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  1. Gandariel

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    We all hope for t8 mission:D But i have t5,t6,t7 so not bad:D
  2. Gandariel

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    105-120 as i remember are t8 But as i see in my crystal ball you ll anyway exp your free given Jarvis, because there are still new missions for British destroyers:D
  3. Gandariel

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    Missiouns will be up +2 mont so ye +4 guineas every week till end of 7.10.
  4. How you can lost against bots?
  5. Gandariel

    PSA on Royal Navy destroyers and early unlocks.

    I got T7 from free low royal contaner from mission. MUHAHAA Thank you WG. And best thing is t7-t8 can make that extra misions for premium royal containers:D
  6. Got T7 from Mission THanks WG so i can make that extra missions for free:D
  7. ity must be mistake and i think wg will fix it soon. because it ll cost cosacs for 4 euro. And it is not WG style:D
  8. Gandariel

    Super Container wish list

    20 super containers :D secret wish any premium ship t8 :D But any flags and camo wil be fine.
  9. Gandariel

    So what time does the Super Container event start?

    40 min to left:D
  10. Gandariel

    izumo get buffs yet?

    Izumo is good ship. Players playing Izumo are bad :D
  11. Gandariel

    Question about Salem and "Go Navy" permanent camo

    i recommend buying Wooster or DM camo ...its regular T10 camo. Salem have his own t10 camo. There is no point have 2 premium camo on one ship.
  12. Gandariel

    Does anyone really need to spec for AA?

    Especially points 1-3 :D This why id dont spec AA :D
  13. Gandariel

    How is Worcester?

    Ye Hipper is when german fun start.
  14. Gandariel

    If I was a Shark, I would switch

    Game finish at 20.8. so if you play daily you will have 75 loyal from one team and 50 from second. If you need more then one camo you need buy containers.