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  1. First Argie i've seen in WoWs so far, stay strong

  2. GFischer

    Gneisenau Fan Club!

    The Gneisenau! hated and loved by many, also regrets by certain players. The migthy T7 German BB, 6 guns and an awfull dispersion but if you treat her wih respect she can give you awesome games. The ship is a brawler: · Good punchy guns, · An excelent armor just like her sister the Scharhornst, here you can see the armor scheme: · Metal fishes! · Excelent Secondaries (ask FierceTomato) · BEST AA T7 (LOL COLORADO) · Fastest BB with 32knts (33.7knts with flag, Faster than Atlanta!) The only bad thing is the number of guns and dispersion at long range. Would have be good if WG gave her Hydro with only 1 charge so you can feel what the next ship'll be. My current build is: She is a sexy beast that is understimated, just look at her stats from last week: Here are some screenshots: And post battle results: The ship is really great you'll not be disapoint!
  3. GFischer

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    The ship is really fun, and the ammount of comments at the begining of the matches are priceless: "Fuc*, there is a Flint on the other team" "Yay, the Flint is with us!" And almost every game there is someone that doesn't know what the ship is and i need to explain every caracteristic of the ship and correct every player that, thanks to iChase, thinks the ship has a better smoke than usn dds. (Ty iChase!) If you've the time to grind the ranked seasons do it, this ship is really a money maker machine and really enjoyable.