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  1. i9awn


    Just remove CV.
  2. i9awn

    The New CVs Need a Buff :)

    Tbh I think the issue is facing higher tier ships. Against same tier or lower tier ships I'm doing fine. against +1 tier it's also acceptable but approaching ships that are 2 tiers higher is suicide. This is not an issue for other ships, your guns don't break when you shoot at higher tier ships, you just deal less damage.
  3. i9awn

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    CVs and DDs are the most influential ships in the game. The initial scouting they can do makes a huge difference for slow ships; that's beside the cap contesting that DD and CV can do.
  4. I am very concerned about this. Imo at least they should lose that radar, a lot of BBs rely on going dark this will simply break many ships.
  5. i9awn


    I feel you man. To be honest we should all learn and not gamble anymore.
  6. i9awn

    CV patch critique, refund request

    Players have started to stick together for AA and actually turn away from torps ... who would have figured? Right now I just try to annoy DDs as much as possible but I think they will take that away soon as well since all DD players are complaining.
  7. On my Tier 6 CV, I can only torp ships that are stationary or absent minded. I can force BBs to turn but I can never get a hit if they wait for my commitment and just turn away. Right now my only reliable damage is the rockets, even on BBs.
  8. Did people not play prior to 8.0? It was way way way way way worse.
  9. Oh I should have. Added one now.
  10. Well seems that I'm on the right path with the resources .... Gotta save those resources.
  11. The random, the resources or the consumables? I've been using the resources for the coal but who knows maybe statistically it's better to use the random one for super containers?
  12. Yeah I guess I should avoid that. I was watching Flamu playing the Alabama the other day and he was choosing to give his broadside to avoid giving his stern, which he said that it is recommended in this ship. I've been playing like that and I've been having [edited] games because of it. Maybe he's wrong about the stern armor or maybe I'm gonna be [edited] either ways but it's worth a try.
  13. Well that's a relief .. it was showing a 16mm armor there. Kinda wondering though, wouldn't the overall armor still be weak or something?
  14. I'm afraid to give my stern to ships which kinda makes me play it weird and not make the best of my mobility. My guns don't seem to be that accurate; I feel they are more comparable to German BBs often getting donuts at 10 Km ranges and needing to wait for even longer reloads. My results are abysmal; my stats in Bismarck is like 58% win but like 40% with the Alabama, maybe I forgot how to play BBs ... but giving your stern away while taking shots at an enemy is quite a big thing to be missing on with a T8 battleship. I really feel that this ship has been oversold by many community contributors or players who advertised it as the "better ship" for players who wanna win and not just have fun (compared to mass). Should I be playing it like a cruiser or something? Anyone with really good experience with the Alabama?
  15. i9awn

    DDs all heading to CO-OP

    DDs now need to have support ships around to face CV ... you know like every other ship.