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  1. CommanderRuffles

    When you division up with dumb friends.

    An AI ship rammed him head on the match prior which is what made him get the initial penalty. They both took a lot of damage. Don't know if thats what caused it.
  2. I recently just got into World of Warships, and one of my friends said he used to play the game a lot back in high school and would pick it up again to play with me. During one of our matches, he is playing a light cruiser while Im playing a destroyer. We see a battleship alone near an island and decide to capitalize on this opportunity. I am a couple of klicks in front of my friend, just about to torpedo the battleship when I hear "Oh crap! My torpedos are about to hit you, turn hard left!" Im still focused on the battleship, so I bank hard left, only to get fully broadsided by all 8 torpedos he fired a couple of seconds later. I instantly died, and since he was pink that match, he instantly died as well. I can only imagine what was going through that player battleship's mind when he witnessed that, lmbo. Also, don't ask why he told me to bank left directly into the torpedos. His reasoning was; "I thought you'd be able to get around them." Apparently turning right somehow didn't come up in his mind.... *sigh*. Now he is suspended for a day and I have to play by myself. Maybe that isnt such a bad thing, haha.