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  1. CankedTank

    Bring Back Captain Jingles!

    I second this! I wasn't playing at the time of his release, and I'd really like to get my hands on a Jingles commander, even if it's just for [edited] and giggles!
  2. CankedTank

    Is the Bismarck good for anything?

    I've changed my opinion since then. I've learned how to use his speed and armor to push. Sure, Bismarck still gets slapped by CVs, but who doesn't? And at least his AA isn't a complete slouch. The guns do nicely against enemy cruisers, and the hydro helps you push or play defensively against enemy torpedoes more easily. I think he's a keeper now!
  3. CankedTank

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard.

    WG, please let us form divisions for Asymmetric battles! I'm really enjoying the challenge as a low-tier, but it looks like we're having trouble getting enough people to play high tier. Allowing divisions would even the odds and maybe encourage more people to play. Maybe providing a limited-time XP bonus for playing like you did with the submarines would help? All I know is that I'm enjoying the challenge, but not enough people are playing high tiers and I am enjoying this mode and don't want it to completely flop. Best, -Canked Tank
  4. CankedTank

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    I did alright in the dockyard event, but not amazing. So let me ask, is it worth dropping money on several thousand doubloons to acquire her now? I'm assuming Odin will return to the armory or premium shop eventually, but I don't know for what currency she will be sold. She does seem a tad weak, though fun to play perhaps?
  5. CankedTank

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    Strasbourg looks weak already. That armor is too easy to penetrate. Light cruiser will eat her alive, and the Dunkerque already gets overmatched through the nose by higher tier BBs. That speed is still good, but not as good as at tier 6 because the cruisers are speeding up as well. Right now it looks interesting, but aggressively mediocre. MBRB is nice, but you'll be overpenning cruisers, and the battleships will almost all eat you alive. Assuming it keeps Dunkerque armor, it'll be a bad ship. Lyon puts out more shells than you. Colorado can overpen you from the front. Scharnhorst/Gneisenau will be issues, but will just charge you and torp you, though if you're running away they can't catch you so that's nice. You'll be able to damage to Sinop, and delete him if you get his broadside, but he'll also just overmatch you from close range lol. Nagato will wreck you with citadels. I'm concerned. The armor is weak, your enemies gain speed, and and I'm assuming the TDS is trash.
  6. CankedTank

    German destroyer: what are their place?

    I've been playing my Z-46 and I just got the T-61. I really like the T-61, though it's a bit weak in the gun department. Regardless, it still feels like an easier to use boat than the Z-46 because of the relative lack of radar and excellent torpedo reload. I know this has been suggested before, but it would be worth buffing the HE alpha damage, the AP pen, or the alpha damage of the torpedoes. No more perma-flooding was a big nerf to the scare factor of the German DDs. I've learned how to use the AP thanks to some people here on the forums, but it's so inconsistent! It's not useful against enemy DDs and can't be relied upon to stack damage against enemy cruisers or battleships if they're unfavorably angled! And with more radar ships in game now, contesting caps is a big no-no. So what is there for me to do? And the long smoke cooldown...ugh. Honestly I'm grinding up the British DD tree and they seem better. Super-narrow torp spread is really nice, and the short-cooldown smoke gives you so much more flexibility! Why even bother with German DDs, especially if you know you'll be taking full pen damage from basically everything?
  7. CankedTank

    Will German DDs Become Popular Against Subs?

    Regrettably, I must agree with LAnybody. Surviving in a DD can be a challenge, more so at high tiers with increasing DPM, accuracy, and radar of other ships. Any sub-hunting that happens won't happen in the first half of the game most likely, because the proliferation of air and sea-based threats will keep DDs away from the subs.
  8. CankedTank

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    I got mine today based on Mouse's review and with fewer then 10 games and no mods but with a 14-pt captain (putting all this here as a disclaimer,) I can say it feels comfy. Negatives: -Slow turret traverse -Only 4 guns -A bit on the less wiggly side (because germany.) But it shoots torps fast, guns shoot fast and with german 1/4 caliber pen rule they feel usable, stealth is a bit meh but with concealment expert you can achieve 6.1km. Overall felt comfortable. No monster games damage-wise for me yet, but even with radar and CVs flying around I didn't feel overly taxed. Just don't over-extend, use your torp stealth window, and when you can hide in smoke or behind island, use your range to harass people. Feels nice. Thanks for the review mouse.
  9. Well folks, I purchased the Georgia. Now I'm saving my Coal up for the next good thing, and I honestly don't know if it'll be a ship or one of the unique commanders since they look pretty good. It was a hard choice, but Georgia just sounded like a hoot. Got three kills and really stretched my legs in that first match. I like her already, I just wish I had more perma-camo options. Now I've just plunked Auxilary Armaments Modification 1 in the first modification slot on her (the Georgia) because I don't think I'll need Main Battery survivability or detonation protection (but maybe I'm wrong?) What else should I put down on her? I'm tempted to put the Unique Modification that increases the uptime on my engine boost in slot 2, but what should I actually do? And should I use a Unique commander on Georgia (I have John Doe.) Thanks again for all your suggestions before guys!
  10. You bring up an interesting point about clans, but I'm not sure how upwardly mobile I'll be there. For the moment, I'm not particularly interested in putting more time than I already do into the game. Maybe once I get more clan wars viable/ranked battle preferred ships I'll look into moving up, but right now it's looking like I'll stay where I am for the casual fun and increased resource earnings. It's very close between Georgia and Thunderer right now. Georgia looks like great fun, Thunderer looks possibly OP (makes we wonder if she will be removed) and potentially easier to play? Secondary ships are very dependent on team cooperating, whereas a sniping BB can continue to put out damage without worrying as much about team support...at least that's my impression.
  11. Hey all, I'm just looking to get a feel for what people think is the best option. My stats are public, so you can see that I'm a mediocre/middling player. I play every class these days, CVs the least by far. I've got enough coal for any one of the top-tier armory ships right now. I hear the Georgia is really good, nice guns and good secondaries. I've also heard that the Thunderer is an excellent investment, and possibly OP. I don't know what coal ships people are expecting to be released in the near (3-6 months) future, so I don't know if it's worth saving my coal. I still have my coupon thankfully, so that'll help me reduce the cost of whatever I choose somewhat. Right now I play German BBs, German DDs, French BBs, and American Cruisers, and French DDs the most. I'm pretty flexible, just not necessarily great. I thankfully got Nelson and Mushashi for free XP.
  12. CankedTank

    Ze german CV !

    Weser is hot effing garbage. Planes are too weak, torps are weak, and the rocket planes and the bombs are so RNG based its not funny. I legit wish I had gotten literally any other CV. This thing...just doesn't do damage. It's just awful. How am I supposed to contribute in this thing?
  13. CankedTank

    Dunkerque as a cruiser

    What nerfs? It's not considered a terribly strong Tier 6 Battleship right now. It has over matching, but the lack of torps and the low speed area already significant weaknesses. Not to mention the bad AA power, and the fact it gets overmatched through the bow. Now I guess if it became faster or got a smaller surface detection range when it became a cruiser, I'd be worried about it being OP. As it stands right now, you could probably give it a little more speed and copy+paste it to tier 7 and it would be fine. It's a fat target.
  14. CankedTank

    German destroyer: what are their place?

    I respectfully disagree. Withe the proliferation of RADAR (yay new Soviet cruisers) and hydro...this is simply not possible at tiers 8-10. Any decent team will simply park a radar cruiser up behind an island and you will lost most of your HP to the enemy. And if you try to use Smoke + Hydro combo...you're still in trouble. Your hydro will protect you from torpedoes but won't help you spot the enemy DD unless you're willing to get danger close. And as stated before: German DDs have mediocre maneuverability and HE DPM which really limits your cap contesting capabilities. Really, why bother? And no, they won't become more popular because of subs. Subs will be incredibly difficult to balance, and any increase in popularity of German DDs won' t happen because of German DD strengths against subs, it will happen because battleships and cruisers will be more vulnerable against Subs. Frankly if you're worried about subs killing you, you're better off with a very maneuverable cruiser (French, British, possibly German,) or another more maneuverable DD (French, Soviet/Russian, British.) Subs outspotting DDs will only make the DD's job harder.
  15. I too would like to be able to buy or grind a jingles captain.