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  1. ArtyAardvark

    War Movies

    speaking of cavalry... They Died With Their Boots On Charge of the Light Brigade Warhorse Return of the King Waterloo ...and what the heck, Blazing Saddles...the uncensored version is the only good one...(we're gonna need a shitload of dimes!)
  2. ArtyAardvark

    War Movies

    All of the above of course, but also... Henry V Cross of Iron Dr Strangelove Last of the Mohicans Mash
  3. Hakaryu has a stealth torpedo build https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHcevEznx8A&t=930s
  4. ArtyAardvark

    I Might Have Found My Calling

    I played a co-op game in a Langley to try the original CV mechanics before they get changed forever. Kinda fun actually, be interesting to try the new mechanics a few times when they come out to compare.
  5. A list of nicknames for things would be good too, for instance I just found out there is a ship called the Death Pickle.
  6. ArtyAardvark

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank you, worked for me too.
  7. ArtyAardvark

    Saving Forum Comments

    When I read comments people post in a forum, what's the easiest way to save them to go back and read them again whenever you want to. I see comments that explain aspects of the game or particular ships I play and want to be able to refer back to them from time to time if I need to. Cutting and pasting seems kind of tedious, and doesn't really save all the info, like who posted it, etc...Is there a way other than that to save the actual posts themselves to a large reference file or in forum list?
  8. ArtyAardvark

    Which Premium to get?

    With the discount on Premium ships for gold in game, I am thinking of getting one or two. The ones I'm deciding between are : Ishizuchi, Japan t4 BB Anshan, DD Oct Revolutsia, Russian t5 BB also Leningrad, Molotov, Warspite, Huanghe, Graf Spee...not really considering as seriously, but if anyone has an opinion...
  9. ArtyAardvark

    Camo, Permanent and one time use

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help.
  10. Two part question...If a ship has permanent camo, say a Black fleet camo, can you use a single use camo on it. If so does it destroy the original Permanent camo, are the camos both in effect, do you have to find the camo somewhere afterwards and reapply the Permanent camo? I definitely do not want to lose the black camos forever. If you use a single use camo, and the permanent camo then has to be reapplied, can the ship at that time be used as a non permanent camo version of the ship? Specifically, if you have the Black Fleet ships, you can't do the included missions for Doubloons, because only the regular version of each ship qualifies to play for the bonus. Can I use a single use camo on the black fleet ship to temporarily remove the black camo, and then play the reward mission to get the bonus doubloons? Then afterwards reapply the Black camos?