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  1. Tokens for 7.7. update

    Hello captains Q: as i read whole article /especially Loyalty tokens/. Max tokens what i can earn in-game is 100 /for 75loayality/. But t10 Worchester DM and Salem camo cost 125 tokens each. Regular containers don't drop tokens / or its just not mentioned there / Its mean for any camo i need buy at least 3 special containers what include tokens and there is not another way? or more content will be added later?
  2. You will hit,, monetary reform,, achievement and it will be changed via 1:1000000 new silver. Then you win a game and it will be uninstalled automatically.
  3. Ye spotting for DD should be more rewardable. It will add more variability have some DD without 0 dmg but spotting whole game should be rewarded as a very important job in the game.
  4. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Blue is good. Nothing Red was ever good. Trust me I'm from Europe :D
  5. Izumo will get super buffs soon.
  6. If you have all other free XP i can see your tempo in play. You should buy it because nothing else coming around soon. So till then, you will have another 700k xp. I bought Kronstad and have another 250k Free xp ready
  7. I play midway last week /need that 3 stars for Hasley campaign/. As you mentioned AAA is too strong /if you meet DM, Hindi, Minotaur, and lots of others./ Doesn't matter you have t10 cv ...... insta dead like in 10s if you don't look around. I personally have other problem, I don't wonder nobody wants to play CVs. Experienced players preventing enjoy any normal player play CV. Wg mentioned that huge gap between CV skill. For any normal player is soo frustrated play against somebody with 1000-3000 CV games player. First of all, they should turn off that manual strafe for fighters. skilled player will over click you anytime and with one sq he can kill 40 planes and even that bug if you strafe first to disengage he press something and he strafes your line and kills all planes. I had some 0dmg games with midway at weekend .... its better play any other class and even average players can make some impact in the game. I hope cv rework will happen this year or nobody want play CV ever.
  8. I lost a whole first wave of midway planes to one stupid Kurfurst alone. So yes playing T10 vs T10 with 0 dmg is fo fun.
  9. I play CV too / need it for that campaign/ and yes plaing against div unicurum CV players with 2000+ games is so frustrating. I hope WG will fix that CV problem this year
  10. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/june-missions-2018/ 2 more and we done :D
  11. Colorado is garbage

    After 3 years of the game, most ships are balanced. Not all are awesome but all of them are playable. Just use ship right way, avoid her weakness or if it too complicated for you, jump to next ship with free xp.
  12. I know she is crap. But its T7 free Premium. Somebody like it somebody not. I'm glad WG give us this ship.
  13. Make it with Khaba on first try:_D 2380 :D
  14. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Please check numbers again my signals and camo wasn't used when game gives 0xp. Just time ...
  15. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    I was stuck for 3 hours too. Was online when server switch happened. Thy fix it and they instantly give us great reward. I don't understand your complaint.