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  1. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    If Star Trek stayed a swashbuckler, it won't be the franchise it is now.
  2. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Cryptic Studios --- makers of Star Trek Online --- are not owned by CBS and they do other games. In its history, it has done a collaboration with Marvel Studios, did a game using Dungeons and Dragons, and is making an MMORPG around Magic The Gathering. Cryptic Studios used to be owned by Atari, and its currently owners is a Chinese game company called Perfect World.
  3. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Should not worry about Star Trek. Its star is back on the rise, driven by the winds of the Age of Streaming. I like the fact that the new Picard show is focused on thoughtful plot and politics, with the drama and character development of such. This is how TV should always work. This has been the ground that Star Trek is based on. Its not an interstellar swashbuckler some try to morph it to be. Its not Star Wars. Its Star Wars that should be in trouble, and it does not help that SW is facing both blockbuster and SFX movie fatigue. For all its worth, the JJ Trek movies lack the greatest attributes of Mad Robot's greatest TV works, such as Alias and Lost, that sense of mystery and ambiguity and displacement. As for Orville, I have not watched it but it seems like a satire to me. Satire tends to be focused on making reflective commentary about some other series or our political and cultural environment. While its fun and full of laughter to last for seasons, you can't be immersed and taken to flights of fantasy with it, because the satire is there to teach you about the present situation.
  4. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Who knows, what happens to the new Picard show.
  5. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Yes, but it still took place years after Star Trek Nemesis, which means the show remains in the Prime time line. Nemesis is the last film event of the Prime time line and its last and latest chronological event in canon. Beyond that is a blank and remains unwritten in canon. The legal agreements between Paramount and CBS is clear; CBS only does the Prime Timeline, and the Paramount only does the Kelvin Timeline, often referred to as JJ Trek. There is no trespassing between the two, and you got lawyers to make sure of that. This was probably the weirdest thing that can happen to a franchise, probably matched by the continuous alternating universes in the Gundam franchise, or the schism in the Fate franchise between the Fate Grand Order line and the Nasuverse.
  6. Eisennagel

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Year by year the US merchant marine continues to shrink, and should be in the Endangered Species list. Ideally we should rev up our remaining shipyards and start building more hulls, but even our remaining shipyards are facing decaying infrastructure, loss of technical schools training people. There truly is a need for a long term strategic and comprehensive plan to revitalize the US shipping industry or everything will just disappear. Once these shipbuilding skills are gone, they're gone. But even if we build ships, who are we going to sell it to? The global shipping industry, both the shipping lines and the ship makers are in a major funk, with demand down, orders are down, with excess capacity all over the place, with companies talking about mega mergers and such just to survive.
  7. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Chinese Navy escort task force of two frigates and a tanker is visiting the Philippines. The fleet is homeward bound after completing escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and Somalia. http://eng.chinamil.com.cn/view/2019-01/18/content_9407641.htm Dredge work in Sri Lanka by four vessels. This gives you an idea how the artificial islands in the South China Seas were made.
  8. Eisennagel

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    I look forward to a new Kancolle anime but I am surprised that its being done. A good number of anime these days are into promoting popular mobile games like Monster Strike and the upcoming Babylonia arc of Fate Grand Order. Anime related to mobile games like Grancrest Saga, Granblue Fantasy, Puzzles and Dragons, and Fate of Bahamut have also been done. Not surprised that Azur Lane is being made one because its a hit. I know that Kancolle is a popular browser game, but mobile is where the revenue action is especially in a mobile intensive country like Japan. Anime for games like Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, Honkai Impact 3rd, Summoner's War, and Epic Seven needs to be done sooner or later.
  9. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Actually, Picard is dealing with the events after Star Trek Insurrection, where Picard clone pre-Mad Max-Venom-Bane Tom Hardy nearly destroyed the Romulan Empire. That was also Picard's last movie and appearance on the Star Trek universe, with Stewart doing X-Men work next.
  10. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    You could, let's say after Season 2 ends, subscribe for CBS for a month, and watch the two seasons. Cancel for the next month after. The cost of one month subscription for the time of watching two season is worth it when you consider how much you are paying a movie ticket for two hours. ST Discovery in my view is still some steps behind The Expanse as the best scifi TV show ever, but it already has created some memorable characters. The casting is simply superb to say the least.
  11. Eisennagel

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    I don't think that it is. The Kelvin timeline is sorely created to deal with licensing issues, with Paramount doing the Kelvin and CBS doing Prime. If CBS is doing the Picard show, then its on Prime.
  12. Star Trek 4 is dead,and people are pointing fingers who to blame. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2019/01/10/paramount-has-canceled-star-trek-4-and-disneys-star-wars-is-to-blame/#4d39930d1dc2 https://screenrant.com/star-trek-4-canceled-reason-why/ https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2465291/events-led-to-star-trek-4-in-development-hell Should be noted that if Paramount doesn't produce a film, it loses its license. My take on this is that it all boils down to simple economics. The Star Trek franchise cannot generate the kind of megabuck ticket sales to justify mega costly SFX laden movies. The Star Trek franchise simply can't be the kind of swashbuckling, action filled roller coaster ride type of movies people are getting used to watching as summer movies. I just watched first episode of Star Trek Discover Season 2. Regardless of what you think about ST: Discovery , I enjoyed it more than the last Star Trek movie, Beyond, which really didn't feel it went Beyond at all. Going back to its roots --- in TV --- is where Star Trek should and always be. This is the place where you have the time and the patience for subtle character development and universe creation. This aspect of TV is something that even Star Wars have noticed. St: Discovery might be leading into a new age of Star Trek TV, living in the Age of Stream. Development and talk is serious about two other Star Trek series, one with Picard, set after the TNG, and another with Michelle Yeoh in Section 31. There will also be 'shorts', which I felt were wonderful, and introduced a new way for character development and universe building. With the attention back to TV and the Prime Timeline, the whole point of a Kelvin Timeline just for Star Trek movies has become superfluous. Movies are no longer needed to sustain the franchise. As for the controversy of Streaming vs. Prime Time TV, its already been known for awhile that the business model of front loaded prime time TV rating competition doesn't work well with genre shows, and especially with scifi shows, which may also on the average, have a higher budget requirement than a half hour TV comedy or a police drama. Another factor is that as an audience, scifi fans are also tech savy people, got PCs, smartphones and tablets, and has been gravitating away from prime time TV to internet based streaming like Netflix and YouTube that they can binge and watch at their convenience. Even for a prime time scifi TV show to work, it would need a streaming service to supplement its income. It is because of this phenomenon that Netflix and Amazon Prime are producing their own genre shows just for exclusively streaming. The volume and revenue has reached to a point that high budget all streaming shows are now sustainable. This is where Discovery and the next generation of Star Trek shows have landed.
  13. Eisennagel

    World of Warships namesakes reborn as Modern Warships

    As of the end of November 2018, the brand new heavy corvette Gremyashchiy is spotted getting degaussed.
  14. Eisennagel

    World of Warships namesakes reborn as Modern Warships

    The last warship to bear the Murmansk name is an Oscar class K-206. This is the same class of submarine that the ill fated Kursk belonged to. The Murmansk has long been retired but the Oscar class continues to live on, and might be having a revival with six of the surviving submarines being upgraded, and two uncompleted hulls being restarted in production. A third hull, the Belgorod, has been set aside and is being constructed into the world's largest submarine ever, dwarfing even the vaunted Typhoon class, with as much as 30,000 tons of displacement. The formal purpose of this submarine is "research", which is code name for its de facto purpose, which is "espionage". While the submarine can be used to look for the all vital mineral deposits on the ocean floor, the sub, with special diving teams and submersibles can be used to cut or tap submarine cables and lay its own submarine sensor network. It can also be used to recover various things off the ocean floor, and its versatility and "multipurpose" may also involve the use of injecting and recovering special forces. This will be Russia's second "special missions" sub after a previous ex-Delta IV class converted to that purpose. https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/security/2017/05/russias-new-military-research-submarine-arctic-waters-will-be-worlds-largest http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/defence-news/2017/april-2017-navy-naval-forces-defense-industry-technology-maritime-security-global-news/5153-russian-navy-to-commission-project-09852-belgorod-special-nuclear-powered-submarine-in-2018.html http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/9928/russias-massive-arctic-research-submarine-will-be-the-worlds-longest
  15. Eisennagel

    World of Warships namesakes reborn as Modern Warships

    Neustrashimy is a Tier 9 Russian destroyer that is currently in testing. Premium or new extended branch? Her real life pics. Her modern counterpart is the frigate and class that bears her name, and is currently in service.