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  1. brogun

    Server down?

    it's happening again.
  2. brogun

    Server down?

    Last battle was OK on the west coast.
  3. How do you manually direct secondaries when you have manual fire control. Not having any luck with search. Found it.
  4. brogun

    Cannot get into battle?

    Yep. Started after the server disconnected without timing out.
  5. brogun

    Can not connect to server

    Try starting game from .exe as opposed to game center.
  6. https://vancouversun.com/news/world/canadian-divers-help-find-russian-ship-that-sank-113-years-ago-and-it-could-be-full-of-gold/wcm/0eb19843-7a7b-4266-bf04-1049ebd31dd8