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  1. As you know, much of the rat runs were done at night, but I just need to do an air attack element to it, at least in the first stage. I am thinking of making a more extensive proposal and putting it in the Player Suggestions page.
  2. High tier as in? There really isn't a lot of high tier light cruisers other than the Worcester class once you are past Tier 8. Tier 7 and 8 can be filled with the Brooklyn and revised Cleveland cruisers, once you move the Pensacola to Tier 6, New Orleans to Tier 7 and Wichita goes in at Tier 8 (like the WoWs Blitz game). German side, I remember was there a leak that WG was planning a cruiser that was historically proposed as a variation on the Hipper class to be done on the Seydlitz or Lutzow, which uses a Hipper hull with 12 x 150mms using the turrets from the Nurnberg. For the IJN you already got the Mogami by switching back to the 155mm guns, and the Russians already have the Kutuzov and Chapayev.
  3. They can also introduce different versions. I wish to note though, that I would prefer Operations to use the Tier 6 to 7 bracket as opposed to Tier 5 to 6. Something similar to Dunkirk. Tokyo Express This one uses Japanese ships only. Again, the purpose of the mission is to escort a transport convoy through a number of channels and islands and make sure they reach their destination. They will be opposed by a furious amount of American PT-boats, destroyers, and the sheer brunt of American airpower. Ships to be used. Tier 4 --- Kuma Tier 5 --- Furutaka, all Tier 5 destroyers including Kamikaze premiums Tier 6 --- Aoba, all Tier 6 destroyers including Shinonome. Special guest ships for the event. For those who hasn't researched the IJN ships or line. Tier 5 -- The Jintsu (Sendai class cruiser), Sendai or Nagara. Tier 6 -- A special guest Shiratsuyu class destroyer (without the torpedo reload module). Could be Yudachi, Shigure, Samidare or Murasame. One new Tier 6 premium for sale, an IJN destroyer, one of the Shiratsuyus, prepped for the tier, without the fast torpedo reload module with extra XP gain for captains. Getting 4 to 5 star will get you a 10 point captain, Raizo Tanaka. (Or would you prefer Tameichi Hara?) I am thinking you get Tanaka first, next 4 to 5 star, Hara, afterwards you get random 10 point IJN captains. But Tanaka and Hara will only be one of each per player. I am thinking you can also do an American resupply mission to Guadacanal, a British supply mission to Malta, an Allied convoy supply mission to Russia, a German-Italian supply mission to the Africa.
  4. I kind of like to see the Dunkirk mission redone to allow non historicity, even if it feels weird, to be able to use any destroyer, even German and Japanese ones, and see how they can deal with the situation.
  5. Almost felt like they were reading the forums on that one.
  6. Wargaming making a serious effort on mobile now, with a reorganization of the mobile branches. And you know why? Because another Russian game has beaten them badly to the action game charts in both Android and iOS. And this game has a huge, growing following, especially in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India.. )
  7. Test 0.6.9 now shows Monarch as the Tier 8 ship with 9 x 15" Mark II guns, and KGV as the Tier 7 ship with 10 x 14" guns.
  8. Does not matter. Because they (WG) know it. Its just plain weird --- even to them its too weird. Developers have their own creative pride, and this sounds like a ugly hack rather than an elegant solution. Developers love elegance in their work, its an important side hobby and obsession to their profession. Some of the things they do in the game seems smack of trying to achieve design elegance in their tier structuring for example (they will resolve the Cleveland/Pensacola dilemma sooner or later).
  9. Intriguing theory. http://www.popularmechanics.com/space/satellites/a27399/german-warships-us-spacecraft-steel/ "Old steel could have had a practical use for any spacecraft because of the radioactive Van Allen belts that surround the Earth. While it's possible to navigate around the worst of this radiation, it's useful for spacecraft to be aware of it, and steel useful in creating tools to detect it. But any steel made after the Trinity atomic tests, and the hundreds of atomic tests after that, would be compromised by the Earth's growing radiation background. So, the steel from German ships sunk to the be bottom of the sea after World War I would be a perfect fit for Voyager. Voyager does not have a radiation detector, as it turns out, so that case seems unlikely. But Explorer 1, a satellite launched in the late 50s before Voyager, would be more likely to have used some though whether it did is far from certain. So while there's no case closed unless someone can turn up an extremely detailed record of the provenence of the materials used in early U.S. spacecraft. And though the presence WW1 steel may be unlikely, it's a fun possibility to consider."
  10. Everyone knows you can't pack a 15" shell inside a 14" gun, not only is the shell bigger its also much heavier and fired at a much higher muzzle velocity, which requires a bigger and beefier barrel and heavier breeches that realistically requires a larger turret and hence a larger and heavier hull. Its no longer the KGV, just a sheer fantasy of it. Its just plain weird from a creative standpoint, and WG made the right decision changing it to the Monarch, which at least has a genuine historical root.
  11. They cannot afford a massive overhaul of the game engine and mechanics, which will also surely affect the current balance and will take years of effort. You are basically demanding WoWs 2.0.
  12. If they don't make up the rest, the entire game is unplayable. Gun caliber and ballistics are where WG draws the line.
  13. Yeah but its still lying. Lets just say, its just plain weird and WG made the correct call on this one with Monarch on Tier 8.
  14. Except that it is too overpowering --- and too much of a fantasy. Those turrets won't fit 4 x 15" guns realistically especially with the breeches for those gun's muzzle velocity, which is much greater even than the supercharged shells for the Mark I guns. At least with Monarch, there were historical proposals that were drawn up for that.