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  1. AoSApocalypse

    Ship of the Week: T5 Emerald - 1st to 8th

    171K in Emerald.
  2. AoSApocalypse

    In regards to the "Enlightened Bomb Drop"

    It is actually the case, I've done it multiple times in both actual battle and training rooms. The results consistently allow me to land most if not all of my bombs on target if I pull it off right. While it is a "high risk, high reward" tactic that is often difficult to pull off in actual battle, it's also most likely a bug. Beyond that, there is little counterplay possible by the destroyer, as even if he knows of its existence, he would have no idea if the enemy carrier is trying to drop normally or use the dispersion bug. If he did, he could turn and move parallel to the bombers, forcing them to over or undershoot. However, moving parallel presents the carrier with the opportunity to fit the destroyer in most of the ellipse and drop normally. One major reason we had the CV rework was to remove the skill gap between players. If there exists a niche bug like this that allows players to cheat the bomb dispersion ellipse, that would result in a massive skill gap between those who know of and can pull off the bug, and those who can't or who don't even know of the bug.
  3. AoSApocalypse

    Make me a: Deceptive Description! - 25th to 1st

    What Mrs. Puff says when she is caught giving broadside in this ship.
  4. AoSApocalypse

    Make me a: Deceptive Description! - 25th to 1st

    Is very disappointed by who won Sharks vs Eagles.
  5. AoSApocalypse

    Space Battles, Defenders are broken

    I think they removed a map that was extraordinarily biased in favor of defenders and gave attackers more time to beat the defenders; either that or my rng is such that I played the same map for several battles. Overall, attacking is a lot more winnable now, although two teams of equal skill will still likely see the defending team come out on top. The defending team gets to add more time to their clock via the killing of generators.
  6. AoSApocalypse

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    That's a lot of hyperbole for an exploit of a video game's mechanics. I can't wait to see what you'll type out if you ever play TF2 or CS:GO.
  7. AoSApocalypse

    Semi-premium status for tree ships

    Agreed, buying/winning a permacamo for a certain ship should give it the ability to place captains on them for free. It would help a lot with encouraging people to play lower tiers in non-premiums.
  8. AoSApocalypse

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Ships Sunk

    In 1 match, 36 schnellboots in Cossack. Ship with the most "tonnage"/Damage is Midway with 11 million total dmg. Ships overall is 169 ships with Kamikaze.
  9. AoSApocalypse

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Carriers are extraordinarily bugged. Sometimes, carriers do not do damage to each other's planes with AA (both automatic DPS and flak bursts), requiring fighters to deal with enemy squadrons. Squadrons (all 3 types, Torps, Bombers, Rockets) will sometimes delay their drops for no explicable reason, only dropping their payload well after you have already pressed the drop button. The reticle will change from green to yellow and remain where you clicked the drop button, but the actual payload overshoots. Squadrons can get locked into a turn while you are maneuvering for an attack run (You press D to turn right, start attack run, and while the planes line up, they will continue veering right, regardless of what directions you attempt to input).
  10. AoSApocalypse

    wth - no captains

    Remember when they made PTS t10 ships buyable via arsenal to test out the arsenal? Same idea goes here-They're testing out mechanics for account progression. Load up some co-op games and everything will be accessed quickly enough.
  11. AoSApocalypse

    Space Battles, Defenders are broken

    Timer respawns don't fit in WoWS playstyle, ships don't die quickly enough to justify timer respawns. Unless the timer is like every minute or so, in which case it would end up being an even greater nerf to attackers.
  12. Currently, the defenders have an easy time winning space battles games. They have way too much going for them, and way too little going for the attackers. The defenders will get very powerful reload and regen buffs for every friendly or generator that gets killed. This means that misplays on the part of friendly ships will result in the rest of the team being more powerful, rather than being a net loss for the defenders. The generators are all tucked away in very easily defensible areas, the defenders have all the time in the world to camp them safely. The above problem is exacerbated by the strong passive heals the defenders get. Unless a defender is taken down via devstrike, it's very difficult to finish them off for good, there is usually strong cover readily available for them to hide behind upon taking too much damage. Generators have passive heals of their own. Unless they are killed in one go, they can regen most of their damage taken. Attackers have a very short time period to kill a generator. While technically starting off with 8 minutes, 2 minutes alone will be taken up just to reach combat. Due to the short time limit, attackers are forced into rushing and praying that teammates coordinate on the rush. If one ship goes out of position even slightly, it's out of much of the fight. The above problem is exacerbated by the spawn mechanics. If an attacking ship dies, it will respawn at the back of the fleet, unable to support its allies and making them easier to kill. This results in a domino effect, where the attackers push in 1 by 1 to get slaughtered. If the attackers fail to make a lot of progress on their first initial wave of attack, they're screwed. Attacking ships without a significant alpha strike become weaker and weaker for the attackers as time goes on. The ever more powerful heals on defending ships make them nigh immune to HE and Mino AP spam. Because attackers spawn all the way at the back, it will take roughly 2 minutes or so for them to get back into the fight. With the short time available to attackers, those 2 minutes are way too long. A few possible ways to fix this unbalance are as follows: Updated spawn points. As attackers push forward, allow them to capture special zones that can spawn in teammates closer to the fight. Kills add to timer. If a defending ship is killed, have it add to the mission timer. Spawn Arms Race style buffs in map center. These can be the more minor buffs that we saw in arms race. If the defenders continue to camp around their islands and cede these buffs, then the attackers will be given more power to deal with them
  13. AoSApocalypse

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Using boost and firing at the same time makes your planes overshoot the reticle.