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  1. khan1670

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    24 SC's in order of opening: 100 November Foxtrot 50 La pheile Padraig camo 7 days premium 100 zulu 50 Basilisk 50 Halloween Camo 50 red dragon 50 La pheile Padraig camo 25 Leviathan 100 Zulu 100 Victor lima 15000 coal 1000 doubloons 100 November foxtrot 50 Halloween camo 50 gamescon black camo 1000 doubloons 50 restless fire 15000 coal 100 india xray 50 restless fire 50000 fxp 15000 coal 100 November echo sett I'll take it
  2. khan1670


    Eh it's fun, but by no means is it an automatic win ship. It's numbers are likely to get worse over time.
  3. khan1670

    What Do I Have To Do To Get A Good Team

    Well eventually, even the bad players will fail their way upwards.
  4. khan1670

    PSA: New Code

    Seems to be a 5 stage mission where you have to earn 1600-> 2000XP. You get 4 french containers as final reward.
  5. khan1670

    Who have you seen in game

    Just saw @Lert in his Musashi. Unfortunately defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory.
  6. khan1670

    Who have you seen in game

    Just had a very nice game with @Femennenly playing her Midway.
  7. khan1670

    Research Bureau. Why? Just why?

    Haven't read the entire thread, but can say I'm not too keen on this either. It's already taken forever to grind out all these ships. I might go for it if they let you reset individual ships instead of entire lines. Give me the choice of what ships I might want to regrind instead of an entire line (shudder).
  8. khan1670

    Degeneration of the game

    Sorry OP, but this is the classic "I've never learned to play the game properly, so I'll blame the game" mentality.
  9. khan1670

    Republic tokens?

    I've got 5 tier 10's left, but have gotten the four bundles. However, no way I'm spending doubloons for the random bundles. Might get the Bayard and will have to rely on RNG in the remaining french crates
  10. khan1670

    Consider these guys reported!!

    AHH!!! Bot masquerading as a human!!! Kill it now!
  11. khan1670

    Consider these guys reported!!

    Thanks for the unlock!
  12. ....also like my worst game ever! These guys killed their teammates so fast, I barely had time to get my slow [edited]into range to fire on anything. Ended up with 830 damage.
  13. khan1670

    Stinking Marauders

    Just had two on the other side....and pummeled one to leave him with 2 health. I was robbed I tells ya!!!
  14. khan1670

    Benham: Master of Unfinished Business

    It's just ok, you can have really good games. However you're just as likely to have stinkers if you're spotted by the gunboats at high tier. This is a dd that needs the support of it's teammates really bad if you want it to push in any way.
  15. I've never been hugely into ranked, though I've finished Sprint versions twice now. Honestly can't complain about it this season as things went rather well. Ranked out in 17 matches. Went 13-3 in Atlanta and 0-1 in Belfast. Ironically though, two of the losses were also when I was down to the last star. Atlanta was a beast in this mode. Just follow and support your dds against the enemy dds while taking care not to be a target to the enemy BB's. Usually you're going to get the jump on the other team.