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  1. ArtyAardvark

    My Woke Pronouns

    Big Chuck and Lil John-Ben Crazy-Acute C Sickness skit - YouTube
  2. ArtyAardvark


  3. ArtyAardvark

    Is there a guide to the CLAN TREASURY?

    If you have questions about the treasury, PM me and I'll go over it with you.
  4. 70 years from now, we will realize these were also just propaganda to get funding and approval for the military's captured Transformers technology development... 'Transformers' Without the Robots Is Just Insanely High-Budget Military Porn (popularmechanics.com) "The head of the Office of War Information was Elmer Davis who said, 'The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people's minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize they're being propagandized,'"
  5. ArtyAardvark

    Cancer Update DECEMBER 1st!

    Get some sleep Kiwi, maybe these would help...pretty sure they come in pink too... https://www.google.com/search?q=wolf+paw+slippers&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiN07iesK3tAhUIVTABHcWEDHgQ_AUoAnoECAUQBA&biw=1536&bih=763
  6. Looks suspicious to me now that you mention it..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYH4wj2wC_E
  7. ArtyAardvark

    Five feet high and rising

  8. ArtyAardvark

    Credit Card Problem, HELP!

  9. ArtyAardvark

    The music thread

    "Ue o Muite Arukō" ("I look up when I walk") remains the only Japanese song to reach number one on the Billboard pop charts in the United States, a position it maintained for three weeks in 1963.
  10. ArtyAardvark

    Scenario Randoms

    Make the waves of incoming defenders groups of co-op players, and the missions side random players. They found a way to balance asymmetric battles, maybe just a question of deciding its something that wants to be done, then working out the details. Or designing scenario type encounters from the ground up with randoms in mind from the start.
  11. It might be fun to have a randoms game mode based on Scenarios. Could use the same ship mixes and goals, and have the players assigned randomly to the ships on either side. Might be a change of pace from always taking and holding caps every game.
  12. ArtyAardvark

    New Player Code

    Need an invite code for an existing WOT player to come to WOWS
  13. ArtyAardvark

    New Player Code

    Anyone know a good code for a new WOWS player to use.