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  1. Can't compare the Alaska to the Stalingrad. One is built by humans and the other needs Kryptonite tipped shells to sink.
  2. Should note that the Scharnhorst class was born from upsizing D and P class Panzerschiffe designs, which are essentially cruisers or modern armored cruisers.
  3. Tonnage has a lot more to do with it. The Graf Spee weighs about 15,000 tons, which is about as much as a heavy cruiser. The Prinz Eugen weighs slightly more than the Graf Spee. The Alaska weighs over 30,000 tons, which weighs as much as a Kongo.
  4. Most people won't know an algorithm is being used upon them.
  5. Logging off, even not playing for a while after you have been profiled and targeted, can help break that lock on you. Logging off send a signal to the algorithm which can signal that the player had it and its time to ease the squeeze. The purpose of these algorithms is to ensure the player keeps playing which means he or she will keep paying. The more you lose but the more you keep playing, the more the algorithm will target you, since you are REWARDING its actions by playing more and fulfilling its intended purpose.
  6. Coop is the one thing in the game that isn't manipulated by "scientific revenue".
  7. Lose streak? Sounds to me your player profile has been selected by the matchmaker to get seal clubbed for more revenue and spending. The game industry seems to call it "scientific revenue", the science of turning players into payers, or make you pay more.
  8. At the time of this post. In my experience, this is close to bottoming out, which is around 2,200+.
  9. Lyon looks weird, like a Russian battletub sort of way. I like it.
  10. Right now, no.
  11. I think the population remains fairly the same. If the population is actually growing slightly bigger, but overall, the entire market has grown faster relative percentage wise, this means your market share is actually growing smaller and you're still in trouble. But then again, I also think the PC games market maybe shrinking around the world except for China thanks to the Internet cafe business.
  12. Same here. T5 and T6 player. When they fenced Tier 5, it was a factor for me to change to coop, and move to other games as well where I continue to play PvP.
  13. Does not look like an Omaha but it has four twin mounted turrets. It could be a Brooklyn preliminary with the Omaha turrets, and that's even better.
  14. My selected theories about the USS Dallas. 1. Yes, enhanced Omaha with 8 x 6"/53 guns. The ship however looks more like an intermediary between Omaha and Pensacola, will have tripod superstructure. It should have the Omaha's high firing rate, at 8.6 rounds per minute, with three torpedoes on each side. This will retain the Omaha's fast speed and agility at 34 to 35 knots. 2. Atlanta hull with 9 x 6"/47 guns. 3. Brooklyn proto and hull with 9 x 6"/47 guns, 5"/25 secondaries. The question is whether this should have torps or not. The Omaha's 6"/53 guns have a major advantage over the 6"/47 in sheer muzzle velocity, which is around 914mps. Both guns fire the same HE shell, but with the 6"/53 having a much faster MV over the 6"/47 at 914mps vs. 808mps, the arcs are going to be a lot flatter. The 6"/47 may have a better RoF potential RoF but lets assume the base 7.5 rpm from the Cleveland. The 6"/47 has superior AP penetration with its heavy AP shell, but 6" guns are not sought for their AP penetration. This is why I think #1 might sound more attractive and maybe more fun to play than it sounds on paper.
  15. What you are about to see... ... are people that never existed. Completed created by an AI.