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  1. Pick one type of line to a bit understand whats going on. And have a fun. My recomandation: Crusiers go japan BB go any all is fun DD go US or japan one is gunboat one is torp and stealth. Dont rush too much T6-T8 is for enjoy the game T9 is usually better t8 and t10 once u there you will play it few times and you ll automaticaly grind anotehr line:D And yes as taylor mentioned if you are low yet use refferal code once u research t5 ship you get some free ship. USS texas i think and some free exp etc. Here is my reff, but you can use any player give you really doesnt matter. But you need be lvl 3 or less. If you are more its better start it again:D Reward list:
  2. I will give you that one euro:D And if you have problem focus something else for another 1-2 hour while update complications you have bigger problem then premium time expiration :D
  3. LOL as last 2 years each update is server down. Why ..why.
  4. 2 cents from me: there was lots of,, art,, contest. For somebody who can draw or model it's easy to be best. And if i spend 2-4 hours doing something for maybe win 1000 doublons is better to play the game:D My idea: make competition in the game + some random pick to don't make it too exclusive for Unicurum players. For example: make arsonist achievement in weekend play and post it and you pick 5 from all post. From marketing view you need first build,, players base,, so make a competition where 100 players can make a post or something. Second as somebody mentioned you need to go more visible. Now i see contest just on the forum and just only on WG stuff sidebar. /i don't go deep in the forum section most of the time/ +1 for corgi weekend :D And you promised us NY pirate camo competition,,one day again,, :D Another idea: make some easy contests and let for like 10 forum contests awards commemorative flag. People like to grind something:D and you will have followers for the whole year. And don't worry how to archive that. Players will post you all they win in forum when they have 10 of them, let archive it themselves
  5. Ye forgot average dmg i know stats and focus game. When i exp DD Japan line sometimes have 0 dmg and spotting whole game. Or when US exp bonus it was time exp Essex and while i spot with planes my stats go down to red as you see. So ye play the game not stats.
  6. +1 for EU players. One or two hours moving forward or backward will be super cool /late night or early morning. but now it's from 2 am is till 5 am -- totally deep night. :/
  7. I add Q: do you use AP on DD shooting enemy DD? If yes when.
  8. I agree with know your role. It's team work. You can have 100k dmg and lost the game or 50k dmg and win, Spoting is a HUGE part of gameplay for DD and CV. /WG give you, even more, xp for spoting/. I don't know why you pick DD with averse of spot.
  9. I hoped for a ship but had like 4*50 xp camos , some stupid flags, and that special consumable. A bit sad but 200 xp camo is 200xp CAMO. Time to grind up unpopular sips.
  10. It's filtered like the ARP ships.
  11. Maybe it won't belong here but it is worth? or there will be some other better JPY ships out? My future Yamamoto captain need some premium :D T6 ++ And since no free XP JPY ship out yet, Kii on the way, Mutsu not that good some I'm confused now if something others from WG coming out.
  12. 3*50 XP camo, 2 stupid consumables and 1000 dublons and 100 useles flags. At least that camos are handy.
  13. Gz ... from all my Yamamoto SC have....cpraps so i hope SC from T10 games will be lucky ones
  14. Ye have premium time from Mision 2 but no flags. But i get pop up to congratulation of 8k game and reward on way. but flags didnt appear.
  15. Mostly in PVP /random batles. But you have there 2 achievements must be in Co- OP. But you can test some fast one in PVE and tell us results.