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  1. Thank you for the very clear and easy unpack instructions. -Someone who has never used mods before.
  2. CankedTank

    Italian Destroyers. Op or Terribad no in-between.

    I had pretty significant success in the t6 in brawls and ranked. I'm on the t7 and it's just so bad. Not enough AA to defend itself with, not enough DPM to kill other things reliably with the guns, and the torpedoes have been decent for me, but aren't so useful for hit & run purposes. What am I missing?
  3. The question is in the title. I'm pretty certain the track playing in the current special port isn't the normal New York port soundtrack, but I'm not entirely certain. Can somebody help a sailor out?
  4. CankedTank

    U.S. Independence Day

    Does anybody know what the special soundtrack for the Independence Day New York port is called?
  5. The tracer is too small and difficult to see, especially on higher graphics settings. Between that and subs being so hard to damage, a well-played sub should basically never die. Subs are literally better than DDs by a significant margin when it comes to gathering intel for the team, and they're harder to detect to boot. Blatantly untrue lmbo. DD launched depth charges do not "almost certainly cripple" submarines. And frankly, the risk-reward ratio is completely out of whack. A sub-hunting DD has to expose itself to a much, much greater degree than a submarine ever does, unless that submarine royally screws up. And sure, I'll buy that second point. But what's your solution, exactly? Let us all sit as targets for subs without recourse while WG twiddles their thumbs?
  6. CankedTank

    Premium Ship Review - Dido

    I actually went in a direction different from that of LWM, I picked up Smoke Generator Mod 1 for slot 3, in order to maximize that limited smoke time.
  7. CankedTank

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    In your infinite wisdom, did you simply forget to tell us which ship that was...or are you waiting for us to ask you?
  8. CankedTank

    New Year's Night and Our Festive Collection

    It's just bizarre. Like, the missions don't seem to be active on Saturday mornings? Or at all Saturday if I'm reading the timer right? @Ahskance Do I have this assumption correct?
  9. CankedTank

    New Year's Night and Our Festive Collection

    No more missions for today? I'm 70 points away from getting the final reward for this stretch, but I don't see any missions upcoming. I'm hoping I can finish this stage today, but since I can't see the missions I can't figure out exactly what's going on. I wish I knew when the missions would activate again.
  10. CankedTank

    Premium Cruiser: Bayard or De Grasse?

    I know this is holy mother of necros, but I want to thank everybody who chimed in. I purchased De Grasse today in preparation for purchasing Santa Crates down the line. I played my first game in it, and chilled with some tier 8 battleships as an AA escort and anti-DD escort. I think I'm going to like her. Nice maneuverability and decent firing range and rate. Plus the camo looks snazzy as hell.
  11. CankedTank

    Johannes Meck-Layne

    I'm very glad that somebody posted something about who he is, I was extremely confused about why exactly I should care. Now I'm thinking that I may get him eventually. Is the ship he's bundled with any good?
  12. CankedTank

    Premium Ship Review - Anchorage

    The presence of submarines is making the smoke on this ship even more worthless, the detection radius of 8km after firing is just terrible now that submarines and destroyers are zooming around. Not to mention the poor agility and the unfavorable firing angles on this ship. There's more than a few reasons you don't see very many of these around these days.
  13. CankedTank

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    I'm pleased. These changes seem to be a step in the right direction. They reduce the ability of subs to play the complete cowboy, that is to both spot enemy ships and remain completely undetected. And these changes acknowledge that the Sub must use torpedoes to damage targets, but the tracking feature of torpedo was excessive when used in combination with the incredible stealth of the submarine.
  14. CankedTank

    Submarines: additional explanations

    Submarines are good at capping, but they're relatively slow. So it doesn't really surprise me their values are as low as they are. Also, the fact that the torpedoes the subs use are more effective at longer range (I'm referring to the lack of tracking at close range) seems to encourage a mid-range rather than "close the distance at all costs" type playstyle.
  15. Thanks a bunch for this info. I'm leery of Agir because I'm already married to Siegfried, Hayate just seems stupid expensive considering its abilities, and apparently if you're going for Azuma, you should just get Yoshino instead. And you're right, once you have Research Bureau, that's basically another Free XP sink. Just under 700k XP if you do Harugumo line for 20k RB points four times a year. I don't have Harugumo line yet, but I'm on the tier 7. I just reset the German Z-52 DD line and will redo that over the next year essentially.