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  1. Have same feel after chapayev. My first 10 games with Donskoi was lost. Each first turn somebody citadel me. :D My strategy: when game start wait for at least 30s so you don't appear first when the enemy shows up. Then just keep distance and fire. If you need a turn. stop shooting, and make triple-check if somebody doesn't aim at you. :D
  2. WHAT IS A POI?!

    And tldr: it was very popular since beta in a world of warships. So even if you don't know what is mean you can answer poi as well. :D
  3. 75k xp mission bugged

    I preffer do that torpedo dmg in low tiers. With kamikaze was focus like ,,kill 2 bbs and you done,, Took me 3 games.
  4. First ... buy doubloons because that sale is ending tomorrow. Second: save for any t7-t8 Premium Tirpitz or Scharnhorst are nice. As you progress in the game you will play low tiers /especially with premium/ less and less time. I have lots of t4-t6 premium and i find i never play it them last year.
  5. I did all last task 10 bbs + 11torps from UK cruisers was fast too.
  6. 75k xp mission bugged

    The fastest way is doing with minotaur / or leander ... already have 4 stars 3*11 torps and 12 bbs.
  7. 75k xp mission bugged

    craphappens, just carry on ..its game.
  8. 75k xp mission bugged

    use suicide UK cruiser line:D kill bbs and dive to torp something and go next game after next game:D
  9. Yes todays callendar dont count in total for me too:D
  10. I finish French lines exactly same as USSR ones..... keep distance and spam HE
  11. Atlanta in the Store

    ....Maybe if you have some T-X ship buy that 5000doublons camo:D its more worth then atlanta :D You will earn more, you will enjoy better game :D
  12. Mutsu captain skills?

    You can go any standard BB run. point 1 ... catapult aircraft but if you are casual you can go priority target ...even for BB big number aiming at you is last warning turn and run :D point 2 : expert marksman/turret traverse/ point 3 : superintendent /extra heal/ point 4: concealment expert since is low tier you don't need focus on secondaries and AA cause both are [edited] in low tiers. This build you can use on your cruiser too.
  13. To be honest ...community start to be tired that crap what you always add to something It is super deal with premium time let one bundle without all other crap It is flag super deal let one bundle all without all other crap If is doubloons super deal let one bundle all without all other crap People complain like 2 years in this ..... so WG ...