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  1. I've got 7 kills twice, both in the Schors......
  2. You will keep the Cleveland which will be in the new line at tier 8 and also get the Pensacola (or maybe Dallas) at tier 6 as a replacement for the Cleveland. I'm not sure how the research part will work. I guess you've researched the tier 8 so you will now have researched the Baltimore, but you'll have to buy it.
  3. You launched torps from 13k and expected hits???
  4. Probably afk's that fired off some secondaries or AA......and one of them lived. There's also a 9 point player on the other team.
  5. Why wouldn't you keep him? You can always train him on a ship you already have captain on and try a different build on him.
  6. Currently 825,999 free xp. Usually use it on ships upgrade, but i do have the free xp ships and once in a while I'll use some of it to help upgrade a captain. I usually spend the captain xp as soon as I can put the point on the next captain I'm leveling up. Currently working on Yamamoto whose at level 15 or16 (not at home to check).
  7. For all the Division Naysayers

    So you put a Nikolai in a division and are shocked by the result???? Divisions are as good as the players in them.
  8. Game is broken

    Never thought I'd see the day when someone does more average damage in a South Carolina and they do in a North Carolina. Sorry OP, but the problem is you not the game. You haven't learned it and don't seem to want to. It's not as simple as aim and fire.
  9. Don't worry about it, I'm sure there are plenty of others who don't know that either.
  10. Uhh, you do know you can switch buying consumables to credits instead of doubloons right?
  11. Thanks for taking the time to make this announcement! I've clearly been doing it wrong all this time.
  12. Flags & Camo Credits can be earned by just playing and consumables can be bought with credits. Chance, you get less stuff and the chance still isn't really that great for containers that don't seem that super any more.
  13. The first two are what make me angry the most. Potatoes and then when I do something stupid and make myself look like a potato.
  14. four games today in Alsace with secondary build 1. 215 shots, 22 hits , zero damage all against bb's 2. 248 shots, 21 hits, 3564 damage, 6 hits on a Tashkent for 2640 damage, rest of damage on a St Louis 3. 374 shots, 39 hits, 10564 damage, 9 hits on a Maass for 4488 damage, 10 hits on a Kidd for 3872 damage, damaged a Richelieu for 1400k and set a Gascogne on fire 4. 273 shots, 23 hits, 1928 damage, killed a Gadjah Mada, minor damage to a BB and CA So effective against dds only really, unless you get fires. Note: Captain doesn't have all the skills yet to max out secondaries. Ship has SBM2 and I used secondary flags
  15. shot before being detected

    This just sounds like a pure luck blind shot trying to stop you capping. However, I've seen the odd time where I've not been seen for quite some time, turned and still got hit.