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  1. Telling the CV player that they made a mistake, and telling him how to not to do it again is one thing, but since unicorns are more common than the people who are willing to do this, the exchange usually occurs as other players flaming the CV player, for his failing to dominate his opponent, like angry twelve year old brats, offering no advice or help to the CV player. I have no problem with the first scenario, if it is delivered with at least a modicum of tact and courtesy, but the second, and quite frankly the far more common, second scenario is a problem, and is poor sportsmanship, and should not be encouraged.
  2. Well, the Iowa's once had rocket boosted shells, well after WW2 though, so I guess there is some precedence for your idea, but you have to consider how this is just gold ammo, like in WoT, and I'd really prefer it that the devs don't contaminate WoWS with that abominable concept.
  3. Patch 0.6.14 looks great.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: why did they go to the trouble of cooking up an entire DD line around deep water torpedoes, with the express purpose of being better able to hunt capital ships, when they could've saved themselves all the trouble and just un-nerf IJN torpedoes? As it was in WoT, Chinese forces in a WG title end up being copies/hand-me-downs from other nations' militaries.
  4. As much as I love my Montana and Shimakaze, what point do they have to be taken into battle in comparison to their competitors?
  5. Now I'm absolutely livid that they didn't just un-nerf the IJN torpedoes. What the hell's the point to IJN DDs? They're as pointless as the USN BBs now.
  6. I use it on my Zao. This is mainly because I'd only ever use them for short range suicide drops, so the maximum speed will allow the best chance of hitting the target.
  7. Just 1000lb AP bombs? I was hoping for something a little heavier, but I guess it's a fair trade off for the second torpedo squad.
  8. I should take a shower now

    There is a certain hatred that I have expressed in my life, one in which every fiber of my being is used to hate, when I hate the very existence of something, and everyone that is even associated with that something. Until now, there was only one thing that I hated to this degree, and it's Teemo. Now, there is a second object of this hatred: the Khabarovsk, and every single person who plays this abomination. If it weren't for the fact that I'd damage myself, I'd sink every single Khabarovsk on my team, the fate of the enemy team's own needless to say.
  9. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    If WG really was dancing to the tunes of a Chinese boss, then how in the name of hell were they able to get away with letting Kaga keep her Hinomaru on her flight deck?
  10. Alaska class why?

    And they're both cruisers. I wonder where that puts Alaska.
  11. Alaska class why?

    Graf Spee has 11" guns, but we don't see her as a battleship.
  12. Alaska class why?

    His point is that the Alaska isn't meant to stand in a battle line with the rest of the battle wagons, going into a slug fest trading blow for blow and keep on going. Alaska is meant to be swift, and fight other cruisers. Her designers expecting new enemy cruisers to be just as big and heavily armed as Alaska, if anything, Alaska is to cruisers as Yamato is to battleships.
  13. When did WOWS click for you?

    When I learned how to land citadel hits consistently on a Tenryuu in a Clemson, back in CBT.