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  1. NGA clan recruiting open now!

  2. Rocky Top Time of year!

  3. We have close B-days o.O

    1. Mark_VII


      Are you a May baby as well?

    2. FurDenKaiser1914


      I'll put up my B-day

  4. we missed having the same birthday by 24 hours

  5. Never be afraid to try something new. Professionals built the Titanic,  amateurs built the Ark.

    1. Ephemeric


      Except the workers who built the Titanic didn't do a very good job.

    2. Mark_VII


      Well that's somewhat the point. Harland and Wolf ship yard was a premier builder and there greatest achievement to that point ended in disaster were as the Ark in the story saved many and was built by amateurs.

  6. So, you got kicked out of the PM system... Shoulda joined

    1. Mark_VII


      Yeah got shafted

  7. Come to our bacon celebration