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  1. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Hopefully the crew died quickly, instead of a slow lingering death.
  2. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Article about the Kaga encountering the Lanzhou in the South China Seas. The Kaga was in the South China Seas for drills and friendly visits; the Lanzhou was the warship that had a near collision with the USS Decatur. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/the-chinese-vessel-we-encountered-during-a-fueling-drill-yomiuri-shimbun-writer Sunken Argentine sub discovered and recovery efforts are underway. Hopefully there will be some closure for the families of the deceased.
  3. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Chinese Navy gets another AOE.
  4. Eisennagel

    Nier Automata on Star Ocean

    Time to collect more waifus. Star Ocean Anamnesis is having a collaboration effort with Nier Automata. Not sure if I can truly call it a collaboration, which can suggest a cooperation between two different companies, but both Star Ocean and Nier Automata are both published by Square Enix. Star Ocean isn't as big or as well known as other JRPG franchises, so it might need a bit of a help in the form of collaborations for the sake of the collectors there. SOA deserves some credit for being generous in relation to other F2P games, its possible to get to the top levels without spending much. Nonetheless the impulse to collect is very strong especially this is one of the few games where what you collect has 3D forms that doesn't go 2D chibi in battle and has a full on coop mode. I also need to warn you this game can be very addictive if you dive into it. So here I go, to see if I can try my luck with some gachas. But before that, I notice something about the 3D models. The squinty looks A2 gives to her drone floors me. The best yet. I was curious about this but it does look to me that 2B's drone is a bit pervy and is trying to lift her skirt to her amazement. Granted, I never got the chance to play NieR Automata so I am sure what the android-drone relationship was. November is a ruthless month for collaborations. Noticing The Alchemist Code is having a full on collaboration with Full Metal Alchemist.
  5. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    This is going to be a very expensive refit. The Zhuhai air show is finally over and the robots head home.
  6. The Last Jedi was a pretty good movie in my opinion on basis of artistic and creative merit but the outcome wasn't what fans expected and that angered them. Plus the expectations for that movie was sky high. Pokemon movie? Not so much, and even the budget doesn't look that high. Just like the anime, TV and movie wise, pretty mediocre. But doesn't stop them from becoming hits. And the franchise keeps going on and on. With low to average expectations, if you come up with a live action movie that will soar above those expectations, you are going to do very good. One thing going for it, is that there is a massive pent up demand (dream?) for a live action Pokemon movie.
  7. If we analyze this, big pluses and minuses. The Minuses. 1. Hollywood has flopped out of every attempt of an anime or Japanese franchise for a live action movie, although there are some fairly credible efforts in Netflix. The exception is the Edge of Tomorrow but no one recognized its manga roots which also never had an anime transition. 2. Hollywood has flopped with every video game movie attempt. 3. Legendary sucks. 4. Warner Brothers is a mixed bag (see DC hero movies.) The Pluses. 1. The guy who is doing this did the Goosebumps movie. That's a big plus. 2. The person who wrote the script did Guardians of the Galaxy. I expect it high on wit. 3. Ryan Reynolds can be seen as distracting because of Deadpool coming out of Pikachu's mouth, but I think he fits well in a neon-noir movie, and there is that Deadpool momentum pulling for him. Detective Pikachu in the game was voiced by Danny de Vito, so its no stranger that this particular Pikachu should not be voiced by a wiseguy sarcastic sounding comedic actor. Again, because of the script writer, I expect the script to be witty and you need someone to best deliver it. 4. They literally went and hired the artist responsible for the "What if Pokemon were real". https://www.boredpanda.com/realistic-pokemon-illustrations-joshua-dunlop/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic 5. The CGI looks top notch. 6. Pokemon is the Millennial franchise with a Midas touch. No other franchise has touched the lives and made as much money as Pokemon other than the Marvel and Star Wars franchise. Pokemon might have a stronger impact over Millennials than Marvel and Star Wars, due to all the hit games, Pokemon Go, the perpetually running anime series that are broadcasted around the world. Detective Pikachu might be the first ever Millennial nostalgia movie, even if Millennials are still, well, young. A live action Pokemon movie is considered by many to be a life time dream. This is going to be a hit across much of Asia because Pokemon is already such a big hit around these parts, especially in Japan. Even if the movie is only half way decent it would do very well, and this movie is looking way more than decent. 7. Due to failures of anime connected and video game derived movies, the bar is set low here, and its easy to jump it over. 8. Superhero fatigue. I think people are getting more and more tired with another superhero vs. the apocalypse type of movie, and is more than ready for a refreshing change.
  8. Its a double edged sword. Taking on Pikachu is both a risk to the movie and Ryan Reynolds, but there is also a big plus to it. From what I have been seeing with the reactions, its going to be more of a big upside.
  9. Yes, its directly from this game. Even the protagonist is the same, Tim Goodman. Detective Pikachu talks, and with a wiseguy Danny De Vito manner, which makes it perfect for Ryan Reynolds. Warning, gives spoilers to the story.
  10. Ryan Reynolds feels like a perfect fit for noir detective movie, any noir movie. I am talking as a complete actor. So this sort of just fits in, even if this is just a voice alone, since this is set as a neon heavy noir movie.
  11. Eisennagel

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Hopefully, or it will be a waste of a fine warship. The question is the electronics. The radar, which are SPY-1F, looks like it didn't went under. Just to explain to others, SPY-1F is the frigate version which is F there, in relation to the SPY-1D used on the Burkes.
  12. Eisennagel

    Favorite Anime

    Crunchyroll? That's where I'm watching.
  13. Eisennagel

    Favorite Anime

    Shout out to the currently running Swords Arts Online: Alicization. This is so much better --- and different --- from the previous heavily trope dependent Swords Arts Online season. A Certain Magical Index Season 3 is also currently running. Highly recommended but anyone who hasn't watched the first two seasons of Index and then followed by A Certain Scientific Railgun and its two seasons, might get lost watching this. After this, next year, there will be a A Certain Scientific Railgun season 3.
  14. I have to say this blows me right out of my seat the moment Pikachu talks. And seeing all the Pokemon around. You want to become a great Pokemon Trainer but failed in your dreams. What's next? (New angle to start a Pokemon story).