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  1. Dr_Wigglespank

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    In-game, I find Salem/Des Moines, Belfast & Iowa to be the best looking ships. For modern ships, I find the Ticonderoga class cruisers to be the best looking.
  2. Starting/ending events are usually done with server resets, but actually changing the contents of the armory likely takes a patch. I can't recall ever seeing those removed before an actual patch drops, anyway.
  3. Dr_Wigglespank

    Ship Carousel Feature request

    The commanders personal file makes finding them a bit easier, but a filter wouldn't hurt, either. There's lots of room for improvements to the personal file menu, in fact.
  4. Dr_Wigglespank

    IFHE and DE combo on Schors

    I don't believe anyone uses IFHE on their German Shchors, but many find it useful on their Soviet Shchors.
  5. Dr_Wigglespank

    OMG! I feel like I just won an OSCAR!

    I have had two drop in the last six weeks from picking More Resources. First one had 1K doubloons, which is useful, but not super. The second dropped this morning with 50 Ouroboros flags (+777% Free XP). That's the first time a SC has actually felt super in a long while.
  6. Dr_Wigglespank

    What Ship(s) Are You Currently Grinding?

    I'm grinding a few lines, trying to get the tier 6 & 7 ships for scenarios. I have most other lines at tier 7 & 8, but I'm not actively grinding them. Battleships - Bretagne & Iron Duke. Both are slow, and I hate slow BB's. At least the French line speeds up at tier 6. Cruisers - La Galissonniere. It's a fun ship in scenarios, but I'm really after Algerie. Destroyers - Grinding Mahan towards Benson. Mahan is a good DD and I'm enjoying it, but Benson has been the goal for a while. CV - Langley. I don't enjoy CV's, but want the tier 6 for directives & missions. This is a genuine grind, as I just want to get through this thing ASAP.
  7. The support person is only following the rules:
  8. Dr_Wigglespank

    Which U.S. Cruisers for a PvE Main?

    That would be the only way I'd spend money for Indy. We really do need a premium tier 6 US cruiser.
  9. Dr_Wigglespank

    Which U.S. Cruisers for a PvE Main?

    Both lines are a lot of fun, but I'd say for co-op, the light cruisers are the more enjoyable of the two. Something else to consider are captain skills. The light cruisers benefit from IFHE, so I take that as my first 4 pt skill. Concealment is rarely needed on cruisers & BB's in co-op & scenarios, in my opinion. If you're interested in scenarios, they're great for grinding captain XP, especially if you have camo & flags that give bonuses. If you feel concealment is needed, a 14 pt captain doesn't take long at all. Edit: I see Ironshroud already covered that. That's an excellent post, too.
  10. Dr_Wigglespank

    What happened to low tier CV?

    Some of those CV's are new players, or players grinding new lines. I'd never played a CV before, but decided to give them a shot, since WG is adding CV specific directive missions, and the combat missions for the research bureau give dragon flags for CV play. You need a tier 6 for both of those missions. I didn't want to subject random players to another CV player so I tried to stick to co-op, but XP gains in tier 4 co-op are ridiculously low. Even with a good camo & flag, you'd be lucky to gain 1K XP. Considering that you need 68K XP to reach tier 6, I'm not interested in playing 60+ co-op games in the thing, so I'm going to be earning that in randoms, as a loss in a random game gives twice as much as a win in co-op. Once I get that tier 6, I'd be happy to stick to co-op & scenarios. I could free XP through it (I'm not enjoying CV play, so you can bet that thought has crossed my mind), but that's a lot of free xp for something I'll only play when missions require it.
  11. Dr_Wigglespank


    WG is counting on players spending money to convert Free XP, so don't hold your breath expecting them to make it available for resources they hand out for free.
  12. I wonder if it's possible to get a premium ship from anything on the PT. I'd help out, but I blew my PT coal experimenting with the upgraded modules in the Armory..
  13. Dr_Wigglespank

    Anniversary SC This Year for X Ships?

    Your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate said we are getting two SC's for each tier ten this year.
  14. Dr_Wigglespank

    3v3 training room game UP! Scared!?

    I would like to, but not as much as I'd like not to.