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  1. Hey all, I literally have not been on the forums for years... This though, has brought me back here.. just so that I can share my opinion and aggravation at Wargaming for this event. To me in all my years of playing... (I was a first string alpha tester on this game.) this is the biggest slap in the face of the player base that has happened... You literately designed a entire event over a dishonest form of way to waste peoples time and money.. I get it. Its a tier 10 premium ship.... It should be a bit of a grind to get.. I am perfectly ok with that... However the fact that you have completely designed a event that requires you to spend not only hard earned money at just a attempt to get it.. (with little chance for the average player) but wasting peoples times with their family as well. From base calculations you would have to be a exceedingly good player.. Buy all the boosters... Then play a average of 8+ hours a day.... That is a slap in the face of what this time of the year stands for... But then not only this action of the event being well shady....You even offered up this tasteless form of apology is well? It putting a bad taste in my mouth and I am sure from the replies and comments here.... In others as well.. Now lets add the icing on the cake.... You can literally buy this ship...... In the shop for over $300???? Really... Really...... Last year you could buy the armada pack for almost that price.... Now its a single ship... I expect better... We all expect better... We deserve better from the Wargaming team....
  2. I dont know where your going, but do you have room for one more?

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