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  1. khan1670

    streaming code

    Thanks, worked. Mission for 100 Italian tokens
  2. khan1670

    Which Coal ship to buy and Why?

    If you didn't get it it yet, then Thunderer! That is all!
  3. khan1670

    How well do you really know LWM?

    Well I know she's little, white and a mouse...so I know her really well!!!!
  4. khan1670

    Unacceptable MM ing

    How do you know the divisions are made up of good players? I can only find a couple of the division guys at the moment and they are only 48-53% WR guys. They don't just become unicum because they are in a division.
  5. khan1670

    T7 Ranked recommendations

    My 76.79% WR in 56 ranked battles says Atlanta's pretty good in ranked.............even with IFHE changes, it's still a dd nightmare in ranked.
  6. Ranked out in 40 games going 24-16. I think maybe 3 or 4 was the longest streak. I really mixed it up using 13 different ships. Thunderer was my most used at 14 battles and I did ok. Finished the last couple ranks in Daring, I didn't have a lot of success in the other dds i used.
  7. The replay appeared to be showing that your shots would be blocked by the island, but then it didn't appear that any were. Replays of course can't be %100 trusted though. I've lately seen odd things where i lobbed shots over islands and they appeared to go right through ships. I was like wth??? Too lazy to look for it in a replay now though. :)
  8. khan1670

    Will there be new Research Bureau

    Umm...also a paying customer and it's was clearly his assertion that he's right and everyone else is nuts.
  9. khan1670

    I've lost 3 of 4 co-op battles today!!!!

    Wow! You probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning than that happening.
  10. khan1670

    Will there be new Research Bureau

    .....or you know the ships could just be available for Coal, Steel or FXP. Then I could just play the ships I have whenever I want while not losing them for any amount of time. I also wouldn't be benching my 19 point captains for any length of time. Then I'd already have one or both of them without wasting my time. Instead we have another currency no one asked for. Your assertion that paying customers should want this is ridiculous.
  11. khan1670

    please make Unique Upgrade cheaper

    What they really need to do, is just leave the missions as is, and get lost with locking them in the RB. I'd rather do them at my own pace instead of being forced to regrind lines.
  12. khan1670

    Questions about Worcester

    Worcester is very good, but is different from Mino & Smolly. Everyone says the Smolensk is OP, but I'd call it more an annoying ship than OP. Worcester or Des moines will own a Smolensk in 1v1. Atlanta & Flint are also very good, but you really need to be careful with them. Mainz when it comes back. Bayard is also fun. Really all the lines lead to good tier 10 cruisers, though I haven't gotten the Italian or 2nd British one yet.
  13. The in your face thing telling you who killed you. Research bureau
  14. khan1670

    Weekend Spree

    Not really the weekend, but was able to get the Flint with the after Christmas coupon. Then got a SC with one of the gift crates from the daily shipments thing, which contained the Wichita. I'll take it :)
  15. Sorry haven't read whole thread and I'm sure others feel same as me. I've zero interest in ever resetting a line and using the RB. Worst idea ever. the fact that they are going to expire the existing missions pisses me off. I've many in progress and would rather just complete them in my own time.