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  1. Gandariel

    ST, Submarines

    From,, never ever,, to never, to maybe to we ll see to ,,anocumet new class. Never is never never. :D
  2. Gandariel

    Italian ships

    My Q: on PTS it write i got access to research bureau after i make first research points. ,,re -sell,, one tech tree so i have 450 research points and in armoury still don't have that research option for buying Italian ships. How do you access them again?
  3. Gandariel

    better "Research Bureau" idea

    As i like this game. After 3 years there is no way i ll be regrinding 23 collums of ships again. And as somebody mentioned selling all ships for half price and regrind it again.
  4. Gandariel

    Minotaur or HenryIV?

    IN THIS META henry IV
  5. Gandariel

    reward ship for 3*15 wins

    Thank you captains.
  6. Guys where T6 container after 8.4. 8.5 8.6. PT wins ll be distrubuted? Ultimate reward: A patch and flag for participation in the Public Tests during the Summer Season. Premium Ship VI special container that’s guaranteed to drop a Tier VI Premium ship. If you already have all Tier VI Premium ships in your Port, you will receive compensation in doubloons.
  7. t6 from today s container after finished one directive mission.
  8. Gandariel

    5k coal from Yoshino

    20km . 10km one you can only use in close range and just in your sector. So you can mostly send torp when already in battle. 20k one you can send always when they are ready and spam them the whole game. if they avoid its ok but you never know in lots of maps :D
  9. Maskarado 112 Ready for duty again. Friendly Free weekends Like 60-80 games in the last event - really don't remember /compare to somebody who was pick and play his basic 10 just for rewards/.
  10. Exactly frennch grind is jsutnormal T9 month earlier. Savage was 21days both daily mission without braik to got Benhan for free.
  11. Gandariel

    10,000 battle count Tin foil hat

    each year u got some flags for number of games. thats fine.
  12. Ye they give us texas and then let us regrind all tech ships in game:D Nice try WG nice try
  13. Gandariel

    Twitch Drop Question

    how did u get that mission?
  14. After 14k games since Beta test regrinding all lines again? you kidding me WG. Even more, times to have some upgrades not just for T10 ships but for some,, lower,, tiers too?. Looking for some words for which I don't get the ban on the forum....
  15. No worries WG usually bring something for your independence day.