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  1. Goldain

    2021 Collector's Club

    Click on your name/icon in port, go to Captain's Log. (Hope this helps)
  2. Understand, I have been playing 3 years, I have 351 ships... I only have 16,000+/- games (4 accounts to manage/play with different Clans)... This is the HOME TAB in Captain's Log, Captain's log shares some pretty cool stats. But, I cant believe I have played for over 3 years and missing over 1/2 of the stuff? It says I have 456 out of 951...??? What variable is that? Is that the collections and again how could I miss over half? 109/162 Premium +13 RARE & 7 "Additional" Ships... 90/255 Flags, 50/179 different Camos, 162/232 patches, 45/123 Commanders When you click on each category they tell you which ones you are missing... I have a lot of catching up to do... Does anyone have them all? If no who is the closest?
  3. Goldain

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Warships, As you can see... I have 342 ships and 37 extra slots, won as combat mission prizes. Also note... upper left corner almost THREE (3) YEARs of Premium... So when our clan wins Storm league I get to add 30 days of premium. Could you make it so I could transfer some of my premium days to friends?
  4. If you look at the upper right corner of my screen... 09:32 ??? But more important is the 1.10 PUK to the left of "Help F1". Yes, I have the legal Aslain mods (thanks modders and thanks Aslain...) I have seen PUK mentioned on the internet but no one seems to know what it is. Is this part of wows-numbers?
  5. Goldain

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I have 340 ships now... When they add Submarines and all these other CVs, german and russian ships or any of the ships I can get for resetting lines... I will exceed 350 pretty quick. If you are developing a 300 & 350 patch, I hope you would spend the time forward thinking through at least 400 ships, maybe 500. Shoot match our commitment a little, give people at each 100 ship level a coin they can mount on a wall behind them while they live stream?
  6. Goldain

    Clan Brawl 10

    I appreciate the fact that Clan Brawl does NOT allow rentals.Let the rookies grind boats like some of us have, if not, it is a double reward for those of us who have attained tier 10 boats working for it. But I also agree that you should have Baby Seal events... Hell call them Baby Seal events... Expand Ops, make different OPs for all different tiers... You have Sub Missions, make CV missions and make playing with/against a CV optional for those of who LOATHE them. #1 Please for the love of CHRIST in EVERY event at the very top next to the event title list the dates it will be available. (2020_06_20) and the time (UTC 2300 +5 hours) which means the time for most will be on BOTH 6/20-6/21. #2 Events should be based AROUND local holidays. For the NA server 4th of July is a big deal and most clans will be hard pressed to get people to show up. #3 Thank you for not allowing sky cancer (CVs), hoping you will similarly not allow Submarines... (I have a few clan members who do not agree with me on that last one) #4 Wargaming Store -- PLS allow us to buy more than one item (added to a cart?) and then run our credit cards only once. Some banks (mine included) stop repeat purchases to the same online store, especially if the items we are buying cost use the same amount (example warhammer crates cost $1.20 each for RED and BLUE creates and we can buy upto 5 of each) my bank popped a FRAUD alert on the 3rd $1.20 purchase freezing my credit card for 12 hours (or until I call in, and they dont open until morning) so yeah, please fix that. There is more, but for now my rant is done... P.S. Clan Brawl last night was a lot of fun, quite disappointed to discover that it was a ONE NIGHT event...
  7. Goldain

    premium days

    I keep winning PREMIUM DAYS in super containers... Wargaming, please HELP... Two Christmas seasons ago, I won so many premium days in Christmas gift packages that I have rarely been close to only two years left... The history continues this year after Christmas... I currently have over 1,000 days of Premium. Yes Premium time is awesome, but when I have so many premium days winning more is like winning a case of WET TOILET paper during this Coronavirus TP shortage. Yes I could dry it out and use it but for now, winning more just sucks. I would love to give some of these days to my brothers or friends in the game... There should be a way to DONATE Premium days to the CLAN BANK to be doled out by the Clan leadership. There could be an option selected on Super Container boxes to win anything EXCEPT premium days or redirect winnings to a choice of three items or no more winning premium days if you have over 1 year (366 days this year) and channel those winnings to something else... Same thing with OIL for the clan in the clan bank what can we use it for? We have maxed out our port in 4 clans... Even our rookie chapter has maxed out their port expansions... Stop creating new [edited] non-historic sci-fi games/boats and lets focus on what we have and please fix these items... Please do something it is getting ridiculous.... yes I am also involved with Public Test server... Semper fidelis et paratus! /Goldain
  8. Goldain

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Isn't it time for an update to the Collector's badges? People who maintain 15-20 ships enjoy the Captain rework where you get a few days to a week to change your captain skills based on game metric changes etc... I think you should get time to change your Capt Skills based on how many ships you have... Also, we need Much cooler badges for having so many ships... They are expensive to maintain in time, upgrades and camos... The top collector emblem is for 250 ships... I currently have 330 ships, I want to consider it a bragging point, but I feel like an idiot because there is no real benefit given for someone spending the time and money to get that many ships. Many thoughts come to mind, everything from some sort of PORT bonus to FLEET ADMIRAL status... Also, who in each region has the most ships? If there were an aware or recognition given, there would be a stronger desire to have all of the ships even, excuse my frankness, the crappy ones and there are plenty of those.
  9. Goldain

    "LEGAL" MODs, Matchmaking Monitor

    FIXED... Edit your engine_config.xml file. Search for "version" it says something like path version TRUE... highlight "True" change to "False", save it, restart game and matchmaking monitor POOF it works... For ME the file was here... C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\engine_config.xml #1, I do not recall changing any options, so dont know how it went from path version TRUE or FALSE, but this worked for me I hope this helps others... Semper fidelis, /ALE
  10. 2019/11/17 -- Windows 10 Pro x64 bit, 64 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce experience v3.20.1, SSD drives Wagaming Game Center ----- MatchMaking Monitor v1.2.0.6 When we go into Clan Battles, we like to know who/what we are going up against... MatchMaking monitor has STOPPED working for me... I added a second windows computer, loaded software fresh MatchMaking monitor worked until the next WarShips update... Matchmaking monitor has not worked reliably for months... why is this NOT available in ModStation? Anyone know how I can fix it?
  11. 2019 November This BUMP out of the game at the end of battle REPEATEDLY is on again...