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  1. Hey now! There's at least dozens of us!
  2. Tucker1901

    Clan brawl rewards

    15 wins in 4 hours would seem slightly excessive to me.
  3. Tucker1901

    Clan brawl rewards

    We have no problems getting in (3 teams going ATM) but no one is getting anything other than the credit rewards.
  4. Why not pick a stock ship to use if you want a challenge? Edit: Stock Colorado comes to mind.
  5. Tucker1901

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    I thought they were just Iowas that were given the name of what were originally going to be Montanas.
  6. Tucker1901

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    For me it's got to be Gearing. I feel that it's the most comfortable ship for me.
  7. Tucker1901

    What's up with Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Didn't you get a Dasha captain for almost every ship Gerbertz?
  8. Tucker1901

    Dual Purpose Guns?

    It will automatically work on it's own. You don't have to manually select planes (although that increases damage done to planes IIRC). DP secondaries can also fire in both modes at the same time IIRC.
  9. Tucker1901

    Regarding Alaska...

    I hope that doesn't happen. I don't think that would be good for the health of the game.
  10. Tucker1901

    Regarding Alaska...

    I don't get the people that are all "Just work harder to get Steel to get. It just takes more effort!" with regards to Alaska. Alaska has been requested for years. The two currently known (non container) ways of getting Steel is 30+ wins in Typhoon league (of which less than 13% of clans reach) and reaching Rank 1 (3.6% of players this last season). That's not simply difficult. That's out of reach for 85% of the entire player base. That's not even going into needing to complete those things multiple times. Edit: I get that those players deserve something. I'm just not sure it should be a highly requested ship that many people want. Maybe paper designs are the way to go for that.