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  1. 1. why would anyone play this after advancing to tier 2... 2. Nothing 3. St Louis 4. Phoenix (I want my Nikolai!!! ) 5. Konigsberg....though I haven't played it in a long time. I enjoyed it when I was playing it. 6. Fuso 7. Gneisenau 8. Z-23 9. Alsace....this thing is a beast 10. Minotaur Honorable mentions - Pensacola, Myoko, Shchors, Nagato, Monarch, Z-46, Roon, Tashkent, Republique, Khabarovsk, Z-52, Hindenburg Quite honestly, I like all the tier 10's though my success rate in them doesn't agree with me
  2. We're sorry

    It's made a good first impression on me in my first match (admittedly high tier)
  3. Hey! I used to drink Molson Canadian beer!! ......well, I guess yeah I haven't in a long time. Thanks for the review, must buy for me.
  4. Weekend spree

    Not much here. Actually missed the plane mission. I hardly saw any carriers and when I did they never came near me. One mission I was in the Atlanta and there was another Atlanta on my team on the other side of the map with a carrier in game. The other Atlanta got 21 plane kills and I saw 0 planes even close to me. I was like seriously??
  5. Soon, there will be Haida

    Thanks to WG for bringing this ship into the game and an extra thanks to Pigeon who probably gave a little nudge to make it happen! Looking forward to it!
  6. Kii with AFT, ship finished off with main guns after all fires out.
  7. Pfft, that's nothing! How about when you're team is almost done capping for the win and your dd decides it's suddenly a good idea to leave the cap. The other team wins by capping moments later...
  8. Weekend spree

    Was a decent weekend overall for me. Unlocked and upgraded the Lion . (Thank you type 59 camo !)
  9. My first coop game in quite a while
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Just saw Notser and LWM in the same game on opposite sides. What are the odds?......though it could've been planned
  11. Minotaur captain build?

    Lol, it was a joke clearly!....and you necro'd an almost two year old thread
  12. I actually assigned him his boosted skills for the heck of it, but have only used him once on the Z39. Might bounce him around my other German premiums just to try something different.
  13. The Original "Fab Five"

    Pfft, I've at 12 and I'm sure plenty of guys have more than that. Once you start getting them, they start coming easier and easier.
  14. I've got 7 kills twice, both in the Schors......
  15. You will keep the Cleveland which will be in the new line at tier 8 and also get the Pensacola (or maybe Dallas) at tier 6 as a replacement for the Cleveland. I'm not sure how the research part will work. I guess you've researched the tier 8 so you will now have researched the Baltimore, but you'll have to buy it.