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  1. Posting here for discussion and potential other recommended changes: OPERATION DEFENSE OF NAVAL STATION NEWPORT RECOMMENDED CHANGE This operation needs to be reworked. It isn't fun to play as there are many faults with it. 1. Tier 6 ships do not have the firepower or health necessary to deal with the waves that spawn. 2. The spawn time between waves is too short especially between waves 2 and 3. 3. Even if you prevent wave 3's 3 Destroyers from entering the base zone you will more than likely be unable to kill all the ships in whatever time was allotted before the FINAL wave spawns. 4. There are two repair ships that spawn around wave 2 that players can use to heal their ships, but that pulls them away from the fight and makes it impossible to kill wave 2 before time runs out and wave 3 spawns. 5. The "Gungan" Izumo a tier 9 spawns which will either eliminate the base from range or outright delete any tier 6 ship it shoots at. 6. The random spawn nature of the 3 waves leads to the players ending up out of position an unable to contribute firepower in some instances. 7. By the time the FINAL wave does spawn the players will either have a bunch of low health ships or won't have nearly enough ships to fight, or a combination of both. Recommended solutions: 1. Make the mission tier 7. By far the simplest and easiest solution more than likely requiring less coding than any other option. This would allow players to use ships that have better firepower for dealing with the amount of enemies as well as. The Atlanta in particular would be great at dealing with wave 3 and the FINAL wave. Tier 7 BBs from any nation would still be able to deal with the T9 "Gungan" Izumo. This one change would make the Operation considerably more enjoyable. 2. More time consuming than option 1 and more complicated. Make coding changes to increase the spawn timer between waves 2 and 3, give more time to kill wave 3 and allow healing before FINAL wave, to facilitate healing make the base zone a healing zone, drop the Izumo for a lower tier Battleship. These changes would also make the Operation more enjoyable. 3. Not at all a great option but here nonetheless as part of the BCA process. Do nothing. This will mean the Operation remains impossible to 5 star except by maybe a team of unicum players. The Operation will continue to be unenjoyable by the average or lower skilled player. 4. Also not a good option, but remove the Operation from the game and/or replace it with something more easily complete-able and enjoyable. It is my sincerest hope that something will be done about this particular Operation as all the other operations are quite reasonably complete-able and enjoyable.
  2. DarkGuerilla

    Replays bugged.

    I'll tell ya what worked for me cuz I had this problem once. Your replay file name looks like: 20210125_194713_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay Right? So all you need to do is change the name a bit: vftjod_20210125_194713_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay Badda bing badda boom. Just remember that upon every major update you lose the ability to play any older replays. Now we are in 10.0 so any replays from 8.0 will not work as there is too great a difference in game versions.