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  1. In training rooms or port the range is 18.1, but in any random battle it is 16.6km
  2. I just wasnt aware if this was intentional because they weren't released yet or not but the module does not actually change the stat in game. Even though in port it will say 18.1km in game it only registers as a 16.6km range even with it fitted. Is this a bug?
  3. 0.6.11 Bug Reporting

    Weird graphical bug in the Premium Port that causes either a weird shadow or a weird highlight, sometimes with the highlight turning INTO a shadow. I think its caused by a weird lighting error with this light (green) intersection with this crane (yellow) to produce the weird glitches (red) (excuse the clipping, didn't notice until i had already uploaded the photos as it was late. )
  4. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    About 75% of the time in Fullscreen mode when i exit the game or try to switch to another tab my entire screen goes black. So far I've had to shut down my entire pc each time with a manual shutdown.