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  1. x1XUrbanX1x

    [-A_T-] Angry Tomatoes is recruiting!

  2. x1XUrbanX1x

    [-A_T-] Angry Tomatoes is recruiting!

  3. x1XUrbanX1x

    [-A_T-] Angry Tomatoes is recruiting!

    We are a fun group to hang out with. Looking forward to growing our ranks.
  4. x1XUrbanX1x

    [-A_T-] Angry Tomatoes is recruiting!

  5. The [-A_T-] Angry Tomatoes is now recruiting. [-A_T-] is a clan that has been formed for World of Tanks and World of Warships from a group of online friends. We play to have fun and to harass each other. If you are looking for fun continue reading. We have a few requirements for acceptance into Angry Tomatoes. ANGRY TOMATOES WANTS YOU!!! 1. Discord is required for communications. https://discord.gg/nrEvQM 2. 18+ years old. While we appreciate the talents and skills of the younger gamers out there, we recognize that we need to have a certain maturity level.No drama, we all have day jobs / families and so not need the added [edited]. 3. Participation at least 3 days/nights a week. We are a North American time zoned clan but we are open to other various time zones. 4. Last but most importantly, we are here to have fun, and enjoy this experience. Contact either Cmder_Gump or myself x1xurbanx1x in game or message me through the forum for more information.