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  1. SourHammer

    Weird ranked glitch?

    Yea, i wasnt aware that it was going to do that it weirded me out a little.
  2. SourHammer

    Weird ranked glitch?

    So yesterday when I logged off I was rank 3 silver. Just logged in to play today and win a battle, it says I moved up a rank, but now Im only rank 6 silver. Even if I was playing in my sleep and lost all night long you cant lose rank 5.
  3. SourHammer

    Sniper elite

    HAH i forgot all about this post. Still cant believe how lucky that shot was.
  4. SourHammer

    Game wont stay connected.

    Well it was the strangest thing. But wargaming servers must be really touchy about packet loss. I broke down and bought a new router and the problem is solved. Its really weird, I could play Dayz just fine, my kid had no problems with any of his games. Never lost internet, but warships would not stay connected. New router and its running fine now.
  5. SourHammer

    Game wont stay connected.

    Well i have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, reset my pc back a week. Still will not stay connected. Just great, I just bought a bunch of premium time too.
  6. In port, in battle it doesnt matter. It will disconnect with in 30 seconds to a min. Sends me back to the log in screen every time. I did a game check of the network and sent in a ticket, but I just wondered if anyone has any clues. I have internet, download speed of 100mbps upload is 11mbps. Other games stay connected, only wows disconnects.
  7. SourHammer

    Well played WGing.

    Get up, go to log in to play a bit. Find out its updating today. Nice job wg on pushing that notification to me after the server is down. Oh and touche on the 5 hour update, that is a nice touch.
  8. SourHammer

    Can't log in to WOWs

    Any time they update the game you can add an hour or so to the time they say it will be back up. They never get it back up when they say they will initially.
  9. Never changes. Its been this way since I started playing world or any thing wargaming. Scheduled down time almost never finishes on time.
  10. SourHammer

    Sniper elite

    Mah any one can get the lead and range correctly to make that shot. But finding the perfect victim who just sails along in a straight line like that is the hard part. The guy had like 16 seconds, all he to do is shift his rudder a few degrees and the shot would have missed.
  11. SourHammer

    Sniper elite

    With all her flaws and ability to transform itself into a match stick, the Yamato remains my favorite ship in the game. Every so often I get to send someone back to port before they realize who was even shooting at them. This one though has to be my favorite shot. Team mate calls for artillery on a designated target and Yamato delivers. Lets see what you got. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9FC_tBusUI&feature=youtu.be
  12. SourHammer

    Premium Ship Review -- Fog Kongo

    welp, im no longer interested in the missions. If its not a real premium ship that can earn more credits I could care less about it.
  13. SourHammer

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    I have a lot of stuff from wowp on my channel, and am doing wows. I actually got into it during a video creation contest we had on the wowp forum and that was my first ever edited video, and from there it just stuck and I really love making them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC091Tqpj_itvY2_hOMqZ3nA