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  1. Dr_Wigglespank

    In co-op, do tier 9 & 10 tech tree ships lose credits?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm not hurting for credits, especially after grinding out these dockyard missions, and I have quite a few fun premiums that pay well. That was one of the most irritating aspects of World of Tanks when I played: the need to play lower tiers & premiums just to afford to play the higher tier tanks. I'll have enough XP for Iowa very soon, and I'd love to have it just for the historical aspect. I'm sure I'll eventually play it enough to unlock Montana, but it's not a priority. I'm absolutely loving the German cruisers, and I've played Hindenburg quite a bit on the test server, so I'm really looking forward to getting it. I'm still a ways from Roon, but enjoying Hipper, so it doesn't feel like a grind at all. I'm sure Roon will be the same. I'll consider perma-camos for both once I get them and see how the earnings go, but it sounds like I may not need them.
  2. I do not own any tier 9 or 10 tech tree ships, but I'm interested in getting Iowa and Hindenburg. Just wondering how well these will do with and without premium time. Iowa is as far as I'll go in that line, but I'll have to grind through Roon to get Hindenburg. That'll take a lot of matches in co-op, and I'd certainly rather be earning credits, even if it's just a small amount. I really enjoy my tier 9 & 10 premiums, so I imagine I'll play these tech tree ships a lot, as well, and the perma-camos might be worth buying.
  3. I had the stream running in the background most of the afternoon, for the Russian and EU portions, and saw the same numbers. I only saw the beginning of the NA portion, and it had dropped to around 8K.
  4. Dr_Wigglespank

    new Pan-Asian cruiser line.

    I'm looking forward to them. Atlanta is a blast, so I imagine these ships will be, as well. I also picked up a pair of 10-point captains for the line, since they're on sale.
  5. Dr_Wigglespank

    Collection duplicates???

    If you don't have a particular collection, you can buy a single container from the armory and it'll add the collection. German Navy, Naval Aviation & In The Service of The Motherland are all collectable. May be a couple others, as well. Some, like the high school fleet collection, aren't available anymore. I checked the WoWS Wiki and all of the collections are listed, but I didn't notice anything that mentioned which were still collectable.
  6. Dr_Wigglespank

    Collection duplicates???

    I just finished that collection a few days ago, as well. It's really nice that we can still finish some of the collections, but that duplicate drop rate is crazy. I just started the high school fleet collection to get the Yamato perma-camo. I had three pieces collected, and you'd figure with 30-some pieces left to collect, most of the drops would be actual pieces, but nope, I have more duplicates than pieces after a few days of collecting. Would be cool if some of the other collections were given an option to collect, as well.
  7. Dr_Wigglespank

    Festive Tokens

    I was looking forward to all of the permacamos, until I saw that they don't have an XP bonus, just Free XP & Commander XP bonuses. That's not bad, really, but they're not going to be much of a benefit to someone grinding through those ships. I'll grab a couple of them for ships I still enjoy playing, but not all, as I had originally planned. The permacamo boxes sound good, but it's WG, so enjoy your flags and single use camos if you gamble on those. If you're really lucky, you'll win a permacamo for a premium ship, maybe even for one that you already own. Sweet!
  8. Dr_Wigglespank

    Anniversary SC, what did you get?

    I got 25 Hydra flags from my one tier 10 SC.
  9. Dr_Wigglespank

    Best BB for getting MB hits in coop?

    Scharnhorst is the fastest firing BB I have, so I used that & spammed HE, trying not to kill the bots too quickly.
  10. Dr_Wigglespank

    Game Lag

  11. Dr_Wigglespank

    Community Tokens - what to get?

    I'm considering grabbing a couple of those perma-camos, for Normandie and Minsk. I'm working on the Soviet DDs, and I use Normandie in ops. Hopefully, they'll change the camos occasionally, too. Three of them are for premium ships, two being for the same premium ship. I'd prefer more for line ships.
  12. Dr_Wigglespank

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Knocked out a few of them today (damage, kills & BB missions). I spent the evening playing Scharnhorst to complete the BB mission, spamming HE in an effort not to kill the bots too quickly. I hadn't played it in quite a while, and really had a lot of fun with it. As bad as I thought the PD mission would be, I have about a third of it done. Shouldn't be too hard to finish it while doing the cruiser & DD missions.
  13. Dr_Wigglespank

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I'm planning on completing other missions and letting that one work itself out, even if it goes into the last week. I don't expect that it'll really take that long since it's not tied to any one class, but I'm not going to go out of my way to finish it this week.
  14. Dr_Wigglespank

    RU CV's (PVE Thread)

    I appreciate the advice. Sounds like I'm better off spending those tokens on camos and continuing with the Langley. I hate to be a detriment to a team, but it seems randoms are the best way to gain decent amounts of XP without throwing a ton of camo & flags at it (for me, anyway). If I weren't saving Free XP for the Agir, I'd skip straight to the Ranger and stick to playing it in co-op.
  15. Dr_Wigglespank

    RU CV's (PVE Thread)

    I finished up the first stage last night. Unfortunately, I picked the worst team, so there will be few of those team rewards this week. I grabbed the coal bundle, but I'm really on the fence about using the tokens for a CV. It would be nice to have a tier 6 to complete various missions, without actually having to grind through a tier 4 CV (I have Langley, but it's a long way to tier 6). I suppose I'll just hoard the tokens until the event is almost over, and decide then. I could end up with a nice supply of Victory camos, too. Nice thing about the missions is that they complete themselves without really trying. Hopefully, the rest of the stages will be just as easy.