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  1. ArtyAardvark

    Credit Earning

    If you buy Premium time on sale around xmas, it works out to about a dollar a week for the year. Check the other side of your results to see what you would have made with the Premium bonus. Its ftp, but for a DOLLAR A WEEK, you get a much more enjoyable experience, and rage much less. That's been my experience anyway, for what its worth. It costs more when its not on sale, so if you get Premium now its probably about 2 dollars a week I would imagine. Lose 8k credits vs make 145k credits is a pretty big difference. Great game btw.
  2. ArtyAardvark

    Forum Game - Word Association

    a million baby kisses
  3. ArtyAardvark

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    WULUF now has 6 openings. Only real requirements, play fairly often, and earn the clan some oil. I currently have only 4 players who haven't played in the last 4 days.
  4. ArtyAardvark

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I received the Yotaroh-Japanese speaking captain as a reward. Does anyone know the exact audio settings I need to get her to speak English, not Japanese?? One of my clan members asked about this, anyone have any suggestions?
  5. ArtyAardvark

    Does America Own The Moon?

    All moon bases are belong to us
  6. Reality is overrated.
  7. ArtyAardvark

    Advanced Tactics: Cruisers

    Automatic +1 for anyone who plays Sid Meier's Pirates. One of my favorite games of all time.
  8. ArtyAardvark

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    WULUF currently has 2 openings available. We are not currently active in clan battles, but several clan members have expressed some interest in trying them out, so it would be helpful if your willing to log a ship into clan battles occasionally to help them out. We have nominally set Wednesday as the day to participate in them, though that, as pretty much everything we do, is pretty flexible. Most of our players are active every day to every few days, though that's not a requirement.
  9. Make the name of the ship and its tier the most visible information, I have a hard time seeing whats what, it looks like a wall of repeating text that says "commander unavailable". Also, a tool tip box that appears when you hover over any ship in port, that allows you to enter some notes about that ship for future reference. If you have a hundred ships, most get played rarely, it would be nice to be able to pop up a reminder of what you found unique or interesting, or fun to play, or a fatal flaw about that ship when you played it. Please keep the Azur Lane Dorm port available, its the best one yet, I would be sad to see it go. The game has great ship models, more freedom in the camera to move around and zoom in better on all the ship details would be good too. A toggle between pristine ship or ship with rust and wear could be interesting. In the clan chat window, a way for clan officers to send a message to all clan members...or make a list in the contacts/blacklist window that automatically lists all clan members and lets you select all or select multiple members individually to send the same message too.
  10. ArtyAardvark

    How Azur Lane should have been handled.

    I gotta say, I know nothing about Azur Lane, but I hope they are keeping the Dorm port modifications, its the first port screen I've really enjoyed...love that thing, and the mouse circling the cat is funny.
  11. ArtyAardvark

    Negative Karma

    where does one even find their karma rating anymore?
  12. ArtyAardvark

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    WULUF has recently expanded and has several openings. Apply to clan WULUF
  13. ArtyAardvark

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    WULUF clan... As above, but must be an active player. Almost all members play every day to 3 days. Members are expected to earn at least one container on days they play to contribute to clans oil benefits. If clan is full, opening can be created for player who meets requirements. Apply to WULUF