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  1. axis vs allies you tube

    Hello one and all to another episode of axis vs allies, were we have the two tier XI battleships face off. for the allies we have: the might mo; by DrRageQuit from the EU server. for the axis we have; the Musashi; by yours truly Paladinofsteel. i feel that both replays show case the ships in their environments. comment down below and let me know what you thought of today's video and dont forget to slap a like and to also subscribe to the channel.
  2. viva la france pt 2

    Thank you WolfofWarships and Jazzyblaster, it means a lot that people are actually taking the time to watch my videos. if you have any other suggestions on what you'd like to see for future content please let me know, i would love to get my hands on the W.I.P ships but sadly i'm not a CC just of yet, hopefully one day :). Again thank you for taking the time to watch this video!! don't forget to subscribe and to tell the rest of your friends
  3. having fun in the kagero

    well i hope so, dont want be to disappointed
  4. viva la france pt 2

    Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoy today's replay, provided by my friend ROLKATSUKI. he is playing in the tier VIII France Battleship, and what a cracker of a game. if you enjoyed today's video please drop a like and a comment and dont forget to slap that subscribe button every little bit helps.
  5. Russian Cruiser grind

    do it up
  6. Russian Cruiser grind

    the more the merrier :) also if you have any other replays of awesome games either in Russian cruisers or any types of ships send them to me as well
  7. Russian Cruiser grind

    send them my way
  8. Russian Cruiser grind

    well keep me updated on your time in the MOSKVA and if you have any replays of her, please send them my way, id love to showcase them on my channel, paladinofsteel01@gmail.com
  9. Russian Cruiser grind

    Hello everyone. I'm currently going up the Russian Cruiser line, and decided to do a review on the SHCHORS the Tier VII. Mind you this is a stock SHCHORS and this video will help shed some insights on how i play mine. if you found this video helpful please leave a like and comment down below letting me know that you'd like to see more videos like this.
  10. kagero the noob edition

    Hello everyone. Hope you all loved today's video, i know i sure had alot of fun playing it and doing my commentary as well. if you did drop a like and a comment down below letting me know :), sadly i no longer have the Kagero i did unlock the tier XI shortly afterwards, so i ask you all... please send me your guys replays in the tier XI jap DD to get me hyped to play her! also if you have some funny moments in DDs, CA's or BB's please also email them to me im going to be starting up a montage video series. Business Email/replays: paladinofsteel01@gmail.com
  11. Gascogne ship preview

    hello everyone, i got a shorter then normal video. today's video is on the Tier VIII French BB GASCOGNE and my honest opinion on her and her game play. i hope you all enjoy today's video,
  12. having fun in the kagero

    hello everyone, ive got a treat for you. today's video is all about my fun in the tier VIII IJN Destroyer the Kagero, im finally getting to grasp with this style of play style. hope you all enjoyed today's video :)
  13. Hello everyone, i got to ship reviews for you. first being the U.S.S. Missouri tier XI American Battleship (only way to get it is by using 750k free xp, but sadly she is no longer available to purchase via the in game tech tree) second being the Yamato's sister ship the Musashi tier XI Japanese super battleship (again the only way to get this ship is by using 750k free xp) the Musashi replaced the Missouri not to long ago and this ship review is to show case both ships. if you guys want to see the mighty mo and the Musashi face off in my Axis Vs Allies video series, please leave a like and comment down below. Hope you all enjoyed today's video and ill catch you guys next time.
  14. Dirty French men (Rolkatsuki)

    thank you for your feed back, sadly the video editing soft ware i am currently using just shat the bed, so dont worry im on the hunt for a better one, that will hopefully adjust the audio