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  1. _Draklor_

    You won't see this often...

    Still, I had a good laugh when I saw that old post combined with current topic title. I almost taught "this guy is to good to joke with" so I decided to stay away from a presumably perfect troll. :)
  2. _Draklor_

    Directive 1 tokens...

    I'm sorry, this is the first event of this kind for me. Is there anything that can be earned/won for free, or all these tokens can't be collected in sufficient numbers unless I decide to spend?
  3. _Draklor_

    You won't see this often...

    That took you some time to type... I too saw the first (pre-edit) version of OP, but decided to ignore it as trolling. Turns out our poster had something different in mind. :)
  4. _Draklor_

    I love Cruisers!

    Another cruiser lover here. Went down German cruiser line up to tier 5 first. Konigsberg is my favorite ship so far. Also reached tier 5 Soviet cruiser and tier 5 US cruiser. Both are fun, but Kirov is too big and clumsy to my taste. In French cruiser line I think I'm tier 4, but not entirely sure about that. 64% winrate in cruisers so far (although the sample size is very small yet). Then I read some articles and forum posts saying that new players are better off learning the game in BBs... I suffered my way to tier 5 in German and Soviet BBs, and I think I have tier 4 BBs in both US and Japanese tech tree lines. Can't make it work, and 46% winrate in BBs proves it. They are too slow, and since as a new player I don't know where I should go more often than not, once I realize I should've been elsewhere - it's already too late. My hit % also suffers from long reload. With cruisers even when I miss I can correct the aim and hit the target with second salvo reliably. In BBs any correction is pointless, because by the time my guns are reloaded, target usually changed their course/speed 2 or 3 times already, so I pretty much need to start aiming from the scratch. I might be missing something here, but I don't understand how a new player is supposed to learn something from this... So I'm returning back to playing cruisers. And don't even get me started on DDs... My DD gameplay always follows one of two scenarios: I'm safe but useless, or I'm too close to danger and dead before I know it. If I'm lucky I can take enemy DD with me, but usually I'm not that lucky. So I'm not touching DDs any time soon. In other words, cruisers FTW!
  5. _Draklor_

    Cha-ching! What was your consumables payout?

    Premium consumables (22,500 silver a piece) were made free with latest patch release. Consumables that used to be free (and worse) have been removed from the game. Everyone who had old premium consumables stocked up in their port were compensated with silver.
  6. _Draklor_

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    Ok, I guess we can agree on this. Apologize if I misunderstood you. That was an awkward example, but I think I get what you mean... Here is my awkward example of how I see this situation, which hopefully you will be able to get too. Let's imagine I'm willing to buy a new car, and I really like Honda. But someone tells me I shouldn't buy cars from Japan because of Pearl Harbor. I mean, I understand the frustration, but I wasn't even around when Pearl Harbor happened, and I do like cars Honda makes these days. There is a good product in present (or nearest future in case of WG's event) which many people like. Yes, it's not for everyone, some people would still prefer Ford or Ferrari (gonna watch that movie by the way, too many people tell me it's really good). But it's not fair to criticize Honda's present for what happened in the past. Except it has nothing to do with upcoming event. Would it make you happy if they named it differently and didn't mention dockyard in any way at all, so there would be no connection to PR event?
  7. _Draklor_

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    So you didn't answer my question: how is this event worse than no such event? Are they going to force you to participate or something? You see rewards, you see the amount of efforts to get them, you make decision if you want to work towards it or not. If you don't like what you see - then this event is not for you, don't do it. It is impossible to design an event that would satisfy 100% of playerbase.
  8. _Draklor_

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    So people complain because one of the following reasons: 1. Free stuff they get is not the free stuff they wanted. 2. The stuff they get is not free enough (too much grind, not enough time, still need to pay a little bit after grind is over). Am I missing something here? How exactly event in its currently advertised state is any worse than no such event at all? To me it looks more like "no matter what you do, someone will still complain".
  9. _Draklor_

    Casual players perspective

    Yep. The most efficient solution to reduction of blowouts is introduction of respawn mechanic. WoT proved it with frontline mode. Now if we want another FL in WoWs or not is a different question...
  10. _Draklor_

    Casual players perspective

    OP: I'm not good at this game and I don't want to put extra effort to get better. I'm enjoying the game. Also OP: Please reduce the growing gap between casual and skilled players, so we casuals can enjoy the game more. OP again: You misunderstand me. No sh!t mate! You contradict yourself, there is no way to understand what you want to say. You are either dishonest in some of your statements, or just trolling on purpose. And the gap will keep growing unless you do something about it. Because when people put effort to get better at something, they often do that continuously. So the same player who was good in 2017 has likely became even better in 2020. Same works in WoT. I know a guy who had unicum stats in WoT, but stopped playing in 2014. He returned to WoT recently and can barely maintain positive win-loss balance. He didn't become worse. Everyone else got better, because they kept playing and learning the game doing so.
  11. _Draklor_

    So, what’s new?

    Well yes I did. That's the part of game-specific proficiency I'm talking about: I know where to get most silver/hour in WoT and I have the means to do it (playing frontline in premium tank with +50% silver reserves enabled, focusing on farming damage in the process). I lack all the knowledge, in-game skills, and the actual means to do the same in WoWs.
  12. _Draklor_

    So, what’s new?

    For a WoT-main player who only starts his WoWs career this sounds very reassuring. I haven't yet bought my first tier 6 ship. Although in WoT I just grinded through SU-152 (tier 7) from full stock to a tier 8 in one day (took me about 20 battles), which makes me suspect what you say is probably a matter of perspective and one's better proficiency in one game or another.
  13. _Draklor_

    i cant choose lol

    Another point to consider: an upcoming event in a month or so, when we will be able to earn a tier 6 battlecruiser for free, and tier 8 battleship for doubloons with huge discount (price will be something in the range of 3-4k doubloons with maximum discount). It's not a Tirpitz nor Massachusetts, but might be a decent option for a new players like you and me. And won't cost you as much as those two.
  14. _Draklor_

    Regrinding Lines questions

    Now I'm intrigued. How can I achieve the same result without use of FXP?
  15. _Draklor_

    Regrinding Lines questions

    My understanding is that above is correct if you are re-grinding the line for the first time. You'll get double that amount on you next run if you did the first re-grind via free-exp effectively skipping the "1st win" step. What I mean is: 1. Reset the line 2. Dump crapload of free experience in the line you just reset, research all ships up to tier X, but never buy and never play any of them (thus never collect research points for 1st win). 3. Reset that line again. 4. Grind the line, but this time actually buy and play tier 6-10 ships. This way you'll get 2*500 for first win in tier 6-7, 2*1500 for first win in tier 8-9, and 2*6000 for first win in tier 10. Saves some silver as you don't have to buy and sell same ships over and over again, but at the expense of free experience...