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  1. Positive re-inforcement

    I agree with rewarding players that do something A you are top 5 of your team here's a reward (that is an actual reward and n0t some little boost, or a flag you can buy in the shop), you did 60 000 something damage for every 1 000 damage you did here is a boost to your credits and reward, something along those lines, but this alone will not encourage good playing, consequences for losing and or not living and or playing will though. You died in a match your reward at this point and time has been halved due to the fact you died so instead of getting lets say 50 000 credits reward for playing the game you only get 25 000 as an example. CV players again example would get a reward for shooting down planes that actually effect the battle, killing fighters can rack up a kill streak of quite a bit , killing Torpedo Bombers and Dive Bombers does for the team then killing fighters that can only kill your planes, if a CV player is doing this a reward would be given per X amount of Bombers killed, again same for X amount of bombs and or torpedo's that hit a ship. This juts an example do the opposite and a consequence hits you why you are not playing right so there for no reward or a reduced reward.
  2. For the main indicators is When the players are more busy hitting the comms shortcuts then communicating enemy locations Battleships refusing to do there first part of there name BATTLE When the team runs from helping one another and tries one v one the enemy team When the first thing that comes out of there mouth is this vs that is better play mode wise
  3. They wont work either as that play style is already engrained into the player base all they will do is find other unique ways to do the same thing. Only to stop BB players from Proping up already propped up islands and stop the side map humping to make CVs there main counter and stop nerfing theme to appease players that cant the point of a CVs life and why they are still used and not BBs.
  4. I tis also super easy to avoid torps even in a Battleship if you pay attention to what you are doing. I do it in my Tirpitz all the time if they put there fish in the water too far away easily avoided if they are hitting you at there maximum range either you are blind and not paying attention or you are not employing the ships best friend, the A and D key they make the ship turn port or starboard magically making your ship thinner profile wise and wait for it easier to AVOID the torp hits. As far as nerfing anything in the game needs to stop and you need to start paying attention and learning to play right. Also by the way the main Torpedo the Japanese use was the Type 80 more known as the Long Lance torpedo and its greatest strength was range and stealth issue was even during there high point of use many rarely hit ships. Why the captains looked for theme adnt hey where easily spotted with a vigilant crew and they would simple turn in to split the torp line geneally called splitting the fish and or turn away split the fish and or out run theme till the fish ran 0ut of fuel.
  5. Yes they do but not by the French Navy itself many refer to theme as FS French Ship FNS French Naval Ship, it is only done during command and coordination with the French Navy to define nations ships only. But The French navy itself officially does not have any prefix except as follows, R is for carriers, L for landing ships, D for Large Frigates, and F for Small Frigates. France stopped using the term Destroyer after WW2 and used ir rarely threw the Cold War Preferring Large Frigate and Small Frigate terms. P is for Patrol Ship and or craft, M is for mine warfare vassals, A is for Auxiliary ships and vessels.
  6. How Not to Get Chat Banned

    Most of the salt comes from the fact that they A lost a match and is angry due to the fact they got no teamwork to help theme and or, the fact they lost cause they didn't use there head and play the map itself properly resulting in a lose. That's been my most common seen salt cry.
  7. How Not to Get Chat Banned

    Or as I put it keep the louth shut I don't mind if a player calls a dead bad player out don't get me wrong, but there is a difference between calling someone out and being insulted over it. If you worry about chat bans and such as I always don't want the time don't do the crime, that simple if you don't want to get reported then don't sit there and violate the rules then that simple.
  8. This is true for just about every American ship in the line for some reason they are afraid that the US SHips where btter than they think they where, Issue is they very little research into the subject and even less balancing CV to CV tier wise so the problem will be there till they do proper research and proper balance.
  9. Unnecessary Hate

    WG is partly to blame no completely blamed but you are right WG has a tendency to listen to the Qing more the research look what happened to Cleveland and the Indy Indy was done wrong from the start and the Cleveland got nerfed to near useless. Same happened to CVs.
  10. Unnecessary Hate

    Remember now those are the test ships I wasn't even trying and yet id pretty well and in one of the worse CV in the game imagine fi I was in a decent one like a Enterprise or the Japanese equal. I can regular GZ for you too tomorrow if you want till then there is a right way and wrong way. one I did 63402, 128252,21505 was the worse and it was done in Co Op where you make less on everything.
  11. Unnecessary Hate

    Two things I saw the carrier do that isn't done by many that causes the hate A he say and paid attention to the Map and knew the Atago was going for him so what he do he launched planes when ready and attacked. B he attacked the Atago in a manner that prevented the ship from avoiding the attack itself, another thing he did was immediately start moving to minimize his target profile and minimize the damage. Two things I saw he didn't do, he let the Atago get that close in the first place by over focusing on the one side map thought instead of multiple sides. B he was stationary making ti that much easier for Atago to find him and attack him been better if he was on the move. Good move on you laying a smoke screen that was effective for your teammate instead of blinding him ad using it only for you that ten turns the tables on your teammate as then they couldn't see the ship good job on your part for that.
  12. If you don't teamplay...

    Two things yes it does suck that team play isn't used or incentivize for the player to play in such a manner. But also most players get like that for a reason, simply put they are either tired of not getting the help so call the team out for it, and B the players that arnt don't admit there fault and or watch mini map and render aid when asked too. I have had this happen to me all day so far today I go with the team and they all end up dead due to there own ignorance then expect me to do all the work. For each match you hear a play complain it they probably had twice the matches with not help form anyone so instead of getting mad at theme help theme you never know just doing that will change the battle and may help you in the long run. Only you can prevent salty players by doing the opposite of what made theme salty in the first place, if they are complaining for not aid and or help from the team render that help, if they are complaining that CV arnt doing there job, stop think and do your job by I don't now asking what they need. 90 percent of matches can be won easily if you just put aside you and put forth the team first and help all players. There is a reason they they are com[plaining instead of getting mad at theme then complaining about theme do what needs be done, and help theme. teamwork shouldn't be done as a reward but should always be done willingly reason being you win as a team or you lose as a team that simple. You not helping when they ask or helping when you see a side weak and or underpowered will only make theme mad and force a lose that isn't needed.
  13. Unnecessary Hate

    No we don't but if a CV player plays poorly and then gets yelled at in certain situations I can understand, other than that no especially when the CV can help, any player that refuses to help a teammate in anyway shape or form deserves negative reports the cost lets say in fighters should and must always warrant there lose to help a teammate never now that one tor hit or bomb hit can make the difference. I have done this a hundred times in my GZ and the amount of money made off the win compensated well over what I lost helping a single player out.
  14. It was to try and create a more balanced matches but blew up in Wg face something terrible as now you get a lot of hate to CV player due to either A lack of skill and or B lack of air power to perform. They gained in certain areas but lose a lot in the other areas that made US CVs so attractable.
  15. Unnecessary Hate

    Loading planes is one thing but having theme in the air doing nothing is another if the planes return and reload I can understand that but sitting there doing nothing is another or when you can help you don't is also bad.