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  1. khan1670

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    Well , I'm disappointed as well because it was one of the upcoming ships I was most looking forward too. My interest in ranked and clan wars isn't that high , though I've played ranked a bit more lately. That being said I do understand the need for reward ships for Clan wars. Just throwing ideas out there, but maybe Steel ships could be available for Coal or free xp for limited times during the year. Like maybe one of them a year for a week or something.
  2. It clearly says "Destroyed by main battery". Would it not say secondary battery if that were the case, pretty sure it does on other ships.
  3. khan1670

    Thinking of buying the Kidd...

    I'm not at home to check, but I believe that's the alternate colour version which was unlockable in the US cruiser collection.
  4. khan1670

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Doubloons, though I was considering a couple premiums. I'll probably get some Christmas crates and hope for good RNG though.
  5. khan1670

    Thinking of buying the Kidd...

    Kidd! Only get the Abruzzi if you are a masochist & love everything Italian. Note: does not own Abruzzi
  6. khan1670

    Is the Great Eight Collection over?

    Crates are still giving out parts of the collection. I just finished off the collection with a duplicate.
  7. khan1670

    Who have you seen in game

    Just got a kill on @Taichunger in his Haida. He had a good game himself, though we managed to win. I didn't realize who it was though until the after battle report.
  8. khan1670

    Do you keep Algérie after grinding?

    I didn't, mostly because I found the Charles Martel was a lot more fun for me. There's also better tier 7's I think, but everyone's different. Keep it if you like it.
  9. Got 6 or 7 of them this year. Some from the crates I got from playing and I did buy one batch of premium crates. They are pretty cool for the most part though I think the Varg one for the Bismarck is kind of meh, especially when compared to the NC one.
  10. khan1670

    Put Bourgogne into the Premium Shop

    ..or just make it a free xp ship. Pretty please, because I've got lots to burn!!
  11. khan1670

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Hmm, already bought the Salem with coal so this one will have to wait a bit. Wasn't fond of the Richelieu anyway, though love the Alsace and Republique. Might pass on this for other upcoming ships.
  12. Just bad luck for you. I got the Igor and Scarab camos in back to back containers.
  13. khan1670

    PSA: Multiple Bonus Codes

    Yep, only the first one worked for me too. Tried typing and copy/paste.
  14. khan1670

    This game cost me 2 karma

    Eh, had a -2 karma match the other day. I called out a guy who purposely tk'ed another team member. I presumed he gave me a -1. Ironically I think the guy who actually got tk'ed thought I as arguing with him and also gave me a -1. I'm not even sure he realized he was tk'ed now that I think about it.
  15. Well you know WG is devious that way. Hardly anyone was using fire prevention skills/upgrades, so let's help increase fire spam which will make people spend doubloons to change to fire prevention skills/upgrades. Then one day they'll magically decide to change it back, so you have to spend.....you get the message. This is just my cynical view on it though.