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  1. Dr_Wigglespank

    Dumb Dallas Question

    FWIW, spend the XP. It's a good ship.
  2. Dr_Wigglespank

    Ship of the Week: T5 Texas - 15th to 23rd

    Wow! A chance to win a glorious Krasny Krym? Count me in! Seriously, though...I know this won't even be close to top damage, but I might not be able to play much this week, so if beating Fems damage is enough for some camos, I'll take it.
  3. Seems they're working on something like that, since we had the Le Terrible rental in the premium shop. Of course, that may have been an attempt to boost sales of an unpopular premium. "For the low, low price of $4.99, you can rent [insert ship name] for 3 days." I wonder how much steel/coal they'd charge to rent one of those ships.
  4. Watching streams and reading the forums was enough for me to decide to stay out of randoms until WG gets things polished. I don't play WoWS much as it is, just when the mood strikes me or there's a good mission to complete, so it's not really a big deal to wait. The mission for the 10-point Pan Asian commander did entice me to play, but I did that in scenarios and a few co-op matches. Finished the last bit of XP in co-op once the scenario changed to Naval Station Newport. That scenario is rough with random teammates.
  5. Dr_Wigglespank

    Welcome Back Contest!

    What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? My in-game name is Dr_Wigglespank, and it was a nickname I got from one of my best friends. I was helping him repair his car and pulled out a stethoscope from my toolbox to pinpoint an odd noise, and the nickname was born. How long have you been playing World of Warships? I've been playing WoWS since the Beta Weekends. What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. I got into WoWS because I used to play World of Tanks and occasionally saw posts on the WoT forums about a new naval warfare game WG was making. I was getting burned out on WoT after 9K games, and WoWS really sounded like it was going to be fun, so I applied for the Beta Weekends as soon as they were announced. I was fortunate enough to get in and after that first weekend, I was hooked. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! My favorite ship is Nurnberg. I love the fast firing guns, and the 360° rear turrets. It's my go-to ship for scenarios and missions that can be easily completed in co-op (hit ships 500 times, earn 500 ribbons, start x number of fires, etc.). If I'm having bad luck in randoms, a scenario or co-op match in the Nurnberg changes my attitude for the better.
  6. Dr_Wigglespank

    When will Nelson go and will it be replaced?

    I asked about additional tier 7 Free XP ships in a couple of the WG streams on Twitch. On the NA stream, while I can't recall her exact words, Fems reply was kind of dismissive and left me with the impression that there were no plans to introduce anything else. On the EU stream, Mr. Conway was more enthusiastic about the idea, but again, I was left with the feeling that nothing was planned. I don't know how useful that info is, as both seem to be part of the WG cheerleader section rather than actual devs.
  7. Dr_Wigglespank

    CV Rework Feedback

    Three days of free premium time, 200% XP and an easy mission for a free commander might have something to do with that.
  8. I took the announcement in the patch notes to mean he'd be available for coal or doubloons, just like the others... but it does seem the only way to get him is to spend a boatload of doubloons. The good news is that the mission for the other commander is pretty easy, especially with the free premium time and 200% XP this weekend. With a few flags and some fast firing ships, it should go quickly in co-op.
  9. Dr_Wigglespank

    200% first win bonus.

    200% XP, three free days of premium and an easy mission for a 10-point commander. What a coincidence.
  10. Dr_Wigglespank

    A Bribe

    Was that a Twitch container? It looks like the popup that comes with them. If so, I didn't know they had premium time in them. Just been getting credits, consumables & a few flags in mine.
  11. Dr_Wigglespank

    Which to buy for a Pan-Asian trainer: Anshan or Huanghe?

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the advice. The line being all DD's gives the Anshan the edge, but I was unaware of the extra Free XP bonus on the camo. That's a pretty good selling point, too.
  12. I'm going to be starting the Pan-Asian line now that the event has started and I can earn a 10-point captain, so I need a trainer. My plan is to earn as many of the crates as I can from this weeks mission and hope that a ship drops, but if not, I'll purchase one of them. Either will cost about $10, as I need to buy another 1500 doubloons to get Anshan from the tech tree or buy the Huanghe for the $10 special in the shop. Just wondering what people think of these ships. I enjoy playing both DD's and cruisers, so I'd be okay with either, but if one is better than the other, please let me know.
  13. Dr_Wigglespank

    Lunar New Year's Crates

    Is this a standard WG apology template? We seem to see it often.
  14. Dr_Wigglespank

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    Dynamo & Cherry Blossom were two of the most fun ops. CB was very profitable, too (using Kutuzov). Hopefully WG doesn't take too long to get them back in rotation.
  15. Dr_Wigglespank

    New Commanders?

    I haven't started the Pan Asian line but plan to, and I was so tempted to take that Pan-Asian Dasha commander when she was available. Starting with a 10-pointer is a big bonus, IMO. I ultimately decided to take one of the other nations and now that these commanders are available, I'm glad I did. Nice to see there are two ways to get them, too.