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  1. Always when i click on French destroyer Guepard game freeze. Testing scenario: filter all T6 ships TeSting scenario: filter french ships and DDs
  2. Gandariel

    pr grind

    Next year WG make a similar event and again use ,,easily grinded,, like kamikaze camo 2 years ago:D And life moves on.
  3. Do you have steel for Stalingrad ? yes. buy Stalingrad end of discussion :D
  4. Actually for most players to catch PR was 3x premium port buff and 3 directives in time. or 2x Premium buffs and make 4 directives in time. Speeding PR after that is not worth. I personally think 0 premium buffs and 1 premium buff is not worth the grind. So real price of PR is 6+8+10 k Doublonns without stress or 6+8k doubloons with a bit stress with Directive 4 till 28.dec. Grinding D4+D5 with one premium buff or D6 and D7 without premium buffs is absolutely no worth time compare to grind vs buy extra premium buffs
  5. +1 for Loyang cant kill Massachusets even he hit all torps from both tubes... :/ :D But Loyang can kill tipritz and Bismarck:D
  6. Gandariel

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Done for me as well:D 3 Boosters for 24k doubloons /fine price for T10 ship/ + lots of crates 2 winter camos and free time without too much grinding etc. 3 Directives were enough. Gorizia +8000k doubloons payback herself back. Each basic directives 1-3 wasn't that difficult / first i buy 2 premium bosoters, but considering the fourth directive need to be done in 4 days till 28th after release i save myself time to buy third booster and play without stress.
  7. its a catch ... you need to be in Division..... It's written right there but who read nowadays:D BUt I've got same issue :D
  8. Gandariel

    SO,do we have Armada pack for this year?

    Still any news about armada bundle 2019? in this secret corner of the galaxy @Femennenly
  9. Gandariel

    Scharnhorst Or Tirpitz?

    Tirptiz :D
  10. Gandariel

    Crates Result

    Haida :D
  11. Gandariel

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    my 5 cents Q: If i understand it right if i buy 2 premium boosters, i need to finish just 3 directives (i have done first one but according to text i have for the second one T+5 day (this Friday) +6 days. (next Thursday) and For third directive +12 days. (26.12. plus 12 days so i need finish the third directive till 7.january 2020) and all daily shipments it's easy to and 13 daily missions and i should be fine for Puerto rico? If you’re ready to get two Premium boosters: The first Directive should be completed within 5 days of opening. Directives 2–3 should be completed within 6 days of the completion of each previous one. The fourth Directive should be completed within 12 days of the completion of the third. Finish the first 13 Daily Missions and collect all the rewards from Daily Shipments. In order to get the most out of boosters, spend your Tokens as soon as possible. Is there any catch what I'm missing ? some scam directive is DIrective 1-3. I look at them fast but 1-3 are doable and nothing says i need finish 4+ directives which one i still count as a scam for players with that unrealistic requests.
  12. Gandariel

    Daily XP containers

    nothing. thay ll stay it for you forewer. Once i let 90 containers wating :D
  13. Gandariel

    Final Decision: Should I get the PR or not?

    No , enjoy Christmas, buy any T10 favourite ship camo and enjoy the game, instead of grinding whole winter behind pc.
  14. THIS should be PINNED on top guys if an email with transfer credentials come just write all in lowercase including password. Have a nice day all which one browsing forums to fix WG transfer acc mess:D
  15. i 've got email about my migration yesterday. Don't try to install WOW on eu server yet, but forums NA account still working apparently