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  1. Thanks a bunch for this info. I'm leery of Agir because I'm already married to Siegfried, Hayate just seems stupid expensive considering its abilities, and apparently if you're going for Azuma, you should just get Yoshino instead. And you're right, once you have Research Bureau, that's basically another Free XP sink. Just under 700k XP if you do Harugumo line for 20k RB points four times a year. I don't have Harugumo line yet, but I'm on the tier 7. I just reset the German Z-52 DD line and will redo that over the next year essentially.
  2. CankedTank

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Whatever happens to it, if it makes it into the game, it's certainly going to be an interesting addition. The Ise is powerful, but difficult to use, as is the Tone. So maybe this will be similar.
  3. Question is same as the title. I have 1.1mil free XP now, not really sure what to spend it on. I did just unlock the Research Bureau, and I'm probably going to try for the Siegfried first, possibly followed by Paolo Emilio and then Ohio? With four currencies to keep track of (RB points, Free XP, Steel and Coal) that involve ships that aren't directly for sale I've got a lot to keep track of. Right now my resource priorities look something like this: Free XP: ???? Steel: Burgogne or Shikashima Coal: Carnot or Napoli (honestly this one is the hardest one to pick from, there's actually enough variety.) RB: Siegfried, always wanted it. I know it's not meta anymore, but I still want it. So I'm just looking for peoples' opinions on what's worth going for. For any and all of the currencies. I know we've got some new ships in development (like Kearsarge) that might be worth it, but I truly don't know what to do.
  4. CankedTank

    Buff the Minnesota

    Slghtly. It has better armor (slightly) and better sigma (slightly.) So overall it's still a crapboat. AP has [edited] penetration and the turrets love to get knocked out by enemy BB-calibre AP. I say again: BUFF THE MINNESOTA!
  5. So just to be clear, if I don't personally meet all 5 benchmarks, I have no chance of getting the patches/personal insignia right?
  6. CankedTank

    BBs depth charges OP

    @Digital_Wind if you’re getting detected from that far away, that’s a you problem. Subs are balanced around their incredible stealth. If you can’t weaponize that stealth than you aren’t play properly.
  7. CankedTank

    Bismarck Secondary Build Viable? (0.10.4)

    What kinds of 4 point commander skills are people taking on German battleships these days? I'm tempted to take repair expert and concealment because I don't have faith anything other than a normal tank build will be worth it.
  8. CankedTank

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    It plays like a significant downgrade from the cleveland. Everybody snipes and you can't hit them back, and the turret angles suck.
  9. CankedTank

    Why does the germans have bad dispersion in game?

    Unfortunately the "great sec" is completely worthless in-game. They do have decent speed and hydro (though it's utility is debatable at tiers 9 and 10 because the ships are so huge they don't avoid torpedoes well anyways.) The armor is good, but that seems to be a curse as much as it is a benefit: you rarely get overpens on german BBs. The guns have good HE penetration and good shell velocity, but always low gun count, meh accuracy, and poor gun caliber which means they can't overmatch stuff so often.
  10. CankedTank

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I like the way you joke. Right now the total rewards for playing Grand Battles are: a patch, a flag, and 9 okay-ish camouflages. Not a whole lot to get excited about, eh? The asymmetric battles gave you 4 gift containers for some short missions, and the Sub test last year actually offered really good XP boosting rewards as an incentive (I ground through most of my Gnevny in the Sub test.)
  11. CankedTank

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    New thoughts: both Superbattleships suck. The Satsuma is too squishy, and the Hanover has a worthless gimmick. Why bother with this sh*t?
  12. CankedTank

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    Initial impressions are that Grand Battles are cool, but I'm not inclined to play a ton of them. The Superbattleships cost too much, and I can't do all of my missions (like Yamamoto commander missions) in them. Furthermore the Hanover flat out sucks. Why would I brawl in this fat thing that eats torpedoes like no tomorrow? I won't so the gimmick is completely worthless IMO. Just like most of the German battleship line...
  13. This is very true, but Co-Op rewards very different ships from just about every other mode, and is the mode where skill is the least relevant, no? Those tricks are much harder to use at T10, the crawling smoke is almost as much a liability as it is a benefit at times, arguably. So much more radar and hydro floating around up there.
  14. CankedTank

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    I honestly can't tell if this is good because "hey they're moving fast" or bad because "holy crapthat was fast?" At least it's a small nerf I guess? I wonder how they could possibly have collected enough data for the almighty spreadsheet that fast though?
  15. CankedTank

    Ise- thoughts?

    Two things just occurred to me. Firstly, since it's a battleship and not a CV, you won't be able to buff the restoration time of the aircraft on the Ise at all, which is gonna suck. Secondly, it's going to really struggle to stack damage at all. Between poor firing angles and only have eight guns and a 30 second reload time, I'm not sure it's going to be able to put a lot of hurt downrange. I might be overestimating things. It definitely looks like it'll be a pain to balance, but I'm still excited and hopeful. Ise does appear to have noticeably better detection range than Fuso (Ise has 15.4km surface concealment stock, Fuso has 18.9km surface detectability stock.) With concealment expert you'll be able to get Ise down to 13.9km or better, which is reasonably stealthy for a battleship.