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  1. For me it Is ship accuracy not something they force to be broken but ship accuracy if I can go online find facts that oppose theme in the game then yeah they didn't do there research and didn't do there modeling right. Getting tired of being in a Heavy Cruiser that is less armored than a Light Cruiser just cause you now.

    With out Challenge in a game one can not push themselves to be good, with out being up tiered every match by at least 1 tier then the player has nothing to strive for. Just cause a player with skill cries about up tiering doesn't mean it need removed that skilled player still has much to learn. I have seen some the highest stat players in both Co Op and PVP lose to lower tier ships why that player took his time didn't cry and learned "Even in victory there is as much to learn as there is too learn from a defeat" Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel I'm not saying if you tier too much yeah Tier 8 cant be going against Tier 10s but Tier 9 yes it can be done if you play right and use your brain and skill to out wit and make fewer mistakes than your enemy.

    Yes I agree with that too much up tiering and that can be bad but add one tier or have one before to make a match is good Tier 8 ships can easily kill Tier 9 ships in the right skilled and knowledge hands. Take that same ship and put in a player that doesn't take there time and learn and isn't challenged from day one in a Tier 2 ship then you lose the skill and challenge to do better and the game suffers over all.
  4. For me I am split don't get me wrong getting early hype can be a good thing but it is also a two edged sword also. Early hype can attract players to a ship they want from history but at the same time change that ship so much that it is just any other ship and no unique things and the wallet closes and you lose major profit. Ie example the Prinze Eugen I like the ship don't get me wrong but they sold it for 30 dollars lets say. that would 30 dollars times the number of 12000 lets say. That is 360 000 profit that can be made, yet they screwed themselves cause the Prinze Eugen only difference was better health now they close there wallets 360 000 is now lost forever on that ship. At the same time making the ships to force balance to be like other ships may look good on paper but is bad for the game health itself over all look at the Portland Class Cruiser ( Indianapolis), that ship had 5 inches belt armor (127mm) then 50mm ( 2 inches) of Citadel armor which on US Ships was around the Engine rooms and ammo rooms. In game 100mm Citadel and so easy to pen no plays it much anymore again a ship that sells for 34.99 a ship again lets do some math, 34.99 times 12000 = 419 880 potential profit they screwed it up has very little uniqueness to the ship so now they are losing that potential why they didn't build the ship right. This doesn't mean make the Premium ships or any ship in the game OPed this just means if they make the ship accurate to facts players will buy theme they make money. Just cause you have 7 inches total armor doesn't mean you cant citadel a ship just means as a Heavy Cruiser it will be harder for ships like DDs and CLs to do so not impossible just difficult yet BBs will be able too easily making the game more dynamic fun and the company make money. Changing a ship too much in one direction or the other makes the game stagnant and boring causing players to A not buy ships or premium time making the company less money making the game less interesting and lose of player base and profit for both ends. Which then the game will slowly die and be pointless too play just look at Armored Warfare, World of Warplanes, War Thunder, as examples of bad choices and what it can do to games. I love playing the game don't get me wrong but I am also tired of every battleship being the same and paper copy of other battleships for ease of the Devs, Yes there are some variations but not enough to make a ship unique and a challenge to other players to make dynamic matches more often.

    I didn't say get good or anything I said get the skills have skill and getting good are two different things mind you I have seen many players be good great stats and such die to worse stats player but he had skill and understanding of his ship and I have seen the opposite also. Getting good and getting the needed skill to do what needs be done are two different things dies the game need improvement yes. Does the game need fixing again yes but MM isn't one of theme only way to get skill and to understand the maps and ships and what not is to be up tiered to give challenge to either rise and or fall. You cant get the skills needed to do your job and have the skill to now what to do and get the skill to see what needs be done to win and or lose either or can happen unless you are challenged. Only way to get that done n the game is to be up tiered don't get me wrong there are players that piss me off but again maybe they don't have the skill or knowledge to understand there ship either.

    Actually I have done it I my Admiral Hipper well Prinz Eugen actually here are those results. And that was the lowest of the day and I was even up tiered then the enemy even had two Zao's. I had a better one but didn't take a pic as as I didn't think I needed it. So again it isn't that players are getting up tired it is that the player base cries they want this or that change instead of developing the skills needed to get the job done. Don't et me wrong the game does need improvements don't get me wrong on that but MM isn't one of theme if you play right. If you play the maps right and work together as a team then tiers don't really matter, every ship has a weakness and every ship can be sunk if you play your ship right. Also by the way I walked from that match with about 30 000 take home

    Generally this is 99 percent of the problem players not playing right and adjusting to battle so they come here cry so loud that the devs get annoyed make changes and then they cry about those changes so louder than before so the devs get even more annoyed make other changes they cry even louder on those changes and you get the point. What they need to do is focus on positive changes to the game instead of hand holding the player base and tell theme learning takes time you either get the patience and learn from your mistakes and get skill not necessarily get good but get the skills like helping your teammates and paying attention so on and so forth or don't play. It isn't hard to use a single ship till you start making 290 000 on a match that you can say you have skill most players have it and never use ti and some have none but think they do. Case and point in the pictures in a Match in my Italian Light Cruiser and Co-Op where my team yolo and I had to do the rest of the damage and the Iron Duke was burned to death, remember Co-Op makes well over half of what PVP players make and yet all they do is cry, learn nothing and repeat the problem.
  8. The Return of Invisifire

    If they really want the teams to work together then give meaningful actual reward for it as a major bonus not scrap money and XP. IF two players shoting a target and one of the two players kills it all are rewarded for the kill plus a bonus on top of the damage. Something like that
  9. The Return of Invisifire

    I just wait in my Cruiser the DDs always poke out and then regret it I nuked two DDs in a single match why they thought I left so they poked out.
  10. I help I'm not saying you have to tell me your not good just realize it yourself, have no issue helping others or explaining what they did wrong. Most common mistakes I see in game is improper use of there ships roles IE BB playing prop up the perfectly propped up island or CLs playing CA or DDs playing BB and so on.
  11. I have a point before one can learn to do better one needs realize there own limitations and issues also. Hardest thing to do is admit you don't now everything and tat you need learn all the time at all times first step to improving one self at the game
  12. I don't mind helping players either if they shut up put aside there pride and think they now things aside and pay attention listen and learn from what they did wrong. Most player I have seen and encountered have an attitude of either they now what they are doing or don't take what they did wrong and learn from it, even when they are told what they did wrong. That is the most common issue I have seen in the game lately. In just about every case I have seen they are the first ones dead and for very little gain on the other team or over the other team but are the first to say why didn't you do this and this instead of looking at what they did wrong. ALL PLAYERS NO MATTER WHAT WHERE NOOBS AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER just some forget that one point right after tier starter ships then they think they now everything.
  13. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    Yeah the two seem to be a good sign and the Turrets line up and the such not a bad find my friend.
  14. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    Don't get me wrong Friedman cruiser books are good but I have books from when I was in the US Navy as a Gunners mate that are far more detailed and have far more ships. The information is not Classified as the tech and designs are too old so no worries there but they are not readily available for public consumption either and or released readily to that end either generally used for training purpose and ship evolution of the Schools for Hull tech, Gunner's Mate, and such. The Fargo's themselves that where built on the Cleveland's where just that built on the hull just cause they where there. Generally the Fargo Batch 2s as they called where the design of this scheme was to be used but with the Worcester Class with bad freeboard the ability to ride Sea state condition to keep the deck dry. Also the Cleveland's great weakness was the fact that they where so heavy that modification's couldn't be done. So they again modified the design to a step deck to remove weight to allow later modification's when needed leading to a Batch 2 Fargo design. Many also refer to theme as Flight 2 design's. But the conflation came from the my books sitting on my book shelf that isn't classified but not readily available for the public either. Top is the Fargo modified first Batch none Cleveland Hulled the second was the modified Hull again to save weight Turret 3 on a Stepped Deck to save weight. The 5 inch 382 where dropped and the bridge further modified to fit the 6 inch 47s DP guns that never happened. Not needing the 5 inch 38s anymore and modified to the design that the Wargaming chose for the new line split. The Gun placements where removed and the deck at that location was then made to a single threw up till Turret 3 where it stepped down from Main deck to the Stepped deck again weight saving program, no need for 5 inch 38s DP when the Triple 6 inch 47s DP where going to be used. The triple 6 inch 47s DP where never finished that program was cancelled along with the Class after the war due to the end of World War 2 and budget cuts where in acted. Some have even called theme the New Haven Class as CL-109 was going to be built to the Fargo Batch 2 design the term Batch two comes from the US Navy where an already designed ship is modified even further making a sub class like the Atlanta Class and Oakland Class. Just a term used when a ship is mofied to be built to a different sceme off of a ship that was either already built and or built on another hull.
  15. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    It doesn't predate it the first 3 Fargo's Cl-106 Fargo to CL-108 Newark where built on the last 3 hulls of the Cleveland Class the hulls where there so they used theme sorta thing. The aviation facility was done like as due to the older Heavy Cruiser and Light Cruiser Des Moines Baltimore and such had the planes on the aft section caused maintenance nightmares, working in the open maintenance storage things of this nature. So the US Navy adopted a hanger system that you see to cure almost all things in that area. This required a redesigned funnel and such as you see in the picture to make working on the planes mechanical wise easier on the Aviation Mechanics of the Navy at that time. Same system was on the Alaska Class. The reason you don't see the Dual 5 inch 38s is the Navy was investing in the Triple Dual Purpose guns but was cancelled after the war was over for the 6 47s so no need for the 5 inch 38s. The 40mm and 20mm where usually designed in at a later time and usually added on as time went on the design itself was cancelled as the war ended so no further work was done the design itself. It also could be the 8 gunned vertion which looked the same but didn't have 40mm guns at all on that design. Fargo Design itself was racially different compared to Cleveland Class the Step Deck was a means to save weight on the ship in an attempt to keep her resanable weight wise for a Light Cruiser as the Cleveland Class itself was so Heavy that trying to adapt her to a changing war and such was proving hard for the Navy. Cut some of the hull down the step deck design that was on earlier Cruiser hulls help this problem and allowed the saved weight to put to other areas. Also if I am guessing right what you are seeing isn't the Gun Directors over the guns that was the Air Search Radar, in those days the systems where so big they required a repurposed % inch Dual gun to carry and use theme. The gun directors are behind those triangle looking glasses below and under theme what you are seeing there is the radar antenna for theme as the Directors theme selves where in CIC of the day directing and was usually found in the aft most part of the forward Bridge and the forward most part of the Aft Bridge room wise.