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  1. First Argie i've seen in WoWs so far, stay strong

  2. "Message from Beyond" solution

    The tabula recta is the document with the rasputinlives that say "contrast credits"
  3. Maass is pretty comfy, the ship is really good.
  4. https://sea-group.org/?p=2443&lang=en IJN DDs will receive a buff on their firing range
  5. Frankly I am more interested in having the credits gain of a tier 9 premium, than a Fletcher with radar
  6. Can we please have a confirmation on this? any of the other servers doesn't have this restriction, they only inform about the past 5 seasons but don't talk about the future ones: Also i've 3 R1s (and scratched R1 on S5) so i'll be a little pissed off if i need almost 2 more years to "try" to get this ship ASIA: RU: EU:
  7. No Flint for me?!

    why the f they don't say "You'll need to have reached Rank 1 in 5 seasons to get USS Black" ffs
  8. No Flint for me?!

    Exactly my case. 3 R1s in the prior seasons but in S5 I reached R5 with 58%WR and then R5-2 were hell. Reached R2 and then R5 in the last day. Hope this is just a case of bad English wording....
  9. USS Black T9 stats

    ""There's a handsome reward for getting the ranks, and champions will get a special prize earning their fifth Jolly Roger. Details are coming soon, so stay tuned!"" Well Black is around the corner it seems Fuc* i needed that JRIV last season....
  10. USS Black T9 stats

    i would like that Black be the next ranked prize... Couldn't get my 4th R1 last season after getting my Flint, hope WG will clarify how to obtain that beauty
  11. Nervertless, Mogami is in the bottom 3: NO @ 46.08% Hipper @ 47.52% Mogami @ 47.92%
  12. Ah, i should clarify that statement. I mean "only prem ships have more than 50% WR"
  13. Where? Chapa is 49% Edinburgh is 49.85%