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  1. Gandariel

    Battle Angel Alita

    Ok i saw it. Nice movie. Bit better then marvel agony and still better love story then twilight.
  2. Sad is even sims can shoot 20 planes of my T6 CV :D Attacking cruisers is harakiri for sure. So you can still attack lonely BB, lost half sq but still do some dmg. I test once again T10CV on the test server. T10 CV vs T8 CV is still a huge difference and all CV hate is because T10 are too strong and all hotfixes just make T8 T6 CV more broken. Go back to 8.0. and just nerf T10 CVs and balance T8. T4-T6 was fine.
  3. Gandariel


    I just think WG starting panicking and they shooting on us first ideas on the meeting,, how to resolve this mess,,. Maybe now is time lock CV admit failure and go back to 8.0. and start a new beta test and balancing once more. This hotfix is looked like wth WGyou are not the first year on market and you have more than 5 employers.
  4. Gandariel


    AA is unchanged ? sad
  5. Gandariel

    Battle Angel Alita

    Even in far far away country in cinema today :D
  6. Gandariel

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    Most of them play T9 ranked now :D
  7. Gandariel

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I don't know if its knowing bug but here is what i find : Ranked,, Emblem,, Tldr: emblem count star is reset every day and I'm sure is not how should it work. :D How it works: let say you are rank 10. From 18 to your current rank is like 24 stars. Every day if you win any star /doesn't matter if you lost before/ game gives you that 24 points to next emblem. Bigger rank you have more points per day you have of course. I'm sure it was intended to make that 210 points for achieving rank 1 for 3 times, not for 5 days in rank 10 :D Enjoy till they fix it:D
  8. Gandariel

    $56 US for Vanguard

    :DI don't want warning points but there are some new AA game titles coming out Feb- March. Go check what you can have for 59 bucks instead of Vanguard:D My next Vanguard will be,,yellow turban,, :_D for 59,99 til they don't fix CV :D
  9. Gandariel

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    You are T8 it T7-T8 game. So, please....... Show me dmg in T8 -T9 -T10 game. Try to do it with Lexington with the first line of planes. Try do it consequent like 10- 20 games about 50-100k dmg how you can make with any T8 class, in any scenario in any other class. Then do same with T6 and stick somehow between 40-80k dmg. Uptiered, lowtiered etc. And THEN we can talk about balancing CV, what is fine and what we shall improve.
  10. Gandariel

    Bug report

    Small poll
  11. Nah its personal WG just dont like you :D
  12. Gandariel

    Happy Valentine's!

    Don't be pathetic:D give me gremyachny and we are fine:D
  13. Gandariel

    How to Atago and Prinz Eurgen as bottom tier?

    Actually, Atago is one of the oldest Premium ships. He survived all meta changes, all WG balance. He is good top tiered, low tiered. Even today for newcomers is one ship you ll be fine when you start the game. Atago is,, premium,, how wg should deliver premium ships.
  14. Gandariel

    Azuma vs Alaska

    I sold CVs for that free XP option. I can buy both. And cry grind back cv to T10 :D
  15. Gandariel

    Midway refund

    It stay saved no worrie.