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  1. sulghunter331

    Kronstadt? Collecting 305/310mm battlcruisers

    Make room in armory/shop for newer offerings.
  2. sulghunter331

    RPF Triangulation

    Here's an illustration that I whipped up in MS paint, as far as I can make sense of Soshi's theory. It should also note that this method is only good for the moment the RPF switches between the ally and you.
  3. sulghunter331

    Protected Cruisers in WoWs

    Rolling in with Des Moines, and her 76mm auto-cannons...
  4. Are you counting ships that can reach past 23km by itself, or are you counting spotter planes as well? I'm just asking because my Colorado is specced for range, and her rifles can reach out to 26km.
  5. sulghunter331

    Things you can do while your waiting for US BB reload

    Apply the next coat of paint on my guardsmen.
  6. Just a question that I wanted to pose before all and sundry. A thought that had been stewing in my head for some time, it seemed odd that an armor piercing shell passing through a space containing vital machinery such as engines, boilers, and steam piping would do the same amount of damage as the same shell passing through other areas of the ship, such as the bow or super-structure. I understand that over-pens only do a little damage because they simply passed through the ship before detonating. However, it really begs the question on how a hardened metal object, weighing in just shy of a small car, passing through a tightly packed space full of critical and generally vulnerable machinery at a disturbed velocity, rates the same amount of damage to the target ship as if that object were to travel through the crews mess in the same manner. Other than the hit to crew's moral if the ice cream machine were to be given a new foot-wide hole, I'd imagine an AP shell going straight through a citadel space would cause far more problems to the ship. I have personally seen engine rooms aboard warships, and there is a distinct scarcity of open, straight-line areas through which an object could move through without impacting something important. Recognizing that the shell did indeed NOT detonate inside the citadel, the over-pen should not rate its full damage. I would suggest the same damage as a penetrating hit in a non-vital area (33%), hopefully such a solution would be relatively simple to code.
  7. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    If anything, multiple CVs per team would help towards the skill imbalance, as non-intuitive as that may seem. As in the other ship types, by having multiple CVs, the mistakes of one player can be potentially covered by the other.
  8. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    Wishful thinking? The creation of a scenario mode for CVs that would have enough incentives to draw off CV players from randoms is wishful thinking. The better course of action, and more realistic, would be to have the odd-tier CVs back in the game to minimize the tier imbalance of between CVs and AA.
  9. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    A better way would be to make the process of CVs applying damage have multiple points where the opponent can intervene and minimize, or even prevent, the incoming damage.
  10. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    I've haven't heard anything about tiers 4,6,8, and 10 not being able to playing tier 5,7, or 9 matches, CVs or other-wise. The odd-tier CVs would allow MM to lock the CVs into their respective tiers more often, and minimize the times CVs can be top-tier and terrorize the bottom tiers. Just draining the CVs from the general population is nothing more than shoving the problem into a dark corner and forgetting about it.
  11. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    "As the Star Wars sequel trilogy has made the prequel trilogy look good by sheer lack of quality alone," I acknowledge that the RTS-style wasn't perfect, I myself thought that fighter strafing was a load of bull crap.
  12. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    That took skill though. When I was in a DD, and saw that the enemy CV spent the time, effort, and resources to drop me with three torpedo squadrons, this was my reaction.
  13. sulghunter331

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    I know.
  14. *After strolling into the forums and seeing the latest dumpster fires* Days like this makes one look fondly into the past. As the Star Wars sequel trilogy has made the prequel trilogy look good by sheer lack of quality alone, the CV rework and all of the flame wars have like-wise made me wish for the days of RTS-style CV play, instead of the manually-guided-munitions-style that is the CV rework. At least back then, they had a solid argument towards finite reserves, and AA actually could blunt air attacks. Also, anyone know when tiers 5 and 7 are going to get CVs? I feel like at least half of the issues and some of the binary feeling would go away if CVs didn't progress two tiers at a time.
  15. sulghunter331

    A Suggestion for the Spotting System

    I will acknowledge that this is a somewhat complex system, but I believe that it is necessary if a greater freedom of movement in battles is to be achieved. A spotting delay really doesn't achieve much in all honesty, considering that a few seconds is hardly enough to do anything with a ship.