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  1. Only one and I didn't realize it was Corgi until later. I wasn't paying attention to his name.
  2. Keep in mind this review was done before tier 4 and below got protected MM. The ship was pretty much OP back then. It's still good, but suffers from being against tier 7 a lot now as do all the tier 5 premiums.
  3. Friday night down?

    Just finished that game.....still can play....You're all banned hackers!!!! ....jk
  4. Friday night down?

    just loaded in a game...never disconnected..
  5. Another stellar review! Pretty much everything that needed to be said is right there!! (Though I actually think Myoko is a gudbote)
  6. Survival rate - too high?

    If anything your survival rate is low overall. However, you appear to be a player who's been improving your play quite a lot so you should be seeing it go up. I mean theoretically if everyone was equal, would you not win and survive 50% of your battles? I think you'll find most "unicum" players have survival rates around %60 or more.
  7. Fletcher, Iowa, Hindenburg, Bismarck, Khabarovsk, Moskva, Zao, Yamato, Minotaur. For those that don't have any, just keep at it. Once you start getting them, it just starts a snowball effect. My most recent 19 pt is the Moskva captain, whose last two points I pretty much used elite XP from my other 19 pt captains. Basically, use your 19 pt Captains on premiums and their own ships.
  8. Do I keep my premium Normandie forever?

    I think he's saying he can move other captains to the Normandie, but eventually that will be gone.
  9. But,but..but you can't leave. I haven't sunk you yet! (that I remember) Best of luck.
  10. Nice haul! I took a break from the game and hadn't bought anything lately so I did the same thing. I was thinking I probably wouldn't get any premiums but ended up opening these four in a row De Grasse Kidd Huanghe Perth Woot!!
  11. I know that and I do occasionally buy them, but it's too much at once.
  12. Nothing for me. Already have a lot of premiums. The only one I kind of want left is the Degrasse which I missed the first time it was out. No way I'm buying one of those big bundles now.
  13. Pfft, I hate WW2 ships.......... c'mon WG get rid of all the WW2 ships please!!!! That way my port would have a lot less ships
  14. Damage Isn't Everything

    Is this a good thread to admit I had a 282 damage game the other day (Yes 282!!!), survived the match that we won and still finished like top 6 on my team?
  15. As others have mentioned, it's probably a good idea to wait until they tell us what will happen. Personally, I think there's a good chance you'll get the Pensacola as compensation for the Cleveland moving. IE , they will replace your old tier 6 with the new one. So no sense wasting the credits until you're sure.