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  1. ArtyAardvark

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    All these discussions really kinda miss the point I think. Trying to discuss "facts" and "empirical observations", and making brilliant analysis of "whatever" ignore the central fact. People hate to FEEL cheated. No games can make players FEEL cheated more than WG games can make people FEEL cheated. Its the reason I haven't played WOT in ages, though I might log into it now and then and maybe play one game every few months just to remember the game controls, etc. As far as WOWS, I rarely felt that way, but the last week or so may have tipped me. Up to ranked 9 and back to rank 12 several times, always start losing streaks when I need the LAST win to get ranked 8....reealy ?...reeeealy? Okeedokie, 121 ranked games is enough for me, done. Did I earn a lot of great stuff and xp and credits, etc?...,yeah, I really did, it was great, and on that bases I would play ranked all the time. But....I feel cheated. And what I really want from it after all is that pirate looking thing at rank 1, whatever it is, no one says anywhere...I'm thinking its a flag of some sort. If I'm going to be winning 2 losing 3 forever, I will never get that, so, never mind. The German CV early access?...it was great, won tons of stuff, got 3 free German CV, tier 4, 6, 8, and the free Iron Cross permanent camo for the tier 4. All awesome of course. But the last 2 days of it I couldn't get the 4 kills for the tier 6 permanent camo to save my life...after 9 hours of continuous play, lol....the tier 8...couldn't get xp in games to save my life either to meet the 5th requirement for the permacamo. For days. Hopefully the Iron Cross camos will be available for them sometime, I like them a lot. Funny thing, I will probably never play the CV's even, other than when needed for game event, I just like the way they and the other black fleet camos I have look when I load them in port, lol. If your getting the idea I like things that look fun and are nice to look at in the game, its true. Moving on. If I fire at a BEACHED enemy who is BROADSIDE to me 8 km away 17 times, and do almost NO damage, then he turns and blaps me, or I hit a DD multiple times with BB gun HE, set him on fire stem to stern, and hammer him with Bismark secondaries his entire approach and none of them die...just for instance, yet enemy ships just hit and do damage with everything...same story you hear all the time in the forums...you get the idea. Overall winrate, lol....I don't appreciate mine right now, I see how other players play, and honestly, there is no reason for most of them to have better stats. I kinda get why a lot of players yolo and troll the game, if your gonna lose anyway, those are the only things left you can control. My winrate in WOT never varies more than a few tenths over the course of like...5 years. Hilariouss....really?....no change? in YEARS? Playing against as many obviously bad players as there are?...okiedokie. So is the MM rigged?...Is the game rigged?...Who knows, if you think WG will give you a real answer, I hope your right...if it ever happens feel free to PM me and let me know. Can stats and observations be endlessly paraded to prove either side? Sure. Who cares. The point is, for MANY players it all FEELS rigged and the FEEL cheated and manipulated. If WG doesn't care to recognize or address that issue, all the discussions over and over are pointless and silly. I will probably log in to get the free daily rewards and check on my clan, but any games played will be pretty random and impulsive decisions. Toss the coin and see how many times that result comes up.
  2. ArtyAardvark

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    Hadn't thought about it, but I have no pictures of my dog, or people, or pretty much anything else. I see everyone taking thousands of pictures all the time and don't really get it, lol...I suppose I should shoot a pic now and then just on principle. But....this could just as well be my little Shih Tzu dog, looks and acts just the same. I used to have nothing but big dogs as well, but am totally sold on this little furball, he's the best...rescue dogs forever!
  3. ArtyAardvark

    German CV permacamos emergency

    I am about to finish all the requirements for the permacamos except the last ones which are to actually PLAY the CV's. I have only played cv to earn my clans stars during Naval Battles, and am not good with them. What will be the easiest way to finish the final requirements to get the permacamos...ie Co-op, Random, etc. Strategies to do them best, etc.
  4. ArtyAardvark

    should do a pirate theme next

    The best version, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...
  5. ArtyAardvark

    Need Playlist Theme Songs

    I want to make a playlist with a theme along the line of the following
  6. ArtyAardvark

    account reset question

    I can see why they would be interested in Wales, lovely country. It is hard to make a difference once you have a lot of games, I saw some forum posts recommending they allow various sorts of stat resets for just that sort of reason. Well, as they say in Wales...pob lwc, gobeithio y bydd yn gweithio allan.
  7. ArtyAardvark

    Which ship has more anti-ship firepower?

    Great thread, wouldn't mind seeing the moderators pin this info somewhere for educational purposes.
  8. ArtyAardvark

    account reset question

    I am trying to imagine why this would be a good idea, but am not coming up with anything. Why reset an account and lose all your stuff?
  9. ArtyAardvark

    Naval Base Update in 0.9.7

    It took me forever to get participation in Naval Battles, now that people are doing them and seeing the results, participation is pretty good. Lots of free oil for little effort is a good thing, but its not obvious to them until they can be persuaded to ACTUALLY play them a few times. My point is if there is nothing to offer to get members to participate in the first place, and get used to doing it and seeing the benefits, nobody shows up. Telling them there are good rewards to be had is not the same as saying, here is the reward I will give you NOW to do this. The majority of my clan are lone wolf players and co-op players, as are many clans, and they need a bit of coaxing to get together, knowing it will be pvp play that they already don't have much experience with, and they will probably lose a LOT of games they play before seeing any real rewards from it. If they don't play together a while they will never develop any kind of team awareness.
  10. ArtyAardvark

    Naval Base Update in 0.9.7

    I like the improvements a lot. Some additional features I would like to see would help improve participation by clan members. I have a core of players who I can count on playing Naval Battles every week, which benefits the entire clan, yet nothing extra is given to them despite generating large amounts of oil for us. In addition I have been trying to encourage Clan Battles, and have been getting some participation, but I have no real tangible reward to offer a clan member for showing up to participate. Maybe an addition percent of Coal or additional resource containers of some sort would be helpful, or some sort of building that only those who participate are eligible to join. I'm sure there are other ideas that could be helpful, these are just off the top of my head, I would be interested in any thoughts on the idea.
  11. Yes, there is a graphic in the News article about Ranked Battles that shows all the symbols and number of stars, etc. Open the Game Center for WOWS, scroll the news articles on the right hand side till you get to Ranked Battles Seventeenth Season.
  12. ArtyAardvark

    Irrevocable ranks

    He's just being a jeruk is all.
  13. ArtyAardvark

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    I liked the designs in the news article, but when I use the button to go to the sales shop, the first thing it does is throw a pop-up that you have to click, about a discount. I never click the pop-up things on websites, just log off the sites. Still, I would look over the site and see what they are selling otherwise.
  14. ArtyAardvark

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    Just to be clear, I don't need 7 clan members in tier8 ships division to play, just hit Ranked Battles, and MM will assign the other 6 ships? 1 CV 4 BB max, or there will always be 1 CV and 4 BB's?
  15. ArtyAardvark

    Need to vent.

    Had a classic game over the weekend, close fought the entire game. At the end our remaining DD and CL, instead of retaking the caps...which one of the was already in!....for the win...ran off and chased the remaining enemy cl who had been hiding in the far corner all game, lol. But, you say, had they killed him the game would also have been won...but...no. Had they killed him there was still the enemy CV heading for the opposite corner with a couple hundred hp left. Bwahahaaaa!