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  1. Goldain

    "LEGAL" MODs, Matchmaking Monitor

    FIXED... Edit your engine_config.xml file. Search for "version" it says something like path version TRUE... highlight "True" change to "False", save it, restart game and matchmaking monitor POOF it works... For ME the file was here... C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\engine_config.xml #1, I do not recall changing any options, so dont know how it went from path version TRUE or FALSE, but this worked for me I hope this helps others... Semper fidelis, /ALE
  2. 2019/11/17 -- Windows 10 Pro x64 bit, 64 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce experience v3.20.1, SSD drives Wagaming Game Center ----- MatchMaking Monitor v1.2.0.6 When we go into Clan Battles, we like to know who/what we are going up against... MatchMaking monitor has STOPPED working for me... I added a second windows computer, loaded software fresh MatchMaking monitor worked until the next WarShips update... Matchmaking monitor has not worked reliably for months... why is this NOT available in ModStation? Anyone know how I can fix it?
  3. Goldain

    Getting Kicked Out of Game Several Times This Morning

    2019 November This BUMP out of the game at the end of battle REPEATEDLY is on again...
  4. Love the thought of this Warships Museums tour... Hope everyone has fun waaaay up north... Food for thought, Deland, MayPort and Cecil Field all in FLORIDA and about 90 minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios... Would be a great time for Warships to announce their PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN edition. /grin Maybe the TRANSFORMERS EDITION or whatever... The Orlando area is a HUGE tourist area and super easy to get in/out of airports, roads etc... And you can attract not JUST the Warships player but their families as well with the DISNEY/BEACH BAIT... Marketing, kinda my thing... just sayin... /grin Semper fidelis et paratus! Goldain, TWFT