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  1. Dr_Wigglespank

    Post your SC loot here

    I got 15K coal. Other than a ship, that's the best I could hope for.
  2. Dr_Wigglespank

    Show me the credits!

  3. Dr_Wigglespank

    How are your ARP missions going?

    I haven't been playing much lately and didn't know these were being offered again. I'm not a fan of anime, but since that can be hidden, I'll grind out at least one of them, as another Japanese premium ship would be nice. The mission seems easy enough.
  4. Dr_Wigglespank

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    Tanks was the first WG game I played, and I played around 9K games. I was really burnt out and jumped onboard Warships as soon as the closed beta started, and I doubt I've played 20 matches in tanks since. Last time I updated it was when they started offering a bunch of goodies through Twitch Prime, which was about a year ago. I thought I'd take all those goodies in case I wanted to play again, but realized that wasn't going to happen and stopped updating the game. I still have it on my PC, just haven't updated it. Same with Warplanes. I played that for about 7-8 months after 2.0 released, but the devs made some very unpopular changes and I left it. Haven't updated that in over a year, as well. Warships is the only game I still enjoy. I play a few times a week, and don't play many games when I do, so that's probably why I still like it. I played Tanks every day for hours at a time, and that's what burnt me out.
  5. Dr_Wigglespank

    Tier 8 operation

    Tier 8 scenarios would be great, but I'm not a fan of those that limit us to certain nations & ship types. It might be different if we weren't stuck with a "scenario of the week" for solo players, but as it is, I don't want to play the same three or four cruisers over & over all week. I'd still play the two tier 8 scenarios if they were brought back, though. They would be better than nothing. I'd really like to see scenarios for tiers 5 and up, and to have them randomized. Playing the same scenario gets old after a couple of days, for me anyway.
  6. Dr_Wigglespank

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    I have enough doubloons for a nice tier 8 with the 20% off coupon (used the 25% for Massachusetts). So many are tempting me: Prinze Eugen, Atago, Lenin, Kidd. Even some tier 6 & 7 ships sound nice: Lazo, Molotov & even... Indianapolis. Such a tough choice. I hate to waste a coupon, since I doubt there will ever be anything better than the 25% off coupon for the Armory ships, and it's a long wait until that one refreshes. Maybe I'll just hold off in hopes they add Bayard before the next 25% off coupon hits.
  7. Dr_Wigglespank

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    The patch notes says they're active until the 8th, and even the accompanying picture shows the end date as the 8th, but in-game, the coupons actually say they end on the 7th. Knowing how WG words those expiration dates, I'd expect them to be gone early morning on the 7th.
  8. Dr_Wigglespank

    Massachusetts, Georgia, and a 10-point commander.

    That's a good tip. I chose Ovechkin because I hadn't used him yet and didn't have to reset his skills. Picking up one of the Doe brothers seems like a better choice.
  9. I just picked up Massachusetts with my 25% off coupon & plan to get Georgia soon and, of course, want to spec the commander for secondaries. I'm thinking of using Ovechkin as a dedicated commander for these two ships, but he's currently at 10 points. I'm wondering if AFT is the better choice over manual secondaries. I feel the extra range is nice, but not if they're not landing on the target. I'd love to have both skills, but it's a long haul to 14 points. I don't have a lot of doubloons for skill resets, so I want to get this skill set right in one go. Any tips would be appreciated.
  10. Dr_Wigglespank

    Mystery commander in my reserve

    I got a rental of Mikasa a couple weeks ago and retained the 3-point captain after they removed the ship. Perhaps you had a rental and didn't notice it. I have received a couple of random rentals on my EU account before, but they were both low tier ships. I don't have many ships on my EU account, so I noticed them right away. I have tons of ships on this account, so it would be easy to overlook a rental if it just appeared from nowhere. The Mikasa rental was from a code, so I knew it was coming. It's also possible you got a random rental but didn't log in while it was in port. I'm pretty sure the clock starts ticking on those as soon as they're added in.
  11. Dr_Wigglespank

    Gifted ships block account?

    What's the reasoning behind this? Paypal is acceptable for buying gold (and anything else), unless that gold is to be used to repay a debt? It's not like Paypal is some sort of shady operation. What's the difference between using that or a CC to buy the gold? Too easy to charge back? Considering a CC got charged back to start this thing, that sort of blows that excuse out of the water.
  12. Thanks for the info. It's been a while since I read the article and didn't know if any new info had been released.
  13. I read that the Southern Dragon, along with the ARP ships, will be turned into premiums soon, but if I remember correctly, the article only mentioned that they'd gain an increase in credit earnings (can't find the article to confirm). Other premiums have a 50% XP boost with their stock camos, so I'm wondering if these ships will get that, as well. I know they were recently changed to allow the use of any camo, but if I don't have to burn my single-use camos, that would be pretty sweet. The reason I ask is I'm considering buying Atago with the 20% off coupon, but that expires in a few days. If the Southern Dragon camo gets the 50% XP boost, I won't really need Atago and I can use my doubloons for something different. Anyone have any info on these changes?
  14. Dr_Wigglespank

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    I bought 20 of the mid-sized crates and got Hood and Exeter.
  15. Dr_Wigglespank

    Were are you going to end up at the end of PR event?

    With nothing but the free booster, I'll complete level 10. After grinding out all of my snowflakes in co-op, I still haven't finished the first directive (lacking a credit mission, as earnings suck in co-op). I'll likely play some randoms & ops to earn the credits to finish the directive, which will give me enough tokens for the second booster.