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  1. Interesting, when I ran the latest WGCheck report, the date put in the report was 0203 on April 17, I live in same time zone as Washington DC, it was 2203 on April 16 when I ran the report
  2. I realize the 660 ti is not new.. But it performs at 60 FPS without issue on any game I might play. A higher FPS rate would be a waste of hardware. I have tried various levels of graphic quality, from low, med and high... My favorite aslain sponsored wargaming approved mod is the FPS restricter and I love running Match Making Monitor... For troubleshooting I uninstalled everything and loaded into safe game mode.
  3. This issue has been going on for quite sometime. The biggest issue from support is it does not affect everyone, but does affect quite a few people. Perform a forum search on the tags I listed to find how many support requests just in this forum there are. ISSUE which is isolated to Wargaming/Warships only - BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), Blank Screen solid color (grey, teal, white, black), auto restart sometimes, forced restart... My OS is 64 bit Windows 10 always with the most recent patch. nvidia GeForce 660 ti with latest drivers - I have uninstalled/reinstalled gamecenter and warships numerous times, I have eliminated the aslain mods I use completely. But still these errors reoccur... In PORT ONLY... If I am a Division Commander, sending invites or checking who has readied up to play, my screen will freeze (waves stop moving and flags stop flapping in the wind) and I can do nothing. Unless I alt+tab out to any other application that is running. Those apps still work fine with no issues. If I start warships game client through game center. Sometimes I can go days with no issues, other times I cant play at all days in a row. I have worked with computers and networking for 10+ years, I have done a lot of troubleshooting over the years. I can usually figure out when to blame the hardware drivers, the OS updates or an application. This has been going on FOR MONTHS and it ONLY occurs in Warships. I am at my wit's end, I have spent too much money on this game... not bragging just explaining the investment... 1,000+ days of premium on my account because my family and friends have given me premium days as birthday/christmas/father'sday presents. Now 336 ships, including many premiums... My family knows I play this game and I share the computer play time with other family members (4 warship accounts on one computer for brothers/sons) I wish Wargaming would completely HALT any NEW development until they have fixed the thousands of bugs listed. If you search the forums the issues mentioned here have occurred as far back as 2018. Please, seasoned players, try to refrain from disparaging remarks, I would really like Wargaming/Warships take this seriously... I have turned in numerous support tickets which they have closed as fixed, when the issue is still present. We are now in Clan Battle season and I was unable to participate because my game client is not reliable. Please Warships support, help me/us... refer this to Tier 2 or Tier 3 support, I have an open ticket right now I am waiting for response on. I know the drill, remove aslain mods (delete the res mod folder) start the client in safe mode. Remove the game client and reinstall, remove game center and game client and reinstall. double/triple check video drivers. Run disk diagnostics to check for bad spot on media. Run RAM test to determine bad ram chips. Extensive network diagnostics. I have opened my computer and reseated memory and video cards, I have tested my PSU etc, etc, etc... I feel I have exhausted known troubleshooting. I love playing with my friends but am almost at a point if you could just refund $3,500 spent over the past 3 years playing I would consider seeking out another game to play. Again, please help me/us. Thanks in advance for all you so. Semper fidelis et paratus! /ALE Goldain, TWFT
  4. When you go into WGcheck for Warships I click on "useful links", then click on "What do I do when I get the BSOD or an automatic restart?" It seems to log me and and then take me to a 404 error page instead of the article that should explain and provide assistance.
  5. Goldain

    premium days

    I keep winning PREMIUM DAYS in super containers... Wargaming, please HELP... Two Christmas seasons ago, I won so many premium days in Christmas gift packages that I have rarely been close to only two years left... The history continues this year after Christmas... I currently have over 1,000 days of Premium. Yes Premium time is awesome, but when I have so many premium days winning more is like winning a case of WET TOILET paper during this Coronavirus TP shortage. Yes I could dry it out and use it but for now, winning more just sucks. I would love to give some of these days to my brothers or friends in the game... There should be a way to DONATE Premium days to the CLAN BANK to be doled out by the Clan leadership. There could be an option selected on Super Container boxes to win anything EXCEPT premium days or redirect winnings to a choice of three items or no more winning premium days if you have over 1 year (366 days this year) and channel those winnings to something else... Same thing with OIL for the clan in the clan bank what can we use it for? We have maxed out our port in 4 clans... Even our rookie chapter has maxed out their port expansions... Stop creating new [edited] non-historic sci-fi games/boats and lets focus on what we have and please fix these items... Please do something it is getting ridiculous.... yes I am also involved with Public Test server... Semper fidelis et paratus! /Goldain
  6. Goldain

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Isn't it time for an update to the Collector's badges? People who maintain 15-20 ships enjoy the Captain rework where you get a few days to a week to change your captain skills based on game metric changes etc... I think you should get time to change your Capt Skills based on how many ships you have... Also, we need Much cooler badges for having so many ships... They are expensive to maintain in time, upgrades and camos... The top collector emblem is for 250 ships... I currently have 330 ships, I want to consider it a bragging point, but I feel like an idiot because there is no real benefit given for someone spending the time and money to get that many ships. Many thoughts come to mind, everything from some sort of PORT bonus to FLEET ADMIRAL status... Also, who in each region has the most ships? If there were an aware or recognition given, there would be a stronger desire to have all of the ships even, excuse my frankness, the crappy ones and there are plenty of those.
  7. Goldain

    "LEGAL" MODs, Matchmaking Monitor

    FIXED... Edit your engine_config.xml file. Search for "version" it says something like path version TRUE... highlight "True" change to "False", save it, restart game and matchmaking monitor POOF it works... For ME the file was here... C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\engine_config.xml #1, I do not recall changing any options, so dont know how it went from path version TRUE or FALSE, but this worked for me I hope this helps others... Semper fidelis, /ALE
  8. 2019/11/17 -- Windows 10 Pro x64 bit, 64 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce experience v3.20.1, SSD drives Wagaming Game Center ----- MatchMaking Monitor v1.2.0.6 When we go into Clan Battles, we like to know who/what we are going up against... MatchMaking monitor has STOPPED working for me... I added a second windows computer, loaded software fresh MatchMaking monitor worked until the next WarShips update... Matchmaking monitor has not worked reliably for months... why is this NOT available in ModStation? Anyone know how I can fix it?
  9. Goldain

    Getting Kicked Out of Game Several Times This Morning

    2019 November This BUMP out of the game at the end of battle REPEATEDLY is on again...
  10. Love the thought of this Warships Museums tour... Hope everyone has fun waaaay up north... Food for thought, Deland, MayPort and Cecil Field all in FLORIDA and about 90 minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios... Would be a great time for Warships to announce their PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN edition. /grin Maybe the TRANSFORMERS EDITION or whatever... The Orlando area is a HUGE tourist area and super easy to get in/out of airports, roads etc... And you can attract not JUST the Warships player but their families as well with the DISNEY/BEACH BAIT... Marketing, kinda my thing... just sayin... /grin Semper fidelis et paratus! Goldain, TWFT