendly cruiser who was sailing with him, does not see them until they get within spotting range of the first cruiser. The general theme of these ideas is to make dodging torpedoes harder, in the hope of curbing BB populations.
  2. Just a simple question. When a squadron of planes enter the AA field of a ship, do all of the AA guns on the ship fire at the fore-mentioned squadron, or are the AA guns that can actually see the squadron the only ones that fire. I wonder because if the first case is so, then a "realistic" excuse could be made to ninja-nerf AA power-creep via ensuring that only AA guns that have a bead on enemy aircraft can fire, instead of the entire AA suite at once.
  3. I have to say I was impressed with WG

    Honestly, I think we all ought to be glad that they A: gave enough of a damn to fix this issue right away instead of waiting till the next patch, and B: that they gave us something as recompense for this issue, in the first place.
  4. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    What everyone does: Remove "2" key. Find nearest enemy battleship, then tape down left mouse button. WASD as necessary, do not show flat broadside when enemy BB has reloaded.
  5. Hitler had some sort of fetish for over-sized military fighting vehicles. Yeah, but Tirpitz, just by existing, tied up a major portion of the Royal Navy keeping her in the Norwegian Fjords. I think the phrase "hindsight is 20/20" applies very much so here considering how Kurita thought he was facing an entire USN fleet, instead of just a bunch destroyers and escort carriers. Had he pressed on and steam rolled those ships, he'd have seriously [edited] up the US campaign in the Pacific.
  6. I think the critical point in this matter is that Battleships hold the most glory and fame among any of the other types of fighting ship. Even though Yamato had never fought a major battle, just getting sunk by a swarm of carrier craft, it still holds a lot of fame of being THE battleship. Bismarck went on only one mission, but it is one of the most recognizable names for fighting ships in history( granted, it did sink the pride of the Royal Navy, and then had the rest of said navy hunt it down, but the point remains). Iowa and her sisters never participated in battleship v. battleship slug fests, but they are still remembered widely. Every single nerd who comes here on the basis of being interested, even slightly, by the history of the ships in this game, will most likely know mostly of the battleships.
  7. Well, the IJN held onto their BBs for too long hoping for a decisive battle that never happened. Well, Bismarck did sink a lightly armored battleship and [edited] up another, and then led the entirety of the Royal Navy in the Atlantic on a merry chase. Had Bismarck not run into the pair of British battleships, and then have most of the Royal Navy hunt it down, I'm pretty sure that Bismarck would have sunk plenty of convoys. In the end of the day, Allied convoy planners were stilled scared shitless over the idea of enemy battleships royally [edited]up theirs convoys.
  8. Yeah, but as soon as word gets around that Gaijin ain't doing battleships, hype around their thing will die faster than fruit flies.
  9. If people seriously need their fix for submarine combat, they can go play Coldwaters( Cold War/ Modern) or Silent Hunter(WW2) instead of coming to this game and [edited] on the forums for it. Also, you have never understood frustration until you've tried hunting a Russian diesel-electric boat in 116db background noise in Coldwaters.
  10. Pan-American Fleet/Vessels?

    You sure 14 12" guns running around in tier 4 would be a good idea? If anything, WG could always slap some fictional upgrades to bring up the AA from the stock hull.
  11. Khabarovsk...That Can't be Legit

    <---- Me when I finally get the lead on an annoying Khab that has been peppering me.
  12. I feel as if this is slightly obligatory: You also forgot the occasional suggestion thread talking about some hair brained mechanic to add to/change the game.
  13. Stalingrad

    Remember the first ARP missions? How about them for the Stalingrad.
  14. Stalingrad

    You know, what if they make the process to earn the Stalingrad like what they did for the original missions to earn the ARP Kongo and Myoko? I don't mean the piddly little grind fest of earning exp, I mean the ones where you had to sink a number of destroyers, or set dozens of fires. I liked the campaign where I earned the Shinonome, but that campaign wasn't quite as difficult. I think the Stalingrad would be a commensurate prize for a set of missions as difficult as the original ARP Kongo and Myoko missions.

    According to the article, the idea is that the rounded super structure would bounce bombs dropped by aircraft. I think it looks pretty cool, like some retro-50's vibe of what "futuristic" was thought to look like.