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    USS Flint/Black coupon

    It still defeats the purpose of "awarding" the ships for free to those that have Ranked out. Perhaps if you went through the stages until the end you would understand the certainty of frustration most feel during Ranked Seasons. However, what can I expect from a person that keeps their account "private"???
  2. Apparently those that ranked out for their consecutive third and fifth season will now receive a coupon for their USS Flint/Black. As we know the Flint/Black are no longer given out as an award for completion of Rank 1 Battles. What WG has not mentioned is the coupon they are providing us is the same coupon on the Arsenal which is 25% off. Would of thought after all the time, dedication, dealing with negative/salty people, not to mention the excellent MM in order to carrying certain players to next levels... we would have at least be compensated a 50% coupon for the Flint/Black. Perhaps someone can make some sense of what's going on.