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  1. khan1670

    Do you use one-time use camos?

    I use them even though yes they are useless. I don't need the credits at all. I never picked camo crates even when they were useful.
  2. Superships seem to be mostly for long time players. I already own 5 superships and still have over 695 million credits. I could easily buy all the rest available, upgrade all of them and still have plenty of credits. Just haven't bothered yet. Owned: Satsuma, Annapolis, Edgar, Patrie, Conde Currently available: Yamagiri, Zorkiy, Hannover, Clausewitz, Eagle, Dalarna
  3. khan1670

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    All econ bonuses except for a port slot. I now have 105 port slots available....guess I need to get to work.
  4. khan1670

    Santa's Gifts

    2x Santa's gift : 25x India Delta signals 3x SXPx800 20x Santa's Mega gifts: 3 ships - Anchorage, Aquila, and Karl schonberg Coal - 37500 + 3750 bonus Credits - $2,250,000 Doubloons - 7500 Economic - 154 Camos - 25 New Year sky (Why are useless camos in these crates) Edit: bought 20 more Mega's 4 Ships - Repulse, Maya, San Diego, and Anhalt Coal - 37500 +3750 bonus (this gives me more than enough to buy Tromp) CXP - 500,000 Economic - 87 Useless camos - 75
  5. This. To the OP, the number of battles someone has doesn't mean that much in this game. There are lots of players with 10,000 plus battles who are still terrible.
  6. khan1670

    I regret nothing

    Congrats! You've won beachfront property on Baffin Island.............(Internet speeds may be choppy)
  7. khan1670

    Click Noise In Port

    Yes, who exactly thought this was a good idea? Whoever it was should be forced to play the Katori in tier 10 matches for the rest of their life..
  8. Exactly, for the love of Smolensk let this be toggled off!!
  9. khan1670

    Amazon Prime Gaming

    There was no Prime drop for WoWs last month but there was for WoT and Legends I believe.
  10. khan1670

    So I damaged myself?

    Yeah, it's obviously nothing game-breaking, but this was actually in Ranked.
  11. Just a weird thing that happened in my last match. I did hear a scraping sound like when you run into another ship and said oops to myself, but I looked around and no ship was even close to me. Then this appears in the post-match, apparently I ran into a ghost of myself.
  12. khan1670

    Camo Should Do SOMETHING

    This change has made camos pretty much useless. Why would anyone ever choose a camo crate?? At this point, they should pretty much be like patches. Once you have it you can use it on any ship at any time. Buying them is just dumb.
  13. khan1670

    Your monthly super container

    100 Zulu hotel signals.....yippee
  14. khan1670

    Who have you seen in game

    Just killed @Lert in my last battle. didn't even realize it until after the battle and I looked at the results. :)