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  1. Any possibility of getting the in-game chat, name search fixed? After a few patches, the same problem persists and it makes it difficult to search for names, add contacts as well as chat in port at times. Thanks!
  2. German dd's Hydroacoustic Search

    Detection for ships on German lines is around 4km not 5-6km as stated... this information probably wasn't updated after the patch. Thank you!
  3. German dd's Hydroacoustic Search

    Available on all cruisers Tier IV and above as well as high tier German battleships, this consumable increases detection capability of enemy torpedoes and ships. It will detect any ship regardless of any obstacles such as smoke screens or islands from 3.43 km (5km to 6km for German ships). It will also detect torpedoes from about 2.35 km out, more than 2x the normal detection range (3km to 4km for German ships). The torpedo detection bonus stacks with the Vigilance commander skill. This consumable can be very useful for hunting destroyers and detecting torpedoes early enough to properly evade them. Is this information accurate and does it apply to the German dd line? Source: (wiki)
  4. Sierra Mike Signal

    Any possibility that Wargaming will implent more signals for purchase specifially the Sierra Mike Signal?
  5. Kamikaze R Love

    Sweet #'s Swine! And yes I agree the Kamikaze R is a beautiful dd how it's supposed to be. Only problem I usually encounter is the Gremy however I'm sure i'll eventually overcome that obstacle.
  6. Public Test Awards

    Thanks for the response.
  7. Public Test Awards

    Is there a certain time frame when we receive the awards (Flags, Camo & Premium) from the Test Server onto our live account? I read the Flag Award will be issued in form of a "Code" sent to our email.
  8. Detonation on dd's

    For some reason I have been detonated 4 times in the past 2 days when I literally have close to 475,000 xp on my Kamikaze R. I've tallied up close to 8 detonations in the span of 3 months yet now I hit 1/2 that number in 2 days. How is this even possible?
  9. EMDEN German Cruiser??

    The Emden seems to be a very underappreciated premium for its tier. However, if it takes you over 100 rounds to knock a t1 cruiser, then you obviously have some serious issues. Would be wise to go back to your training methods and learn how to use the proper tragectory when using any ship which doesn't incorporate excessive rounds to hit a target.