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  1. xtcmax

    Text Chat Limits

    I don't want to sound negative, but you just made me LAUGH OUT LOUD, sir. Good luck testing,
  2. I am in FL now :), "God's waiting room."
  3. Hi, all. It has been a long time for me, since I joined or actively engaged in WoWS community. I have to admit, I was a fan of both fronts : WOT+WOWS. I still have a lot of adventures in both departments. Although, I have to admit I swear much more in WoT :). Not to pull the cat the the ..., I thank you for playing with me and keeping this game alive. With respect, xtcmax.
  4. xtcmax

    Myy WOWs

    guys and girls, perhaps i am too drunk, but i like to roleplay. I am not gonna pull the cat by his ..., but why would u leave ur carrier alone ? I know it is a pvp game, but u can't leave u carr alone! Perhaps i am too stupid to get it ? It is soooo funny, all go "poof poof" and carrier -naked, I - don't know what to say. anyhoo, if i will play, i will always will cover carrier. with all due respect, max
  5. xtcmax

    In which computer fo you play World of Warships?

    Avrora, GPU, esli ti hoches FPS...no nado i processor tozhe ::) Side, i was just reading ur specs, with all due respect, where the F u gonna stick 32 ram? I it overkill, unless u do some crap.....i did a lot of crap for wold of warships, also, for WoT,.....
  6. xtcmax

    $1,000,000 Cash

    chaos, spent it in bank.... put it in bank and live iff the dvvidents :)
  7. Heh, customer support did not know what I was talking about and kindly suggested me to contact my local PC Tech and told me to have a wonderful day.
  8. uhmmm, how about stop worrying about your win rate and just enjoy the game and play as a teammate, not solo.
  9. Hello. After playing WoWS or WoT my HD's light is always on, it is always working. The only way to get my HD to act normal again is to reboot PC. Is there anything can be done to solve this? I already re-installed games, game center, checked for driver updates but that did not help. Thanks in advance.
  10. xtcmax

    UK vs RU!!!

    sochi, u look like me :) warning shots :)
  11. xtcmax

    bOYS !!!

    sir, i am a alone :), but 10-4 on that, sir...i will go in the game, protect more bbs or carriers and, yes, sir, i am a tad under the influence, sir.....
  12. xtcmax

    bOYS !!!

    on a seruous note, without navy support, we be dead on the ground....i salute navy boys...firm hand shake and hug, ty for providing us with cover ! no more army/navy jokes !
  13. xtcmax

    bOYS !!!

    u know, guys, i used to live in SF :) saw the sailors :) i am a ground eating idiot :), but when i saw navy boys, that was hecka funny :)))))
  14. xtcmax

    bOYS !!!

    ok ok, girl on a boat = no go :) navy boys :)