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  1. The Fletcher

    Ok so after this thread it gave me sense respec my US destroyer. My Q: what about Gearing. Keeping this,, torp boat,, for gearing too?
  2. The Fletcher

    Gun. If i remember you have 5.4 con. and you are gunboat.
  3. premium cruisers

    And you looking for T8 then nope. Golden old star Atago. After Michail Kutuzov nothing worth. We have like bilion T7-T9 Premiums BBs DDs and Atago is alone. /I dont count Princ Eugen since is same clone of tech tree ship/.
  4. Ye random :D For me is easiest for BB CS... ye Hindenburg is on my mind to do it or zao. /Minotaur is very game dependance/ DD my respect to DD elite.. it all is game dependance too. CV emblem in not hardest but definitely it will be rarest
  5. Kranschtadt?

    Screen or never happened :D
  6. Aigle mission is 1 1/2 hours late already

    Yes they change it:D waiting too :D
  7. We are out of pixels ..your WG :D
  8. Richelieu Build?

    I'm only one who thinks this ship doesn't do any dmg? compare to others T8 BBs
  9. I hope they keep XP :D Grinding Lyon so I can upgrade to Richelieu and continue that french campaign. : D
  10. French Collection???

    I'm one crate short too :D / need one duplicate damn you WG/ but at least it given me T5-T6-T7 so ok for me :D
  11. FXP - Nelson or Mushashi

    As somebody mentioned if you plan both so set goal for 750k and you can buy Nelson on the way :D I personally play Musashi more often then Nelson /but the reason is when i need to go t7 i pick Belfast /.
  12. NA server connection

    ye have same issue last 3 days.
  13. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    Ye +1 for industrial patches like: Research all nation ships /or 2,3,5 lines/ Research all class type ships across the nations
  14. It has been an honour to serve with you sir.