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  1. MikeDSp

    Preferential Matchmaking for Premiums

    Thing is you also have a point if they balanced the game better tier to tier instead of trying the up tier or low tier stuff thegame health would improve, issue then you hit the upper player tier 10 elite to not have ships so they go lower tier and make the game worse there so then players quit anyway. I don't mind up tiering if the ship I am going against is equal Cl to CL Ca to CA and not Ca to CL just cause CA user cried louder.
  2. MikeDSp

    Preferential Matchmaking for Premiums

    lol yeah worked so well no plays it anymore and winning is driving force anymore, so what option do they lose every chance they get so Premium tank users leave the game costing theme more money in the long run.
  3. MikeDSp


    Yeah player like that need be dealt with more harshly issue is it isn't happening if they where charged the amount it took to repay your ship in full, hit theme in the credit pool, would help more.
  4. MikeDSp


  5. MikeDSp


    It does don't get me wrong but it is one thing as crap a mistake admit you did wrong and apologize and move on another as done on purpose then reach for an excuses to blame away that you did on purpose.
  6. MikeDSp


    Yeah intentional ones accidents do happen don't get me wrong but when you intentionally do it that is a different thing all together.
  7. MikeDSp


    Difference is that you most likely if he did you would of probably admitted that it was your fault main reason being you put torps in the water with him between you and the enemy ship, also you saw him, most TKers I have seen will do that and blame you for it and not admit they had control of weather to shot or not, they saw you as from what I have seen most scream it is your fault cause you steered into my torpedoes, meaning you saw theme before you fired theme. As I always saw Only you can prevent team killing by checking before firing. I am one of the few that have never hit or killed any one of my team mates on purpose why I always do a Quick 180 check before I do any firing or any kind weather cannon and or torps. But I have had many on my team do the shot me and expect me to be sorry they killed me. Vader_Sama has a good short video of a team killer that pulled the A typical excuse I didn't see him when it was plain they saw him and fired anyway but most likely would blame Vader_Sama for it cause he didn't move when you knew it was on purpose.
  8. No you are wrong the rules that you are talking about where sign and called the Sea Rules that governed the nature of what is and isn't warship wise in those days they weren't like today by any means but the rules today are followed by many rules passed then. You are talking to a Old Gunners mate in the US Navy we had learn that stuff in A school and guess what a Support by any designation that does not match the required rules of a warship are not warships boiled down to gun size and armor. Same thing if a ship flies another nations flag it is seen as illegal and piracy but by your definition that ok cause in 1916 there was a rule but you say there isn't one. Don't get me wrong Captains still did it but before they attacked they would strike there colors and hoist the Ensign of there nation, if they where caught most of the time they where punished under those laws, thing is many weren't caught.
  9. Too a point yes many carried guns for self defense but by the rules it had to be under 4 inches not 5 inches if they carried anything larger than 5 inches they where deemed as many called theme then and even today as Q ships.
  10. MikeDSp


    No matter how you look at it whether it is a mistake or not you still team killed and reaching for excuse like I didn't see him when you hit with torpedoes or not you still clicked the fire button and made it happen that simple. Yes mistakes do happen don't get me wrong I have seen that happen many times but the result is you still did the act, then reached for an excuse instead of just man sorry I team killed you I deserve what happens to me.
  11. MikeDSp


    I have seen that happen sad but Bots do the same thing unfortunately there isn't much they can do to a bot, I do believe you should be compensated for it though.
  12. MikeDSp


    Yes but when they do hit there team and team kill instead of just admitting they did for there own reasons weather right or wrong they reach for a excuse and try to explain it as not there fault and that of there team.
  13. MikeDSp

    Choose your own ship in santa crates

    For me I don't mind the gambling bit but I would like to have it when I do get the point where I can get a ship let me choose.
  14. (Military) a vessel armed, armored, and otherwise equipped for naval warfare also a ship built or armed for combat purposes. Former Navy man myself and you are wrong a Support ship is not a Warship it is an Auxiliary ship by the regulation most can carry a gun no larger than a 4 inches for self defense only. By US Navy regulation a warship is considered any ship armed and armored for the purpose of war on the High Seas, defense of national water by means of a gun and or missile, armed with armor and is larger than a Corvette. Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship are considered warships, Carriers are considered Support ships of the fleet as they are equipped and or armed for war themselves but the plans they carry are armed for combat. Anything smaller than a Corvette (DE) by US Standards are considered either Support Ships to Include AB Crane Ships, AC Coilers, T-ACS Auxiliary Crane ship, AD Destroyer Tenders, YDG,ADG- Degaussing ships, AE, Ammunition Ships, Changed in 1970 under the new fleet designation as Ammunition Supply Ship AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Dry doc. Instead of listing all ships here easiest way https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_auxiliaries_of_the_United_States_Navy all are considered non COmbat Ships therefore not as Warships.
  15. MikeDSp

    Choose your own ship in santa crates

    Cant fault him for trying though