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  1. I saw the article on the front page about season 2 scenarios coming. Just wondering if the Season 1 scenarios will be pulled, as I enjoy playing them occasionally and I'd hate to see them go.
  2. That would be a great recommendation if he was looking for a tier 8 Russian cruiser. Apparently, the OP wants & can afford a tier 3 German BB. It's also rather difficult to train German commanders in the Kutuzov.
  3. There was nothing in the update notes about it being permanently pulled. Most players don't visit the forums, so they wouldn't have seen the post from PoW, much less watch his stream. I'm sure they would have had a lot more sales had they made an announcement on the front page/launcher. It's not like WG has a problem doing that, as I certainly remember when the E-25 was pulled from WoT and lots of people on the forum scrambling to buy one. No explanation is needed. There's always someone who feels the need to tell you how or how not to spend your money. It's none of their damned business, but they just can't help themselves.
  4. Why no Summer Sales?

    The 4th of July sale was great... for those who really enjoy the US lines. Personally, I'd much rather see a Summer Sale on NA. Seems like WG would make more money (from me, at least) with an event that includes ships from every nation. I didn't buy a thing from the 4th of July sale, but there are at least three ships I'd gladly buy from that Summer Sale.
  5. Don't play wows at 3am

    Sometimes my phone rings all by itself. I hear voices in it, too. Rarely happens at night, though.
  6. Firearm Gripes

    You refer to your shotgun as "the trusty ol' Remington 870", then admit that you tossed a blued gun into the same compartment as your AR. You then proceed to bash Remington as if it's somehow substandard since the finish got scratched. No, that's all on you. Bluing isn't a wonder coating and it needs to be properly cared for. Letting it bounce around and rub against another weapon isn't proper care. There are several reason why bluing is the cheapest finish, and durability is one of them. Maybe having it refinished with Cerakote or Duracoat might give it the durable finish you want. I've used Duracoat on a couple of 10/22 builds (and a few non-firearm projects), and it's a pretty tough finish. It's easy to do yourself, as well. As for touching up the bluing, I've tried lots of them and found Oxpho-blue (from Brownells) to be the best. It can easily match the existing bluing and done correctly, you'd never be able to tell where it was used. I even used it to completely refinish an old Stevens Model 15 .22 rifle for my nephew. He learned to shoot with it and eventually used it to hunt small game. Still looks like factory bluing after three years.
  7. I used to use one of the sights in Aslains modpack (green lemon), but now use the dynamic sight. I started watching several good players on Twitch trying to improve my game and noticed that most of them use the dynamic sight. Notser did a great job of explaining how sights work in that video and it definitely helped me. It took a while to get used to, but I really like it now.
  8. I've received a total of two super containers. I got one with 100 Dragon flags at the beginning of the year, then a second the week that the new modifications were introduced. Of course, that SC contained the spotting plane mod, which in my opinion, is the most useless of them. I don't go with TYL, though and stick with flags & camo. I know SC's are rare and I'd rather get the most out of the containers that I can.
  9. DC-10 Dive bombs fire

    There were a pair of those DC-10's sitting at the Albuquerque airport for quite some time (one had been there all Winter). I wonder if there's a repair facility for them there, as for the last few years there's usually been one or two parked there during the off season. Thanks for the post, too. That's some impressive footage.
  10. I agree, but this happens every once-in-a-while and it's almost always some below average player making these claims. It's easier for them to blame mods and cheats than it is to grasp an understanding of the game mechanics. Most players know that these mods are legit and don't enhance a players skill. Ignore this dipchit and carry on.
  11. 24 hours premium unlock

    WG doesn't care, until someone reports you. I can almost guarantee that someone has already done that. The forum is full of Do-Rights.
  12. When is tomorrow going to come???

    Tomorrow has been postponed until next week.
  13. GPU Replacement

    And that is leading buyers to the mid-range Nvidia cards, making them scarce and overpriced, as well.
  14. OMG I can't take this anymore...

    All I really want from the scenarios are the 10-point captains. The other rewards are nice, but the captains are most valuable to me. I made the mistake of waiting until the weekend to attempt this one and I have to say that I can truly understand the OP's frustration. I watched a streamer do the mission a couple of times, so I knew what to expect, but my first two attempts ended with two and three stars due to teammates ending it early. I got a four star match on the third try and called it quits. This scenario has the potential to be fun, but, in my opinion, it's definitely one that you'd want to play in a division.
  15. Count the Krakens!

    I stopped playing WoWS before the achievements were added, but I had two games with 5+ kills before that (7 in the Omaha & 5 in the Wyoming). I came back this January for the Southern Dragon missions and have received three Krakens since, all in BB's (NM, Konig & Kongo). I've played about 400 matches since coming back. I owe a lot of that to watching some great streamers, which has improved my aim considerably. I'm sure RNGesus was on the bridge in each of those matches, as well.