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  1. Gandariel

    Black Lacquer camo

    first 2kk freen exp and +30 dolars for camo? .WG wth :D
  2. Gandariel

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    I think from previous experienced that message was misunderstood. WHo doesn't own Moskva but its researcher will get it but they ll not get Nevsky. and who own Moskva they ll own Nevsky in release (even stated NO right now) So for the answer: wait till 9.5 release. Till closer the date till clear will it be. You can still sell her last day of 9.4 :D
  3. Gandariel

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    I think that info with Nevsky is an incorrect interpretation. and they will change it for Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be available only when researched and purchased in the tech tree. IF you OWN Moskva ..Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be replaced and camo from Moskva (if you own it ) ll be changed for Perma camo of alexander Nevsky This makes much more sense. And it was always like that when new tech tree appears. Old ships were not touched and new ships were added in inventory
  4. Gandariel

    Best Free XP Ships

    Since Missouriá Kronstadn and Musashi gone Good option are Alaska and Jean Bart for BB
  5. Gandariel

    Premium Ship from Free Dubloons

    After lots of years..save for something T8.+
  6. They don't look on Minimap to basically see what is an actual situation like: its 1v 6 maybe time to leave sector and run or don't chase somebody to corner if you see main red fleet going go cap some objective etc.
  7. Gandariel

    Which Ships Delete You The Most

    Sinop, Vladivostok, and all BB from CCCP:D ALsase and Republique :D and hate to play agianst Jean Bart too
  8. Gandariel

    pr grind

    Next year WG make a similar event and again use ,,easily grinded,, like kamikaze camo 2 years ago:D And life moves on.
  9. Do you have steel for Stalingrad ? yes. buy Stalingrad end of discussion :D
  10. Actually for most players to catch PR was 3x premium port buff and 3 directives in time. or 2x Premium buffs and make 4 directives in time. Speeding PR after that is not worth. I personally think 0 premium buffs and 1 premium buff is not worth the grind. So real price of PR is 6+8+10 k Doublonns without stress or 6+8k doubloons with a bit stress with Directive 4 till 28.dec. Grinding D4+D5 with one premium buff or D6 and D7 without premium buffs is absolutely no worth time compare to grind vs buy extra premium buffs
  11. +1 for Loyang cant kill Massachusets even he hit all torps from both tubes... :/ :D But Loyang can kill tipritz and Bismarck:D
  12. Gandariel

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Done for me as well:D 3 Boosters for 24k doubloons /fine price for T10 ship/ + lots of crates 2 winter camos and free time without too much grinding etc. 3 Directives were enough. Gorizia +8000k doubloons payback herself back. Each basic directives 1-3 wasn't that difficult / first i buy 2 premium bosoters, but considering the fourth directive need to be done in 4 days till 28th after release i save myself time to buy third booster and play without stress.
  13. its a catch ... you need to be in Division..... It's written right there but who read nowadays:D BUt I've got same issue :D
  14. Gandariel

    SO,do we have Armada pack for this year?

    Still any news about armada bundle 2019? in this secret corner of the galaxy @Femennenly
  15. Gandariel

    Scharnhorst Or Tirpitz?

    Tirptiz :D