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  1. any and all dd torpedo range needs to be a minimum of 1 km farther then the ships detectability range all across the board other wise whats the point in playing a dd if your torpedo range is significantly less then what it takes for an enemy to spot you .... and who and why did they decide that making torpedo speed faster should decrease range makes no sense if something moves faster then it should have more range
  2. RL74

    game froze

    and another one
  3. sitting at mm line up with frozen screen..
  4. when you make a statement in game about something others don't like and say [edited] up crapand you say ok reporting does no good screw it ill just make them suffer since wg wont and I should note I was playing poorly on purpose and still lead in top 3 score on my own team just lead 2nd in this match 101 k didn't even try hard at all
  5. who said I was breaking the rules in the name of free speech get out of here with that I personally don't care If I can talk to people in game but hey you know lets buy stuff for this game and donate $ to support it even though a player can state an "opinion" on a part of the game mechanics and have 6 7 8 people report just over the course of 4 or 5 matches cuz they are anti cv and his comment was cv related see people call others hateful and malicious words in game get reported and personally see no consequences over the course of a week later against these offenders
  6. how do you fix not chat banning people who seriously need to have their hate speech quieted? but chat banning those who don't even come close to saying these types of things? and there is a difference in being lazy and knowing its pointless :P and I love how someone comes to forums with opinions and statements that aren't the same with most and they are considered to be ranting :P im still not really trying in game but coming up top 5 in dmg from team cant wait to see the game ban too
  7. so complain about game mechanics get reported by people get chat banned see people say very hateful malicious things report them see them with no consequences but yet im the one who needs to sub a ticket for support to get lifter :P why would I waste time to submit a ticket when its obviously pointless seeing the logic that moderators in game and forums have
  8. negative its cuz people are upset im not trying hard enough in game with cv cuz im unhappy with the op laser accurate aa especially tier 9 + 10 didn't try at all really in this latest match I had did 83 k dmg though and drove right at enemy was last of 2 teammates to die so whats that say about the gaming community im quite sure as much as people hate cv and how much I comment in game about unbalanced op laser accurate aa im quite sure I get reported often I know I did in last 3 matches 7 people told me they did 3 on my own team :P saying in game [edited]laser accurate op aa is something I can be banned from chat for but people can call each other [edited] [edited] and say things of that nature but I report them and see them an hour or day later and saying more hateful malicious things but I use a simple [edited] or a this is utter [edited] in game and I get chat banned ok I see the logic in that ... btw if were not supposed to mention chat bans you just did :P oh boy id love to see the things I said that got me banned and then things ive reported which ive personally seen have no consequences which I knew how to contact the "human" who signed off on those
  9. im glad to see I can personally witness people say hateful and malicious things in game be reported and see them 1 hour or 1 day chatting away saying hateful malicious things again with no consequence but I give my opinion on game mechanics in game and are banned from chat :) I plan on playing like crap until you fix op laser accurate aa and you wont so bring the game ban and since one person opinion and satisfaction with this game doesn't matter I expect no change BRING THE BAN WG I cant wait to see it for being a crappy player even though 60 % of matches I play everyone is crappy teammate neglect half map etc
  10. didn't get banned from game but I got chat banned as I predicted I would never said one hateful remark to anyone or name calling I do expect to be banned from game though for not trying at all really
  11. oh I forgot to mention I wouldn't be surprised anyway ive been called every name I can think of in game for simple comments on game mechanics and that was just last week :P ive already had 3 or so in game chat bans for telling people they are stupid ignorant dumb brain dead and yet I see people say hateful racist down right malicious things I report them and see them talking away in another match hour or day later
  12. I have played a dd many of them and not fond of how teammates don't shoot at what you spot and no need for me to be able to sit in smoke with my AA on and shoot at planes non stop and not be seen by enemy planes and no im not 4 im old enough not to ask someone if theyre are young as a way to insult someone who I assume is obviously not four probably old enough to be your grandfather
  13. oh well not like I spent 1 red cent on this game nor would i I also love how open chat still exists in game when it shouldnt
  14. you all know its true oh you don't think aa is to op especially in tier 9 and 10? I disagree yup just lost a whole squad of planes I spotted a tier 9 dd at 4 km away started my attack run soon as I saw him and him and a tier 10 dd took out every plane before I could even get rocket planes to them and there was no turning around to go attack him I spotted him 4 km directly infront of me and never got chance to click him so yah AA is to op and accurate im afk in game now taking up space and hindering team with me taking up space on it plan on doing that any time I get slaughtered like this by op and way to accurate aa