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  1. Lone_Starr

    Hayate...Don't waste your Free Exp here

    Maybe you didnt understand the part about Hayate not being worth the EXP spend...which was the whole point of the post ...so others dont waste the EXP that is better spent elsewhere. Seems like a sure sign of arrogance, hubris, and a strong lack of awareness. Try to be better than that.
  2. Hayate sure seemed like a good spend of free exp. With torp reload sending out 20 every 4 minutes it could be fun....except no smoke. Just what you want in a non-AA DD is no smoke with CV in every game. If you have the Shimikaze you really dont need this boat. Worse detection by .5km, worse speed and turn, no choice of long or short range torps, and AA no better. All that for 5 less torps that take longer to load and slightly better guns that will still get you killed against a Gunboat. Get any two 1 mill exp ships before you waste 2 mill on this POS. Dang...I sure hope if Kitakami ever comes back its not a free exp ship. Took forever to get 2 million.
  3. Never answer any survey with a positive...always give the most negative review you can and maybe someday they will start to give a sh*t about their players.
  4. Going to extend ranked by another day now that I cant play anymore due to server out? Missions cant complete either....WG just going to give em to us...not a chance
  5. Lone_Starr

    Armada: Z-35

    At last another real ship instead of a paper ship. Too bad it is totally useless at most everything a tier 8 dd should be able to do. Sure not spending real money on a dd that looks like its supposed to be a gunboat dd and yet it cant manuever and use its guns at the same time. At least its based on a famous dd whose only claim to fame was getting sunk by mines while trying to lay mines. Pure genius.
  6. Lone_Starr

    CV's suck so bad now

    I can deal with it just fine. I just dont think CV's are adding anything good to the game. And, I play almost all ship types not just BB's.
  7. Lone_Starr

    CV's suck so bad now

    I sure hope you are correct and CV play dwindles down to nothing....
  8. Lone_Starr

    Montana obselete?

    One player irrelevant...I agree...but I said ALL the players who don't have both the ships you are comparing. You cant use statistics to prove a point if you include all the players who don't even have one of the ships you are using in your comparison. There is no way a player can contribute to the popularity of a ship if they don't have it. When you say Conq isn't popular those stats don't take into account the players who don't even have the ship.
  9. USS Black...

    Any chance an update to your review of this ship being done anytime soon? I played in ranked season 10 because if I hit rank 1 , for what would be the 3rd time for me,  i would get the Flint and earn enough steel to get the Black also. So...got rank 1 and no Flint. Surprise...didn't read the fine print and wargaming changed the rules yet again and put them where I probly wouldn't read them. Thought it would be buy it for Steel OR earn it by multiple rank 1 seasons. I guess that would make too much sense.

    Anyway...since I would only have the steel for one ship I read both reviews of the ships and decided Black was the better choice...with range 9.5 radar. Surprise yet again...only range 7.5 and damn are those torps useless. Maybe an update of the ship is due so someone else doesn't make the same mistake I did.

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Ive read all your reviews when looking to get a ship and this is the first time  I've made a bad choice.

    PS. Tried to send this by private message but I'm guessing you are now too famous/popular/awesome and would get too many messages.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      I'll add it onto the pile.

  10. Lone_Starr

    Montana obselete?

    To make those stats mean what you are trying to prove, you would have to eliminate all the players who don't have both of the ships you are comparing. If I have Monty and DM but not Conq and Hindy then all the games I played in the ships I have will skew the results you cited.
  11. Lone_Starr

    Anniversary token compensation

    Yes I see the that when I log in....maybe BIG RED NOTICE>>>YOU WILL LOSE TOKENS IF YOU DONT SPEND BEFORE END OF EVENT ....with a nice little countdown timer.
  12. Lone_Starr

    Anniversary token compensation

    Me too...logged in after saving for the camo and poof...no more tokens. And no I didn't need the credits. They should give you a few days after event ends to spend tokens. I work many hours this time of year and cant be on everyday to constantly check for this kind of crap nonsense.
  13. Lone_Starr

    Why is Bogue 1.5kts slower than it actually was?

    Langley was never meant for combat and all I was saying is that Bogue should at least have its listed speed. Maybe I shouldn't have used "so slow" and just asked why it doesn't have its speed as listed in numerous sources. I know its not supposed to go 30 kts and don't expect that speed, as some seem to think. On the small maps these tier ships usually play on a 1.5 kt difference in speed could matter.
  14. Lone_Starr

    Why is Bogue 1.5kts slower than it actually was?

    You fight the war with what you have. The ships sunk and then raised at Pearl should never had the repairs wasted on them and any new BB's planned should have been converted to CV's if possible. Didn't happen because there were still too many who still didn't believe the era of the BB was over with, or that just wanted to complete what they started. Either way...I would still rather be running away at 18 kts in a Bogue instead of 16.5 if given the choice and the tier 4-5 US CV's are 10 and 11.5 kts slower than their same tier opponents. I know 1.5 kts isn't much but still rather have it than not. Just figured it was usual Russian bias.
  15. I was doing some reading about US carriers and happened to notice listed speed for the Bogue class CVE's is shown as 18 kts. Opened up my Encyclopedia of Warships...18 kts. A couple online reference sources...18 kts. Bogue in game does 16.5 kts. Did the Devs use a different speed for a reason? Its not like 18 kts is fast but still better then 16.5.